Alex O’Loughlin Expecting Baby with Girlfriend Malia Jones

Looks like congrats is in order. Alex and his girlfriend Malia are expecting according to E Online. They both have children from previous relationships so baby makes it complete I guess. Alex said previously he was planning on setting down roots in Hawaii, no matter what happened with Hawaii Five-O, guess he meant it!

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  3. Ladies ladies. Alex baby had finally arrived according to US magazine it was born yesterday

  4. hmmmmm carla when you put it like that i suppose you have a point. i dont know much about malia, all i know she has my man lol! your work friend and her denial puts a bit more light onto the subject. i truly hope she is not one of these women who takes and leaves, like you said we all want whats best for him. wouldnt like to see him heartbroken over someone like that. thanks for your replies, loadsalove to you. keep me posted on maliagate haha!!

    1. I think she is one who takes and leaves. Alex needs to get out now. Love maliagate

  5. carla darling nobodys life is a fairytale- its what you make of it yourself. i dont think for one second that his life is a fairytale or was. i just dont like the bitchiness about someone you dont even know apart from what you have read in papers and magazines. as for wanting to be his wfe, girlfriend etc yeah agree with that but to me that is a fairytale. just wish so called fans would just be happy for him. isnt that what us die hard fans do? carla i dont wanna fall out with you babe i just dont like the nastiness……..

    1. Mandy, we all want him to be happy and be with a good woman. Someone who loves him for what he is and not what he does or has on his bank account.
      None of us would probably be good for him (not his age range (although he has said she must be between 18 & 65 and have her own teeth, LOL), not his type, not to active, etc) but we all love him like we know him and want the best for him because we are his fans.
      As for the rumours and not knowing exactly what is going on; we don’t know what is going on and all we have are those rumours. Maybe they’re all false,but actions and pictures speak more then a thousand words. There is something going on and so many people have that gutt feeling that you can’t ignore it.
      Where there is smoke there is fire, to throw in another one, LOL

      Had diner this evening with a friend, ex co-worker and she told me she was with a guy I was already suspcious of they had something going on at the time I was working there. I didn’t know her very well then, but her body language and secret mailing to eachother during work made me think they already had something going on then. She denied then, so did he. He said he was happily married and not interessed in a co-worker. But the way they behaved towards one another, I knew that there was more to it and now she told me I was right all the time!

      Don’t worry babe, about the falling out. We don’t wanna create fights because of someone we don’t even know; even he is not worth that! 😀

  6. It was a good interview and I think Alex opened up even more. IMO it was all centred on the kids,his house and himself. She is still last. As the interviewer works for an Hawaiian newspaper it is for their readers and Alex knows this so he had to mention her, again to me it was an afterthought and to keep the Hawaiins and especially her family happy. H does not need them on his back after all he’s gone through. If there was a relationship I would have thought he would have put her 1st and say he is with Malia and the kids. There’s going to be storms ahead and they will go their separate ways.

  7. Alex’s private life seems to be taking on signs of a soap opera. It is a role reversal with his acting as that seems more real.
    When listening to Alex I don’t just listen I hear what he is saying and he is very clever I think of conveying a different message. That’s my opinion

  8. heard an interview tonight were Alex says the baby is a boy. He looks and sounds happy. Baby due in a month.

  9. Listened to an interview yewsterday were Alex talks about Malia, Saxon and the new baby. He says it is a boy, and he definatley has started a family, tlks about going home from work and playing with the kids. I guess that answers our questions about Malia tricking him by geting pregant. He sounds and looks happy

  10. hi cinitha I’m not sure whyI have different feelings, if he is happy that should be what matters, but for some reason the situation (as we his fans, know it) just doesn’t seem right We know he loved children and spoke about how happy being a father he was. I guess I wonder if he really fell in love or has just reached a place in his life were he is able to not be so focased on his career and she jst happened to be there I don’t know, my thoughts are all over the place

  11. to read the interview cinthia speaks of

  12. WHOAH!! have just popped back in to this piece of news to read all your “lovely” comments about our alex’s baby news and i was shocked to say the least, muffie hit the nail on the head with her comment about halfway up the page. call yourself fans? all you have been doing is bitching about a lady nobody (apart from alex) knows anything about! she may be nice, she may be not but i think that decision should be down to alex? we have to make our own way in this life, sometimes we take a wrong path and sometimes we get it spot on. but we have to find these things out for ourselves. personally all you dissers out there i think you are jealous….. tiff thank you for a great website, aloha to all you true aol fans out there, good on yer for all the lovely comments you have made. as for me, i am truly happy for alex and malia and wish them all the very best in love, life and health.

    1. Yes, Mandy t. we are all extremely jealous cause we all think we have a chance at being his baby-mama/girlfriend/wife/mistress….we can do all way better.
      Don’t tell me; you’re one of those die-hard fans who believes his life is a fairy tale come true. Well sweet heart unfortunately it didn’t quiet worked out that way…not yet anyway…
      People have seen how this woman reacts to his fans and what kind of a temper she has; THEY DIDN’T HAVE A NICE EXPERIENCE WITH HER!
      If you can’t handle or don’t want to read the comments here, there are enough other “Pravda” sites on Alex which don’t allow things we discuss here. I suggest you go there and gush about the fact that ‘a fairy tale has come true…’

  13. Just read an article interviewing Alex where he states baby due 4-5 weeks time. He does not mention anything about Malia. This must be from the press/media interviews last Wednesday

  14. As regards when Malia got pregnant this person who saw them in early May has been asked as being a nurse how far along Malia was. They state she was trying to hide the bump but looked 3 /4 months. I’m still thinking it is still January

  15. Carla I agree about the chemistry between Alex and Malia – there is none. I have always felt he really loved Holly and he is trying to find a replacement

    1. I just read that a guy did a very in depth interview with Alex just recently and he opened a lot and talked about himself and he said this and I quote: ” I’m having a little Hawaiian baby in about 4-5 weeks. I’ve been blessed by the kahunas here and was given a Hawaiian name”.

      So that means Malia is very advanced in her pregnancy she should be like 7 months pregnant then or 7 and a bit more, which means she was pregnant alrady like in January or February and Alex spoke in public about her just in November. Does anyone knows if Alex met Malia for the first time jsut after a few months he landed the role of Steve McG back in 2010. I know that in the CBS Hawaii 5-0 presentantion with the media back in 2010, he was still dating Amber so of course noone knows after breaking up with Amber how much time pass after he met Malia and if they are dating ever since back in 2010 and until November their relationship was public but of course we do not know either if in back 2010 Malia was still married to Luke and she just gave birth to Luke son .

      In that interview that he was so open, he mention his son Saxon and like in the quote I wrote he talked about his baby, in any moment he mention the name Malia in any part of the interview thta was done to him.

      The interviewer like a presentation before the interview said and I quote the interviewer words: “Moreover, he and girlfriend, model Malia Jones, are expecting their first child together in a few weeks (He has a teen son, Saxon, from a previous relationship).”

      So the fans who were guessing Malia was very advanced I guess you all were right.

      1. I heard Alex broke up with Amber when he went back to LA for for Christmas holiday, that was 2010 going into 2011 which he came public in NOvember 2011. So it sounds like she was still married and recentley given birth Now I too wonder how they met

      2. I read that interview too, its all over his fan sites. So sounds that he pleased, I wish I could be happy for him, but I’m not rreally. Somhow I just feel diferant about him now :ninja:

      3. Why u feel different for Alex now Sissi?

    2. I never knew what you guys meant with the chemistry about Malia/Alex and Holly/Alex. But now I’ve seen some pictures of them and hell, there WAS chemistry between Holly/Alex like a couple who is in love should have! I was really shocked when I saw a row of pictures of Malia and Alex – they seemed like an old couple who hasn’t say anything or they are just friends who stood next to eachother. There was absolute nothing! At least, there are two photos where scales fell from my eyes and I really REALLY have to agree with you! ;-(

    3. Lizzie can I have your email address? Thanks

    4. i don;t see a real emmotional connect between Alex and Malia. As it was mentioned he was just getting a closer relationship with Saxon and she pops up again. It was said they had an off and on relationship. Maybe when he was trying to recover from the pain killer pills he was very vulnerable. Im not sure if it was ever said what shoulder he hurt, it doesn’t matter, but just weird it was never mentioned. Hope there was a shoulder injury and not just substance abuse. I think he looked really happy on the red carpet this year, but not necessarily because of the baby. He just seemed to be the one glowing. I thought her outfit was very unapropriate. I saw a couple of pictures form sotb3 that looked like it could of been Saxon. There was one that was a posed picture but taken down. He puts him in the spotlight, he is fair game for pictures. There is another site out there, that the liberty you have given people speak there mind, that site would of had you hung out to dry. They are very protective of Alex. I hope things go well for them. There are three innocent children involved. Someone mentioned about Saxon hearing his father and M getting it on together speaking french I would think Alex would be more discreet than that. I am sure Saxon’s mother wouldn’t be very receptive of her son being exposed to that. I wonder why all of sudden he comes to live with his father. Maybe Austrailia has a different age difference as to when a child can say which parent they want to live with. ‘
      Just hope the best of him.

