Alex Toasts JLo on Her 40th Birthday

Here is a funny video on Jennifer Lopez’s 40th birthday party on the set of The Backup Plan. I found it really kind of wonderful that JLo kept inquiring “Where’s Alex??” when he wandered off.  She wanted to make sure he was in the pictures. And then she asks him to do the toast.

I also love how he goes up to get some champagne and grabs the whole bottle…. LOL.



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  1. thank u sooo much tifanny u are the best and alex uuu uuu are soo sexys man and i love u good luck for evrythink xxxxxx

  2. Show biz is really a stressful profession, so as far as the smoking a cigar here & there, I can understand Alex’s perchance for one… I love the smell of a pipe, reminds me of my grandfather… But though smoking can be hazardous to one’s health, Alex is his own man…

    I am speaking as, also aformer smoker who could feel my stress melt when I use to light up; now I eat, so I do not know which is worse…

    And as far as Alex slipping away, I looked at his face before he did, & one could almost see his thoughts…”He actually felt like an odd wheel among all the chatter & clatter, is what I noticed”…

  3. I like how JLo called Alex’s name, that caused a couple of other people to call his name. Alex, where’s Alex. The toast at the end was nice. I think JLo was expecting more of a toast. It did seem that she was asking Marc to make the toast first, but he didn’t hear her, so she asked Alex to make the toast.

  4. trust our gorgeous man alex to be holding the bottle typical aussie thing to do lol oh hes just so handsome cant wait for his movies to be released here at home

  5. thank you very much tiffany that was great just to let you know we have criminal minda on friday the 31 th waited a long time

  6. Thanks Tiffany. This was great. Especially when she didn’t want to do anything without Alex. Great video… Thanks.. Poor Marc.. look so lost…

  7. It’s so GREAT to get an up close and personal look at ALEX being himself! 🙂

  8. That was great Tiffany. JLo has been very kind and generous to Alex. She is one classy lady.Thanks

  9. Yes, JLo does seem to want Alex around. Yep noticed the puff of smoke. Damn, I hate smoking, I knew he had an occasional cigar, but that was a cigarette. One thing I don’t like about Akex, but love all the rest of him.

    1. Sandra it is a cigar. I fullscreened the vid and even tho he isnt facing the camera I spotted the stogie as he put it in his mouth when he took the bottle. He then took a puff, blew the smoke and made the toast.

  10. thank you very much Tiffany

  11. Cassie here are direct links if that helps.

    Bday Toast:
    Stan and Zoe montage:

  12. nice to hear update info about Alex thank you but I am going to go crazy as I cannot see the last two videos you added. Is there a problem? I’d love to see them 🙂

  13. HA, ha, ha…I think Alex wandered off so he could enjoy a quiet smoke. Notice the puff of smoke above him before he gives the toast. But I am thrilled to see she wanted to make sure he was included as a focal point

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