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  1. ke hermoso hombre ! y ke linda sonrisa ,,, i lov him !!! :love: Alex is a bombom ! :heart:

  2. QUE HERMOSA SONRISA LA DE ESE HOMBRE :love: :love: :love: :heart:

  3. Comment 😮 👿 Each time I see him I am speechless , the face and body of n angel :love:

  4. Oh, come on… I mourned the first cut after Moonlight enough, just barely got used to that short haircut he had for Three Rivers and Back-up plan etc, but this is way too short… WAY TOO SHORT!!! He still looks good enough to… (oops, in the gutter again :angel: )… but I prefer him with the longer curly hair…

    Btw, the last photo is just precious 😀 socks, crossed legs, the expression 😀

  5. I think the short hair – looks YUM!. :heart: Much better than the long hair he had in Moonlight, it made him look years older.

    Glad the sock thing has been cleared up as they really ain’t rocking my boat. However if he was wearing them to run after me – that would be a different matter all together – ha ha! 😉

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  7. Hate to see the season end. Glad it has been picked up for next year. Don’t like the short hair look, it makes him look older and the gray shows more when his hair is short
    Have a good R &R


  9. :love: I CANNOT believe they took last week’s Hawaii 5 0 of the air in place of that horrible Husaine supeclial!!!! :ninja: and they didn’t even announce when at what time it would be shown!!! I live in Youngstorwn ( place hardly anyone knows Alex”s ,name for some stupit reason………..I as so MADxD Thought of calling local TV station to find out….anyone else get Hawaii 5 0
    Booted off their Sunday schedule? Oh, well, reruns are coming up and I guess I’lll see it sometime before next fall. Fansl…get on CBS on line where they ask for opinions on thier shows and tell them to make time beore next fall for alex to be the next James Bond or a lease a sexy romance!!!! okay?????????? I[‘ve seen enough shoot/kill/mayhem to last me forever on Hawaii 5 0 AND other crime specials get a copy of Oyster farmer he made `10 years ago and you’ll see what I mean.. I imagine season one of 5 0 would be on Amazon.com the best place to look….I LOVE YOU ALEX :love:

  10. With hair … without hair … who cares? Still GORGEOUS! :love:

  11. tiffany any chance of posting the photo of Alex from the men’s fitness magazine?

  12. i just luuuuv his hair…… gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

  13. Oh no no no no…………………… where is his hair ??????????? 🙁

  14. While he IS still very gorgeous, I liked him better with hair! Hopefully it will grow back before they start filming again. Lol 😀

  15. Why did Alex shave his hair? I liked him much better when he had hair! :straight:

    1. I forgot to add-But, he still looks ruggedly handsome. :love:

    2. chloe… for sure as far as we know.. Alex basicly only one of who knows for sure. um, yet to take some wild guesses.. for sure we all could come up w/ some wild ones for sure right? and too, add to that 2 that come to mind are either… cause on break from filming, or just did it.., or wild guess at best…connect season to season sort of speak… what do u think?

  16. um, just double checked & yup rushing again.. sorry about that. yet ..just double checked.. and http://socialitelife.com/alex-oloughlin-named-one-of-mens-fitness-most-fittest-guys-photos-05-2011 . (note/ click on photos). Alex O’Loughlin Named One Of Men’s Fitness’ ” Most Fittest Guys ”. June/July issue of Men’s Fitness magazine, (may9) .( i think vin diesl is on the cover… rats…).

    1. ok…. also tvedge um, ratings reads as to tvedge, be posted noonish. and also.. um, they’ve got sort of their own poll vote thing happening as to what u think… a “10 ! “.

  17. Administrator etc.

    Are you going to have DVD made for the Hawaii Five -O when the season ended? Please do.
    Thanks much.————— :kiss:

  18. Alex my idol looks great anyway he pose he looks….but personally I Love Him Alot the way He always look at Hawaii five -0…simply manly and sexy… :heart: :heart:

  19. Thanks for the latest photos of Alex, Tiffany!

  20. ok for thoses who know a harvard … its tad taller hairwise than this. and um well, the version Alex is sporting & handsome doing it too! … buzz cut / bootcamp cut. and well, sorry for the slight buzz cut mis-q Alex. :bandit:

    1. ok over at tvedge… as to tonites ep and other stuff too… and yup time limit thing is on overdrive today darn it! o’ and looked like a clip too… besides other stuff. :bandit:

  21. I agree, the man would look great in a potato sack, preferrably on my bed room floor,, LOL ,, just gorgeous, glad he is an indiviual, that is why we all love him sooooooooooooo..

  22. It looks like what my husband calls a “summer cut”. I’m sure it’s comfortable and obviously no fuss. I hope he’s getting a chance to practice his surfing now, and keep more ‘civilized’ hours. Enjoy your break Alex, you’ve certainly earned it. LOVE YOU :heart: !

  23. i think he looked hotter with hair but he’s still HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angel:

  24. just got done watching August Rush again. That was a great love story and tear jerker as well. it was on tv this afternoon. I noticed though that he had his new teeth, they did not come till the Lopez thing. I sure loved his smile before, he looked so inocent and cute. Can’t wait for 2morrow. Really hope Scott is ok, bet Gracie goes home w Steve while Danno is in the hospital. :angel:

  25. Wow ! Thx Tiffany. I’m with a lot of you ladies. I love Alex better w/ long curls. Have always loved his light beard., though. He’s too thin. H 5-0 is taking a lot out of him. Take care Alex ! :heart:

    1. Thanks Tiffany for the great pics, as usual. I don’t like the new haircut, I like Alex with longer hair: but hair grows quickly! Whatever Alex likes to keep him cool. He is fabulous, any way he looks. He is still the hottest guy on this planet!!