      1. Well Alex himself had said the pain killers was because he had got pretty hurt while filming the show. I do not think he had lied about that. This is not because I am saying but the word of people from Hawaii said that Malia is known for a bad attitude. I do not believe for a minute that Alex really had planned to have another baby in the middle of his medication problem, that would be irresponsible to say the least.

        i do feel for saxon, he didn’t get to have his dad for himself long enough, since as soon as he transferred to hawaii Malia got more or less pregnant and Alex move in with her rather quickly.

        Yes I heard about the pic taken down, someone mention Alex rep that there was this pic on the internet and she on her facebook page asked that pic to be taken down, but it was late for her to ask that because the pic was alreayd all over like a week before. And for me that pic was nothing private. Alex was posing and he seemed happy with Saxon, it was taken at a public event, so I really do not know why Alex rep believe it was not appropriate.

        Why Alex and Malia was speaking french and what Saxon overheard? If they were speaking French perhaps it was a sign that they did not want anyone to understand or know what they were talking about, maybe something that nooone had to listen,. I mean my assumption.

        Well now that Saxon is with Alex, Alex had exposed him to pictures and to the media, ALex is now more open to speak about his son and people taking pictures of them together, unlike some years ago where Alex kept Saxon away from all the media hound and pictures, now it seems he does not mind. I do know now as noone knows what Saxon mom feel about this.

        I understand what u are saying about some sites that the minute u speak your mind about a particular topic, they hang you for sure. I been in those sites before. I mean we all have our agreements and disagreements on things, but in those sites who are over protective of Alex, u have to agree with what they say ohterwise you better do not say what u feel or think, because they do not tolerate it.

      2. The whole ‘speaking French’ is, I think, a miss understanding. As far as I know Alex doesn’t speak French, but Malia seems to.
        He himself has said that he speaks a little bit of Italian and a Italian fan, who met him in HI, has confirmed that on FB or Twitter, can’t remember which.
        Malia’s ex husband Luke Stedman has written an article on called ‘The Joy of Sex’. In that article he says this about dirty talk in the bedroom; ‘A definite. The dirtier the better. Raw filth. Go one step further and find a partner that can talk another language and get them to talk dirty to you then. MJ speaks pretty good French so I’m always hitting her up to talk to me this way. It sounds amazing but I’m never sure of what she is actually saying. It could be: “You never took the garbage out tonight, and can you please hurry up I’m tired.” Who the hell cares, though? It just sounds so damn cool.’

        Now, that she’s with Alex; imagine this being him….

      3. I can confirm that Alex once said he doesn’t speak French. And I think doing it while the kids are in the same room is pretty nasty. Saxon is old enough to guess what they are trying to do. Asking to turn down the pictures from the internet isn’t a smart move. A lot of people will wonder because Alex and Saxon (and little Spike at the groomer) posed for them and I guess Alex knew what he did. Doesn’t make any sense to me.
        I’m a member of some boards because they know what’s going on. But I don’t buy they aren’t interested in his personal life. Just think they are overprotective. At the same time they have information only a good observer or insider would know. So, who is interfering in his life then…. :woot:

      4. Regardin thte pic that was taken down from the groomer’s place. It could be several reasons as to why and it is only speculation. If Alex asked for it to be taken down.. he’s being a bit naive to keep posing for photos..and not expect them to be posted online.

        He may have posed for a bulletin board at the shop.. but.. he should know by now that most businesses have FB pages and/or websites.. and that it could be posted there.

        I think from now on.. Alex either needs to stop “posing” or he needs to make sure there is a definite agreement as to how the photo will or won’t be used. But I believe that Alex do not mind if there are photos with him and fans on the internet. He may be concerned when in those kind off work pic Spike or Saxon are included becuae he is protective of the children and he will probably be much worse with the baby soon to arrive.

        i agree that at some boards some fans are too overprotective of Alex, not that they are not interested in his personal lif, I bet they do only they rather keep the news to themselves if they know something that will jeopardize or risk Alex intimate and private life, as he never share anything of his private life to anyone, so in order not to make fans around world concerned and worried and not to betray Alex himself, maybe for them it is better to not say anything and leave things the way it is for the better. That is what I believe do not know if that could be true. For example and it is just an example what if I know something of Alex of his personal life that noone I mean noone knows and only me? Should I share it or keep it to myself? If I share it, fans may believe what I say some may not believe me and they start to speculate and the speculation becomes gossip and rumor and at the end it ends up bad. If I keep to myself, nothing happens and there is no rumor of speculation of anything around the world or all over the media and everything stays the way it is. Just saying

  16. I understand it’s not my business, but, I would like to know how they met. Were they introduced, did she approch him, he approch her? Just wondering.

  17. It’s my first comment over here. And first of all I want to say thank you, Tiffany, for allowing “us” to speak up freely. That seems very rare but people have their feelings, thoughts and opinions on different news. Secondly, I’m very new to this although I’ve watched Moonlight and am following H50 from the beginning. But only recently I’m aware of Alex … :angel:

    I was having a conversation with someone from another board and we were talking about body language. I don’t know if we both meant the same language but I recognized M. bends a bit back from him whilst Alex’s body opens to her. Of course, I’m no expert and I could be wrong. I don’t know if anyone of you recognised it, too.

    I personally don’t know if I would go that far to say she’s after his money. He’s no Brad Pitt, you know what I mean? And one can easily read to much into something. Is this “body language” a real proof (btw she does it in every picture which are only 3-4)? 😉 Because he looks not happy in pictures does that mean anything? Maybe he is just tired? One can read pictures surely wrong? Or are we talking about a whole evening where people could watch him? If she won’t show up next week what does that mean? That she is not his gf, that she is so heavily pregnant she couldn’t go? That she doesn’t care at all? If she comes and one doesn’t see her pregnancy does that mean she isn’t further and not due in October? I’ve had a friend who was very athletic. She was about due and because of her belly muscles you only could see a glimpse of her pregnancy. And if she shows up and holds his hand then I assume it’s because they want to do it and not because they pretend to be a couple – as I said, he’s noone who needs to hide something from the public because he’s a super-hyper-dyper mega star. It will come out anyway.

    As I’m so new and he’s so private on his life I don’t know how he would answer to questions about his gf/baby. Probably that he’s/they are very happy and looking forward to the birth.

    And as for they’re expecting a baby in early stages: I know from an UK actor that he was dating his wife for 7 years, then she became pregnant and only then he asked her to marry him. They are happily married for 5 years with a second child. I know family stories where she got pregnant when they had been dating for a couple of months and now married for almost 30 years. That can happen, you know.

    All I want is to see him happy – no matter if it’s Malia or another woman. He seems to be a real nice man who deserves the best in life. If Malia is really not the right person for him (for some unknown reason I had the same “trapped” feeling, too – but again, newbie here) then I hope he will realise it very soon and find a solution to get his peace back.

    Btw: I don’t know if I’ve read it here or somewhere else. Someone wrote she can’t be the right person for him because she is not good looking. For one thing, beauty in the eye of the beholder. For another, even if Malia isn’t Heidi Klum/Giselle Bündchen or anyone else it’s a big brownie point for him if he still falls for a regular girl. Because that means to me, he cares not so much about looks but other things. You know what I mean? :whistle:

    Sorry, if I babbled to much. Had to get rid of this. 😀

    1. I mentioned it awhile ago here about the way Malia bends away from Alex, good th hear you agree

    2. I for one was happy when I saw Malia’s looks. She is a beautiful woman and a real exotic beauty! I was pleased to see that Alex stepped off his rule; ‘it has to be blond and from Oz!’ LOL

      1. ….but I didn’t finish my comment…
        She may be beautiful on the outside, but with all the rumors going around on the web I wonder if she is also beautiful on the inside..
        Beauty fades with years (I have seen some more recent model pics of her and they aren’t as beautiful as the ones taken a few years back), but someone’s character remains for the rest of his/her life.
        If she has a temper and is not very nice to his fans, she may have a problem in years to come if they are now together as a couple. Alex may get fed up with her attitude and fall quickly for someone else.
        I wonder why it didn’t work out with Amber; was she to good and sweet for him or maybe to intelligent. I get the impression that Alex’s type is not the girl next door. I think he wants someone who hangs on the chandelier and shows him every corner of the room! Maybe that’s why we recentely saw a pic of him in a chandelier store; it was time to get a new one! :p
        But seriously, he once said that now a days he in very interested in a woman’s brain. Oke, maybe she does know how to work his brain in more ways then one… :angel:
        As for the her pose on pics; I think she always want to be pictured from her left side, which she probably thinks is best. If you look at her model pics, she always get pictured from the left or turns her head to the right so the pics show her left side. If Alex is standing to her left then it looks like she is turning away from him.
        But must agree that the few pics of them together show no chemistry, especially if you compare them to pics with Holly where he is kissing and cuddling her and/or holding her hand. I thinks she was truely the love of his life….

