Did Alex Lick Anything in the Store?!

alex in scrubs

Just have to share a hilarious post from a Pittsburgh resident. She identifies a store that Alex shopped at while filming Three Rivers in Pittsburgh. He bought a pair of shoes and wore them in the pilot. The store was Best-Made Shoes and they now have a pic of Alex and quote on their store web site. He bought the Birkenstock Tatami Alton shoes.

PittGirl plans to visit the store wants to know: Did Alex stand here? What about here? Did he gaze gorgeously out of this window? This window? Did he pee in here? Did he touch this? DID HE LICK ANYTHING IN THE STORE?!


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  1. I am glad you printed the name of the type of shoes he bought, hopefully it will now prove to be a big seller… Seems the man likes comfort in his shoe wear, do we recall he once told an interviewer that he wore Ugg Boots at home?

    Gosh, I’d want to know Alex’s shoe size, just in case I came across some comfy shoes to buy him for his Birthday coming up on August 24th when he will turn 33 years old as he was definitely born in 1976….

    1. It’s gotta be ugg boots – I put them on as soon as I get home


    2. Check the size of his hands Tish – I’d say maybe a size 10-11 (that’s aussie sizing) I think your sizing is just a touch different to ours

  2. i dont blame her either…….. this is real 4 true alex fan i love him tooooo deadth hi is very sexy man. love u alex

  3. Did he lick anything??? In a shoe store? LOL! I sure hope I’m never that nutzo if I ever see him. I know I wouldn’t be. I’d be paralyzed. ;D

  4. Damn, Pittsbutgh is so far from Australia, U.S.A. is a long way from here, lte’s face it most places are a loing way from her. Even our capital city Brisbane for Qld, is a 24hr drive for us, that before we can even fly international. If Alex was in Sydney to see mum, that would be two flights away for me. And because Qantas is the only company we can use to go there, unless you bokk on the internet months ahead all the cheap flights have gone, they can charge what they want. Such is life.

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    I’m not a jealous type as aa rule, but today I sure do envy that person who saw Alex in person at the store…Lucky, lucky lady. I’m trying not tobe a silly, drooling fan,, but one look at Alex and I’m hopelessly taken. Can’t wait for Three Rivers.

  6. “Did he lick anything in there” how cute. But he did look like he was good with that tongue in the one Moonlight show where he gets caught drinking another gal’s blood. lol How wonderful it must be to live close by places where he works and visits or shops. If I did I’d be there too. He is one hot guy for sure. Looking forward to October to see Three Rivers.

  7. Boy this is really something, This is reall y a true Alex fan, I love him to death, but don’t know if I would be so crazy, That’s really cute, must be my age group!!!! 🙂 🙂

  8. OMG!!!! lol that,s me all over, I would be trying to brush for finger prints lol.
    and then if I got his I would have them framed . LOL only joking ,

  9. I don’t blame her either, I’m just as bad. Went to the Moonlight event at the Paley Center a few months ago and when the show was over and everyone was leaving, I snagged Alex’s used water bottle off the stage. I still have it. Sealed carefully so it won’t evaporate for a long time.
    OK, I admit it, that’s pretty weird. I don’t care. : )

  10. Well I definitely don’t blame her. I certainly would be trying to find out everywhere he was and touched just as avidly. Just breathing the same air he breathed would be a thrill to me!LOL!!

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