#AlexOloughlin Happenings- Week of July 25

Another week has passed and even more goodies came to us with more behind the scenes and sneak peaks for the upcoming season.

Here is the  weekly recap:


Claire Forlani joined the cast and gave us some gems of Alex.

Claire Forlani and Alex O'loughlin Claire Forlani and Alex O'loughlin BTS



Daniel De Kim shared a great shot of the men

Hawaii Five O men



Vishesh Chachra gave us a passing pic when departing from the fields

Alex O'loughlin and Vince



Peter gave us this very short sneak peek


A video posted by plenkov (@plenkov) on


A new fan pic from Kenny Jacob showed up from when Alex was in France who had met him before as you can see from the pics below

in France 2016-Kenny Jacob
Alex O'loughlin fan pic



And lets not forget all the great shooting pics provided by Ninjaloaha on Twitter. Check those out if you have not seen them yet. Wonder what is in store for us all this week.



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  1. Great pics hope one Day I could be as lucky as some fans meeting Alex would be a dream come true

  2. Great pics. And Claire and Steve look good together, a good match. A question who is the guy from the DEA, on the far left next to Alex on the thrid pic. I mean the actors name.

    1. It is Jon (Johnny) Abahams who is an actor. You can read more about him here. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0009016/

      He is also friend of Scott Caan’s and has worked with Scott in the past. He is not his actual brother just brothers as in bros.

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