      2. Malia WAS a proffesional surfer, what is she now? In her teens she WAS a mode,is she still? I’ve heard she’s a designer, but all the pics of her with Alex her outfits are a mess . I’m assuming she has a round the clock for her young son when he’s not in school (2 or 3 yrs old in school?) since she took him on a sking vacation with Alex, I don’t think so She doesn’t seem to much of a mom if she is out dating when her child is a year old and she’s still married. Wouldn’t you think she would put more thought into having another child so close to the birth of the first one and the end of her marriage. My heart is broken thinking Alex may not be happy. Your right he always looked happy with Holly, and I hate to admitt you may also be right about Amber not being wild enough, but I liked her best and was hoping she was the one he was refering to when talking about having a family. Just my thoughts

      3. Carla I want to add something that I read in another site about Holly I do not know if it true or not. Alex and Holly dated 4 yrs and it is said that they grew apart, because Holly was kind of a high maintenance lady, she wanted to have a good life and always like to buy nice things. Perhaps Alex was more of a simple guy more down to earth and at the end he realized he did not share things in common with Holly so they split up. He looked more natural with Amber, more confident and I wonder what happened between those 2 and when he met Malia he knew he had things in common with her: Surfing, I believe that is where Malia got to him in teh surfing department

        I do wonder myself if Alex is really happy now. I also ask myself why Alex protects so much Malia that do not let her be seen in public or why Malia do not want to be seen in public with him. Will it be that she got pregnant so early in their relationship that she and him agree not to expose her to the media or she got pregnant right after Alex finished his rehabilitation and that wont be like a good sign or Malia simply do not like to be out in public or that sicne she has not been officially divorced from her last husband it be a very bad sign that people see her pregnant knowing she is not even divorced yet. We have only see them together as a couple like in 3 ocassions since the romance went public back in November (although I believe they were dating before that). The first one in November at the GQ awards in Australia, then like in March or February at the Aussie events in LA and then one picture back in May at some school fund raising.
        In the first 2 events Malia did not seem to be pregnant so I am guessing she got pregnant around March or April in order to be noticeable enough to announced their pregnancy at the end of August, but even before that Alex and Malia there were no pictures of them together.

        We all could see Alex in pictures during all this time only with fans and just them. Now he is even more open and he let his son Saxon expose himselt to the media and they can take pictures.

        There was an event that easily Malia could have attended and it happened on a weekend, H50 just started to film the new season it was a kids charity with lots of kids at the beach. Alex and Scott seem so happy to attend and they mingle with kids and had a great time. It was not even a work event for Alex or Scott, I mean they invited due to their popularity of the show and they could be good ambassadors for the cause. But it was on a weekend the event, and Malia could have attended (like he did in teh school charity back in May) and even bring her young son and mingle with other kids there and mingle with Alex, but there was no proof she went to the event.

        I am just trying to understand the reason why if he is n love with her or have a relationship, why he does not let her be seen in public or why he does nto want o tbe seen together. i mean that is no invasdion of privacy, I am talking about just normal pictures of them being together that is all.

        I guess we all have to wait for the SOTB to see if she goes or not and if she goes I know people be asking, well now she does want to be the center of attention and steal Alex thunder on that important SOTB for the cast and crew of the show if she does not show up, well people will also wonder why.

    3. At the time everyone was dissing Holly; she was a skank and a this and that. I never disliked Holly. It’s true she said something she shouldn’t have, about Moonlight, but other then that she was Mother Teresa, compared to this one!

      I wonder how Saxon reacted to the nude pictures of his ‘stepmother’ or the fact she talks French when she is doing the nasty with his dad!!!! :woot:

      IMHO Amber was to goody-2-shoes and intelligent for Alex. She has a degree in psychology and she was just starting out with her acting career. She was not about to give that all up to being his baby-mama.

      A fact is that Alex has said he wanted to start a family in Hawaii. Question is was he ready to start a family with Malia or was it just a ‘oops’?…..

      1. I do not think Saxon has much to say, I mean he could not be even be aware that her step mom did nude pictures in the past and if he does know is beause he saw them on his won over the internet or his friends. I do not think Alex would have had a man to man conversation with Saxon explaing why his step mom had naked pics on a magazine I am just guessing that did not happen or ever had happened

      2. Carla, I think there always will be people who diss/dislike the lady of Alex. That’s out of pure jealousy – and he can’t be everybody’s darling with his desicions he will make in the future. People have to live with it regardless if they like it or not. But at least they have to admit that Alex looked so much happier with Holly/Amber as he will ever be with Malia.

        And Saxon maybe never liked/doesn’t like Malia – so he didn’t care at all or doesn’t/didn’t like to talk/think about her?

        Why Amber and Alex split could be of many reasons. Maybe she wasn’t ready for a family he wants, maybe it just didn’t work? Could be everything and anything. My guess is Malia’s baby is an oopsi – it’s not indicative that it was planned. If it was so and they wanted to stay together as a loving couple wouldn’t you think he would be very proud and announce it much earlier this year? I’ve read the pregnancy was leaked to E!. But that’s just another rumor… So…

    4. Princess it seems Malia will give birth in t about 4 or 5 weeks that means her pregnancy is indeed advanced like many suspected.

      1. Cinthia, yes, I’ve read it, too. People are correct. Interesting is also, that Alex doesn’t mention her at all in that interview while he told how much he likes his life on Hawaii. This could have been his best chance to do it! LoL

      2. I am glad to see that someone else (PrincessCharming) noticed that Alex did not mention Malia at all in the interview. He stated that he was expecting a Hawaiian baby, not that “they” were.

      3. Barbara I guess sometimes we have to read between the lines to fully understand the meaning of something. If anyone take a closer look at Alex pregnancy annoucement and the singer Shakira annoucement, they are so different. Shakira mentions her beau and she uses the verb they or we, and she says they are very happy, unlike Alex annoucement.

        Also in Alex annoucement it was not even himself the one who annonuce it it said it was leaked thru the internet, so Alex rep perhaps had no choice to say it in public and confirm it was true.

        Another off thing on this story is that the annoucement came the same day of Alex birthday, Was that a coincidence? MM I have my doubts, If Malia was already pregnant why they did not annouced it sooner? Fans and viewers are not stupid not to notice certain things, even if the media wants us to believe we are dumb.

        How many times people and viewers said that Lindsay Lohan will never learn her lesson and she will never stay out of trouble? Well there is our proof, she keeps getting into trouble each time and she will never learn.

        If Malia shows up at the SOTB I have several choices as to why she shows up for the public to be seen until now.

        1. She and Alex are indeed still dating and this is an important day for Alex and the H50 cast so she is there to support him.
        2. She just want to draw attention and tell the world: Look at me, he is mine and I am having his baby even if they are still dating, but it is odd she has to show up until now to tell that to the public, why she did not did it before?

        Reasons for her not to show up:

        1. Her advanced pregnancy limits her and she wants to avoid crowds
        2. She still dating Alex but we assume Alex had advice her not to show up in order to avoid crowds and some unwelcome questions about their relationship by reporters so he wants to protect her from that
        3. They are not longer a couple
        4.She does not like to be seen in public or in frotn fo the cameras

        But you can only think that by the time she got pregnant(January or February), Alex was at his most weak state, the time when he was under the medication problem as he just enter rehab just in March and also they both were just dating for a few months as far as we all know so is the reason why most people believe that pregnancy was a total opps and unplanned at that particular moment !!!! between 2 grown up adults who we expect they at least should have thought that throughly as they are not little kids anymore and even more when each one have already children on their own and one of them still a baby.

