Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up- Week Of October 31


This was an exciting week when it came to interviews by Alex, but not so exciting when it came to new sightings and pics. If you did not catch all of the interviews or even to make sure you did not miss one, you can check out our interview page as they are all there.

There were a few pics  too so we have them here for you, too.


The first one was when a fan saw Alex at the Honolulu airport on November 2. He did say in one of his interviews this past week that he was flying back and forth to California to get stem cell treatments, it is likely this is what he was doing at the airport as it was in the middle of the week.

Alex O'Loughlin and fan photo



The other pic of the week came from when Alex was shooting the 150th episode and the actor that was playing younger McGarrett (Jacob Israel Miller )in one of the flashbacks got this shot with him. Casting did a good job on this one.

Alex O'Loughlin and Jacob Israel



Also posted back in September around SOTB time, this photo was posted by Clint Jung on IG. He is in episode 7.08 this Friday.

clint-jung- and alex o'loughlin




That is it for pics. Alex also did a short video promoting the 150th episode so if you have not seen it, you can watch it now as we posted it on our Twitter account Friday.


That is it for the weekly wrap up  There should be less activity in this upcoming week as the excitement winds down from the 150th celebration. We will still have our regular posts though including the Different Points Of View and Whimsical Wednesday

Have a good one!




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