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  1. Check it out… CBS.COM. ..u’ll see to the right list of whats on tonight, and yup u’ll see “Hawaii 5-0… clcik on it… it reads..


    Also/ u’ll see that u can watch a Preview Episode 2 … !!!

    1. Glad to see CBS is replaying the opening show. Did CBS finally realize they put it on Monday night football ( Saints won!!). Had to flip back & forth. Go Alex…

  2. Hawaii Five-O was a lot of fun last night. I noticed that Time Warner’s CBS On Demand has it so you can watch the show again. I love the On Demand stations!!!! I’ll watch it again tonight and tape it without the commercials!

    The critics are being so-so about the pilot but if fans listened to critics, every show would be off the air.

    I thought it was an excellent beginning!

    1. cylb… for sure as to thoses of whoose job is to “critic” things as they do and well good fortune for all of us.. that their word of words is just that… and that well, each of us for sure as to which way to think… that we’d be best to 1st and foremost use that mind to which we each have to think on our own… and know its our choice of w/ say and everything that comes along w/ it too.

      yet as to u getting to “as its called On Demand”, enjoying again, and again… possibly… enjoy….

  3. Yahoo tonight is the night ladies. Very excited. Everyone enjoy.

  4. FYI Alex will be on The Early Show ABC & Ellen DeGeneres NBC on 9/20. These are confirmed.

    1. .I missed the early show, and yet Ellen… to say I was just about to head out the door.. and well.. so it took me a bit longer to get going out that darn door. this morning. o’well.. hey it was worth it.

      o’ and over yahoo.com today… there to the right a photo of Scott & Alex, to which there is a bar that reads “click to expand”… when u click on there is another photo like w/ in the middle a video like screen ..second it comes up.. the 1st video starts right into the next.. and too.. theres what looks like ocean wave bar right under it that u can re-watch if u want of either videos… and then too. there is “Gallery”.. .. check it out..

  5. One more day to go! Just an FYI – “The Insider” is going to have a feature on Alex on Monday night.

  6. for sure all the entertainment shows are now in over drive.. and yet, I believe I possibly saw & heard something as to “on Monday/sept 20” that “the insider” of something on Alex, and of Hawaii 5-0.. um, I’ve tried to find anything about it on the insider’s site.. and yet so far I’ve not found anything..

    otherwise all I can say is w/ everything.. and as posting, its coming up on “34” hours to go (around here that is). and as to minutes.& seconds… hey.. anyone who wants to go for it.. please be my guest…

  7. Tiffany, thanks for the great photos. Alex looks great and so happy! I, like all the other ladies, wish him amazing success with Hawaii 5-O. I hope it continues for many seasons! All the best Alex! I will definitely be watching on Monday night!

  8. Thanks Tiffany, for the premiere shots of Hawaii Five-0. Like many, I wish I could have been there. But thank you Tiffany for bringing a small part of it to us. It is getting exciting now waiting for the premiere to air on Monday night and I am so looking forward to it. Alex looked really happy at the premiere and although I felt a slight twinge seeing him with Amber, I wish him every happiness and success. Here’s to Monday, ladies. Have a great weekend. Lisa

  9. Getting closer. More excited.. We’re with you Alex, every step of the way.. Looked so dapper in his blue suit. .I love when he dresses to impress; takes him to another level.. xoxoxo

  10. ok.. I know I should of posted this elsewhere.. and yet.. well…

    the newest tvguide (w/ “the Big Bang cast on cover Sept 20-26) . out now!
    there is a thing called
    “Cast your Vote” & Q/ is .. “Which new fall show will be the biggest HIT!”
    Hawaii 5-0, the Event, raising hope, blue bloods.

    as to tvguide site has it or not.. … i couldn’t find it.

    yet.. ..the issue has on pg combo 4&5 cast photo, also combo pgs56& 57 photo. ..
    just keep looking….
    also by chance try to find Hawaii 5-0 in the listings section-monday.. you should find a long box at or close to top of the page w/ wording “sponsored spotlight” , and the coloring is sort of blue-is.

    also – Entertainment Wkly fall double issue goes.. .. its a wild chance, yet check w/ Barnes & Noble book stores…. um, not sure of if or not they still might have it.. yet that is where by chance the 1 place around here that did have.