      4. To Barbara I dont know if you have seen the interview Tanya Joaquin made to Alex last week, and he finally spoke about his baby that will due in about one month or so, and it will be a boy. Finally he mentions the word Malia there, and he said: You know my partner Malia and I are having a baby He said partner he did nto say gf, but when u say the word partner instead of gf, it means that you live with that person. . Could it be then they are stil a couple then and we all are wrong to assume they are not? I mean he finally mentions her and according to his word I understood that Saxon, Malia, her son and Alex they are all living together. In the interview it seems Alex is fond of Malia or it looks like it, even if he do not speak of her much, also it looks like for the interview, he does not mind it was unexpected

      5. Cinthia, I’ve watched the interview, too. And I really don’t know what to think of it. I’m curious what others will say.

        Did you also noticed in 6:47 he says “playing with the kids”? Or am I wrong?

        I would call my boyfriend “boyfriend” if I talk about him in private but officially he’d rather be my partner.

        I’d say Alex is very matter-of-facts, very neutral when he talks. Expect in about 13:20 when they talk about dyper duty and he gets a bit emotional at the end because he’s going to be a dad again.

        I really don’t know. Maybe Malia keeps herself out of the spotlight and they are very much together, maybe our guesses are so wrong. Maybe he just doesn’t talk about her because there’s nothing to talk about in public. Maybe he can talk now freely because he knew for quite a while now he’s going to be a father and could cope with the situation if they aren’t together anymore.

        I really want to hear other opinions.

    5. Well. i am more confused now than before, hehe!! He call her partner not gf. But some say partner refers more to business partners not your fiancee or gf. But also partner could mean the couple is living together in hopes for settling int he future but that is not always the case of course, so that is her partner and in this case they seem to be living together and my giess is that they had been living together since they met wow that was fast!! Now wonder she got pregnant right away and definiltey that pregnanty was an opps!!!! You can always believe they could have been a bit smarter and to wait a a bit more to start a family since she alrayd had a small baby who still needs her and be taken care of because he still a baby,

      Alex seem enthuathiasdtic for his son Saxon and the baby to come, but I dont know if you could feel love for her ont he interview or not. He said that she is a tough cookie, for me it looks like she is bossy and perhaps she is the one who wears the pants in the house and Alex only is there to please her or liek he does not have to say much. And yes he said playing with the kids, so obviously it means Saxon, Malia, her son and Alex are all living under the same roof. I only wish to know what Saxon feels about this, I mean that his dad met a girl and right away got her to move in with him and he has to share house with him too so fast.

      Maybe like I said Malia did not want to face cameras or being photograph knowing she was pregnant very short time after she met Alex an Alex understood that so he did not want to expose her so there is not much to talk about. But I do wonder where all the rumors from people in Hawaii came from who said that they saw they were not a couple anymore some months ago or their relationship was on and off/

      Others say that perhaps Alex did not have a choice and he felt pressured or she pressured him to move in with her so for the baby they have to be and live together. Of course Malias fans say that in that interview you could see Alex love for her. Well I did not see love or passion, what I saw was just like respect and excitement from his part he laugh of course but it was part of the answer he had to give the reporter and also the reporter ask questionsd that he need to answer and he had to give them. It is funny that the reporter look surprised when Alex told her he was having a baby, common Im sure the reporter already knew, she had to pretend she did not so she had to look surprised to the viewers. This reporter had been following Alex and his work since Hawaii 5-0 started 2 yrs ago, Im sure she knows more of him than anyone else.

      Alex said in about 1 month or so and it is a boy so do the math and it indeed look it was unexpected since they met just months before she got pregnant/ You can always think, at their ages people would have to be a little more responsible, they are not kids anymore, specially them because they have kids on their own from previous relationship and Malia is still nursing her small boy. I have a coworker who is 42 yrs old, she was dating a guy for a abotu 1 yr, they are not married, nd I remember that she never speak of getting married soon or start a family she was fine the way she was with him, but then she got pregnatn and now she is 7 months with her first baby, of course that was a unexcpected pregnancy, beause at her age people do believe you are an adult and you think throughly the things befiore act.

      Just my 2 cents here and now im more confused than before,

      1. Partner is typically used to describe someone you consider like a wife or husband but that you are not legally married to. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for instance have used partner to describe each other and gays and lesbians use it all the time until they can get married.

      2. Partner? Wasn’t it easier to say ‘girlfriend’?
        Partner sounds very cold, distand for someone who is your gf an caring your unborn child…
        I’ve heard gays use the word partner, because they may fear certain people taken offence of them saying ‘boyfriend’ or ‘husband’.
        Also partner sounds very much business like. Like they have some business arrangement. Weird and confusing…
        He did seem tired, but that must have been because of the fact the interview was done at the end of full day of shooting.

      3. I was trying to explain what I think. Really. But I can’t come to a conclusion. I’m very confused and having the strong feeling I’m missing something very important to that story. No matter how you turn things around it doesn’t fit well together.

        As I said before, I’m no Alex expert here and only read few interviews or watched some videos. But like he talked about Malia was very matter-of-fact (ie. partner). At least, I didn’t sense any love/passion to her. It felt like they are an old couple who are together for 20 years and love became a matter-of-fact. Someone from an other board said, she had the feeling like the interview (the answers) had been studied. Was I’m missing the question from Tannya when they will tie the knot? I don’t know, maybe other reporters would have asked… just thinking. ^_^

        I stumpled a little over the wording “tough broad” and “feared in the house”. Would I want to be called that way by my partner? Would I want to be described that way by him in public? Not really, I must admit – and even if he did say it, then I would have expected phrases like “but I really adore and love her… she is the best that happened in my life… she is the love of my life”. But the “tough broad” was his way to describe her and he also said “man factory” which doesn’t sound very nice either.

        I don’t know what Saxon thinks about this all. I guess, if you’re a child from an actor and you’re kind of involved in the industry you have to deal with some sort of things and maybe he cope with it much better like we would.

        About the rumours from HI: What I understand is that fans/people know so much more. They are not stupid but can count 1 + 1 together. Of course, there are rumours and can’t be true. But in every rumour lies truth.

      4. I have had to watch this interview several times before I could comment. imo they are “partners” for the child and nothing more. Watching Alex I did not get any feeling of love for her. I would have thought he would say something more like “my girlfriend Malia and I” or “we are…” if they were together. Iwould say they are living under the same roof but not living together as couple.
        Been checking another site and the nurse who saw them in May has commented that there was no affection between them at the restaurant. Proves that pic in May at the fundraiser the body language was off.
        Eventually I think they will go their separate ways but it will be done quietly

      5. Prince now that you mention that a fan from antoher board mention that the interview was studied, it could be true, you know because the reporter pretended she was surprised when she heard Alex will have another baby, she did not look that surprised to me, I am sure she already know since the annoucement came in August, we are not that naive to buy she did not know but since the interview came until now, because the show is going to start soon, she had to look as if it was her first interview after the annoucement,

        Back in July Malia was already pregnant and was seen on teh set at the blessing, Did not you think Tanya saw her? Of course she did. so in yesterday interview she fake the surprise for those who for a fact does not know that Alex will become a dad again. Tanya is like the only reporter in Hawaii who has a very close contact with the show since it began in 2010, that is why she always has exclusive interviews and the cast and Peter already know who she is, the more for me to believe the interview should have been more at ease and not that studied, since they already know her.

        I also noticed like Pricess, Alex never mention the word, love affection in words from him to Malia. And yes Alex looked tired sometimes with his gorgeous aussie accent could nto understand some words he was saying, he talked too fast.

        Have any of you noticed that Alex has some kind of tic on his face, like a mannerism? He squints his eyes brows or his eyes when he is talking, like something is itching and he never looks directly to the face of the reporter, his sight wanders to the side, down, up and just a few times he faced the reporter to her face.

      6. Cinthia & Lizzie: I couldn’t agree more with you. I keep thinking what I’m missing here. Fact seem to be, Malia & her son are living in the house of Alex & Saxon. The only what I can think of is that – and then everything would fit more/less together – Malia & Alex have an arrangement. She’s maybe out of money (rumour?) and need help. He is too generous and allows her to stay (huh? Makes that sense at all?) because she is pregnant with his child.

        I see, you and other come to almost the same conclusion. But that way he doesn’t have to act like he is in love with her, he can answer question without any emotions, he doesn’t have to show up with her on events but still can be with his new boy. But I don’t know if this situation would make anyone happy? O_o

        Lizzie said: >>Watching Alex I did not get any feeling of love for her. I would have thought he would say something more like “my girlfriend Malia and I” or “we are…” if they were together.<>Been checking another site and the nurse who saw them in May has commented that there was no affection between them at the restaurant. Proves that pic in May at the fundraiser the body language was off. <>Eventually I think they will go their separate ways but it will be done quietly<>And yes Alex looked tired sometimes with his gorgeous aussie accent could nto understand some words he was saying, he talked too fast.<>Have any of you noticed that Alex has some kind of tic on his face, like a mannerism? He squints his eyes brows or his eyes when he is talking, like something is itching…<>and he never looks directly to the face of the reporter, his sight wanders to the side, down, up and just a few times he faced the reporter to her face.<<
        Yep, as you mention that now, that’s true. Could also be a hint of the quality of the interview.

