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  1. Thanks for the info! Definitely placing that order. Keep those updates coming! :kiss:

  2. Glad to hear H5O will be on for a 2nd season. Ithink Alex is so sexy even with his short hair. He probably does need a rest with family back home. Yes I agree they should bring a little more love into it next year. Can’t wait for next fall. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  3. for sure it won’t be too long before in the stores….
    o’ , I came across this… http://socialitelife.com/alex-oloughlin-named-one-of-mens-fitness-most-fittest-guys-photos-05-2011 . (note/ of the 4 photos there is more click on photos) socialitelife.com/alex-oloughlin-named-one-of-mens-fitness-most-fittest-guys-photos-05-2011/exclusive-alex-oloughlin-eating-breakfast-in-oahu-16
    it says… Alex O’Loughlin Named One Of Men’s Fitness’ Most Fittest Guys ” check out the June/July issue of Men’s Fitness magazine, on sale nationwide May 9.. of the cover of Men’s Fitness mag.. it reads(left).. “The Worlds Fittest Guys”.

  4. HI THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW i will look out for it

  5. Thanks for that. I already knew, I buy stuff form Amazon even though I live in Australia, so they let me know when stuff comes available. I even put in a request to be notified when Three Rivers was availabvle, but they might never make a DVD of it, perhaps not enough people were interested in buying it.

    1. Three Rivers must be available, since it is on Netflix both for rent and streaming.

      1. I have all of the Three Rivers shows downloaded on my computer. I also have Hawaii Five 0 downloaded. I-Tunes offers these. The whole seaseon of Hawaii Five 0 cost $56.00

    2. I found three rivers on iTunes for $2.99 per episode

  6. Thanks for the information, I just order the DVD and they will send it the moment it’s released! I’m so excited, I can watch it any time I want ! I’m also thankful for a 2nd season, so we get to see more of Alex!

  7. I hope just because its the end of the season that you will be letting us know what our boy is doing: Going back t9 to Austrailia for a rest and see his family. Hope next xeason has more love and romance….Ive been saying that over and over :love: But oe of the sites said 5 0 made them over $35 Biilion dollars;; :woot: Wish they had Rick Springfield on longer the other night ….I think they killled him offed him and that was it in about 5 minuites!:bandit
    WEll doneTiffany….keep them comments coming and NO I don’t like his short hairl hope he grows some more next season…..It so beautiful :love:


  8. I will have as soon as I can find it :love: I love Alex sooooooooooooo much :heart:
    He is awesome and very sexy :kiss:

  9. is it going to be in the shops soon. :love:

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