Confirmed: Alex O’Loughlin Will Star in Hawaii Five-O!!

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This little rumor has been put to bed. We knew he was “in talks” and now word has arrived from many reputable news sources including The Hollywood Reporter, and Ausiello, that Alex O’Loughlin will indeed play the starring role of Det. Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O.

O’Loughlin, who was an early favorite for the part, joins recently cast “Lost” co-star Daniel Dae Kim, who will play Detective Chin Ho Kelly.

The new “Hawaii Five-0” hails from hot feature writers and “Fringe” co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and “CSI: NY” executive producer/co-showrunner Peter Lenkov. CBS Studios is producing.

“Hawaii Five-0” marks O’Loughlin’s third starring vehicle at CBS, following “Moonlight” and this season’s medical drama “Three Rivers.”

CBS brass certainly hope that the third time will be the charm for O’Loughlin the way it was for another network favorite, Simon Baker, who starred in CBS’ short-lived drama series “The Guardian” and “Smith” before headlining hit “The Mentalist.”

I don’t like the fact that they keep mentioning this is a third test for Alex. If anything this is a third test for CBS to see if they can actually mine the “gold” they have in Alex or continue to give him a raw deal.

So what you do think? Love it or hate it?

I think there are a fair amount of both. I got an email from an original Hawaii Five-O fan yesterday that was absolutely scathing towards Alex and the fact that he accepted this role. Will fans of the original show be happy?

According to Spoiler TV this is the offical character synopsis:

[LT. COMMANDER STEVE MCGARRETT] Mid to late 30s… This craggy, tenacious Navy commander is a former Navy SEAL whose illustrious resume includes stints as a special investigator and a tenure with Naval Intelligence. McGarrett has been tracking the notorious Hesse brothers for years, but when his father is taken hostage and slain during his perilous investigation, he’s determined to have justice. To that end, he accepts Hawaiian governor Pat Jameson’s offer to run a federal task force centered in Hawaii, and imbued with latitude and special rights not granted to the police rank and file. McGarrett hand-picks an elite crew for his team, which stands as the first line of defense against encroaching terrorists and criminals in a strategically vital region. But in the meanwhile, he’s determined to trace the baffling clues his murdered father left behind — evidence that points to an unsolved mystery stretching all the way back to his mother’s death, years previously…

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  1. I love Alex. the first time i saw him was on Moonlight , which I love, I don’t know why they cancelled it. Most of my friends were watching it . LLLLLLLoooove the Hawaii five-o. I love the old one, But this new one is refreshing and modern off course. I am destined to sit on my couch every Mondays to watch Alex , Hawaii 5-0.

  2. Like I’ve said before Alex is an amazing actor and I will support him in whatever he does. So what if he’s in a re-make of a standard classic. Everything old is a classic, hopefully they will bring it up to date and put a good spin on new stories. Alex can only enhance Hawaii 50 with his tremendous presence.

    In the long run we will see Alex back on the little screen on a weekly basis, just like we all want.

    Again, Alex has all my support and devotion.

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  4. I am sad and very tired of the remakes. Movies and TV. With all the talented writers out there it seem a shame they can’t write anything new and have to remake someone elses stuff. I say this because Moonlight was original and that was why it worked in the first place. The viewers turned in for that and the talent of the cast kept them coming back, plus the story. I realize that Alex has to work and I wish him all the best and just like Three Rivers I will be watching but cbs is the #1 rated network and honestly I expect mor from them. I hope this one works out but if not maybe someone there will get the idea. I will forever want Moonlight back and will continue to hope for that. Vampires are in and that is just a fact. cbs was driving that train way ahead of the others, True Blood, Twilight and Vampire Diaries and the train keeps circling them and they just don’t seem to have the nerve to jump on. Why? I just don’t get it. But for now we will go to Hawaii. I just think its a very BIG mistake. So yeah I guess I hate the returning of a show but I do love Alex and if this is the only way to watch him I guess I will. I watched Three Rivers but felt it would be short lived for the very beginning. Moonlight left us wanting more at the end of EVERY episode, thus explains the 7 million plus viewers. My best to you Alex and as always More Moonlight please.