        Did you guys also notice at the end of the “baby talk” that he looks up and kind of sighs? I don’t know how to read it. One sighs (heavily) to relax the body and mind. But this was more kind of … I have the feeling he was uncomfy with this situation/topic. As something bothers him/something he doesn’t want to tell. You know what I mean? This was really odd for me.

      7. For some reason, my post is incomplete. So, here again:

        Cinthia & Lizzie: I couldn’t agree more with you. I keep thinking what I’m missing here. Fact seem to be, Malia & her son are living in the house of Alex & Saxon. The only what I can think of is that – and then everything would fit more/less together – Malia & Alex have an arrangement. She’s maybe out of money (rumour?) and need help. He is too generous and allows her to stay (huh? Makes that sense at all?) because she is pregnant with his child.

        I see, you and other come to almost the same conclusion. But that way he doesn’t have to act like he is in love with her, he can answer question without any emotions, he doesn’t have to show up with her on events but still can be with his new boy. But I don’t know if this situation would make anyone happy? ;-(

        Lizzie said: ++Watching Alex I did not get any feeling of love for her. I would have thought he would say something more like “my girlfriend Malia and I” or “we are…” if they were together.++
        I also want to add, Alex started first in his interview with … having a house… „and I’m having…“ then he stops and mentions Saxon. And only then he continues “Of course, I and my partner Malia…”. So, if I want to pick everything to pieces, he didn’t want to say “I and Malia” or “we are having” but “I’m having a baby”? Then again, he left her out of this important situation and there is no “we” but only “him”. The way he talks he makes it very clear that there is him and Saxon and Malia and his son – he distinguishes carefully.

        Lizzie said: ++Been checking another site and the nurse who saw them in May has commented that there was no affection between them at the restaurant. Proves that pic in May at the fundraiser the body language was off.++
        Read it, too, and agree.

        Lizzie said: ++Eventually I think they will go their separate ways but it will be done quietly++
        If this is all true and they are not happily in love with each other and they are only living under one roof because of the baby, then it’s almost a kind of a soap opera. I wonder what will happen if one of them falls for another person? What if Alex falls in love? And what if Malia has someone new in her mind? This can turn out to a real tragedy.

        Cinthia, about the interview was arranged. I agree, Tannya has known that there’s a baby on the way – it was announced in August and if you say, Tannya is the only reporter who has followed H50 from the beginning than she does know secrets and stories about them, too. The statement about the baby from this interview and the interview by Chuck Barney was very alike – both didn’t ask “hey, congrats on your child! When are you getting married?” but the topic came up only through the question about HI what he loves about the island and what it’s so great about it. Do you know what I mean? None of them asked straight away.

        Cinthia said: ++And yes Alex looked tired sometimes with his gorgeous aussie accent could nto understand some words he was saying, he talked too fast.++
        I’m glad I’m not the only one! LoL But tbh, I had the impression that he mumbles which I didn’t recognise in other interviews.

        Cinthia said: ++Have any of you noticed that Alex has some kind of tic on his face, like a mannerism? He squints his eyes brows or his eyes when he is talking, like something is itching…++
        YES! This was really noticeable and made me wonder if it comes from his contacts or it’s because of stress (which I believe).

        Cinthia said: ++and he never looks directly to the face of the reporter, his sight wanders to the side, down, up and just a few times he faced the reporter to her face.++
        Yep, as you mention that now, that’s true. Could also be a hint of the quality of the interview.

        Did you guys also notice at the end of the “baby talk” that he looks up and kind of sighs? I don’t know how to read it. One sighs (heavily) to relax the body and mind. But this was more kind of … I have the feeling he was uncomfy with this situation/topic. As something bothers him/something he doesn’t want to tell. You know what I mean? This was really odd for me.

      8. Lizzie there is a new written interview that Mike Gordon did to Alex a recent and when asked about family here it what Alex said and you tell me what can you decypher The question was: “At a panel discussion in February 2011, you told the audience that Hawaii had become your home, that your heart was here now and that you wanted to raise your family in the islands. It would seem to be as good as it gets right now “.

        Alex answer was Family is my first priority. I hate to tell the producers of this show that, but that’s my first priority. … The show is my second priority. The show is extremely important, and you see how much I put into the show, so you can only imagine how much I put into my family. Every spare minute I get, I am at home. I’m with the kids, I am with Malia

        How does it sound to you by his answer?

  18. I’ve been out of town and out of the loop (was in Hawaii–no Alex sitings though–on Lanai, not Oahu). I wish him the best no matter what the real situation is.

  19. maybe he is happy even though it was not planned, who knows. I just think after being with a new boyfriend for what two years maybe, and so close to a divorce with a infant or one year old, would take precautions to make sure it was a life long thing,before not using better judgement. He has really just reached his goal as proving himself and being recognized .(of course we’ve known that for years, being true AOL fans) I think he was just getting his life together with the hope of a family , not starting one now Who Knows, only him and he will share with us what he wants us to know. Aynone rember how old Saxon was when he left?

  20. That is one thing I would not like to see the show move to LA. Cannot replace the locations and beauty of Hawaii. Nonetheless an actor has to go where the work is and this may be a possibility. Alex did say he has a house in LA . Saying they are still a couple by then I don’t think she would move.

    1. At that point, if they’re still a couple, she has no choice. She has to go where he will go!
      On another note; read an article in a English newspaper about a guy who has the same pregnancy symptoms as his girlfriend, because he so in love and involved with her. Wonder if Alex has those too; morning sickness, growing belly, cravings, LOL! 😀

    2. You do not think Malia will move if Alex has to move to LA? It be a big change since Alex will have to find a bigger house that includes a nursery and also an extra room for his son Saxon.

      It be difficult for sure to fake Hawaiian sceneries in LA or NY sets. It wotn be the same. I hope CBS, Peter or all TPTB involved can come to a solution after the 3rd season on the contrary for me if you ask me, it can really put at risk the show as it wotn be the same even the name of the show will have to be change, I mean since if it the series will be filmed in LA or NY that be terrible, Hawaii 5-0, but with fake Hawaiian sceneries in LA or NY? Ohh nooooo

  21. I think Alex has become more open. He spoke about his son at the Hollywood foreign press conference in June and there was a pic of them with Scott Caan in July. How more private can that be? What gets me he never spoke about the gf in that interview

    1. Well speaking about his son is very different than speaking about his romantic life. I do give credit to him becaue he spoke about his son and he was very open about it as he never been that way. But I do wonder if he was speaking openly about his son, why he never took the advantage to talk also about her.

      I mean he never had to say much about her, just little things and if he at that time when he spoke about his son was still dating her, you may wonder they were a couple in that moment and there was nothing wrong at least to mention her or to say that he was happy in his life now, and that may imply her without even giving it her name to remain her name in secret. But he never say anything of anything so it makes you wonder if at that time of the interview they were not a couple.

      1. I agree and not long after Alex’s wikipedia page was updated by removing details of them dating. I know anyone can write on this page but it does seem strange it has not been re-instated if they are still together. The only time we may get to know if she shows up at sotb3 if she is able. On these past few months with no sign of her I very much doubt we’ll get to know.

    2. You are correct the only time we will finally see if he stil with her is on the SOTB with her pregnant belly and we can see how far she is. If she does not show up,, sure it be odd and we all wonder why and if she shows up hand in hand with Alex then we know she is still dating him, but also she can be there sure but maybe just for the image thing with Alex and pretend they are a couple.

      Sometimes that happens just for the media exposure. If she does nto show up it could be that she is very far in her pregnancy and want to avoid all media stuff that will be surrounding him and Alex do not want her to be exposed on that matter. But it is an odd situation for sure. Just a thought

      1. It’s going to be hard work for Alex at sotb because of all the media. Hope he copes with it

    3. you know his camp only confirmed she was having his baby. I think they would have made some kind of statement like he is very proud or very happy to say he is going to be a dad again. Plus we haven’t heard or seen anything since it came out.I guess we’ll now more when he’s ready.

