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  1. :angel: :love: I especialy like Alex O’Loughlin in Hawaii Five – O. He is good looking. I especialy watch Hawaii Five – O every Wednesday night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOW. :love:

  2. The new Steve McGarrett gives the character a human side. He may sometimes hurt the “bad” guy, but he DOES try to save his life, i.e. the log swinging down and hits the bad guy in the chest, only to deflate a lung and Steve makes a straw, then drives it into his chest to help inflate the lung. WOW!! What can I say. Or in the episode, where he is trying to rescue the hostages, one gets hurt by the bad guy and (Steve to the rescue) tries to reason with the bad guy to let him help the injured man. The compassion he shows for his fellow man, including “Danno” really makes the show come alive. Keep up the good work. Let’s see more “HAWAII 5-O!!!! :love: :love: :heart: :love: BULLETT

  3. I like the previous Hawai Five O, where Jack Lord starred, the now cast is not a patch on the former cast. I loved Jack Lord’s acting.

  4. ALEX IN UNIFORM….. too much for my heart!!!!! what a great talent reminescent of the great leading men ….. Kirk Douglas and Tyrone Power and Rock Hudson and Pierce Brosnan and on and on…… such a brooding look….. You are a terrific actor!

  5. Yes… I’m sorry but Alex looks good in whatever he’s wearing. His ML black was sexy and hot.. his uniform only makes me love a man in uniform even more. Then when he’s on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, shirtless, makes my day.. I’m just saying.. IMO!!

  6. I guess I can’t shut up about my wonderful Alex….did notice his clothes in most of these photos were neither here nor there in displaying his great body. Moonlight tight jeans and shirts were much sexier…or no shirt at all and more of that long beautiful auburn hair!!! You got it, flount it! Life is much too short and he shoud show how beautiful he is now before old Father Time catches up with him! Love Alex from Suzanne your Forever Fan

  7. CAN’T WAIT! CAN’T WAIT! If this doesn’t make our wonderful, adorable talented Alex a super star, nothing will. I heard it will be shown Monday nights at 10:00..the only trouble with that is that is also the big football night. That was a probem with 3 Rivers. Also opposite Castle, which I love, I will just have to record Castle!! Love you Alex, Suzanne Your Forever Fan

  8. Damn is he hot! Wow.

  9. Alex looks completely hot! Can’t wait for this show to air!

  10. hi thanks for the infoi cant wait to it comes on tv alex is a great actor and cbs should give this some time i now that alex can make it work

  11. MMMM lovely Alex, why has he got a “T” shirt and shirt on he must be sweating to death? I hope they don’t cover up his tattoos, I think CBS has a thing about his tattoos. Anyway I hope this show does well. love you loads Alex XXX

  12. I love it too! Thanks Tiffany.

  13. I’m really looking forward to this show. I hope CBS gives it a chance and doesn’t pull it especially for Alex’s sake. Never know what they’ll do. That’s one Bi-polar network.

  14. This is terrific. I think the new Hawaii Five-O will be the winner CBS needs. I am glad that Alex O’Loughlin is getting a great role from CBS. I loved him in Moonlight. I didn’t see the series Three Rivers. It must not have lasted long on the viewing schedule. Looking forward to the Fall!!!

  15. WOW what a great looking cast and of course there is Alex looking scruptious as usual. When is H-50 starting, I hope they give it an early start, not like Three Rivers, which started unusually late in the season?

  16. Lawrd have mercy!! thank you for that now my day is made!

    1. AMEN! Alex just gets better and better! He looks great!

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