April is National Donate Life Month and Why it Matters to Alex


April is National Donate Life Month so we thought we would do a post about just that and why it matters to Alex. If you have been a long time Alex fan, you probably already have some insight about how Alex got involved with organ donation charities such as Donate Life and Taylor’s Gift, however if you are a new fan or even just a fan that has only followed him since his Steve McGarrett days, you might not.


Alex became an official spokesman for Donate Life America in 2009 when he donned the role of Dr. Andy Yablonski of Three Rivers. Three Rivers was solely about organ transplants and the three parties involved with each transplant. If you have not seen it, you should check it out  as it is worth every minute. You can also read more about the time he became an ambassador of the organization from Alex’s old My Space page which is transposed on our site here.


alex o'loughlin donate life man of the year


In 2010, Alex was named Donate Life Person of the Year and continued his support of organ donation even more personally when he met Todd and Tara Storch, the founders of Taylor’s Gift. Taylor’s Gift  is a non-profit organization dedicated to organ donation awareness. It was founded in the name of the Storch’s daughter, Taylor, who died unexpectedly at such an early age. He has supported this organization ever since as his main charity of choice.


Alex O Loughlin What Taylor s Gift Means To Me


alex o'loughlin and taylors gift




You can read their whole story in Todd and Tara’s book, Taylor’s Gift: A Courageous Story of Giving Life and Renewing Hope.


Now that you know a little more about why Alex supports organ donation (if you didn’t before) and Taylor’s Gift, here are some things you can do about it.



Taylor’s Gift is running their virtual 5K event which they also did back in October. It can be done anywhere in the world and how it works is you donate $25 to Taylor’s Gift and then you complete the 5K any way you want…run, walk, crawl…whatever! It is just about joining in on the awareness, getting healthy, and having fun!

Find out more about the Ultimate 5k Worldwide event here.


Ultimate 5k and alex o'loughlin

Note: Now that the 5K is over you can check out the Taylor’s Gift website to see what is going on this April (2018)


Taylor’s Gift is also asking for nominations for their Outlive Yourself Awards which you might have seen Alex, himself, reach out about. If not here is his Facebook post about it from last week.




You can also donate directly to the Taylor’s Gift organization if you are able.


There are many other ways to get involved and support the cause Alex does,, even if you can not afford a donation at this time. Taylor’s Gift has provided you some ideas on their website, here.



Alex O'Loughlin Taylors GIft Interview



Most of all, this month is about awareness. If you are not an organ donor yet, look into and see if it is right for you. If it is, you will find that it is an easy thing to do to save so many lives.


Here’s to Alex for being as much of a man on the inside as he is on the out, and probably even more. This is the reason we admire him and are proud to be fans.






















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    This is what makes me such a huge fan of Alex’s he is beautiful on the inside and outside.

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