New Rugby Video

Alex O'Loughlin playing Rugby

CBS posted a new Rugby scene. This scene was cut originally but maybe they will use it in another episode like #3 coming up Sunday. I think they should cause Dr. Andy looks like he can channel the nasty if he wants to. Did you catch the name of the guy Dr. Andy scuffles with? Mick… LOL… I think these CBS writers have a wicked sense of humor. 😉

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  1. Il n’est pas normal que les fans françaises d’Alex, ne puissent pas voir les vidéos. Comment Alex peut il devenir encore plus populaire en Frances, si les vidéos sont censurer?? Suis très déçu

  2. OMG, loved this video. Thanks so much Tiffany. Another side of Alex to love and cherish.

  3. JoyousOne, you said exactly what I was thinking. The show will get better once we learn the backgrounds of each character. Thanks for sharing Tiffany, as always.

  4. thanks for the video it was a good one thanks again

  5. Hey Sandra…I have just been able to watch rugby video on alex o,loughlin If you hurry you might be able to see it before they black it out.

  6. Great video! Love seeing Alex get physical! He sweats so well! Go get ’em Dr Andy!
    We’ll be glad to take care of any bumps & bruises you may get!

    Alex! We’re here & we’ll follow you anywhere!

  7. Well I should have know it is put there by CBS I quote ” video not available in your country due to copyright restrictions’. grrrrrrrrrr what have thye got against Australia.

  8. See .. like I’ve said previously – you have to give the show a chance to unfold its storylines of the show and its characters. There is more to Andy here and his life as is of the other actors’ parts on the show. Each episode will unravel more and more of what makes up their parts and in turn adds to the story of Three Rivers and its drama. Keep it coming — I so want to learn more about not only each patient at the hospital but of the doctors who work there. It mirrors real life.

  9. Yes, Tiffany, I heard the name and fell on the floor, LOL! It’s funny to hear Alex say Mick in the scene. And hey, to the guy pushing my guy Alex around, you mess with him, you mess with millions of his fans, so watch it!!! Yeah, Alex, we’ve got your back.

    1. I agree. Us hard core Alex fans will always be supportive of what ever he does. As for the other wanna be fans….don’t waist my freaking time. Alex might of played Mick but that is all in the past….Dr. Yablonski is his role now. Let us die hard fans support this show Three Rivers as best as we can.

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