  5. Emilie, Couldn’t agree with you more.

  6. I can’t wait to see Alex back on our tv screens, it doesn’t matter what they put him in, if you are a true Alex O’Loughlin fan you will watch, I just hope CBS gets behind him and supports him, a good time slot wouldn’t hurt either. You go Alex make Hawaii 5.0 yours, I will support you no matter what, love you Alex.

  7. Tiffany,

    I saw an AOL interview with Alex where he was asked about Hawaii Five-O and was surprised to hear him say they have been talking to him about this role for a year!!!! I knew the idea of bringing the show back was floating around for quite a awhile, but had no idea he had been up for that role so long. That would mean it was pre Three Rivers, but the Hawaii Five -O didn’t make last year. He seemed SO pumped about the role! Obviously something he feels he can do a GREAT job with! GO ALEX!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow! This pic of him strolling the beach is my computer wallpaper (blown up BIG!). Like everybody, I love this talented, gutsy actor and the hottest looking man on the planet and will support him in whatever he chooses to do. Hawaii 5-0 with Daniel Dae Kim ought to be great. I do wish, however, that he would do a Moonlight movie for fans like me who really want some closure. But whatever the case, I wish him the best of everything!

  9. I can’t wait to see Alex in the new version of Hawaii 50. His method of acting IMHO is the best I’ve seen in many years and he will make this new version of H-50 his own. I have all the faith in his talent and only want to wish him well and to keep up the good work. He has my support in anything he does.

  10. Oh, I’m already picturing Alex with his glorious body , heartmelting smile and huge talent starring Hawaii 5-O. I love the sound track, I hope they keep it.

  11. I remember the original H5O. I think they picked the perfect guy for the role. Alex is an excellent actor. Lets just hope CBS gets it right this time by giving the show a good time slot and a better day. One thing that would make it better is to bring Sophia Myles (moonlight) into the show some way. Her and Alex have a real good chemistry together.

  12. My gosh, people get rude and nasty over a tv show . IAs a young girl I watched the orginial H50 & Alex will be good as Steve McGarrett, I just hope they have good writing & although I like him wiht his shirt off , constantly showing him just for beefcake purpose would not be fair to him since he is a talented actor. The reason I think Jason Dohring would be good as Dano is because he is a fantastic actor, not just becasue he was on Moonlight, same goes for Sophia. For many, many years, actors have been in more than 1 movie or TV show together. The chemistry between the 3 actors was great & I do not want MOONLIGHT HAWAIIAN STYLE, they are that good to create new characters together. If Alex decided against Moonlight again, there is probably more to it than what any of us know, maybe he wanted more creative control & that would be a good thing. I do not think that all of Alex’s fans that still hope for Moonlight to return have less faith in him nor are they pathetic. The president of CBS mentioned the show too. The best of both worlds would be H50 & Moonlight as a mini-serives every now and then. I would never have known about Alex if it had not been for Moonlight & it has to be hard from him to want to please his fans, but have to make the decisoin on what is right for him as a person and his career. GOOD LUCK ALEX and IGNORE THE H50 FANS THAT DO NOT WANT YOU. I will support him in whatever he does, but it sounds like this may not be a done deal yet. He has not posted anything to his fans yet.


  14. Great news, I’m old enough to remember H50 first time around, it was a good show then, with Alex in it, it will be OUTSTANDING! I hope it comes to the UK quickly, I’m still waiting for Three Rivers. Well Done Alex.

  15. I’ve been hopping around a lot of sites and there seems to be a lot of excitement about Alex being tanned and shirtless running along the beach. They say this is right up his alley. I hope H5O is a lot more than that. It’s going to be interesting to see if CBS see’s Alex as a crowed puller this way. If so it doesn’t look good. A lot of the viewers do have some intelligence and want good story lines and character building. Alex can act.

  16. Alex I am very thrilled for you and wish you n othing but the best!! however, as silly as it may seem I wanna know who is gonna play DAN O???

  17. I’m so happy for Alex and hope this is his vehicle to the career he deserves. I was a fan of the original Five-O but think the updated version could really could still have some of the flavor of the older show but have its own updated uniqueness. And with Alex and I heard Daniel Dae Kim starring in it as a team, it should be great along with the writers-producers from Fringe, etc.

