3 things you didn’t know about Alex O’Loughlin

From USA Weekend…

Cooking. He cooks for company, and “people politely eat my food.” But when he’s alone, “I eat out more, just because it’s easy and you can do it pretty inexpensively.”

Surfing. He has learned how; the trick is when. “It’s dark when I leave and when I get home. I dream about the next wave I catch.”

Working out. That is something he has to find time for, because his shirt’s off a good bit during every episode as super-cop Steve McGarrett. He works out in his trailer, “where no one is. You feel like a bit of a [jerk] doing push-ups and pull-ups in front of everyone.”

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  1. Hellooo Alex,
    Im Mashael from Saudi Arabia. this is the first time in my life i submit a comment on the internet. I’m not sure if u will read my comment or not, but since i’m a hugggggggeeeee fan of yours i believe that I must let u know that you are amazing and sweeeet. it is obvious that u take your job seriously and u try to have fun as much as possible. for me, thats adorable. Wish u the best always. 😀

  2. Hi Alex, l loved back up plan, l laughted a lot, you are so cute as weel in Moonlight. It’s a shame that there is no Season 2.
    Big kisses from France. We hope “one day” to show you our 500 kinds of cheese from different areas here in France.
    Did you intend to visit France ?

  3. Bon courage a toi Alex, j’adore ton travail! Amitié de France :p

  4. Love Alex O’Loughlin :heart: the things he say are just so true 😆

  5. Yeah he is just a piece of art. A good-view just like a beautiful sunset. But we actually dont know who he is and Hollywood always picks up georgeous looking guys thats the industry doesnt it? I must admit he serves well. 👿

  6. alex se viu esta mensagem ligue para o numero 911720235 ou mande um email gostava de ir ou havai mas não posso porque estou no hospital 😀

  7. Well girls i wonder don´t you remember him in a movie of shakespeare i guest he dress white with blue line in the shoulders don´t remember the name, but that was the first time i saw alex then in moonlight and was there when i started to like him, he´s serious and yet funny guy and the smile is so sweet makes a equilibrium with badass actitude that he looks sore of a badboy with a sweet smile! ajjjjjjjjjj! 😀 😉 :kiss:

  8. I LOVE ALEX O’LOUGHLIN aka STEVE MCGARRETT and I agree with the ladies on this one! STEVE MCGARRETT is HOTTTTT!!!! Im in love with him! Lol:D Every time I watch Hawaii five o i want to go and live in McGarrett’s house on the beach. I want to meet him and stay, get to talk and hang out with him for two or three weeks or all the time! I want a guy like him that can get do exactly what he does. That would be grrreeaattt if it was actually him!

  9. I had a dificult time in accepting that Danny let his brother go. The other thing is Dano is still in with Rachael. You definitely need to bring some committed love interest for both Steve and Dano. You can’t tell me since they are so cute that they stay home all the time.
    Love the show. I’ve had dreams about the show. Need to see more of their personalities. :love:

    1. Hey Barbara, Love your comment. First of all I think we need more stories about Steve, after all Alex is the star of the show. I’ve already seen enough of Danny’s background/family.

      You’d think that Katherine isn’t the only love interest in Steve’s life, him being a gorgeous single sailor, every girl in a port, there have to be others, especailly ones that are closer to home rather than on some ship in the middle of the ocean.

      We know that Chin Ho was engaged and we’ve met her, but again isn’t there anyone else. And what about Kono, a gorgeous girl like that without any love interests in her life….hmmmmm.

      I’m with you about thinking about this show as I also wake up thinking about it, or maybe I just wake up thinking about Alex. :heart:

  10. I like so much Alex. Keep up the good work.

  11. I never see him laugh… show any interest in women.. just that married bickering in the car.. yes he needs to surf and also canoe paddling is Hawaiian sport.. show should do more to respect native Hawaiians.. we do more than shoot people and steal stuff.

