Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up- Week of November 7


Wow, this is the first time that there really isn’t any new pics to share of Alex from the week in the wrap up. 

We decided to include a few old pics that you might not have seen as they are way too adorable and we also threw together a collage of all of Alex’s expressions during the poker game as they were too funny to leave out.  Other than that there is nothing. (don’t shoot the messenger) Sorry and hope there is more this week coming up. 



From back at the end of 2015, this little boy had an experience he will never forget. They bumped into the cast and got some great shots with Alex. Looks like Alex taught him how to shaka… How sweet.

alex o'louglin with boy fan alex o'louglin with boy fan alex o'louglin with boy fan



Here is that collage of just some of Alex’s expressions from the episode Friday night. You can head over to the gallery for more.  He was on point as a comedian as you can see. Do you have a favorite?

Alex O'Loughlin expressions


We also got a clip from peter from this upcoming week’s episode, too. We added it to our Twitter page when it came out so to get up to date info follow up there or on the FB pages.


OK, so we made something out of nothing for you to feast your eyes on so hope you enjoy. Hope this is not something we have to do often as we like the new pics as much as you do.  Have a great week and if you have not read our episode recap yet, take a peek as there are a lot of great pics of the episode there too!


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