    I just hope CBS has learned their lesson and give Alex and his talent a chance this time around. Listen to your fans who are trying to tell you to give a show a chance – more than a few episodes or even just one season.

    You show them Alex — I’m behind you 110%.

  18. Congrats to Alex! Hopefully CBS realizes their mistakes of the past. Alex could rock this part-smart , sexy and gorgeous! I wish him the best – always!!!!! Thanks for the great site, Tiffany! I look forward to your postings! I will always support Alex in everything he does!!!!!

  19. Congrats to Alex!! I, myself, am a fan of Sophia Myles, and I know for a fact it gets old very fast when some people think Moonlight is all she can do,or all they WANT her to do. I know you all feel the same way about Alex. Here’s to the third time being the charm! I have my fingers crossed for him.

  20. Can’t wait to see Alex in H5O. Anyone who disagrees with that is not a fan of Alex. I just hope CBS gives him a chance. Yes, he did play an excellent P.I. in Moonlight and I am sure he will be just as good if not better in H5O. Lets just hope CBS give the show a good time slot.

  21. Finally, no more waiting – Alex has another show. I have no doubt that it will be a great show for him. I watched it when a kid and understand that it is not really a remake of H50 but a continuation which will give it a chance to really be Alex’s show. Alex is the BEST ACTOR out there and will someday win an academy award, of this I have no doubt. Love you Alex and the best of luck to you. I am your fan forever.

  22. Yesssssss!! Finally Alex back on our tv screens!!

    I think this part will be right up his alley 🙂
    Congrats Alex!! cannot wait to see it 🙂

    So excited for this and The Back-Up Plan …..CAN’T WAIT!! 😉

  23. The ML fans are quite tame compared to H5O fans they are ready to tear both Alex and CBS apart.

  24. It’s not only the moonlight fans who are disappointed about Alex being cast in H5O.
    Check out some of the H5O sites they’re not happy too.

    1. This is very true. HFO fans are kinda outraged. I have seen some sites rip him to shreds. This may not be easy for Alex or the show. But seriously they need to give the guy a break… the show is ancient and it needs a fresh, young cast if they want to remake it.

  25. *WOUHOU*
    I made a good cop in “The Shield”…. we all know he made a good PI in “Moonlight”… so he will be an awesome “Steve McGarrett” !!!!

    Congrats Alex!

  26. Gladys Quintal, I won’t call you selfish, because I also want Alex back on T.V screens (I guess we both are selfish), but I guess I’ll have to watch it online (just like Three Rivers) until it airs in Spain. I’m really glad now that everything seems to be good with Alex: The Back-Up Plan in theatres next April, now this about Hawaii Five-O remake… Let’s hope he gets the success he’s been deserving during all these years. Good Luck, Alex!!!!

  27. Tiffany, you make me laugh – you tell it like it is. Question – is the H5-O remake a definite baby of CBS, meaning they are 100% behind it in all phases such as promotion, A GREAT TIME SLOT (this time)? If so, it sounds like they will promote the hell out of this so that it is successful. For those who have already written Alex off, please do us all a favor and move on – find something else to whine about. MOONLIGHT IS OVER!!!! There are thousands of hours of television to watch, find something else to watch and go away, just go away!

    1. JoJo… we have to go through the same deal as with Three Rivers. CBS has ordered a dozen or so pilots be filmed and will ultimately only pick 3-4 to go with for next season. So H5O has to make the cut and get picked up for the season. So right now we just have to wait and see if they like the pilot and give it a green light. People associated with it will write the script and film the pilot and hope for the best.

  28. I couldn’t agree more. I’ll support Alex no matter what he chooses to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I just have one thing to say: Hawaii Five-YUM…. 🙂

    1. Diane, ROFLMAO. Love it!

  30. I agree with you Tiffany. If your an real fan of Alex, your gonna follow and support him all the way. And i am having my doubts about this show too. But its not because of Alex. Its because of CBS. This sweet man is very talented and gifted. I hope CBS will finally see this and do something about it.

