Whimsical Wednesday- Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Day



The days sure seem to fly by as once again it is Whimsical Wednesday and of course FanArt day for us. Although this sounds like a broken record, we really do have some good ones for you this week and once again appreciate all the contributors.


Let’s take a look at the “wall”.



Sonja was in a retro kind of mood and thus created these two pieces. They are Alex as himself so no characters this time. They are also two very different looks as the first one he was returning from hiatus so there is the hiatus beard and the second he was out and about in one of his favorite t-shirts.  Looking good either way.


Credit Sonja (Sonni)



From Silvia, we have another Alex as himself shot. She took one of the Sunset on the Beach appearances and artistically made it about Hawaii’s two favorite icons; the shaka and the lei. Great smile, great profile, great artistic background; GREAT ART!

Credit Purpcanary



Keeping with the theme of Alex as himself (well kind of), Gaby created a very cool dual art from these “James Bond” style pics. This is one role we would have liked to have seen Alex in that unfortunately looks as if it just isn’t in the cards. Through Gaby’s artistic hand, however, it becomes closer to everyone’s imagination.



Credit H50Europe



Looks as if McGarrett is reflecting on his badass legacy here in this piece by Monika. Could it be symbolizing that the job is weighing him down a little more now? The expression and hazy look seem to be hinting at it and based on his year last year, it is certainly understandable.

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz



Once again Bryna did a movie poster and substituted Alex in this old classic, Sum Of All Fears. Jack Ryan was originally played by Ben Affleck. Seeing Bryna do all these movies with Alex as the “star” sure makes us want to see him on the big screen again. He is just as good as these movie stars that we see in these roles and hopefully when Hawaii Five 0 is done for him we will get our wish.

Sum of all fear alex o'loughlin

Credit Becoming_Bryna 



That is it for the week. Until next week which will probably be here faster than we all think. At least it will seem like it.

In the meantime,  it is also just two more days until a new Five-0. Check the promo info out in case you have not seen it yet.











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