Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction -SEAL of Approval-Part 3

We last left off as Steve’s secret was revealed to the reader, Danny and the kids were waiting for him at his house, and Steve the seal found himself in some trouble. As we move on in this next part of SEAL of Approval, what will become of Steve and how will Danny be a part of it? What form will Steve be left in and what about Lilly and the pups? Time for some more to unravel and find out. Here you go.


Part 3

hawaii five 0 seal of approval fan fiction


Pulling from his human side, he swims toward the boat, and then under it, taking them by surprise.  That move gives him just enough leeway to quickly change, grab the old wooden spear and break it off.  Feeling the metal tip shift in his body, he realizes that he cannot remain human without severe damage to major organs.  Shifting back to seal form, he dives deep, hoping they cannot see him and swims toward his beach. 

“Koa?  My love?”  He hears in his head.

“Lilly?  What’s wrong?”

“You.  I heard you scream.  What has happened?  Are you all right?”

He had not realized he’d screamed.  He needs to keep her away.  “I’m fine.  DO NOT come near me.  Stay in the uninhabited areas.  Please.”

“What has happened?  I can feel you are hurt.”

“Yes, I have been.  By ones who should not be hurting the seals.  You must stay away, though.  I will be all right.”  He fights to keep going, needing to reach his beach.  He knows Danny and the kids will be there soon and will find him.

“I can help you.”

“No, my dear.  Stay where you are.  Stay safe.”  He grunts as he makes his way over the sand bar.  In moments he hauls himself out onto the shore with the last of his energy. 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Danny, the kids right behind him, walks up to the front door and gives his usual courtesy knock.  Not hearing a response, he looks down at Charlie.  “Now, normally you wouldn’t do this, but this is Uncle Steve’s house and we are welcome at all times.”  He reaches down, finding the door unlocked and opens it. 

“Steve?  You here?”  He walks in, followed closely by his son.  Grace hangs back, closing the door behind her. 

“Doesn’t look like he’s here, Danno.”  She stands, leaning against the door. 

“He better be.  He said he had a big secret to tell us and he’s been pushing it all week, with no hints.”  He looks all around the first floor.  “Steven!  You upstairs?”  He glances up at the second-floor landing. 

“I don’t think he’s here, Danno.”  Charlie sits down on the recliner. 

“Maybe he lost track of time on his morning swim.  Come on.  Let’s check out back.”  He takes Charlie by the hand and goes to the back-lanai door.  Grace follows, her fingers texting away. 

“Why do I have to be here, again?”  She asks, following them out.

“Because your Uncle Steve asked for both of you to be here.  That’s why.  Now put your phone away.” 

She rolls her eyes and continues texting. 

“Look, Danno.  It’s a seal!”  Charlie lets go of his hand and goes running toward the large seal lying on the sand. 

“Charlie, come back here.”  Danny breaks out in a jog, going after his young son.  “Don’t you dare go near it!”

“It looks hurt, Danno.”  He stops short, seeing the blood and broken spear sticking out of               the seal’s side. 

Danny catches up to his son, his daughter a few seconds behind. 

“Dad, that looks like a monk seal.  We learned about them in class.  They’re protected.  No one is to be hurting them.”  She holds up her phone, taking a picture of the injured animal. 

“I know that, Grace.  This one looks as if someone was hunting it and it managed to break the spear somehow.  Why it’s washed up here is beyond me.”  He pulls Charlie back, not wanting him to get near an injured wild animal. 

“We need to call someone, Dad.  It needs help.  We can’t just leave it here.” 

Danny looks around, wondering where his wayward partner is.  “I wonder where Steve is.  I see his towel, but I don’t even see him in the water.”  He ponders as he pulls out his phone.  Opening a browser, he looks up a number connecting him to the Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge. 

