Recap Three Rivers Episode 3 Good Intentions

Andy Yablonski of Three RiversÂ

This is a full recap and review so there are spoilers galore. Avert your eyes NOW if you do not want a blow by blow of this episode!

THIS was an awesome episode. Honestly… the people who claim the show is so bad … critics, fans, anyone … can go suck wax fruit… as my son would say. LOL.

The primary focus of the show was on two teenage patients who need heart transplants. They are the Romeo and Juliet of the hospital… doomed and in love. The young man, Scott Becker, is a former alcoholic and drug addict and he has been clean 6 months in order to be listed for a transplant. Finally, in this episode, he gets listed. This is due in large part to the fact that Dr. Andy goes to bat for him.

Dr. Andy and Dr. Foster on Three Rivers

And seriously.. where did they get the bedding that Brenda had (above).. I was drooling. I want it!

Other cases during this episode include the story of a young college student in Maine who arrives home after a night of partying to find her parents comatose from carbon monoxide poisoning. A 30 something lawyer is shot in a drive by and she undergoes surgery only to blame the hospital for time missed from court.

This episode was evenly split between focusing on Dr. Andy, Dr. Lee, and the two heart transplant patients. I found Dr. Andy’s interaction with Scott and Brenda to be very cute. We saw a young at heart Dr who really cares about his patients and wants to relate to them on their level while still doing his job.

Dr. Lee is one NICE stand in for Dr. Andy. Whenever Dr. Andy is not on the screen I am more than content to fill the void with Dr. Lee. These guys are two different flavors of the same delicious ice cream. I was smiling all night.

Dr. Lee flies to Maine to get a heart from one of the carbon monoxide victims, for Scott, in a miracle same day match up. While he is there he gets to know the daughter of the man and tries to comfort her in her moment of guilt that she wasn’t home. While he is in surgery he notices that the color of the blood is not consistent with simple carbon monoxide poisoning and he alerts the doctor who is still trying to resuscitate the mother. Due to Dr. Lee’s good eye the mother is saved and Dr. Lee stays with the family as the mom wakes up. It was very touching… I love Dr. Lee!

The lawyer who got shot really annoyed me for most of the episode. She was angry that Dr. Jordan saved her uterus instead of giving her a hysterectomy. This lengthened her recovery time and this made lawyer lady mad instead of grateful. While she was fighting for a truly good cause.. she was a jerk to Dr. Jordan and I just wanted to slap her. Thankfully Dr. Jordan was nicer than I would have been and managed to make peace with her.

Scott (Romeo) takes off during pre surgery prep and no one can find him. It is too late to give someone else the heart so Andy has to track him down before the heart goes to waste and he blows his last chance to get a new heart. Dr. Andy finds him on the roof, scared of not being able to stay clean and be worthy of a second chance. He also doesn’t want to get a new heart when Brenda (Juliet) still doesn’t have one. Dr. Andy convinces him to accept the heart. All goes well and Scott and Brenda hold hands as they sleep, after Scott comes out of surgery. I was a big ball of tears by this point. I love Dr. Andy!

It was a VERY good episode and if Three Rivers is given half a chance it is a good sign of what a wonderful series this could be.

Dr. Andy!

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  1. I really loved this episode! It had so much more “heart” than the first two and I hope that more viewers will stick with it. I love Alex and will watch him on whatever he’s in. CBS has got to find a better time slot though. In my viewing area, the show didn’t come on until 10:15, and I had to tape it and watch it the next day. If the show is going to make it in the ratings, CBS needs to realize this and give it a fighting chance.

    1. The same thing happened MST slot. I believe we should complain to CBS that it’s unfair for the viewers who enjoy the show .. maybe they will move it to — like Wednesdays where there isn’t many new shows. It fell to about 82 place because of their scheduling. I think it’s a great show .. GO TO CBS AND ISSUE A LOVE FOR THE SHOW, NOT JUST ALEX, AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE TIME SLOT. on their website

  2. Hey Sandra:-)
    Try you tube for Three Rivers, it’s not the best quality but it’ll get you by until we can the series on DVD. I am really disappointed in channel 10 and wrote them a letter but I don’t think it’ll make a difference.

  3. Here in Peru, Three Rivers starts tomorrow, on Universal Channel, right after Dr. House. I really hope it catches the audience O’Loughlin deserves, he’s so lovely and hot! I’m so glad we’ll get to see his charming heartmelting smile more often on this series. It’s time to set my alarm again as in Moonlight old times. Yeeehhhhh!!!!

  4. Ines ALex;s character Dr Andy is married but seperated so true to story Alex wears a wedding ring.
    Dr ANdy rocks. Can’t wtch it on TV but there goes. Australian channel 10 canned it after 1st episode Ryan’ 1st day, they had permission to show eps in correct order/ DIdn;t even give it a fair go

  5. I havent’ got chance to watch three rivers. I liked Alex and Sophia Myles in moonlight. I hope the CBS can ask Sophia Myles to join in three rivers. They made a nice couple together.

    Fans from England

  6. Is that a wedding band on his hand…?? if it is for real who is it.. Did I miss something?

  7. Does anyone know if ET has ever shown Alex’s interview? It was suppose to air last Friday but I recorded the show and it was not on. It just irritates me because tonight they were doing another promo for NCIS. I don’t know why they ignore Three Rivers and Alex. He is just as hot as anyone else they promote. In fact he is probably hotter.

  8. I am so happy that I found this website, I am learning so much about our favourite star! Even though the show was axed here in Aus I am watching it on You Tube, I can’t wait for the series to be out on DVD!!

  9. I loved all the episodes so far. Dr. Andy can do no wrong. Next week episode looks powerful. Can’t wait to see more Three Rivers!