  26. The hair is too short for my opinion but he still looks great. Love the photos and I wish i lived in Hawaii. Those people are so lucky to live where they can see him out and about having fun. :love:


  28. It took me a few minutes to get use to the haircut but I do like it. At first it did not look like Alex but you can tell around the mouth. Love the socks also. Good he wears them being he is so athletic. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  29. Not crazy about the hair. It was just starting to look good. And he has such beautiful hair. I bet it feels better with the warm climate. I guess some of us miss Mick. He is still gorgeous and he does look relaxed. Thanks Tiffany for the pics.

  30. he will look good bald and ag string 😉 :angel: :kiss: :love: :heart: :whistle:

  31. thanks tiffany … that hair cut for sure is the shortest version of what my grandfather called a harvard hair cut… u can get ! yet alex just know for sure..looks real good. honest ! and yes my grandfather had one all his life, and my dad as to in the summer that is.

  32. Thanks for photos,Tiffany. Alex is handsome still,but like his hair better longer. As Lynn said his hair on Hawaii Five O was looking good ,longer with a little curls comng back. :love: Alex’s hair will grow back. 😉

  33. I like him anyway, no matter how he looks. :angel:

  34. Long hair looks beter on him.But with all styles he is still a piece of art.God I need to live again!

  35. alex looks good whatever but i must say i much prefer him with longer hair like mick st john. :love:

  36. His hair was starting to look good on H50, a little longer with some curls coming back. Adore the Moonlight look. He is gorgeous no matter what, but the longer hair does it for me. :love:

  37. Nope, don’t like the hair, but hé, it’s still Alex !! And about the socks, I saw these kind of socks before: Athletes and other sporters wear them. It seems that they are good for the legs, the blood circulation a.s.o.

  38. Nope–don’t like the do. But whatever floats his boat is OK with me. He’s definitely his own man! And there’s nothing sexier than that! :love:

  39. LOL, I can’t help but smile, i don’t know but he looks hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  40. What say you about his shoes?? I think he has a thing for bright colored footware. Remember the green shoes he wore in Pittsburg while filiming Three Rivers?

  41. I think he is just sporting this look while he has some time off before shooting again in July. It’s hot here too…so short hair for a bit is not a bad thing. Not liking it…but I’ll stare at him anyway…. :love: I’m going to have to go out to breakfast more often… 👿

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    Oh! I would love him anyway, BUT, I must admit the long hair from Moonlight does something for me. lol! :p

  43. He’s adorable! The socks aren’t a fashion statement, they are for running.

  44. I found out what Alex is wearing on his calves in the latest pics of him taken !! They are compression tights that are said to improve the blood flow and oxygenation and reduce the build-up of lactic acid during training. So, he is either getting ready for a run, a hike, to surf, working out etc. or has already done those things!! Iam not fond of his new haircut but as long as he is Happy!And yes he would look HOT with a paper bag on!!!!
    I do prefer the longer hair with some curls!!! Oh yes facil hair too, MMMMM!!!! :heart: :love:

  45. I think that Alex is awesome :heart: He is so breath taking in anything he wears or any haircut he is just the best :love:

  46. i like the new hair cut to i guess the warm weather is coming and the short hair is better

  47. eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk – where did that short hair come from????? I like longer hair on him…….but…….I would definitely accept his attention no matter what his hair looked like….

  48. I really like that he likes to mix-up his looks. He is truly a timelessly handsome man. I think it’s his creative side showing itself! Love the look!!! Really admire how he celebrates his gray hair.

  49. Dang Alex break me off some of that!!!!!!!!!

  50. My God, really – this guy looks good no matter what he’s wearing, with hair, without hair…… I truly believe he’s a GOD!!!! ADONIS!!!!! and that smile??? Well, I think we all agree about that smile…..AAAAAHHHhhhhhhhhh <<<>>>>>

  51. Wow. he looks so relaxed and confortable. He wouldn’t be able to be that way in the states, fans would be all over him. At least iI would .How lucky they can see him around, how I would love to run into him around Warren Ohio when I was out and about……………..

    1. Hawaii IS a state; I’m thinking you meant mainland.

      1. :woot: yep, your right, my error, he gives me brain freeze……

  52. No, sorry don’t like the short, short hair, no so keen on the beard either. What are you doing with yourself Alex. His hair was getting a little longer and curling again beautiful. He looks ;ole when he played Marcus in The Invisible again just needs one larger black I think it was ear ring.

    1. I totally agree with you Sandra. I too I am not keen on the short hair either. I kind of wish he would actually grow it back like he looked in Moonlight…totally hot! :whistle:

  53. Agree with all of you, he’d look good even in a potato sack… :love:

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    Not sure about the socks, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crisps. He looks fine + tasty!! 🙂 :whistle:

  55. They(being the Media) said something similar about Marilyn Monroe, that she would look good in a potato sack, and she did.

    I’m sure Alex likes his hair shorter as it’s probably more comfortable for him with the heat, but I personally like it a little longer, the beard, well I can do without that, his face is too gorgeous for him to cover it up. But hey in the long run, I would take him any way I could get him. 👿

    1. I so agree with you Audrey. I like his hair a bit longer (not as long as Moonlight–more like the last few episodes of H-50), and I can do without the facial hair as well. And the socks? He’s always had an interesting choice of wardrobe. Why is he still in Hawaii, I wonder? Anyone know what he has planned for hiatis? Any movies? He’s probably exhausted after rigorous schedule, but it would be nice to see him in another role.

      1. I also agree.. The socks are different, and I like the longer hair.. not Moonlight long, but McGarrett… But I would take him in any way, shape or form!!

  56. Love the pics of Alex new haircut! But let’s face it he’d look stupendous in a bin bag lol

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