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    I like you so much,in the Moonlight is fabulous,is the best,is a vampire very beautiful in the universe. Congratulations for your job.
    Moonlight is my new love. In Brazil not finish the serie. I waiting a lot for episode 16.

  2. JoJo, that is rite a true fan is a true fan and know matter what show or movie alex is in we should show support in anything he is in. the whole team in three rivers is great! and i did let cbs know that. just upsets me that once alex has a new show you here bad things that they might cancel. so…..lets do our job and support our great alex!

  3. Excuse typos – it’s 6:00 a.m, getting ready for work, typing too fast. Have a great day everyone!

  4. The only thing we can do is continue to show support for Alex and “Three Rivers” by tuning in every week that it’s on, despite possible delays, and then continue to contact the CBS Feedback line showing our support. As we all know my now, there are MANY so-called “fans” out there that are Hell-bent on seeing “Three Rivers” fail because they are still pouting over the cacellation of “Moonlight” – that was cancelled 2 seasons ago, now! These people go on line or wherever and trash “Three Rivers” and in reality, Alex for that matter because they do not want to see him move on and succeed. If the true fan does not step up and get their voice heard, “Three Rives” could definitely be cancelled sooner than later. We really need to contact CBS as often as we can and show our support – TODAY!

  5. i didnt even get to see episode 3,what time did it come on?suppose to be on at 9pm, stupid reality show was on cant even think of the name! this is upseting me, what the hell cbs this is getting old!!! there going to do it to him again…l love him and love to see more of him, he is a great actor…well hang on fans….love you alex!!!!!

  6. I have seen all 3 episodes of Three Rivers and LOVE IT and not just because of Alex. He, as always, is super great. What an actor. Don’t care what role he plays and I have seen just about all of them, he is one hell of an actor. The best out there, He can play anything and do it more than justice. How do you see one show and decide that it is lousy and pull it. For Pete’s sake, give it several episodes, it takes a while to get really into the stories. Hopefully CBS recognizes that Alex is a very solid actor and gives this show a chance that they didn’t give to Moonlight. I still feel upset about Moonlight and all of the great stories that we didn’t get to see. You GO ALEX-NO ONE even compares to you. Love you.

  7. Gosh I don’t get it? Low numbers of viewers so a certain channel dropped the show???? Do those people there have brains??? Maybe they all need a brain transplant! (LOL). But seriously, I LOVE the show! The 2nd episode made me cry real tears… And I thought only ER could do that… And it wasn’t just because Alex was on it – it was the STORYLINE people! I just finished watching the 3rd episode and I was completely glued to the tv, yet again. I love this show and will be completely sick and disgusted with CBS if they pull the plug! Go Alex!!! You Da Man.

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    come on fan we all have to watch this show if we want to keep alex around i know i dont wantto lost him the show three is sooooooooooo good and he is the best as always the show is awsome i watch it and i can tell you all it got the best story plz guys let all watch it and you all will know it is the best show i dont want to lost him he is awsome

  9. Perfect man is putting it mildly. Glad to see CBS stand behind TR and Alex on a lot of positive notes. Now I needs to voice my dismay to them about Sun nite football games and the Sun nite schedule!!

  10. To Jenny & Sandra,
    I can’t believe channel 10 axed Three Rivers:-( I would love to write to them to give them a piece of my mind but I don’t think they care anyway:-(

  11. Three Rivers is AWSOME! Excuse the pun. It has HEART! It shows how we do care for others. Alex is PERFECT! I have seen him in alot of diffrent roles and I believe this is the BEST yet! I am sorry to hear not all of us fans get to enjoy the videos.
    Love that Alex.!

  12. Know what you mean Bonnie. I live in a grave also I think Australia. Only people in American can view this one. But I had a look on Youtube you can watch the Rugby and Twitter on on it there. Just type in Rugby Three Rivers, and I think twitter fan on Three Rivers I think it was,.

  13. Can’t see any of these videos: cannot be seen in my country due to copyright restrictions.
    I live in Canada, not in a grave!

    1. me to linda. here in portgal inspite going to see TR in ayear or 2 i can’t see videos or other things on net due to copyrights restrcitions….. what are we third world?

    2. the football is driving me nuts now three rivers once again are going on late but i wiill say upate and watch it i will not give up on alex he is number one in my book
      i say the alex fans should see him as the dr not the vamp if you are a fan no matter what tv show he is on say with him and show him that you care i am seft love three rivers alex was a goog vamp but he is better at a dr say with girls he ia a real winner keep that in mind go alex i will not give up i am with you allways
      your fan

  14. We all need to contact CBS Feedback line and ask that they give “Three Rivers” a chance. Two episodes, one which was delayed by 45 minutes, is not enough time to get the feel for the characters or their storylines. Let them know there is an audience out there for “Three Rivers” and don’t write either one off so fast.

  15. CBS really sucks at giving shows a try.. I hope they dont do that in the US as well.. perhaps we can keep the ball rolling along enough to have it return in other parts of the world..

    Does CBS have a brain? who is running the show there!

  16. Bummer, didn’t give it much of a chance did they.

  17. Hi Sandra & Adelle,
    Have just read weekend paper, and channel 10 have axed Three Rivers after only one episode, due to poor numbers apparently. Replacing it with bloody reruns of NCIS. To all our fellow US fans, looks like you guys are the lucky ones at the moment, here’s hoping CBS doesn,t do the same.

  18. Awesome video!! he is perfect and looking forward to eppy#3 . Love u Alex…

  19. Jenny & Adele,
    CBS gives up one easy lesson in how to feel unwanted. But it is not only Australia, I am sure European fans have the same problem. From what I can tell it is live in the USA or hard luck.

  20. I’m having the same prob as Sandra… hmm I think I need to move to US!! hehehe

  21. Gosh Sandra we are not having any luck are we??

  22. Guess what same message as rugby video. Not availabe in my country due to copyright restrictions.

  23. “Alex O’Loughlin could very well be the perfect man”…well of course he is!!! Some of us have known that for a long time!

    1. WELL OF COURSE HE IS PERFECT lol for us serious die hard fans we have known that all along and even though we actually dont know him personally(well a girl can dream) what a talented actor who regardless of what the “imposter” fans out there have been saying look at how many different roles he has played and done them all justice us “real” fans dont care what role he is in we will watch it with pride and love and support it if thats what alex wishes.

  24. I second that, Natalie – – thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

  25. Alex may be the “Perfect Man”. Here is what a fellow Twitterer wrote about Alex to me: @KatTalesTV @TalkinToU Thanks for the link. Alex seems like a SUPER Guy. Sweet, handsome, charming, tall dark handsome & knows how 2 dress – You know, I couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉

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