      1. I know the statement given was very short and it just say his gf was just having a baby, they never mention anything of “the proud parents” or “they are very happy to announce” that is why people wonder about ther relationship. I mean the statement says girlfriend so of course the most natural thing is that they are still dating, but people in Hawaii sees other things and hear other things about her, so it makes u wonder. I guess on the SOTB we will find out if they are still a couple or not, or if they still are, how they will cope with the questions about the pregnancy and if for being away fromthe paparazzi she wont attend, who knows.

        I wonder what will happen if Alex will have to move to LA in case the show has to move to the mainland after this 3rd season if the producers or CBS dont find a venue for the sets, trailers and offices, due to the sale of the current building the show use to develop condos byt a real estate developer.

    4. yeah but she was there with them, remember the picture somone got with out getting caught. you can see her and Saxon walking towards Alex.

      1. When was this?

    5. Lizziie and to add to ur comment when you say that Alex is more open about his son, now Alex allow for the people to take pictures with him and his son for the media. So far I have seen 2 pics of Saxon and Alex together posted on the internet. In fact there is one outthere that just came out like yesterday I believe In the picture there is Alex, some friends, and also Scott and Saxon,

      1. I have seen this also. It’s great to see them out enjoying themselves.

    6. Yes Lizzy, it seems like in a gym or something they are all together. And again no sign of M. Well I guess that was a male get together.

      1. It was an MMA tournament Saturday night. Yes the more I don’t see of M with him the more convinced they are not together but we will have to wait and see

    7. Well perhaps she is too heavy for beign pregnant and for safety she avoids crowds but then again if it was a MMA Tournament it is more like a male event than a girlie event. but like you say the more she is not with him the more anyone can suspect they are not together as a couple and they will be only together for being the parents to the baby but we have to wait and see

      1. I have been searching other sites for any news about Alex and gf together. The only confirmed sighting was in early May when a group of nurses went out to dinner and saw them at a restaurant. One of them got the attention of Alex who came over to talk to them. Said he was genuinely interested and kind. She came up later and started cutting them with her eyes and sighing heavily. Alex looked at her and continued talking. She then said “lets go” but Alex talked for a few more minutes then left. This person said Malia was very rude and that they would not like to meet her again. At east Malia could have been civil to these people.
        It will be interesting to listen to the press/tv interview with Alex next week on becoming a Dad again. Don.t know what day next week Ill be keeping an eye on Hawaii News Now facebook page

    8. Lizzie really that happened with the nurses when he was spotted with Malia? Oh my that is so rude of her and I am sorry but as could see Alex has always been gentleman with the fans, always taking nice pictures with the fans, innocent pictures that do not harm anyone, he is just grateful that fans support him and the show that is being a truly genuine guy/ Taryn Manning said it herself like 2 weeks when she was in Hawaii filming, she said that .”He’s not only attractive, but he’s very, very sweet,” she said. “He’s a very genuine, kind, really nice guy. I really like Alex.”. If what happened with the nurses was real, Malia’s attitude was not a very nice sweet action. That said, now I wonder then what Alex saw in Malia then, if all what has been said of her is true. Since I do not know her and we do not know anything about her, I give her the benefit of the doubt.

      1. I think she went after him and Alex just settling in Hawaii he wanted to get on with the people. He must have found it a bit lonely,Then when he was under the influence of those painkillers they must have messed with his mind. Why was she not there to help him? With her actions I find her to be very selfish. Ido hope Alex has kicked her into touch and just be there for the baby and build a very strong bond with Saxon as I think he is the most important one.

  22. Sorry Cynthia…..I am a complete “dummy” on doing fancy things with computers… finding sites..I just saw it on TV last week on that show with all the ladies…ONe was going nuts over Daniel……oh, well, everyone has their own taste. BRING BACK OUR ALEX IN FULL COLOR ON TV ADVERTISITING OF SOME SORT!! I’m sure they will as the time nears. In one scene of the coming season it looks like Alex’s MOM gets no 😆 Guess we’ll find out.

    1. Doris Mcg maybe gets wounded if Wo Fat shot her but that is all he can do as her character will be in more future episodes or Wo fat may miss the shot and we all thing he shot her but not.

      So Daniel never spoke about the show or Alex and just about himself?

    2. I’m sure your talkng about “the Talk” it was a rerun from last year.

  23. Congrats to Alex and Malia. :heart: Very happy for him. And standing ovation for Muffie! ITA girl! 😉

  24. No, the show I saw was promoting tthe 3rd year of Hawaii 5 0 …..they even gave a picture on the end of the show with the crew and when it started this fall.
    Daniel came in imposed on supposedly one of the first dramas THIS FALL! I can’t believe no one else saw it??? Anyway, the complete elimination of any of the characters /(didnt want to talk about Alex’s rehab???? his apparently “sinking ship” relationship with girl friend:”””””?? so many fans seem so disappointed….me too, something is definitely out of kilter with the whole bit. Wish he’d gotten the 007 movie he tried out for THAT IS WHAT HE NEEDS TO BE KNOW AND APPRECAITED! Just me, :woot: I do get emtional about good people having possibly made the wrong moves by mistke 🙁 Hope it all works out. :heart:

    1. Was Daniel asked about Alex’s rehab and relationship with gf?

    2. Suzanne if u have the link of that particular show I wll like to see it myself.

    3. Remember Suzanne that Alex is very secret about his personal life and he does not like to share it with the public, fans or the media. I know we all fans want to know just a bit about him more than just the actor we see on TV, but there is nothing we can do to know more about himmore as a person than just the actor

      1. Maybe true Cinthia, but in that case he should have stayed in Australia and continued making indy movies like OF. He knew that if the show would become a hit, he would loose some of his anonymity. With fame comes fortune but also a lose of privacy, that is the price celebrities pay!

  25. I am not going to say much about this because I have read already tons of comments some in favor and some against it here and other sites about this particular situation that was brought to most of us by surprise but I will express my opinion on this.

    I think that her pregnancy was planned by her but unexpected to Alex that is what I believe. Alex is just re-connecting with his son Saxon and spending time with him there now that he lives with him, so she is like she steal Saxons thunder? Also why if she is very advanced in her pregnancy, why it was not announced sooner? Why it had to be in Alex birthday? To draw the attention to her again? Another thing I just find it odd, why in thë announcement of her pregnancy, they did not stated something like “the happy couple announce the gf is pregnant ….etc etc”. or something like that. Also I have read and heard from people who live in Hawaii that they were on and off again so that means the relationship was not very stable sort of saying, which means they may not have been in lets say good terms in their relationship, so is my reason to believe the pregnancy was unexpected by Alex, but planned by her at a point where she knew she can be pregnant and maybe she did not want to leave Alex so the best choice is to get pregnant? I mean there are women like that in the real world who knows if she is like that, she could be she could be not.. I dont talk abotu Alex because he is just an adorable simple, humble guy, he has shown like this on interviews and on photos and he is very genuine, perhaps this time he was a little fool on this? Just a theory.

    Of course we did not se her lately in pictures with Alex last months because perhaps if she is due in October as people say, her pregnant belly was noticeable and she did not want to be in the spotlight and be seen.

    They are grown up adults of course the more reason to believe they are responsible to protect themselves, either one, if they intended to develop their relationship more into the future and get to know each other better before having kids again.

    Those are my thoughts on this. Thanks Tiff for letting us express our opinions

  26. What’s up with Daniel Day Kim being on the “talk show” yesterdayon CBS afternoon show with all those ladies talking about only HIMSELF and representing Hawaii 5 0 and not ONE word about Alex like he wasn’t even on the show or any ot the other chararcters????? Really, what is going on?? I was really upset….anyone know why someone would cut Alex (and the others) out of the promo? xD It makes me so sad to see what appears to be happing to this 3rd season. Family probles, Alex not happy?? HOpe it all goes away..and Alex is standing tall. :heart: :heart: :love:

    1. Really Daniel just spoke himself and he did not mention anything about his other co-stars? I did not know he was on a talk show. Maybe he is not allowed to speak about Alex because im sure if he speaks about Alex, the reporters there will start to ask Daniel about Alex personal life etc and perhaps that is something that Daniel cannot get involved in and it is better not to talk about it?

      What promo are u talking about that Alex and the others are cut out of the promo? There is a promo already for the new season??

    2. Are u sure it was a recent interview of Daniel on that interview? I mean I knwo Daniel gave an itnerview to the show The Talk before the final episode of last season but that was like 4 months ago. Mayeb u are confusing that interview and you thought it was recent

  27. Buenas noches desde España, es la primera vez que escribo aquí y debo decir que a pesar que Malia no me pega mucho con Alex, nosotros no somos nadie para criticarles, es su vida y ellos deciden como vivirla. No se si Malia ha engañado a Alex o simplemente han decidido ser padres de mútuo acuerdo, lo único que puedo decir es que envidio a Malia (jajaja, envidia sana) y que les deso lo mejor que ser padres es lo mejor del mundo.

