Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up- Week of March 6


WOW! What a difference a week makes and in this case just a day. Alex was out shooting episode 7.22 in the Kakaako area with Scott and there were loads of pics and videos from that day. There were also some other pics that showed up as well so it was a wonderful week of Alex after a pretty slow couple of months.



Behind the Scenes

The majority of the behind the scenes this week was from Monday when there was some serious stuff going down on the surrounding streets of the Kakaako area. Although these to us are not considered spoilers as there are always gun fights and fighting on the show, consider this a disclaimer of the potential.



Alex seemed to try to distract himself from the surroundings as he walked off the on location set after finishing up with a scene. The girl in the back looks a little dumbfounded, but who can blame her.



Grabbing a bite at the Craft Services table and passing time between scenes.

hawaii five 0 BTS hawaii five 0 BTS hawaii five 0 BTS



Also passing the time. Alex seemed to be swapping demonstrative stories with Cyndy Knudsen one of the (makeup) crew  there for the day.




Looks like he is getting ready for a scene.

Hawaii Five 0 BTS Hawaii Five 0 BTS




What a sweet shot… awwww.

alex o'loughlin with kid




Here are some of the videos from the day. Since most are IG stories we grabbed them for you to see what was going on in case you missed it.


Credit bwallace808 IG stories



Good to see they protect their ears more than they protect their eyes.


Very important to make sure his hair gets fluffed for the scene.




Poor car, but it is about time for a new one.




Although this one does not include Alex, it is an interesting short clip of setting up for a scene.


Credit Bwallace808 IG stories




The next day they were shooting late out by Mariners Ridge and an invited guest from the University of Phoenix got a few shots of that. It seems she covered all the angles.

hawaii five 0 BTS hawaii five 0 BTS hawaii five 0 BTS hawaii five 0 BTS





We also got to see a few BTS shots with the actors. One from episode 7.19  Mackenzie Aldajem, and…Mackenzie Aladjem and Alex O'Loughlin



…the other from Dylan Bruno who you might have noticed was not on the same side as McGarrett in the fight above.

Alex O'Loughlin on location




This funny shot came from bwallace808 IG stories again. He is the best for behind the scenes tidbits so much thanks to Brian for sharing so much. It was on the break room wall of pictures. Looks to be back from season 5 (2015) as there were similar pics then, but not sure.

alex o'loughlin and scott caan goofing




Here are a couple of new old pics to when Jimmy Borges guest starred. The shots were taken back in January 2016 and they include Jimmy and his daughter.

jimmy borges and alex o'loughlin jimmy borges and alex o'loughlin




Fan Photos


Here is a BTS fan photo as two ladies were on a tour with Waikiki Escape Tours and got to meet Alex while out. Nice timing and great shot of them all.

Alex o"loughlin fan photo




Although this next one was taken in October of 2015,  it was just posted this past week by the girls’ family.

Alex O'Loughlin and kid fans




That’s a wrap for this past week and what a week it was. Let’s hope for a few more like it before hiatus which is only a few weeks away. It is so amazing how fast these weeks go. The cast and crew are probably looking forward to some R and R after this great season which took a lot of hard work. It is almost time for the wrap video, too and those are always fun.


Note there is no new episode for the next couple of weeks and the show returns on March 31, 2017. No press or promos have been released so far regarding it but we will let you know as soon as we do.


Have a wonderful week.



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