Alex O’Loughlin On ET Tonight 2-11-10


Make sure to tune in for an interview with Alex and JLo about their new movie The Backup Plan. Alex mentioned it on his MySpace page so hopefully it will be good. Here is a short video clip.. we only see a teeny flash of Alex though. Tune in tonight!!

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  1. So amazing seeing Alex and Jennifer together. I am longing that they have new movies coming up soon. Alex and Jennifer I miss you both. You makes me happy :love:

  2. I saw the TV version and then went to ET on line and watched the whole thing. As always, Alex was funny and such a gentleman. I bet people who are lucky enough to meet Alex in person just immediately fall in love with him.

  3. I went to ET’s website and watched the entire interview.It was really good and Alex and JLO really seem to get along well. He said he went to the special showing in California the other night. They snuck him in and out and he said the movie was really funny and the audience seemed to really like it. Can’t wail to see it !!!

    1. Did Alex mention on my space page. I don’t recall him sending out a message to everyone. Did one go out? I have received all the others he sent.

      Just asking

  4. I haven’t been a teeny-bopper since “The Monkeys” ~ Yea, that’s really showing my age, but, I couldn’t help falling for ‘Mick St. John’, when he said to Joseph “He has MY BETH!”
    I sincerely hope that Alex does great with his newest endeavors. And if you’re listening ~ Alex ~ I think that you are destined for really GREAT stuff!
    You had, as Mick, a certain intensity about you that I don’t, or haven’t, seen for a very long time.
    God Bless,
    & ‘Break A Leg!’

    You are my Fav Guy ~
    Kiwi Jo

    1. Haha I saw your comment and its hilarious im 23 years old and I LOVE the monkees. lol Ive never heard anyone else mention them but me till now. I really wish they wouldnt have cancelled Moonlight. I dont think anyone had a say in it. It wasnt because of ratings, which really sucks. And three rivers got it because they said basically they picked a bad night and time. But it was a good show that just needed maybe a couple of tweaks.

  5. Some Stars think they are the only one on this earth, And JoLo is one of them. Poor thing.

  6. Alex wasn’t in this at all – all about J-Lo- will have to tune in tonight to see if he actually gets the chance to speak.

    1. If you go to the etonline website there is an extended version of the interview and Alex actually gets to talk !!! He was gorgeous.

      1. Hi Linda, I went to web site but it is only 5.04min. is whole interview that long? is there a link that I can watch it whole? Thanks

      2. Hi Cassie,
        The extended version is on the etonline website, at slightly over five minutes – the one on TV was just about 2 minutes only. I saw it at I hope this helps.

      3. Cassie, I did check the et website again at
        You have to scroll down and go to Page 2.

      4. thank you very much Linda 🙂

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