  28. Always someone preaching to others about not agreeing with thier opions. Unfortuatley they gave up most of thier privcey when they came into the limelight We have any right to put our thoughts on this site, and wonder do you really think Alex reads they post There are tons of sites out there and he can care less. I was onder the impression this site was for Alex fans to communicate thier feelings, we don’t need to be critized if you don’t agree. So get off your soap box, save it or go eleswere. If he was truly happy he would go in front of the camera and gush about it as he did when he came out about her. I agree with most of th posts here, its the ones that think they need to preach that upsets me.

    1. Lorac, I am one of the ones not agreeing with most of the comments and I own this site so I will share my opinion by golly and you can stuff it!

      1. Yeah, nothing like getting told to get off your soapbox on your own site right??

      2. GOOD FOR YOU TIFFANY!!! I was waiting for the shit to hit the fan. I haven’t been getting my notifications for some reason and am just now catching up on all the comments that have been made since my last one.

        My God…I wish you ladies?? and I use the word loosely, would stand back and listen to yourselves cackling like a bunch of old hens….pecking away at Alex and Malia. WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE??? Is it any wonder that Alex does not like any type of social media. Talk about a bunch of rumor mongers. Just because he is a public figure DOES NOT give you the right to dictate what he should or should not do in his private life. Unless you are living in his home, you have no idea as to what their relationship is really like, and even if you were living there, it is still NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.. Get the hell off your soapboxes.

        And you call yourself…Fans…he doesn’t need fans like you. My apologies Tiffany for venting my disgust. For those of you who are truly happy for Alex and Malia..good on ya….for the rest of you SHOVE IT!! Get the hell off this site and spread you nasty, vicious rumors on some other site.

      3. Hey everybody, missed you guys – really did, had a fantastic summer, now as they say back to the grind full-time, but what did I miss. I have never seen Tiffany and Muffie this pissed. No I haven’t read all the comments but Tiffany is usually calm and very fair, so someone really must have made her mad. I just had to segue because my girls are upset. Luv u two!!!

  29. WOW! Has no one been stoned here for all the ‘negative’ comments? If it were on other sites you would all be dead by now, LOL!
    Anyway, thx for letting everyone expressing there feelings here. If Mr. O’Loughlin wanted to have a very private life he should have stayed in Oz and do Indy films or something. She is pressumable far along so why not shut up a few more months and tell the world you have become a father for the 2nd time, or better yet; DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!
    If you’re so damn private stay that way! 👿

  30. I absolutely love Alex. I feel like she definitely tricked him and he has not looked happy. Would you be? I still have the utmost respect for him probably because this happened to my brother. Men can only go by what a woman says and if they lie this is what happens. I hope he has a beautiful baby boy that looks just like him. He will come out of this and I truly believe he will find a wonderful woman that will take care of him and all Malia will be is his son’s mother.

    1. Why would you assume he was tricked? Men certainly can protect themselves, as much as anyone can at least. Besides, many months ago Alex stated that he intended to raise a family in Hawaii. Many assumed he was talking about his son, but perhaps this was something he always intended to happen. He and Malia may have been together longer than people assume, but even if the relationship is still quite new at less than a year, he and Malia may have planned the pregnancy because she’s in her mid 30’s and doesn’t have a lot of time to waste when it comes to having children. And as for not looking happy, are you serious? Since rehab in any photos of him he’s been glowing with good health and happiness.

      We can’t know the details of their personal lives, but people shouldn’t always leap to such negative conclusions either. What happened to looking on the bright side?


  32. We don’t technically know these people. I have been a fan of Alex since Moonlight, and what I have read on here about Malia and Alex is just horrible. They deserve for their business to be private, and spreading rumors is just making it worse. It’s starting to look like the Paparazzi hit this place. Well, nonetheless, I am very happy for them both.

  33. I’m sorry, but this thread is becoming nasty. Maybe there should be some deletions. Some people may have opinions, but this is not the place to be airing them. I want Alex to be happy too, but whatever is going on with Alex and Malia is none of our business.

    1. I only hope that Alex and Malia and his teenage son don’t bother to read his fan sites because some of the things written here have been very mean. 😮

      1. They r not mean, but people expressing they’re point of view, wether they r possitive or negative. Do you really think they don’t have anything better to do?

  34. I agree with just about all of the statements posted here. What I find strange is that most of the other sites that usually have up-to-date news do not even mention the baby thing. Does anyone know if something has been said to try to keep this mum? You would think that like most people when they have a baby, they would be gushing about it all over the news, but this is really being kept as quiet. Hmmmm wonder why?

    Thank goodness for Tiffany and this site. It is the best for allowing fans to express views without being overly censored.

    Everyone keep up the comments. I do not twitter so this site is great for the latest news!!!

  35. I keep going back to the pic in early May at the fundraiser and look at her face and her smile. It seems to say to me ‘ Ive got him now” Since then I have not seen a happy Alex. I’ m thinking he is not going to have a lot of say in this. If he is sticking by her as soon as baby is born she’s gone. He’ll be left paying out for everything. She’s a money grabber. I still think this relationship has ended and for Alex’s sake I hope it has. He deserves better. Let her go back to hubby they seem to deserve each other and why after all this time did she not get divorced before starting another family? There is certainly something weird about the whole saga. Sorry again for carrying on has been niggling at me this past few hours

  36. Will she take care of this one or send it to school when its two? She hasn’t been in the lime light for twenty years, her modeling and surfing were from her teen years. Now she’ll have two kids, two years apart, from two guys. Good track record! Catching (tricking) Alex is a dollor in her pocket

    1. A few days ago someone on twitter from Hawaii stated their friend’s babysitter was going to be hers. It seems she is palming the baby off already

      1. OMG she found a sitter before giving birth, why, not like she has a job, or is it going to be her way to stay in the news? I can’t belive Alex wants this kind of family life, I think he wanted to come home from working to a wife and child. He’ll probley never leave her because of his loyalty but I wish he would run the other way. Like take care of the baby you just had instead of having another with someone else. Why have a child if you don’t want to take care of it your self.I knew she was a gold digger Dam she’s a pig We don’t see Alex gushing in front of a camera now saying how happy he is, and he has had plenty of chances.Sorry for going on and on 👿

  37. Rumour on the island baby due in October

  38. Like Linda S. this is my first time writing here, and Tiffany I do want to thank you for the work you do on this site and allowing us to share opinions openly. I cannot see this latest article on your site, only in my email that you sent. Is it my computer?

    I think this latest revelation will affect Alex’s popularity and H50 to some extent. We tend to put people like him on a pedestal and hate to see things like the perscription addiction and this latest news. I am sure some of the fans are disappointed and have lost some respect for him because of these events. I do not see how an “accidental” pregnancy could happen to two intellegent people like Alex and Malia. Remember, he would not say how long he had known her before the announcement in November stating that he was dating her. Even though he looked as handsome as ever during the CBS gala a few weeks ago, he rarely smiled and he did not look happy and it was reported that he left immediately after. Malia’s profile on Wikapedia only states that she is seperated from Luke Stedman and if she is indeed still married, this really makes this situation a mess.

    I think Alex is one great guy who perhaps is having a hard time handling his new fame as a H50 star and the lack of privacy, but that is part of the profession.

    I hope his baby is a healthy and happy one and that things will work out for all concerned. Alex is still the sexiest and most handsome guy on TV or any where else and I will always be a fan.

    1. I agree with you he did not look happy and pics that were taken during the hiatus he had a sad look in his eyes. The happiest I have seen him is when he is with the cast on set and out with Scott Caan and his son. No-one has seen him out with Malia at the weekends. They were supposedly together on June 18 at Waikiki Aquarium but no picture only of Alex. Soon after Alex’s wikipedia page was cleared about his dating Malia and has not been re-instated. Someone watching shooting in the 1st week of July stated Malia left for lunch with Alex the same person who states Malia is further on than people think. I just find it a sad situation and to see Alex’s face makes me even sadder. I.m glad though he seems much happier in presence of his fellow actors. I wiil say it even if people come back at me I don’t like and never have liked Malia

      1. Lizzie, your right it was March. So in January he was looking like shit, that’s when everyone was commenting on his apperance. Probley feeling the same, I doubt if he was thinking of having a kid at that time. And being together for so long I would think she was on birth control rather then him, so sounds like this was a convient “oops” for her.

