Hawaii Alt 0- Hawaii Five 0 Alternative Universe Final Part


If you have been following Bryna’s short fan fiction story the last week, you have been anxiously waiting the reveal of what has been up with Steve. Why is he seeing a lot of different characters in his life all of a sudden, and especially the one that is the spitting image of him, but only younger and with longer hair. Steve is not the only one that has been wondering who’s who and what, why, and where, the story readers have been too. In this final segment, everything will come to light.

Here you go!



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Final Part


“Wait…wait for what?” A familiar voice says in the dark.


“Huh?” Steve’s eyes slowly open. He was in his lounge chair in front of the tv. Danno, Grover, Kono and Chin Ho Kelly are standing over him in full tactical gear.


Danno repeats himself, “Wait for what? You scared us half to death! What’s the matter with you???!!!”


Steve tries to focus, “Dr. Williams?”


“Dr. Williams???” Danno starts to look concerned.


“Where’s my wife?” Steve fumbles as he tries to get his bearings. He’s still not fully awake.


“You’re wife???” Grover’s eyebrow raised, “He’s scaring me even more.


“Let me guess, Catherine???” Danno says with a smirk.


“I bet it was Lynn,” Chin Ho chimes in.


Steve shakes his head, “I don’t remember…”


“Of course not…that’s the best part!” Danno sighs and shakes his head.


Grover steps closer to McGarrett, “ What happened? We were supposed to meet at Rainbows for lunch. When you didn’t show, we all thought the worst because you NEVER skip out on a free loco moco.”


Kono chimed in without skipping a beat, “We called your phone multiple times but no luck. We traced you phone here.”


“Thanks to Danny, we didn’t have to kick in the door, but we found you in this chair passed out mumbling Mick….” Chin explained.


“Yeah, who’s Mick? Danno asks suspiciously.


Steve, who’s head is still pounding and could not even sit up, looks over to his tv and sees the problem. Danno was a step ahead of him, “Oh..THAT’S Mick.” The TV Show Moonlight was in the middle of a marathon. Hmm…that guy kinda looks iike you, Bae.”


“Aahh…I see the problem,” Grover picks up Dog Chapman’s famous yet potent LoLo Tequila Moonshine Mixer.


Danno glares at Steve. Steve closes his eyes, “Don’t you start…”


Danno yells, “What’s the matter with you!!!!!”


Chin smiles, “Ohana for reals.”


All pau (Finished)


Story and pics credit Becoming_Bryna

Adapted from the CBS characters Hawaii Five 0 and Moonlight


That is it for the story. Hope you liked it as it was a little something different between episodes. Let us and Bryna know. We have seen all sorts of thoughts through our social media mediums so feel free to keep sharing. Depending on the feedback we might do something like it again.

Thanks to Bryna for sharing her fanart and her story!

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  1. Yes , I would love more of these & this was really good for me BC I loved every character in the story! ?

    1. Great. Maybe Bryna will create another one or someone else that likes to write fan fiction stories. Just hit us up if anyone knows anyone that wants to send us one next.

      1. Thank you Susan and AOLO! Will share another one with AOLO soon…also another member of the Ohana has a few ideas. They will contact AOLO soon…so more to come. 🙂

      2. Great news all around! Thanks again for sharing your creativity with us all!

  2. Enjoyed the story was fun to read, well done

    1. · Edit

      Thank you so much, Marjorie!!! Glad you liked it!!!

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