  31. Just gotta say.. I have spent the morning cruising various web sites for fan reactions and have read some awful stuff… aka I hate Alex now, I hope his career bombs, Alex has kicked us in the teeth, I am now in the anti-Alex fan club, Alex has betrayed us, etc. and it has to be said…

    Alex your real fans still LOVE you. Good luck in all you do, we will support you hit or miss, rain or shine.

    1. Tiffany,

      It hurts my heart to hear that anyone could be saying such horrid things about such a beautiful man—especially someone who claims to have been a fan! Is it all because they only see him as Mick? If so, those people were NEVER Alex fans! I adore Moonlight and Mick St. John, it is where I discovered this magnificent man, but I am a fan of ALEX O’LOUGHLIN! We LOVE YOU ALEX!!!!!!!

  32. YEAH ALEX!! I’m really excited about this news. I barely remember the original Hawaii 5-O, I was very young when it was on, but I think this type of character will be great for Alex. I watched 3R’s a few times. Not a bad show, but I’m just not one for medical dramas either. I loved Moonlight too, but that ship has sailed, and that’s ok. Alex is a doll and a wonderful actor. I look forward to seeing this. Hopefully it will get a good time slot. My mom will be overjoyed!! LOL

  33. The character of McGarrett is more suited to Alex. He’s got that scruffy, hard living, uber-masculine appeal with a side of funny romantic guy. The role of Dr. Yablonski (sp.) was not a good fit.

  34. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! Alex every week!!!! Alex on a beach—– YUM!!!!!! Alex in a show where there will be lots of action—-YES! Alex where he can show a wide range of emotions and skills—-ALRIGHT!!!!! This is a great fit for him! I send all my love and support to him and this new project! GO ALEX!!!!!!!

  35. Just FYI if you’re interested. This cannot be confirmed, it is a rumor, but a couple friends with contacts have told me Alex was offered Moonlight and he turned it down in favor of Hawaii Five-O. I have read similar reports from other Alex sites too.. that they were told the same thing. It appears as though Alex made his choice.

    1. Tiffany – Other than this site, I didn’t see any mention of Alex being offered Moonlight and turning it down. While I can understand Alex wanting to move on, I think a lot of fans are going to be upset if the rumor is true. Just wondering about your sources for this. Thanks.

      1. Faye, I just know a couple people who are employed with or friends of those employed with people close to the situation. I also know some people at CBS and have asked them but they are not saying. It is just rumors and my first reaction was not to believe but I have gotten some scathing emails from people who swear it was true and not a rumor. I don’t know. Either way it doesn’t matter to me. The man can choose his own career path without fans dictating to him.

    2. Tiffany, if Alex did turn down Moonlight I admire him all the more for being his own man. I too will follow him anywhere. Those” fans” who can’t move on are pathetic and need to grow up, especially those who are trashing him. They are obviously not fans. Alex owes us nothing.

  36. Now if CBS will leave this one alone I will see my Sweet Alex on TV for awhile!!! I have to have my fix. Since the orginial Hawaii Five O was a hit this show is bound to be a hit also.

  37. I, like the rest of you, will just be happy to be able to see Alex on a weekly basis again. I think Alex will make a great McGarrett. I was a fan of the original and I read somewhere that CBS has committed to a full season. They picked this show , so I believe they will promote the hell out of it. Moonlight had many problems, according to Alex himself. They had writing problems, producing problems, and other problems. It wasn’t cancelled because of its ratings alone. Three Rivers was Alex’s choice. He picked that series after reading the script. I don’t believe CBS was ever 100% behind that show and that’s too bad because Alex put a lot of time into his character and I thought he was great. Did I love the show? Not really, because I like to see more of Alex . I like him to be the lead actor as he was in Moonlight. I thought the show deserved more time to develop but I don’t think CBS was that committed to that show. Hawaii 5-0 will be different. They picked this show , they want to re-make this show and I think Alex will be great. Just imagine Alex walking along the ocean bare chested wow!!! I am totally behind this endeavor, but I will always support anything Alex does.