  11. Tiffany,
    Please check the following link:

    We were right all along about Alex’s potential, the only diference we noticed it earlier than everybody else!!!!

    A woman’s heart always knows best!
    Go Alex, go Alex!!!

    Jinhos *****

  12. Now I`m jealous ! O well, I hope she is a nice and undestanding lady. Because all the girls and ladys who is loving Alex don`t and can`t get Him on theire`s minds ! Love doesen`t work so ! You can`t say suddenly “forget him, ignore him”, It doesen`t work ! We love him with or without a girl friend. I hope Alex all good and good luck in his current life ! I trust Angels guards over him ! x x x

  13. Between the success of Hawaii Five-O, his girlfriend Amber, promos, Alex is very busy, so is one day he will return to greet us on myspace ?

  14. This is the address I sent his birthday card to:-
    Mr A O’Loughlin,
    Eye Production,
    Hawaii FIve-0 Production Office,
    560, N Nimitz Highway Suite 207,
    HI 96817

    1. Did you receive a response? I would love to know if you got an autographed pic or something. Please let me know. =)

    2. Sandra, thank you for the new address

  15. I live in Hawaii. Yet I can’t reach Alex!!! Does anyone know an email address for him? Please let me know. I saw pictures of the party on the news. It looked fantastic!

  16. I just read that Alex will be on Extra tomorrow, Sept 16. Check your local listings.

    1. ella, thanks for the heads up. on Extra.. for sure will be checking it out today Sept 16, thursday… thanks again.

      1. um, just came across on ET site this.. http://www.etonline.com/news/2010/09/91047/

        um, click on page that comes up &u’ll see a very nice clip of the premeire party..
        sorry I’m rushing and yet have to get going..

  17. Amber Clayton is a beauty, but her twin is Kate Bosworth, another beautiful actress. Funny, she is dating Alexander Skarsgard, the sexy vamp Eric in True Blood. So, maybe vampire actors have a type! LOL!

  18. Now I’m more relaxed after seeing Alex with that wonderful smile, he deserves everything good, both in life and in pessoal.Chega stress, now enjoy the success that comes by once aí.Mas tiffany thanks for the photos, which smile!

  19. Alex looks wonderful in these photos. There are no words to adequately describe him. I watched some of the red carpet stuff and only about a minute of the preview as a didn’t want
    to spoil it for next Monday. Thanks Tiffany.

  20. Tiffany, I’m counting the days to watch Hawaii 5.0, Alex is super cute as always, hope everything works out in his career and life, a million kisses Nel.

  21. Tiffany, estou Contando Os Dias parágrafo assistir Havaí 5.0, Alex Como semper estabele super lindo, Espero Que Tudo de Certo Carreira e nd nd Vida DELE, hum Milhão de beijos Nel.

  22. Thanks for the pictures, Tiffany. I also watched the live feed. Can’t wait until next Monday for the regular broadcast. I think the short, cute gal with brown hair that Suzanne mentions is his assistant, Diana. Anyway, Alex looks great and very happy and I wish him the best!

    1. Emilie, I thought the same thing that she is his assistant, BTW is there a new address to communcate with Alex now? Does anyone know?

  23. Thanks for the great pictures!! Alex and Amber do make a great couple.. Long as he’s happy … Six more days to go!!

  24. Thanks for sharing the photo especially of Taryn Manning and Alex O’Loughlin. I am very excited about the show right now and I was really glad to see Taryn Manning there as she is playing Steve McGarrett’s kid sister. The original series only had Mary Ann in a two-parter and she was never mentioned again. I am very glad to see that the show will pursue this relationship further.
    Alex’s smile is just so terrific.

  25. I was lucky enough to watch the premiere. I must admit the whole proceedings went on a little. But the show was great. So Alex, is still with Amber Clayton from 3R’s.