  12. i never though there would be a guy SO CUTE :woot:
    i LOVE this guy and the way he acts
    before i wasn’t sure to become an actress but thx to him i’m sure
    Thx very much!!!!!!!!! 😀

  13. Ladies, don’t begrudge us man-love when we like what we see. Hell, he’s hot, for woman and man.

    1. Hey Mike, Elvis had the same effect on both men and women as Alex does. I think it’s wonderful that Alex has so many fans and the numbers are growing in leaps and bounds.

  14. I remember getting a glimpse of him in August Rush so I waited with baited breath for him to show up in Hawaii 5-0. I just purchased the Moonlight series. He’s beautiful… Thanks for the site. :heart:

    1. Yvonne….You gotta watch Oyster Farmer on Amazon…Love him…. :heart:

  15. Tiffany, thanks for sharing about Alex, especially about his interest in cooking. The photos and updates you send of Alex are terrific!

  16. for sure this wk’s ep like a quick right to quick left and then…. plus too, it for sure that of another side or 2 of Danno/scott… and like as to say that of well… as like when walks by of a scene thats going on… the one passing by may or maynot know thoses that of … and yet too, even as to well we may know someone… then out of know-where just never expected…

    for sure i don’t about u… yet well it mades 1 think, expecience sort of speak way of even danno..and each one of Hawaii Five-0. just my take… whats u’re’s?

  17. I agree about this week’s episode. It was not as good as the previous one. Too much Scott and not enought Alex for me, even though I like Scott, he’s not Alex. I thought the two story lines were hard to keep track of. And I agree he let his brother go? I will watch this show good or bad because I am a true Alex fan and I will watch anything he does, and this show is usually good but last night was just okayt.

  18. I was disappointed in
    last night’s 5 0…….WHY was Danny’s seeminly funny, loving. a nice guy…. towards his brother neice, then turn our to be a BAD GUY!!! And they let him escape his crimes…just like Chin didnt shoot his x=police brother. (not that that show wasn’t more understandable…)……. Come on…!!! You guys are getting way too out there with the violence and running around shooting everyone AND the show gave 3/4 of the scenes to
    Danny who I love, the very BIGGEST and best scenes. Alex hardly showed up in comparison. xD WHERE”S MY ALEX??? :love:

    1. I actually liked last night’s episode, even though less Steve than usual. I thought it was great that they showed them at the pool having dinner late into the night. It showed a side of Steve we haven’t seen before all that much–very playful and with friends–I kept watching this segment over and over (as well as the one when they confront the feds). And the scenes between Danny and Rachael were so touching. Anyone who thinks there is a bromance really going on instead of them just being really good buddies just has to watch the last couple of minutes of this episode. Danny didn’t go to Steve’s house–he went to Rachael’s.

  19. What a wonderful man, he would cook for me, of course, after I returned the favor with many kisses and caresses, it really is a perfect man and deliciously beautiful, lots of kisses. :love:

  20. just came caross this .
    check it out. :woot:

  21. What a thrill, I got to see Alex twice in one night….on Hawaii 50 and on Moonlight? I sure had my dose of Alex tonight. I can never get tired of looking at him. :love:

  22. finally got Alex on British TV in H5o. Sunday nights are quiet in my house so I can drool and dream about the man. I have a photo of him in my purse so that everytime I get it out of my handbag I can look at the man. I let people think he is my love interest.!!!! Have been looking forward to H50 for long time and not disappointed . Nearly as good as Moonlight. I just love the man.!!!