      2. Lizzie I was wondering the same thing. Alex looks happy when he is with the cast and crew, his son and if u notice even with his fans on pictures. I also noticed something. Remember the Kids Smile Event on Hawaii a couple of weeks ago? It was during a weekend and Alex went with Scott. You can easily believe that he could have gone with his gf, but he did not. It was a Kids event, Malia, could easiy take her son and join families there and kids and take pictures with them but Malia was nowhere to bhe foundn in the photos I found it odd too. Unless Malia was there, but she did not want to take her picture taken.

    2. I agree with so mch you say.So she got pregnant in January when he got out of rehab, OR while he was in rehab?? She just had a baby what 2 years ago, I’m sure she heard of birth control, so why have anothe so close with a different man? I also commented about his lack of smiles, almost like his mind was elsewere, now we know.

      1. Alex didn’t go into rehab until March. I’d say she got pregnant possibly beginning of January as she did look a bit rough on those pictures in LA and that is when I thought Alex looked his worse as he was shooting from ep15 through 17. I believe she took advantage of him at that time when he was at his weakest point.

  39. Thanks Tiffany for your wonderful site. I don’t always get a chance to get online so if it wasn’t for you I wouldn;t know whats going on .Now, the crazy part is the other night I suddenly had a premonition that Malia was going to get pregnant! I can’t believe it! However, we all don’t know if this was planned or she ooped him. So, Happy Birthday Alex, continued success and Congratulations for a Healthy Baby. Nice to see some familier names and some I haven’t seen. I love this site. It is set up for young, medium and old age LOL! I think that is terrible when a guy gets oops happened to my son and believe it or not he looks like alex, lucky her he loved her and married her. But, boy, if it was me with Alex hmmmm. how tempting LOL just saying.

  40. This is the 1st time I have made any comment. I only came to know of Alex when my friend recommended I watch Moonlight in 2010. Since then I have followed his career and his life. What he does with his life is his business but when he hooked up with Malia Jones or rather I think she went after him. I believe she is using Alex by getting herself pregnant. The way the announcement was made it had to be done as she may be due pretty soon. There was no sentiment expressed as to whether they were happy. This makes me wonder they are no longer together. They did break up after Alex’s rehab then got back together a short time after .As far as I’m aware she is still married. I think money is running out and this is one way to secure her and her child’s future. Call me cynical but this is what I believe What a mess!
    As for Alex Ido genuinely feel sorry that he has been caught in this mess. Iknow one thing he will see that his child is taken care of. Sorry for the long speech

  41. Hi, Thanks Tiffany, welcome back, we have missed you and the updates on Alex.

  42. I agree, I wish Alex would get married , I hope Malia makes him happy. Also hope they have a healthy happy baby. It sounds like it was a nice birthday present. Happy Birthday Alex. Sincerely Deanna

  43. First of alll WELCOME backTiiffany!!! I don’t know how to get into these other sites because I’ve never had a “password” or “user name” that I can remember and NOW finally because of you I can get my 2 cents in….for whatever that would mean! Soomone mentiiond that they were disappointed with the currect “Alex and the Family” situation and I’m afraid I am too…I hope and pray he doesn’t lose his popularity. Many women lose interest when the “men of their dreams” real of otherwise…get their lives all filled with too much “stuff” and lost popuparity. And we all know he is missing my almost any show biz comments, either in print or by shows like “E” and its not fair. He does have a way of being off the radar so to speak, much too much. Im in Youngstown OH and as I’ve said before, you ask the average women who is Alex OLoughlin and they havent a clue. Not good. More publicity, more red carpet, I would hate to see him lose the popularity he so richly deserves….just sayin’ Hope all the best for him but not at the expense of his career. I have three signed autographs from him during 03 nand 04…”with all my Love Alex’ bet he doesnt sign them like that anymore! :love: :heart: 😮

    1. hi suzanne, I;m your neighbor from Warren

  44. Congratulations! All the best ! What a great birthday present!!!!!!

  45. When I made my earlier comment I forgot to thank you Tiffany for this latest update. Really appreciate you keeping us informed. :p


  47. Wow, I can’t believe some of the comments from Alex’s so-called fans. Unless you know both of them, I don’t think anyone has the right to judge either of them. Alex and Malia’s relationship is their business and no one else’s. Crap like this make me glad I’m never going to be famous. I’d hate to have to put up with this sort of nonsense.

    1. oh, here we go again…

  48. My best for Alex and Malia! Many blessings for the baby. Alex, i hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  49. Does anyone know if Malia is even divorced from Luke Stedman? If not, wouldn’t that make him the legal father?

    1. The legal father is whoever the mom puts on the birth certificate–married or not.

  50. Congrats to Alex and Malia. Just hope this relationship works out for him. And a big Happy Bday to him as well 😀 Thanks for the update Tiffany!

  51. · Edit

    I see Alex has another love. Well? Not much to say except to hope baby is healthy and loved no matter where their relation goes. Good prenatal care is important. Prenatal vitamins, no drinking, smoking and lots of rest. No matter what, this baby is a child of God. Wish Alex wouldnt feel that Moonlight was a mistake. It wasnt. I never heard of this man until this show and then I was hooked. The characters in show were wonderful too. Vampires will always be in the movies and will be for a while. Mick will always have a place in my heart . Too bad CBS didnt see it. Thank God for Blue Bloods another GREAT SHOW.

  52. I think this is wonderful news for Alex and I hope he and Malia are very happy together. I also hope he had a great birthday. We don’t know and shouldn’t know the details of their relationship, so we shouldn’t be judging and I am disappointed by some of the remarks I have read. Alex is a great guy and he deserves all the good things life can offer. Good on ya, mate! 🙂

  53. I loved the chemistry that Amber Clayton and Alex had on Three Rivers, and I loved it when it carried over into real life. Amber seemed like a sweet young lady. I haven’t liked his present girlfriend since day one and Alex is also going downhill in my book. I will continue to watch Hawaii Five-0, but Alex will no longer be my focal point.

    1. Cappi, I’m for one that agrees with you, about Amber, Malia and unfortunaley going downhill. By the way Amber is staring in a Lifetime movie “Fatel Honeymoon” is rerunning this week , try to catch it. Great girl, great movie. I’m hoping she makes it big like Holly did, she deserves it.

  54. Hi Tiffany, I hope you are well. It’s been awhile since my last post. Life can really get busy and challenging. So I would like to say to everyone. I wish Alex a very happy birthday! Congratulations to Alex on the baby news. I wish him and Malia all the best for a very healthy addition to their lives.

  55. Lotss a luck to my favorite person…too bad his lady loves past is a tad complicated. Should be interesting to see where this goes. and yes, yah can’t say I’m not jealous. Be interesting to be a fly on the wall in within that family mix. I know Saxon is Alex’s son and he loves him a lot….hope it all flies. guess we’ll find out 😮

  56. WOW! that was a big surprise! not a bad birthday present eh alex? really pleased for both of you. its nice to hear good news for a change although there will be a few hearts broken out there alex! lol! again many congratulations to you both, lots of love to you.

  57. Hmmmm. I’m not sure on his choice of women….I have seen her past modeling shoots and why would he choose someone who doesn’t mind showing her body to the world. To each his own. But Alex is going down hill in my book….:(

    1. I don’t like her either (sorry Alex). Was the pregnancy planned ??? Who knows ? I get the feeling it wasn’t ? We’ll see how long this relationship lasts. Must be weird for Saxon to see those Malia pictures on the web and say: “Humm that’s my step mom”. Something is not right with this whole story. Anyway, I hope they have a girl. I want to see Scott Caan find someone nice and have a kid, I think he’d make a great dad. Happy Birthday to both of them anyway.

  58. Why would anyone think or care if Alex decides to marry this one-he never married his sons mother and his girlfriend has TWO failed marriages behind her

  59. What a lovely Birthday present for Him! :heart: :heart:

  60. What a lovely news, I’m so glad for both of them:-) Congratulations to daddy and mommy to be:-) Alex, happy b’day and have a great day:-) :heart:

  61. What fantastic news!!! :love: When I saw the photo of Alex with the lady and her baby at the Blessing, I thought that he really needed to be a Daddy again. And for the announcement to come on Alex’ birthday!!! :heart: Happy Birthday Alex :heart: and Congratulations to Alex and Malia on their wonderful news. We already know the baby will be beautiful (how could it be anything else) and praying that he/she is healthy as well. :heart:

  62. I am so happy for them both. A new baby what a blessing. I do hope they will
    get married, before the baby is born. It is exciting news!!!

  63. Heather,

    I couldn’t agree more. Alex did say he wanted to get married first this time. IV well, still very much happy fit the two of them. I knew it was only a matter of time.

  64. Congratulations, a baby is a wonderful addition to any family. But, what has happened to getting married first?

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