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  1. Ladies. Ratings were not so good on the season premiere. That is not good for the show!!

  2. Been watching clips of interviews on Hawaii News Now. Hoping they will show full interview with Alex as it lasted 15 minutes

    1. The address for the clip is on another fansite. (I’ll post it in a separate comment). Don’t know whether or not this site will allow me to pass that along. Alex says that Malia is due in 4-6 weeks and that they are having a boy. Most of the clip is about the show, although he does talk about being a new day for a few minutes toward the end. Seems happy. Hope it works out for all of them.

      1. In case address for clip isn’t allowed, check twitter. It’s been tweeted several times.

  3. cinthia i am the same, got all excited that i could have a sneaky peak at our sexy sailor then bummed that it never worked! never mind. the best things come to those who wait is what they say!! Alex i hope you are well and looking after Malia and your bump! cant wait for s3 not sure when we will have it in the uk though. all the best to you honey!

  4. Watched H5O rerun last night–the best one ever! Steve goes to Korea and gets caught by Wo-Fat, but the H5O team and Navy SEALS go in for the rescue–accompanied by none other than Jimmy Buffett!! What a hoot 😆

    1. It was one of the best of s2 alongside 222

  5. I believe Mary re-unites with mom in 306. They have just finished shooting Thursday

  6. Noticing in the line up of stars….I’m afraid Alex’s new found mom won’t be around much….she was NOT listed as a regular, just guest star. She might be the one that Alex’s most hated killer Wo Fat is just around the corner in that one play back….darn..hope that isn’t true Alex’s sister should at least be reunited with her too. We’ll see:woot: .
    I wish them all the best….and gorgeous Alex is still gorgeous. GET OFF THE ISLAND AND MAKE A SEXY MOVIE ALEX SOMEDAY WHEN YOU HAVE TIME….MAKE YOUR CAREER SOAR!!! Love ya, Suzanne :love: :heart:

    1. Well Suzanne, Mary will be in some episodes this season and in one I guess is where she reunites with her mom

  7. Just got to jump on for a minute. Thanks Tiff for the clip. Said before this is the only site I go to.
    I wish all of them a successful season. I would not want to see this show canceled. Love Alex and the crew I really think they work their booty off LOL! For baby coming. Planned it will be wonderful for them. Not planned it will be a strain. When you get out of rehab one of the things they say is to watch relationships because your just getting your head back together again.
    Which ever it is the best and hopefully he can handle all.

  8. Only 14 days ladies!!!!! 😀 I thought this day will never come for sure, it took ages to arrive

  9. Here’s to a great s3 Alex looking better than ever!!!

  10. Ooooh !!! Hottie alert !!! Alex looks fabulous. I hope the new storylines work.

  11. Tiffany, thanks for the preview of the new episode! I’m looking forward to seeing Alex and the H5O team September 24.

  12. Love Alex and can’t wait til 9-24-12 . Hope him the best with his love and baby .there was a article about moonlight being a mistake for Alex, I have to say no.no.no. I never would know Alex if the show had not aired, I’m so glad it did, I still watch my dvd of the show.

    regards, Hope

  13. i wishe all the best for you withe may love kahina from algeria 😀

  14. Can’t wait to see what happens with the mom story, Chin/wife/Kono and Danny/Grace issue. Wondered how Catherine will fit into the team as well.

    Thanks, Tiffany.

    1. I wonder that myself but im guessing and it is just a hunch that Catherine wont be working anymore for the military I think she will be like a military undercover agent working for 5-0. Because in some BTS shots, you see her wearing civilian clothes, so far I havent seen her in any BTS wearing military uniform for this new season and also Catherine was given a car and the car is not a military car is a regular car, that is why I am assuming her character does not work direclty anymore for the military.

  15. This looks like the best season ever!! Thanks for posting Tiffany 😀

    1. Does anyone know if there will be a live stream of the premiere at SOTB? I couldn’t find one for last season’s premiere and can’t seem to find anything again.

  16. Although I can’t view this either, I am so stoked about Season 3 starting in 24 days!!! 😀 I watched SOTB for the first time last year and am definitely looking forward to watching it again this year. Hurrah..it’s finally September!!! Thanks for keeping us informed Tiffany. :heart: :heart:

  17. All I can say is OMG! It should be great.

  18. Too bad i cant see it as it cannot be viewed outside the US

  19. hi thanks a lot cant wait to see hawaii five -0alex looks better it looks like a great season 3

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