Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction -SEAL of Approval-Part 2

Moving on with the fan fiction story SEAL of Approval, we last saw McGarrett about to reveal to Danny a very big secret that he had never shared with anyone else ever. Although he was concerned about releasing this secret, he also trusted Danny and that he would accept it and keep it. Danny would not be able to guess it in a million years as Steve put it, but have you? What is Steve’s secret…let’s find out. 


Part 2

seal of approval fan fiction


He walks out to the chairs, towel in hand and a big smile on his face.  Danny had continued to bother him all day, trying to figure out what the big secret is.  He gave him no more hints and finally demanded he stop or he’ll call the whole thing off.  Danny, already having told the kids, could not let that happen so he shut his mouth…at least about the secret. 

            Walking into the water, he revels in the feel of it on his skin; the movement of around his legs and finally his waist as he then dives in and begins to swim out.  Arriving at the sand bar, he carefully glides over it and turns.  Slipping off his shorts, he tucks them in their usual hiding spot and goes under.  Closing his eyes, he thinks about the seals he loves and feels the change take place.  Opening his big, black eyes, everything now looks different.  The ocean life takes on a completely different look and he finds he’s ravenous.  Gliding through the water, he reaches out with his mind and soon hears her call.  Swimming faster, he can’t wait to get to her and have his morning meal. 

            Coming upon the less inhabited area of the North Shore, he finds her waiting, part of his morning meal hanging from her mouth.  He stops in front of her and nods his head.  She nods back, and he takes the half-eaten octopus from her and devours it.  At first, he had balked at eating anything in this form but as time went on, he realized that this form needs nourishment just as much as his human side.  Now he will devour anything he can since his weight is more than triple when in seal form than when human. 

            He had been no more than fourteen when he discovered he had this ability.  He’d been out swimming, farther out than he should have been and he noticed the seals playing in the water.  Suddenly, before he knew it, he had changed.  He’d had no idea what was happening, and he changed back just as quickly.  Thinking he was suffering from some kind of sickness, he mentioned it to no one and stayed out of the deep water for the next few weeks.  But he felt some kind of longing and he went out again and he changed again.  He’d soon figured out who to do it at will and found that he could go anywhere up and down the east coast of the island in a matter of hours. 

            This secret had scared him, too.  He didn’t dare tell anyone for fear they would lock him away…think he was crazy.  So, he kept it to himself, not even discussing it with his parents.  Then reality sent him a devastating blow and he was sent away.  He tried turning once while at the academy, but he couldn’t abide the cold waters of the Atlantic, so he buried that side of him, deep.  It wasn’t until he was in BUDS and out on the west coast that he changed again.  The warmer waters of the Pacific were better but he, the seal, longed to be back in the Hawaiian Islands and home.  He found that this ability served him well in some of his missions, yet he still never told anyone.  He’d found some legends written about men who could turn into seals but that’s all they were.  Tall tales told by salty fishermen on cold nights.  He wanted to discuss it with his dad, but he never found the time and then it was too late.  His dad was dead, and he was home.  Home in his beautiful Hawaiian waters but they lacked the pull of so many years before. 

            Then two things happened.  He met this lovable female seal named Lilly, and he found a journal his dad had been keeping since his teenage years hidden under a loose floorboard in the downstairs bedroom.  No matter the mating rituals, Lilly found something special about him from the start and tried to stay true to him.  He had to fight off many male seals for the right to mate with her, but he was larger than most males, outweighing them by a good hundred pounds, and his SEAL skills came in handy when dispatching them.  Over the years, he and Lilly have had seven pups together and he hopes the recent mating had another one on the way.  If he can’t have a family in his human form, he wasn’t going to deny himself in seal form.  She’d taken to calling him Koa, not being fond of his given human name.  He could hear that name wherever he was, no matter how far away. 

            As for his father’s journal…he’d found out, too late as usual, that his father had this ability, too.  As had his grandfather.  He read how his father had learned many things from his grandfather…things he should have learned from his father, but he’d been too afraid.  He hadn’t trusted his own father and he’d lost out on something special.  He’d read through the entire journal one weekend, finding out a great deal about this ability…it’s limitations.  The biggest being who he trusts with this secret.  See, as long as no one knows, he’s safe and can go back and forth between forms as he wishes.  But if he shares it and someone sees him change; sees him go from seal to human, well, if they don’t accept it, he can never become a seal again.  He will no longer be able to live in that world.  That would kill him.  To lose that part of him now would crush him.  There are many other things he learned about this ability but that was the most important.  No matter that he didn’t know, he’d kept the secret all these years.  Now he was willing to take the chance and tell the one person he trusts with his life…and happiness.  He knows Danny will not let him down. 

            He looks at his seal love and moves around her as she does him, this being their usual greeting.  They had mated recently, and he hopes that they will be having another pup soon.  All his pups had been born on the stretch of beach behind his house, all but living in his backyard.  He’d just made sure no one came around during that time.  His father had never mated with a female seal, nor had his grandfather, so he was the first as far as he knows. 

            It seems that a part of him being human has become part of his pups since they stay somewhat a family rather than going off on their own.  For monk seals, it is almost unheard of, but his pups stick close to his human home and bring their families with them.  With the seven pups he currently has, four of those have started mating and rebuilding the waning seal population here around Oahu.  One has gone to the Northern Islands but does come back every now and then.  That one, his oldest, seems to have picked up very little of his human side.  The rest, four female and two males, have all stayed in the area, mating with other seals and making a ‘family.’  He was happy to have this.  He’d read up on monk seals and discovering that when they are weaned, they are essentially abandoned sat heavy in his heart.  He couldn’t do that, no matter what.  So, he’d watched over his ‘children’ and kept them safe so they could grow and have pups of their own.  At first, Lilly almost left for the Northern Islands upon seeing him do this, but after realizing it was for the good of her species, she’d relented and taken to this strange seal. 

He spends the early morning hours with her, swimming, eating and playing.  Once the sun hits a certain point, he signals he must leave and he heads back to his beach.  So caught up in his thoughts of telling Danny and the kids, he doesn’t notice the small fishing vessel following him.  Not until the debilitating pain in his left side and he feels himself being pulled toward the boat.  Glancing down his side, he realizes he’s been hit with a small harpoon and is being pulled in.  He’d heard there were still poachers around, taking whatever illegal wildlife they could get their hands on, but he never thought they would go after a monk seal.  Not with all the fines and jail time if they’re caught.  Yet here his is with a harpoon in his side, waiting to become their latest prize. 


To Be Continued...


Story by P_Street_7609

Fan Art by Becoming_Bryna



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