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  1. thank you oh so much for the screencaps tiffany! alex is sooo sexy! love the new version, i used to watch the original when i was younger and the producers, writers and the actors should feel proud that they have done the original justice. well done to everyone involved.

  2. I never miss H5O it is just right for Alex. he fits so well in that part. The cast was so well selected, Please keep the show on and don’t cancel it like you did Moonlight. This H5O is more exciting than the old one. The views of Hawaii are absolutely beautiful. I have been to Hawaii and I never seen anything like the views that are on H5O.Please keep the show going.

  3. Alex O’Laughlin, WOW………that’s all I can say. Sexiest & most gorgeous man on television, by far. He is the perfect Steve McGarrett. Jack Lord would be proud. Australia really sends Hollywood the best looking men God ever made! If Alex isn’t one of People’s 50 Most Sexist People, they don’t know SEXY at all.

  4. It’s gonna be really great I think !!! Perfect role for Alex … and so sexy !! I really like him with short haircut … and with sunglasses he’s so hot !!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t wait to see Alex in H5O. It looks like the perfect role for Alex. Now if CBS gives the show enough air time to really see how the show goes, Not just a tease like Moonlight. Just when every one got hooked CBS cancelled it, I loved H5O when it was on before, it was a very good show and with Alex and this cast it should really be GREAT. Thank you for the pictures.

  6. Thanks you for the screen caps, Alex looks so sexy, and they left his tattoos!!!OMG I can’t wait to see this show!

    Three Rivers was not given a chance….. It was a great ensemble cast…. That is what makes a GREAT Show!!!!!! Cannot wait for H5-0….. anything to see Alex in action.
    You are loved!

  8. I am a huge Moonlight fan and I’m so thrilled to have Alex back . I watched Three Rivers and felt it wasn’t really given a chance. Hopefully the third time is the charm although I’m still holding out for a Moonlight second season. Best of luck Alex!
    Donna M

  9. OH My God they have left his tattoos showing, finally we see Alex without cover up make-up on and what a lovely picture he makes, as usual such a Hottie!! Love you loads Alex XXXX

  10. all I can say is …….hottie and I know hot when i see it

  11. Thanks for the shirtless pictures. His tattoos are beauitful. Thanks again.

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    Th-ese photos are just awesome. And Suzanne…I hope all those letters you wrote have some impact. I’ve wondered for months why so little of Alex was visible…I am hoping this H50 gig will put him out thiere for all to see and appreciate. I’m tired of people saying to me “Alex who?” And PS, did someone say that TR would be airing again this summer???? While waiting for Fall I would love to watch TR and the never-aired final episodes. Moonlight, Three Rivers and finally in Sept Hawaii 5-0. Life is good.

  13. ♥ Thank you so much for the wonderful screencap, Tiffany . ♥

  14. hi thanks for the photos of alex he looked so handsome

  15. I notice they are leaving his tatts uncovered in this one.

  16. I must have typed 10,000 words in the last few months about our wonderful Alex, also to TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine…LOOK WHAT WE GOT~~!! Show those sexy pictures like the other celebs in your pages and make sure everyone is excited about this show…. Alex is just a good looking on the beach without his shirt…Mathew McConahey must live in the water!!! Getting OLD TV Guide!!! ..Love Alex Your Forever Fan Suzanne YOU GO BABY!!!!!!

    1. I, too, am wondering why Hollywood has been ignoring Alex. He’s more gorgeous than anyone of those so-called hunks People, and those other Hollywood magazines are soooooooooooo in love with. We, Alex’s fans, need to put some pressure on those mags to get with it amd featire him instead of those not so gorgeous has beens.

    2. Suzanne – you GO girl!! And Charlene, you too!! All of us Alex fans need to continue to write to the magazines, send emails, vote him up on websites (wherever you can), and get the word out about the new series so people will know about it. My mother used to watch the old Hawaii Five-0, so she is excited to see this series getting made. If she likes it, she will tell her friends to tune in, as will I, of course! But as far as the media goes, we have to BOMBARD them with Alex. The more continuous information they receive from the fans (start-up those fan-sites!), the more interest they will have in learning more about him. We can do this. We can all unite to support Alex and MAKE them pay attention to him! Never give up and never give in! We have to keep Alex on the air and on our TV screens!

  17. Okay, so this is more Alex’s speed – he is made for action and this looks to be giving him all the action he can handle and he gets to show off his tattoos – so what more can you want!!??

  18. When I heard the music from the promo, my heart jumped and I knew this will be big. I loved this show years ago & with Alex on board with this great cast, it will be awesome!! Thanks for all the pictures & video.

  19. This looks wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I am so wired up for this series. I think the Nielson ratings for the first showing of Hawaii Five-O will go through the roof. I do believe that Alex O’Loughlin will be on television for quite awhile and I’m not complaining!!

  20. There goes the pic of the bloody face Jlo was talking about at one of the press junkets. lol.. People need to stop talkin crp about JLo, you dont have to hate one star to prove ur a fan of the other. She has worked very hard for what she has even if you dont liker her. She was not in control of what was shown in each of her interviews. Love Alex for being such a gentleman and alwayz being gracious when referring to his co-stars.. xoxoxo.

  21. Thanks Tiffany for all the great pics. I am so excited about this show. Alex looks great and cast looks good. I just want to fix his boo-boo and kiss it and make it better (ha ha). This looks to be a good one.

  22. Great pictures from Alex…he looks so fantastic on this pilot…thanks Tiffany!!!

  23. Alos looks lik he’s putting on some of his lost weight 🙂

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      Great photos, and I hope he’s putting on some weight. He was too thing in TR. Mick St. John was the best built, with that ‘hair’, ohooooooooooo : ) : )

  24. It looks totally awesome – I honestly cannot wait to see it!!!!! I am so excited and I got to hear him say “Book ’em Danno” finally:)

  25. Everything looks positive for Alex. His work with JLo on ht e big screen ( although not a hit for JLo) has raised Alex’s profile. He looksg ood in a suit and on the beach. Series from Hawaii have been popular: Remember Tom Selleck in Magnum PI? ( sorry if that was Ca.) It is going to be more exciting than watching Miami CSI on Monday night.

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