  38. wow! this is for sure the best news yet!!!!

    and of if spoiler tv is right… as to story line is concerned… let’s just say that wording is one thing and yet vibes are forsure another… and yes it is true that things do come in three’s.. and well.. to say that of possible this time… that if i may suggest something.. and that is that of well letting both that of CBS as to even right now that we are for sure very happy of this news … and too of if at all possible as to hows this.. letting thoses entertainment showes like ET and the others that we say we’ve heard and were wondering of true .. and then that for sure we will be watching without a doubt!!! also as to well every so often of also just right before air date and well of when it is on..I think you get my meaning .. and too thanking them too for sure be nice too!..

    if this does sound like I’ve done this as to several series that i enjoyed watching … u’r right i did and YES.. if of be true & keep it simply politey and well… that as wild as it may seem.. that of alike even as say letting know say your favorite even food product company.. they too like to too! honest .

    its of like mixing up a mix of say cookies and well cookies can be sweet and yet too keeping it simple.. and real and polite… and it is what it is. thats all.

    Q/ does anyone of well know of when the new tv/cbs season starts this coming fall? I know we still have to get thu the rest of this wild winter and too spring and summer.. and yet well.. just was asking.. thats all. just asking….

    O’ and before i forget it.. last night on ET there was mention of on TONIGHT’s “ET” of about “the back-up plan… that is what i believe i heard and saw as previews .

    if I am wrong .. I’m sorry..

  39. That’s great news!!!!!! I’m very happy for Alex and wish him nothing but the best! I use to watch the original Hawaii Five-O when I was young. I am looking forward to seeing him again on a weekly basis!!! Can’t wait for The Back Up Plan to come out!!!!!!!

    Love Ya Alex!


  41. I am so thrilled for Alex. I liked the older “Hawaii-Five O”, but I’m going to Love this new one! Alex is simply the “greatest”! This will be a great part for him to play. I, too wish Sophia Myles & Jason Dohring could be part of the new series; but that would be asking too much of CBS! They know they have a gold mine in Alex; if they will just promote this one. Can’t wait for “The Back-Up Plan” to come out! I feel this is going to be a “great year” for Alex!

  42. Since CBS realizes that this is the third try for Alex and mentioned that it took Simon Baker 3 tries before he got a hit show, maybe the third time will be the charm and people will finally support Alex and not keep trying to bring “Moonlight” or any of the other “Moonlight” cast into what Alex is doing. If Alex is to move on, we have to move along with him and “Moonlight” is not part of that move. Some of the comments are already very negative, i.e, saying it has “bomb” written all over it – OMG people – sounds like some are not even going to give this a chance. How sad and how unfare for Alex.

    1. Its inevitable JoJo… some support Alex in all he does and some shove him under the bus when it looks like their beloved Moonlight won’t come back. Alex has some fickle fans but luckily the majority DO really support him. Just ignore the grown ass adults throwing hissy fits, LOL.

  43. Thanks Tiffany for making my day. I’m with Lula & Kate, can’t wait to see Alex act at anything! We know he will give it his all. Maybe my day has past, but, I bet he’d make a great cowboy, no westerns out there. right. (which, of course, is only my dream) Thanks again for the great news.

  44. I agree this is the test for CBS. They had 2 awsome series they canceled, I hope this
    works for ALEX, I can’t stand the thought of another canceled show after 9 episodes..
    He’s too good for CBS.. He needs to have a role he can sink his teeth into (no pun intended)
    that he can run with and make his own. In the special way he does.
    Where can i get the door poster at the top? That was from Fated to Pretend episode of

    Love Alex always will, Just can’t get enough.

  45. I think CBS will do better with this show. This was a goldmine for them once and I think they want it to be again. Why else would they bring it back? I guess we will see but I think they intend to really promote the heck out of this one.. it could be a hit and they know it.

  46. What a nice, warm thought at the end of a very crummy, snowy week! Looking forward to this but still not very trusting of CBS as to what they will do next. The ball is in their court once again, hope they don’t fumble this one.

  47. I like Terri wish it wasn’t a remake and wonder why he’s staying with CBS. Perhaps he’s still under some sort of contract with them. Moonlight was a great show in my opinion and Three Rivers was not. Only reason I watched it was because of Alex. Let’s up third times the charm.

