Hawaii Five-0 1.21 Ho’opa’i Recap

Playing catch up here… yes I was very bad and had not seen the past 3 episodes so I am posting the recaps now.. watching them all together was actually kinda cool.

In this episode we see an undercover cop (Reggie) make a pit stop in Hawaii to see the family he left behind 2 years previous while he worked deep undercover. Apparently his case (against Jimmie Cannon) really is too close to being closed because his wife ends up being gunned down and he takes a bullet himself. The 5-0 team comes on scene and they are briefed by the FBI that Reggie is their undercover man and told to back off. Steve though was the one who pulled Reggie’s son out of a closet where he was hiding and he knows a bit about losing your mom as a young boy so he wants to hear none of it… especially when cop corruption is as work, as it appears to be in this case.

Steve busts down the front gate of Jimmie Cannon and interrogates him in front of his own son. Before he leaves Steve takes Cannon’s shoes and those of all his guards. When he goes back to the hospital to speak with Reggie he finds the FBI is long gone. They know that Reggie has gone rouge and is bent on revenge.

Chin Ho tips Steve off that is was Agent Marsh, who briefed the 5-0 team at the scene, who is the one most likley to have tipped Cannon off that Reggie was in Hawaii. She was conveniently away for a family emergency when the shoot-out went down. But Steve gets her to admit that she was involved in trying to frame her ex-husband so that she would not lose custody of her daughter. It had nothing to with Cannon.

Steve and Danno track down one of the gunmen, a local man hired to kill Reggie but he has been killed. They suspect Reggie but he calls to tell them that the man was dead before he got there. They set a subsequent trap for Reggie and manage to take him into custody. He drops a bomb by telling Steve that is was not Cannon who killed his wife but rather someone who is trying to frame Cannon.

Reggie shows them bullets used on the scene and some of them had only a small amount of gun powder in them. One of these bullets was used on the surviving FBI agent, leaving them to believe that his being left alive was no accident. Getting shot in the line of duty would through suspicion off of him and give him an alibi. They visit him in the hospital and get him to give up the other shooter who may be able to ID the guy that hired the hit. They do manage to find him and they have to shoot him when he pulls his piece but he tells Reggie that it was Cannon’s son that hired him. They arrest Cannon Jr. and Reggie vows to cannon that he will get him eventually too.

They left the episode with the seed planted that some day Reggie might return to join 5-0.

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  1. Another wonderful recap, Tiffany! I can’t imagine H50 not getting a second season. CBS would be crazy! Thanks Tiffany.

  2. No official word but I heard they are sending out casting calls for a second season.

  3. HI I DID HERE ABOUT THE RATINGS I HOPE THAT THE SHOW COMES BACK NEXT YEAR i here that it makes cbs lots of money i think it if goes off the air cbs is nuts they took moonlight and then they took three rivers off i think hawaii five o is a great show

  4. Yes, that episode was good just like all of them. It would be nice to have Reggie join H5O. Have you heard anything about nest fall for H5O Tiffany? I had heard the ratings went down a little but I hope not enough to cancel it. Love ya Alex, you roc.

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