Hawaii Five 0 Renewed For Season 8


CBS announced today that they are renewing Hawaii Five 0 for another season. This is not surprising news to most as it was more than expected. With stellar ratings in the states and abroad and still being profitable after all these years, it was inevitable this news would come sooner or later. We are glad it was sooner so all speculation can be removed at least for one more year.


With that being said, there is already people asking about Alex staying for a season nine and for now this remains unknown, so let’s just celebrate the season 8 news and not worry about what will be happening a year from now.


We are looking forward to many new stories, more McDanno bromance, carguments, Ohana moments, excellent acting by Alex and the rest of the cast when given the material to shine, amazing action and stunts, comedy, and so much more for another season. Not to mention there is still another 6 new episodes left is season 7 which has surely been one of their best. Lots more Hawaii Five 0 coming your way. Cue the wave!


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all involved with making Hawaii Five 0 the best show on television!!

Hawaii Five 0 season 8 renewal

Top pic credit Will Yun Lee Birthday clip IG 

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    A melhor notícia do MUNDO!!??????AMO Muito!!

  2. Well done to them all , another season to enjoy the most gorgeous commander and team on TV, let us all hope that the scripts do them proud and keep them at the top. Just made my day

    1. Yes this season has been one of the best so hope the writers continue on that road.

  3. One season at a time. Very happy and excited that we’re getting an eighth season. There’s time for the entire cast to figure out what to do next!

    1. Well said!! So many more episodes to go!

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