HAWAII FIVE-0 Opening Credits & Preview

Wahoo! What an awesome week for Alex fans… the news that Hawaii Five-O has been picked and given a primo spot, pictures of the cast, and now….

a video of the opening credits and a PREVIEW!!! It is AWESOME!

Oh CBS… I love you right now… seriously I haven’t been this excited about an Alex role since Moonlight.. I could eat that Steve MGarrett up with a spoon! You make this show a hit and we are square you and I… all is forgiven.

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  1. Thanks so much. I’m sooooooo excited Alex will be back on TV. I’ve missed seeing him, I love it when he plays a cop. He was awesome in “The Shield” He is going to go fantastic.

  2. Hi Tiffany, Thank you so much for the hawaii Five-0 pilot promo, it certainly made my day. It’s going to be a long summer waiting for the fall when we can all enjoy our Alex again. It’s great that they kept the theme song but made it new again with the electric guitar sound. The cast seems to really like and enjoy one another.. The locale in Hawaii is breathtaking I know it’s going to be a great success..And I’m looking forward to watching Moonlight again on the CW. this summer. Thanks again Tiffany for being right on the ball with everything. We really appreciate everything you do. Have a good weekend!

  3. Just a thought gang, looks like we are all excited about what we saw in the H5-O promo, right – maybe we should drop a line to the CBS Feedback line letting them know how excited we are and thank them for the great time slot they gave H5-O. It’s never too early to show support.

    1. I agree JoJo, great idea.

  4. HOLY CRAP!!!! no wonder Alex was battered and bruised after this pilot it looks incredible way to go Alex, I do hope they put this on satellite or some kind person puts it on you tube or failing that go over to America for a very long holiday, God if we feel like this wonder how Alex is feeling? Thanks Tiffany for posting, Love you loads Alex XXXX

  5. Thank you, Sandra, I’m such a newby in this online stuff, thanks for the tip.

  6. thanks for i love it

  7. Gorgeous !!!!!!! Alex looks fiiine!
    Is it me or is the whole clip a bit Bondish!???

  8. This is a great bit for seeing what the series looks like. I am very excited about it.

  9. for sure its coming right out of the gate and for sure, as to that of the theme song that we all for sure for the most part do know.. this updated and yet above all giving honor to the original .. is for sure does 100% give true honor and respect for sure! BRAVO!!!!!

    of as to the opening.. to say in short we either better be sitting the floor or that of a very strong and non-tipping kind of chair to sit in while we are taking on that of as to what in a sense as to what the basics of tv was set out to do and that is to take u away to outside both your day to day life and that of intro u some where else. and yup this for sure is going to more than do that… can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!! x’s a wild number and then some.

  10. OMG OMG OMG this looks incredible I can hardly wait!!

  11. YES, YES, YES
    OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This looks like it is going to be an awesome show. A great fix for Alex. Cast looks good too. I am so pumped. Thanks Tiffany.

  13. Tiffany, you are the best. Thank you for the hook up for the promo. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it now. If these 2 minutes are any indication, the whole hour will be awesome. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.

  14. Thanks Magda, I figured it out by myself. I have had this problem before so know where to go. It is always the same with CBC videos. Thanks anyway.

  15. Yipee I went to yputube typed in Hawaii Five 0 Fall 2010 preview and there is no location restriction you can watch it ND and Veronica use Tiffany’s link to watch it.

  16. Yep, same here I can’t watch both clips. The preview is okay can’t watch the other.

  17. Ir’s not fair, the video is blocked in my country, boooo…. but at least I got to see the cast, OMG, this show wil be a total success…Alex looks so hot, the other guys are ok and I like the girl, she did great in The Cleaner. Please, upload whatever you can on youtube.

  18. Looks like a hit. Looking forward to the new 5-O. Alex is looking good too.

  19. Oooooooooooooooooooo … I love the show already!!!!! This is Alex’s part — made for him. The rest of the cast looks great too, the stories, the action, the location — perfect. Can’t wait for the pilot. You rock Alex!!!!! Love ya — Joy

  20. /Finally our wonderful Alex is going to get the attention and respect and love for all he does.. An amazing actor, man, and all around great human being. Hawaii Five 0 looks absolutely fantastic and by far the better of the old Jack Lord, etc. Times do change, and this is Alex’s time to be rewarded for all his hard work and all his many many fans everywhere hope he realizes how much we love him. Caste and crew all get along….of course they do…I wonder who the nicest guy there is to make it all happen?? Love Alex from Your Forever Fan Suzanne

  21. Bloody copyright, can’t see it. Opening credits oh ya. I want to watch it again and again. Heaven 🙂

  22. I’m sorry but all I can say is, W O W !!!!

    1. OMG, OMG – this just made my entire year!! How hot is this? Not just Alex but the whole package!! Please God let this one stay and thrive!!

      1. I agree Ruby, the whole package looks amazing. All the actors, the story, the location… it ALL looks wonderful!!

  23. Tiffany and Kale, boy did I see it too! Have watched it several times already! H5O looks fantastic. In the May 24 TV Guide, Alex says “The show has a lot going for it. I really feel three is the charm for me”! Let’s all hope so. Thanks Tiffany.

  24. I have the same problem in Canada as Susan4 does in Germany, the second vid was blocked here as well. Too bad because CBS has a lot of fans in Canada. I can’t wait to see this show, I’m also more excited than I’ve ever been, that is since Moonlight.

  25. Hi again – I think this is going to be the hottest new show on TV this fall and I agree with Tiffany. I can’t remember being so excited about a new show as I am about this one. I really think CBS hit this one out of the park. One request, Tiffany, if possible. Is there anyway for you to separate the opening credit part from the preview part? I tried to save it in “favorites” as 2 separate things but no luck. Thank you for giving us this glimpse – so excited!

  26. Kick -ass opening with an updated, very cool version of that iconic theme song – For those of us who remember the original, it think CBS did it justice all the way around. Can’t wait for Monday nights!

  27. YAY thankyou tiffany, luv it look,s really slick

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  29. Thanks Tiffany for this both video`s…the first it`s so cool to see Alex in Action…but sad the second is blocked for germany!!!

  30. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Looks AMAZING!!!!!! WOW!!! Any catch the shirtless scene with Alex????? We have some tats! 🙂

    1. Yes I saw that Kale! LOVE it!

  31. Wow wow wow!!!!! I love it. I love the time and the day and the show. What a treat to see Alex like that. Makes my day. Love it love it love it

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