“Hello.  Yes, this is Detective Danny Williams with the 5-0 task force.  Yes, I have a beached seal that is injured.  Yes, it still has part of a spear or harpoon in its side.  No, I have not touched it, but it seems to still be alive.  Yes, the address is 2727 Pi’ikoi Street, Honolulu.  Yes, the private beach out back.  No, I don’t see any other seals.  I don’t have any idea.  It’s rather large, over seven feet, I would say.  Maybe close to eight.  No, I cannot even guess at how much it weighs.  Please, this is my friends home.  No, I do not know where he is but I’m sure he would have no problem with you coming on his land to help this wounded animal.  Please, just send someone over here.  My two children are here and want to be sure the seal is gonna be okay.  Yes, thank you.”  He ends the call, looking down at Charlie.  “They’re on their way. It’s gonna be fine.”  He places his hand on his son’s head. 

“Maybe this was the surprise, Dad.  Maybe Uncle Steve wanted us to see the seal.”

“Maybe, Grace.  I just don’t understand why he would keep it such a secret.  I mean, it’s a seal.  Not a big deal.”

“But it is, Dad, if it’s coming up here to the beach.  No one is to approach or mess with these seals at all.  They generally stay away from inhabited areas and for one to haul out onto this beach is very unusual.  He couldn’t really let just anyone know.” 

“Well, look at the brains on my little girl.”  He smiles at her, his pride showing.  “Okay, maybe it is this seal.  But that still doesn’t explain where your uncle is right now.” 

Grace nods, taking a few more pictures of the seal.  It hurts her to see an innocent animal injured like this and makes her mad at the same time.  For anyone to do this is appalling.  They need to be found and have the same done to them. 

Thirty minutes later, a flat bottom boat comes up and beaches itself, several people getting off and going to the injured seal.  One woman walks over to Danny.



Holding out her hand, she introduces herself.  “My name’s Nancy Reid.  I’m from the refuge.  We got here as soon as we could.  Looks like it’s still alive, so that’s good.  By the size of it, looks like a female.  But we can’t be sure until we get a good look.  You found it?”

“Yeah.  This is my partner’s home.  He asked us to come over this morning.  We got here, found this poor animal here but he’s nowhere to be found.” 

“Well, this is unusual but not unheard of.  This is a private beach?”  She takes out her phone and starts typing.

“Yes, it is.  All along here is private.”

“Well, that might explain it.  Normally these seals don’t like large crowds and if this is private, would explain finding them gravitating here.”  She nods and looks over to the others working to get the large animal into the sling.  “We plan on taking it back to the refuge, repairing any damage and, if it survives, allow it rehab until it’s ready to go back into the ocean.”

“You think it’ll be okay?”  Charlie pipes up.

She looks down and the young boy.  “Oh, I think we can give it a good chance of surviving, yes.”  She smiles at Charlie, hoping she can keep good on that. 

“Nancy?”  One of the others calls to her.

She walks over to them, shakes her head in amazement and walks back over.  “Well, I was wrong.  This is a male.  He’s big for a male but definitely a male.”

“Really?  Is there that much difference?”  Danny asks, looking back as they maneuver the crane on the boat to hookup the sling they have around the large animal. 

“Oh, yes.  Most males are around seven feet long and weigh between 350 and 400 pounds.  Females, on the other hand, can be over eight feet long and weigh as much as 600 pounds.  This guy here is just under eight feet and looks to weigh over 500 pounds.  He’s big, I’ll give him that.  Probably saved his life, too.”  She looks fondly at the seal as it’s hauled onto the boat.  “Listen, Detective, if your partner returns, I have a few questions for him.  Please give him my name and number.”  She hands Danny a card. 

“I most certainly will.  He has a lot of explaining to do as it is.”  He smiles.  She shakes his hand again and heads back to the boat.  Danny puts his hand on Charlie’s shoulder, not wanting him to go near the water.  They wave as the boat pulls away.  He pockets the card, vowing to give his partner a rant like he’s never heard before when he shows his face. 

“Danno, where’s Uncle Steve?”

“I don’t know, Charlie.  But when he shows his face, I’m gonna give him a time out.  How’s that sound?” 

Charlie smiles big, nodding his head. 

To Be Continued...


Story by P_Street_7609

Fan Art by Becoming_Bryna



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