Hawaii Five 0 Episode 8.12 Gif-fable Moments


With season 8 in full swing, it is time for another Gif-fable Moments from us. We do not always get a chance to do these but when we do it is usually a very fun and light post. In this one there were some great expressions that were caught and who does not appreciate a good eye-roll now and then. Check out what else we have giffed below. Hope you enjoy!



Starting with the classic eye-roll. Oh Jerry…

alex o'loughlin eyeroll


This was an intense episode so there was some angry moments for Steve. Who’s glad they are not on the wrong side of this?

alex o'loughlin accuse

alex o'loughlin anger

alex o'loughlin gif


As you probably know by now, in every episode there is the strut.

alex o'loughlin walking


And in this one there was some pacing too.

alex o'loughlin pacing


Some of the kevlar action

duck and cover

alex o'loughlin ducking


to the slow turn around look.

alex o'loughlin turning


to clearing a potential scene

alex o'loughlin gun


and from the side

alex o'loughlinside


Poor Steve, he had a really bad day. Glad he had his coffee and Adam to help him out. 

alex o'loughlin coffee

alex o'loughlin sad

alex o'loughlin saddened

alex o'loughlin somber


Another familiar scene – Steve on the phone.  Whatsup ?

alex o'loughlin phone



That wraps 8.12. Moving on to 8.13 on Friday. Here is the promo info for that in case you missed it. 




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  1. Muito bom! Ele é um grande actor não valorizado!
    É pena!

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