Hawaii Five-0 1.22 Ho’ohuli Na’au Recap

The episode starts with hot babes in bathing suits.. ah yes.. Hawaii. Models are being photographed for a magazine. We sense tension among the models as the photographer (Renny Sinclair) announces that surely the cover will be found among the shots he just took of a certain beauty in a red bathing suit (Alana). Then he hands off his camera and walks away with said model arm in arm. Obviously his girlfriend is getting more attention than the other models and it does not go unnoticed. He proposes to his girlfriend and then when she goes to change he goes to his trailer. Someone locks him inside of it and starts it ablaze, he dies in a fiery explosion.

On the scene of the murder Alana and Jordon (another model) get into a fight and Alana accuses Jordon of killing Renny in jealousy since Renny was dating Jordon prior. Danno finds a new lead though when he uncovers that Renny was deeply in debt to bookies in Las Vegas.

Steve and Danno try to get an introduction into the Hawaii gambling scene by using one of their friends as bait. When two guys show up to rough some one up they try to take off and Steve and Danno have to go on the Chase. This whole collection of scenes was hilarious… some of the best yet. I could not believe it when Danno tossed a grill full of hot ash and charcoal into the suspect’s face. OMG! Anyway they end up finding their bookie but he claims that he and Renny were good friends and that he loaned Renny a large amount of money in return for the profits from his next photo book. He has a contract to back it up.

Kono manages to reconstruct an object they found in the bottom of one of the gas cans used to kill Renny and it is a high end lighter. Alana, Renny’s model girlfriend, has been photographed holding that exact same lighter, which they now know is the murder weapon. Alana tells them it was Renny’s lighter and she shares that Renny was involved with a model in the 90s who wanted to marry and settle down. The last name is the same as a girl who is named in Renny’s will and will inherit his money. They find out that this girl is his daughter and she was working as his production assistant under another name. It was his daughter that killed him for abandoning her, never knowing that he had recently had a change of heart and left her a bunch of money.

The episode ends with one of the side stories. Chin Ho’s uncle decided to own up to the fact that he stole money from the HPD lock-up.. the same money Chin Ho was accused of stealing. Rather than see that happen Chin Ho tells IA that he did steal it and that his uncle is trying to protect him. When IA asks why the money has never turned up he tells them he never spent any of it. They order him to turn it in and rather than come clean he visits a loan shark/bookie to get the money (200K).

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  1. Thanks Tiffany for another great recap! Like Carol S, I too can’t wait to see how Chin’s problems turn out!

  2. Alex increasingly beautiful and amazing, I love it, every episode he is the cutest. :heart: :love:

  3. I thought this was also a good episode. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I love Alex’s smile and his sexy moves. Chin ho did put himself in trouble by saying he did steal the money. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Love ya Alex, you roc.

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