  48. I’d watch Alex if he was just reading the dictionary aloud. As someone else mentioned, he will research the part and nail it. He’s a tremendous actor and deserves to have a hit show. Let’s hope CBS doesn’t put the show in a time slot that is like shooting ducks at the fair….as they did with 3R’s. Congrats Alex! I know you’ll do a fantastic job…now, CBS, you do the same.

  49. I won’t believe CBS. They never give Alex a chance at anything. I said a long time ago, Alex should star in this kind of a roll. It is Ideal for him. IF CBS gives agood time slot. I will watch any thing he is in. I hate hospital stories, but i watched 3Rivers just because Alex was in it. Good luck alex. Dolly

  50. This are great New`s…Alex is back in a New Series! Thanks for the message!!!

  51. I was a big fan of Hawaii 5-O and I think Alex will be great in the role, but if CBS does not give it a good time slot , writing & directing, he should probably leave CBS.
    Hey, how about Jason Dohring as DANO? They worked well together in Moonlight & according to IMBD he does not have a full-time gig. Alex & Jason in this would be great & how about a pretty British lady for a love interest or working in the office, Sophia Myles!!!

  52. I think we should all have a silent moment of prayer and thanks for sweet Alex. He will be PERFECT for this role. And, he will look great in Hawaii. He looks good near the ocean doesn’t he? He will research this part well, like he does all of them and nail it as usual. We have to hope and pray that the ones working with him on the screen are as strong as he is. And pray the writers do a good job. Bless his sweet heart, he is one of the few genuine beings out there that deserves the BEST. So My prayers are being sent, let’s all do the same.

    We LOVE you Alex, Good Luck!!!!! Love Lula


  54. I don’t care what he’s in as long as we get to see him!!! I’m keeping an open mind about the show, there’s been many shows I didn’t think I would like but I ended up loving. Thanks for all you do keeping us posted on Alex news, I appreciate it so much!!!

  55. I still have my doubts about this show,but……my husband thinks that this will work for Alex in America. And my husband is allways right. So i hope he is right on this one too. Its about time. Because Alex deserves a HIT tv-show.

  56. I wish Alex all the luck in the world, he will need it. I can’t understand why he has stayed with CBS. I think this remake of an old cop show will be third strike for Alex. It has bombed written all over it. Lets see if CBS can fit it into a decent time slot on a night when there isn’t any sport preceding it. Time will tell but it doesn’t look good.

  57. Call me selfish but I am just happy to know that Alex will be back on our tv screens soon – really miss seeing him. I used to watch Hawaii five-0 when younger too and really enjoyed it so am hoping that CBS gives this one a fighting chance. I agree with statement above as this being CBS’s third test not Alex’s – he has already proven to be an awesome actor and I think CBS need to give the show a chance to get to a second series!

      1. I’m also delighted to get Alex back on the small screen each week. Honestly, I loved ML and wish someday the entire cast might see their way to make a ML movie but there was never going to be another season of ML; CBS was just dangling that in front of fans. Not that I fully understand why CBS pulled the plug on ML because even though they had to change the original cast except for Alex, they got that right the second time and changes in producers could surely be dealt with. But missing a great show and wishing for more is one thing and wishing Alex ill is all kinds of wrong. It’s also wrong for fans of the old H5O to diss Alex before a frame of film is even shot. In both instances, that kind of unreasonable attitude screams “Obsessed fan!” and no one takes these people seriously. In fact, that attitude might be the real reason CBS is not seriously considering any further ML projects such as a movie or why Alex is trying to distance himself from the show that made him famous.

        As far as the rumors of ALex being offered another ML project and picking H5O instead, I have heard that elsewhere but it’s always from people who know people who know and hearsay is just that. Even if it were true there could be many reasons why he might say no such as the entire original cast not being available and I wouldn’t want to watch if everyone was not on board. It’s unfair to Alex to second guess in any event to the extent criticism becomes vitriolic diatribe against the poor man. After all, he is the guy who has to live and work with his decisions. Give the guy a break! I wish him luck!

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