  26. I usually never comment, but I had to say after seeing the success of the events last night, I wish Alex a long successful run with H50. And I also wish Alex and his girlfriend a long successful relationship. Even though I know people will always be interested in what is happening in his personal life.

  27. Nothing better than seeing a happy, smiling, very handsome Alex – all signs point to a great year for him – FINALLY! Thanks, Tiffany for keeping us posted, as always.

  28. Congulation Alex on your new leading lady, she is so pretty. Can’t wait for the show next week. Looking forward to it. Take care.

  29. I do agree about Holly. Have not seen the woman you are reffering too Suzanne. Where did you see her? Do you think it is his assistant which has been assigned by CBS?

  30. The woman in the second picture, is she a fan or someone in the show?

    Maybe it’s me but doesn’t Amber look a little like Sophia. Alex and Amber look great together and they do look happy.

    1. Her name is Taryn. She plays his sister on the show.

  31. This is all so exciting!!! Wish we could have had a short interview with whole cast…not really into all that Huu dancing but what the heck..that;s Hawaii! I think I short, cute, slightly chubby girl with straight brown hair who always been behind Alex in various shots is his sister. I think she’s single and who wouldn’t want to be in Hawaii and find a gorgeous Hawaiian guy! I saw he hehind him at LAX in one music video and another couple music videos when he was signing autographs…very sweet looking and looks like she migh be his sister. I’m gonna cry when he does get a “real” girl friend….just so she treats him like gold if he does meet someone. I think Holly was trying to make a name for herself and was a tad jealous of
    Alex’s success but knowing him, I’m sure they are still “friends” CONGRATS HAWAII FIVE O WE LOVE YOU ALL!! Love from Suzanne his forever Fan.


  32. What girlfriend? That’s Catherine Heigel, and she’s married. Anyway, Alex looks relaxed and comfortable, so perhaps he’s feeling less stress now that the debut is near. I’m SO looking forward to it!

    1. That is not Katherine Heigl that Alex is with—that’s Amber Clayton, his girlfriend. (She was his co-star from Three Rivers—also an Aussie. So, he’s still dating her.) Alex looks super fine as usual. And yes, he looks very relaxed and happy. Hawaii 5-0 is the most anticipated new fall show—-and we all know Alex will not disappoint! Thanks Tiffany for the great pics!!

      1. Yep that is Amber and yes they have been “close” since Three Rivers.

      2. um, all i can say is that of well.. they are happy … thats what matters most… and yup.. all the best to them too!

        o’ and too.. she for sure is a very lucky lady indeed.. and too.. alex’s is also very lucky too!

      3. Thanks for the update – but she does resemble Catherine! LOL. She also looks a little like Holly. Mayble he has a “type”.

    2. Doesn’t she look like Sophia? I do see what you mean about Catherine but I think she resembles more Sophia.

  33. Yeah, I watched the live stream last night–and didn’t sleep very well after that! I was so excited to watch the premiere–this one’s going to be a hit for Alex. Setting up now to tape the broadcast on Monday so I can play it over and over and over….(sigh!).

  34. thank you again tiffany for posting this for us…

    of as to Alex… simply put.. very dashing indeed!

  35. Alex is so handsome. He looks so good in the suit. Alex and his girlfriend look so good together. Isn’t that the one from Three Rivers? Mon. can’t get here fast enough.
    Love ya Alex, you roc.

  36. I watched it on the news channel with their live streaming video. I got so excited when the cars rolled up you would have thought I was there. They were late getting there because they wrapped up filming late, but it was worth the wait. Alex was so HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT. I honestly don’t think there is a better looking man anywhere in the world. Love him!

  37. Alex looks so elegant, his suit (tousers & jacket – i’m not sure about the right word!) looks amazing on him…
    He is so tallllllllll!
    And his smile, OMG, his smile lights up a room in the inner center of the world.
    Fingers and toes crossed!!!

    p.s. Tiffany I could kiss the floor you walk right now!

  38. hi thanks i missed on tv i hope it will come out in the news paper

  39. They looked great! Watched until 2 AM live stream. 6 more days to go!

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