Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up-Week of March 13



Another week down and unfortunately it was not as good as last week where there were tons of new activity. This week was back to being pretty slow. Here are the few things that popped up including a few new old pics.



Behind the Scenes



Jessica Munoz who is the President of Hoola Na Pua, the  sex trafficking recovery organization that was seen on the last episode shared some other behind the scenes shots she had. The second shot also includes Bryan Spicer who is one of the producers of the show.

alex o'loughlin and jessica munoz alex o'loughlin and jessica munoz




Alex was spotted out shooting on Thursday by this newlywed couple and a few of their guests. Not a bad way to start off your marriage with not only being in Hawaii but getting a pic with Alex. Congrats to the happy couple!




New Old Pics


That is it for the new /new pics so here are a few new/ old pics.



This one dates back to BTS of episode 7.16 when they were shooting the volleyball scene.

alex o'loughlin BTS




This one was shared by a fellow Aussie friend back to the days of Alex and Holly. Looks like they knew how to have fun.

alex o'loughlin ad holly valance






Peter also shared an editing clip and this scene looks like it will be fun.  Steve and Danny bring the humor all the time. This is from episode 7.21.


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That is it for the week. They will be shooting the finale this week so not much longer for BTS pics before they break for hiatus. Let’s hope for some good ones from this finale shoot just like last year. Have a good one.





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