  10. I really hope that the fact it keeps finally coming on at 9:30 – 10ish doesn’t hurt it too bad. I too really enjoyed this episode. It hooked right away with the parents in the livingroom in odd clothing and the comment made to Andy on the rugby field. Kudos….

  11. God…he’s beautiful, that second photo, I’m speechless. Hubba bubba!!!

  12. Just LOVED the show….. it is getting better and better..I made sure I stayed up to see it since it was over an hour late and i was not sorry .. keep up the good work..
    love you all.

  13. I really, really loved this eppy. My hats off to you Tiffany, your recap was perfect. I have left a number of comments at etc, telling them how good this show is. TR is in a very tough timeslot. How can they expect better ratings when the football games keep pushing TR back?! I don’t know what the critics are watching. It sure isn’t this show. Good luck to Alex and the gang.

  14. This is a reminder that SCI-FI TV Zone has posted Alex’s comments on Moonlight episodes 9-12 today. The previous episodes are there as well and next Monday they will post the final 4. Here’s the web address:

  15. Loved it and love the pics, especially the last one – love the right hand – even though it’s not a gesture – it could serve as a subtle one for all the critics out there. Keep contacting CBS Feedback line and let them know how much we loved this episode and are looking forward to many, many more.

  16. This episode was spectacular!! Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!!! Agree with all of you and happy to see we have brought Carolyn into the fold…now if the others who felt as she did would just give it the same chance! I loved the rugby game and the nasty guy named “Mick” was a not-so-subtle nod to Moonlight. Also loved the iPod incident with “Scott”, enjoyed the little dance! I hope they follow these kids through her transplant, I loved Dr. Andy’s interaction with these two. And also am liking Dr. Lee as well. Don’t forget to go to and leave your positive comments about the show!! And remember you can buy it on iTunes.

  17. 7.8 is not the only thing they look at. The demo was a 1.7 and those are not the final numbers. Everything was skewed cause of the football. The final numbers are tomorrow.

  18. Numbers are in… 7.8 million viewers. If I recall correctly that is slightly up from last week. I personally think that is pretty darn good for a show that was 1.15 hours LATE!!

    1. Tiffany—there is a great video of the photo shoot Alex did for TV Guide up on their website. Many, many drool opportunities and Alex is so sweet during the interview—as always! You have to watch ALL the way to the end, past the credits, cause Alex comes back and is—well….Alex! 🙂 You can leave a comment. I hope all his fans leave him tons of love on that site

  19. I love Scott’s nickname for Dr. Andy—“Dr. Man”! OH—–WHAT A MAN!

  20. It was a good episode, the only thing I would change is the actor playing Ryan Abbott. He doesn’t fit.

  21. These last two eps have been SO much better than the premier. I still wonder what brainchild decided to switch the two first episodes. Love the pacing, storylines, and am even getting to like the ridiculous set!

    Also, I’m wondering if the ratings are going to be judged against the 9pm shows — when it really aired after 10pm.

    If this show never gets better ratings, CBS has only themselves to blame. Anyone who watches sports will tell you that the games never end on time and always push the next show into the ozone. To introduce a show that runs after a game is insane. And this football stuff runs until January!!!

    Dumb, dumb, dumb……..

  22. I wish i could see this show, i only see little spots of it. And what i see i love. I can only hope that it will air in the Netherlands. I have written a letter to net 5 (a dutch tv.station) about Three Rivers, and i hope they will listen.

  23. I was a big fan of Alex’s because of Moonlight. Even so, I didn’t watch Three Rivers when it was first broadcast because 1) generally I’m tired of medical shows and 2) the critics were panning it and I didn’t want to waste my time. Fortunately, last Thursday, I gave in and watched the first two eps online and then watched this third episode last night. I am so hooked! I don’t know what the critics were watching, but someone needs to check their coffee. The show is brilliant, the writing engrossing and the acting first rate. Throw in that the stars are gorgeous to look at and it has everything a show and a viewer could want.

    1. I am SO glad you gave it chance! It is a good show with the potential to be ground breaking. As to the critics, i don’t think they have watched any of THESE shows. I think they are going off what was written about the original pilot episode.

    2. I totally agree with your Carolyn. The critics need to be shot. Unfortuantely they have ruined a lot of good shows because of their opinion — just like they did MOONLIGHT. The show is awesome and isn’t a remake of any other medical drama. It about issues that we deal with on a day-by-day basis .. more importantly, life after death and make that contribution, Anyway, I really like the show.

      Go into CBS FEEDBACK and tell them waht you think every week.

  24. I agree with you Tiffany. That was a great episode and you do a great review. I can’t wait until Monday to see what you have to say about the new episode. So far we agree. I think this could be a great show if it is given a chance. I left comments on CBS, but I don’t know if that will do any good. I don’t understand the people who criticize this show or Alex’s performance, I think he is a great doctor. I also am beginning to be fond of Dr. Lee and I love Miranda and Dr. Jordan. Praying that their numbers start to go up.

  25. Yes, indeeed, the episodes of Three Rivers are getting better and better. I am so glad I chose to stick it out. Alex is awesome as usual. The third episode rocked. The only thing is they did not follow up on the people from the first episode, like the man who needed a heart and checked in just to have “Andy” look after him. We are left to wonder and that’s not fair to the audience, in my opinion at least. I hope the episodes continue to improve and we see Andy out of the hospital setting more – more soccer!!

  26. I am in TOTAL agreement with you Tiffany! This episode ROCKED!!!! I loved the continuing glimpses into the hospital staff’s back ground. You are right–if Dr. Andy is not on screen, Dr. Lee is not too shabby! 🙂 I can not wait to find out more on Dr. Andy’s life “on the other side of the river”.

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