Angel of Vengeance – Book Review

The book is Angel of Vengeance by Trevor Munson. It is the book that inspired our beloved Moonlight series. My thoughts are kind of varied but the general plot revolves around Mick Angel as a vampire PI who protects the innocent and feeds on the wicked. As I read the novel I couldn’t help but feel it has nothing to do with the Moonlight we know and it was more something like this:

An old PI novel from the 20s and 30s. While not a bad story in the least, it is not something I would have read save for its association with Moonlight.

Mick is hired by a stripper and charged with finding her younger sister, who has run away. As he searches for the missing girl he remembers his past which is quite a bit different than the show. Yes Mick and Coraline were a torrid couple and she turned him but they were also druggies, who ended up in the middle of a homicide rap. It was a train wreck… though not even a very romantic train wreck. And I really like the Coraline from the show.

Anyway the case Mick is working quickly evolves from a simple missing girl case to one involving drug dealers and vampires and it gets a tad personal and tied up in his past. I did not think it predictable and it has its clever moments. It just didn’t “feel” like Moonlight. It was an interesting look into the starting point of a good story though.

If you are wondering how Beth figures in… well she really doesn’t. She is briefly mentioned as a girl he saved from Coraline’s clutches and writers for the show ran with that tidbit. Perhaps Mr. Munson will decide to write more books and share more of their story but if you are imaging this book to be the companion novel to the show then you will be disappointed. It is a book that “loosely” inspired the show.

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  1. I read it and if it weren’t for the knowledge that moonlight was inspired by it.. I would have never known it.. Me.. I would like to see this book combined with JR Ward’s brotherhood.. Wow.. would that be fantastic or what?? :heart:

  2. il manque vraiment quelqu’un sur hawai et cette personne c’est sophia myles!!!!!!!
    avec elle alex était vraiment à l’aise et une telle chimie qui se dégageait d’eux ,,c’était tout simplement naturel et tellement beau à suivre
    moi je pense qu’elle aurait eu sa place dans l’équipe mais comme d’hab cbs n’en fait qu’a sa tete!!!!!!
    les sourires d’alex pourtant si beaux se font trop rares!!

  3. This book couldn’t be any more like our beloved Moonlight than than War & Peace!!! :sick: Bring on the real thing…we want our Alex….sorry,….just my opinion….I”m sure it was a real Thrill a Minute page turner in the year 1800 :bandit: THIS IS 2011!!!! Have a wonderful day my good buddies. Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever FAn

  4. If we can’t have Moonlight back how about this to satisfy an ending to the Mick and Beth romance….have Sophia guest star on Hawaii 5-O as Steve’s old girlfriend and the flame is rekindled and they end up in bed…and we get to watch and go awwwww!! It would give this fan closure…how about you?

  5. I am waiting to see if they will release the book to Kindle version first.

  6. well a great book i read it and just loved it noe i wish they would come out with the dvds on three rivers the book was great it was very hard to put it down so i will read it again

  7. I really enjoyed the book and found it hard to put down. I knew going in that it was a lot different to the show. I liked seeing the darker side of Mick and Coraline was purely evil. I think if the next book gets the go ahead then the story of Beth will start to come out then in “Guardian Angel”. Trevor Munson was one of the writers for Moonlight. But I agree if you are looking for something that is exactly like Moonlight you will be disappointed.

  8. I got my book today. I have different options about the book also.

  9. I love Alex O’Loughlin, I am fascinated by it, and anything relacioanda I give him the biggest point, it is becoming more beautiful, I’m rooting for him, kisses :love:

  10. I agree with you that this is not anything like our beloved love story Moonlight. But I have to y I was very into the story, simply because I kept trying to visualize Alex in the story. That kept me reading compulsively to the last page. I knew from the start ML was only loosely based on this novel. But I still thought it was intriguing. Moonlight stands alone. On the other hand, wasn’t Munson also one of the co writers on ML? My dream as I was reading this story was that Munson could someday write the screenply of the Moonlight series….put a conclusion on a show that left its viewers in the lurch. Just my take on the whole thing. Thanks for your input.

  11. Thanks so much for the excellent book review. I give you an “A” which is far more than the author would have gotten from me. The writers on the show did a very good job of characterization and I, too, loved the show’s Coraline.

    At least now we have HFO and it looks like Alex has his long-running hit which he so richly deserves.

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