  23. Alex is simply too too HOT!! I would not mind trying out his cooking. :love:

  24. I would eat dog food with Alex and love every minute of it!!! : :p STILL WAITING FOR CBS TO GET OFF THEIR BUTTS ABOUT WHEN NEXT SEASON IF OFFICIAL :bandit: Can’t figure it out….but I dont think any of us lovely Alex loving ladies will be disappointed….or good old CBS “I’m the Greatest Network inte World” will be greatly hated 👿 by us all…right: Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever FAn :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  25. alex you are the hottest man on the planet. i lived in hawaii, my dad was with the 25th infantry
    out of schofield barracks in wahiawa, and i will come back some day to live, that is my dream, i am saving my money, and my dream is to live there and have a house for my daughters and
    grandbabies to come to. :heart:

    1. Hey Darlene!! I lived in Wahiawa and worked at Schofield! My ex was in the Navy–No–not a SEAL (LOL!). He worked at the ComSta north of Wahiawa. I’m headed for Oahu this Tues to stay with a friend in Kaneohe. I’ll be having my “Alex eyes” on the WHOLE time I’m there 😉 There are several places I plan to visit just to catch a glimpse of that HOT Alex :love:

  26. I saw nothing wrong with this episode. It was great as Alex always is. What a dream come true-a man that cooks. In addition to his beauitful body and his gorgeous looks he likes to be in the kitchen. I am glad he has learned to surf. Maybe during the summer if he gets time off he can go surfing. Wish I was luckly enough to met Alex in person. I guess I will have to settle for in my dreams. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  27. Alex is always the BEST! 3 things and other great hobbies, skills, talents that he’s doing, that’s all amazing. I and other fans are so proud of him. Alex, be the best and keep up your good and hard works in life :love:

  28. Oh, Goddess, a man who cooks! Could it get any better than that? I would politely eat his cooking and when he wanted to eat out, I’d cook for him instead. He could do pushups and sit ups while I tossed the salad. 😉

  29. alex is georgous! has a great body, awesome arms (catch those veins popping out??) and if you check out his pictures from The Oyster Farmer, the guy is packing something serious below the belt!

    1. You should watch his movie FEED.

      1. Nat, never had the chance to watch “Feed” yet. But did buy “Oyster Famer” on Amizon.com. Have watched it a number of times, like “Moolight”. I can’t get enough of Alex…. :heart:

    2. There was also a part of BUP that took my breath away. OH–and the part in White Out where he went frolicking in the snow in the buff! I had to play it in slow-mo to make sure it was Alex–there’s no denying those beautiful tattoos!! :p

    3. No gays better be talking about our beloved Alex. He only has eyes for us gals. :bandit:


    1. I totally agree with you Tammy, he is soooo hot!! There is just something about him, that takes your breath away. I was just stunned from the first moment I saw a picture of him…

      1. I agree with Tammy and Lisa. He not only takes your breath away, but I melt every time I look at his eyes. If he is that charismatic on film, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to meet him in person. Why didn’t film goers get that with The Back-Up Plan? There were only 20 million of those moments in the film!

      2. When I met Alex in LA last Sept., he was very sweet, happy, he was with Amber, but came over to thank me and Mary for the wine. :love: The one thing I noticed was how tall he really is. I’m 5’7″ and I know he’s 6’2″, he really towered over me, but he doesn’t look that tall on TV only next to Scott. It was a magic day for me. At SOTB last Sept. (before ( met him in LA) when he was signing the photograph I gave him, I asked him if he had looked at it, It was a photo of me standing in front of Jennifer Lopez in the poster of The Back-Up Plan. (My husband took it while he was driving me to the airport, on my way to LA last April for the premiere of the The Back-Up Plan.) He looked at it and gave this incredible smile and said “That is too cool”. I have a photo of him signing it, that was taken by the papps. Now that was TOO cool.


  31. I Wouldn’t mind watching him workout at all.I bet that man could do anything he wants.Loved the show this watched it twice on internet :heart: that man! :love:

    1. Although I thought the writing was particularly bad on this episode, I did enjoy the pawn shop scene so much that I played it back several times. That writing was great–between Steve, Dano and the pawn shop guy. And Alex did look especially cute, especially when smirking and smiling, usually to Dano after the pawn shop guy made a comment. We just need better writing all around–not just certain segments of an episode. Ditto on comment watching him work out!

      1. Shirley, I’m w/ u 100%…..in love w/ Alex….

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