How To Meet Alex O’Loughlin On The Hawaii Five 0 Set


If you have ever wanted to meet Alex O’Loughlin, here is your guaranteed chance. Although it won’t be cheap it will be worth it if you can spare some coin. It will also support a very good cause. Alex, along with Taylor’s Gift and Charity Buzz, has created an opportunity to visit the set of Hawaii Five- 0 and personally meet Alex while there.

A couple of our admins have had the opportunity in the past to do this so we thought we would share a little of what to expect. (or at least how things worked for us). Based on two separate experiences at two separate times, the experience was very similar. Of course we do not know what kind of experience the winner will have this time, but we can only imagine that it will be even better than ours as it is specifically supported by Alex for the charity closest to his heart, Taylor’s Gift. You can see why this charity is important to Alex through one of our previous posts found here.

The details of the charity auction can be found here as well.

If it is anything like our experience, someone from the show will contact the winner immediately following the win and will work on a date that is good for all parties. The show representative is very flexible and will ask what your goals are of the visit (other than meeting Alex of course). For example if you want to meet one of the other cast members, they will do their best to make your visit happen while that cast member is shooting. You can also choose whether you prefer to be there for a HQ day or on location. They do not get their schedule for more than a couple of weeks in advance so it is best to pick a week or so to visit Hawaii and then be flexible in your days while there. Of course, this is what they did with us so anything could have changed by now, but probably not much, if at all.

You will get to see close up what it really is like behind the scenes. You will also see the on set camaraderie and feel a part of it is as the crew is very nice and truly make you feel at home. You might get to spend some one on one time with the director(s). You might even get to eat with them and join in on the Craft services spread and like us wonder how they can stay as fit as they do with all the food around.  At least that is what we felt after the experience. 

From some of our pics, here are a few things the winner might see while on the visit.



alex o'loughlin set visit













So now that you see how much fun it is and how it truly is worth the money, if you want to bid, you need to go to the CharityBuzz site to do so. If you REALLY WANT to WIN, then it is IMPORTANT that you are available at the closing minutes of the auction as that is where the majority of bidding will take place (auction ends on July 13th at 3:00 pm EST). At the time of writing this, the high bid is at $6500.00 but expect it to get much higher by the end. People also typically jump in at the end in order not to have it bid up so high prior. These are a few tips for if you want to be the ones to meet Alex on the Hawaii Five- 0 set.

Yes it is costly, but we can tell you from experience it is worth it.

After all it is all for a good cause and a great charity, Taylor’s Gift.

And the best way to say it is…

Meeting Alex O’Loughlin on a special visit to the set of Five-0 in Hawaii for any fan – PRICELESS.

Good luck!



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  1. My experience was quite a bit different (and disappointing). Mine did not guarantee a meeting with the cast and in fact they were not there with the exception of Dennis Chun and Jorge Garcia who were re-doing a scene. I gave them 5 days that I would be available and they picked Wednesday, which they changed to Thursday and then Friday afternoon, all pretty last minute. It happened to be the day that Alex was off shooting the pics for Watch magazine, I found out later. We did get to see the sets and the wardrobe and then watch the taping (via a tv monitor) of the scene being redone. Dennis came over and talked to us (he’s such a great guy!). As it was Friday afternoon as soon as that was over, everyone left pronto. We were there about 1.5 hours.

    1. So sorry to hear that. It is understandable why you were disappointed. Neither of us had a guaranteed visit either but they worked with us to make sure he was there. Guess that makes this auction even more important to bid why it is a guaranteed meet as well. Thanks for sharing your story. Wish it would had been a better experience for you.

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