Hawaii Five-0 1.10 Hao Kanaka Recap

This episode begins with an armored truck robbery. The robbers (who were dressed in painter’s uniforms) shoot all three guards and take off with the truck.

After the 5-0 team takes on the case Kono is quick to tell them they can track the money since it was tagged. They track it to a pier and Steve and Kono dive in to find the truck and all the cash all at the bottom of the water. This leaves Steve to think this robbery may not have been about the money.

They run faces of a crew of painters near the heist through facial recognition software and they get a suspect. When they track him down he tells them that he responded to an ad that requested painters be ready and waiting in their painters whites for a job. The 5-0 believes this was part of the heist. They also suspect that another robbery may occur the following day when the city is all but shut down for a large triathlon event.

Steve and Danno go to the hospital where one of the guards is recovering. When they get there the guard has coded and they see a suspicious man in a doctors uniform. He does not respond when they tell him to stop and instead hightails it into the elevator shaft and escapes. From there they visit a chiropractor’s office where the painters ad was placed. They find evidence that the robbers are dopers and athletes who may be running in the triathlon. Chin Ho figures out that they stole the truck to get the video card that was in the black box, which gives them pass codes.

A new lead takes them to a couple who rent a house in Danno’s ex wife’s neighborhood. Danno reluctantly asks his ex if they can conduct their sting from her house which allows them a view of their target. The suspects leave their house and Danno takes that opportunity to look inside. He is interrupted when the other two suspects enter the house. Danno’s ex wife creates a diversion by hitting their front gate and pretending she is tipsy so that he can escape. She also has them write their contact info on a notepad so that she can give Danno the fingerprints.

The next day the triathlon is in full swing. Danno and Steve discover that the suspects tagged 4 other athletes with their own race tracking devices so that it would appear they were racing while they were in fact robbing a local jewelry store. Kono sees them exit the store with fanny packs on and they jump on bikes and join the race. The 5-0 team makes quick work of rounding them up though.

This was a solid and entertaining episode and I liked all the interaction between Danno and his ex… who clearly still care about each other. I give it 3 out of 4 stars.

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  1. ok check out hawaii five-0 site/cbs… the new one clip is up…”Hawaii Five-0 – Palekaiko”
    look for clips it should be 1st one.. it may be a real quick clip.. and yet for sure it sets u up for this monday’s one… o’ and seat belts wouldn’t hurt either.. :whistle: just thought I’d add that for good measure.. :whistle: :angel:

  2. Thanks for last week’s update about H5O, Tiffany. I enjoy Alex and Scott’s character developments, and the latest one really rocked!

  3. check out schedule at cbs .com
    dec 13.. “hana “a” a makehewa” (if spelling bit off its b/c i’m rushing again..)…
    just thought u’d all like to know…

  4. According to the listings, tonight’s H5O is a repeat. “Malama Ka Aina” is the episode that starts with the football game. Why is CBS going with reruns so soon?? I thought they would have all 22 episodes before reruns. 🙁

    1. Most shows are running repeats due to the Thanksgiving holiday and lots of football games going on. Just be patient.

    2. cheri… hey no problem… like Jeanne B. posted… it happens this time of year.

      besides.. look to next monday’s ep… yup its newwwww one.

      um, yet.. of as to help of to keep Hawaii Five-0 keep on going… um, that of well sending a quick and yessss polite w/ NO vinger included… ok?… that of just a quick note by way of cbs’s feedback(on their site)… for sure could help Hawaii Five-0 keep on trucking… just a thought… what do u think?

      p//s.. and yup too.. the local cbs station in u’re area that carries “Hawaii Five-0 … let them know too… that u’re happy that their doing it… and too, for sure can only help… right?

  5. What is the story with this crazy woman that thinks she is married to Alex?

  6. LOVED Mick St John, Love Steve, but I’m waiting for the love interest to be like Mick and Beth’s, THAT was the best part, always is, the sexual tension, gripping tv.just my opinion. When is ep 10 showing can’t find it anywhere????

    1. lyn, I agree. I think he was being charming to Rachel, I hope he’s not going to swoon over her, that would kill the chemistry he has with Danno.

  7. Sandy, you got it sister, we are all here for the same reason… we can’t get enough of this sexy, sexy man.. ^_^

  8. Poor Tiffany! I’m sure there are a lot of whackjobs out there that think all sorts of
    “out there” things…..best thing is to ignore them. If you do marry him, you better invite us to the wedding! Ho Ho and have a great day….thanks for bringing us our wonderful Alex…comments on Hawaii Five 0 and CBS’s other two winners Blue Bloods and the Defenders are going through the roof :heart:

  9. Oh good lord, that crazy person who swears she and Alex are married is emailing me again. xD

    1. There’s at least one for every celeb. Hopefully she’s not bugging Alex with this nonsense. Hey Stalker–can you spell “restraining order”?

    2. Oh come on! If I was married to Alex I would be busy doing other things, then writing on a fan site . “””your know what I mean””””””” OH YEAH””””””””””:evil:

    3. I thought the nut jobs were all supposed to marry poor Keanu Reeves? Well, if she swears she has 5 kids by Alex we will know he has made it into A List stalker bait :ninja:

    4. Oh my……………..you mean someone is talking trash about my husband???? :woot:

  10. I really adore Alex and now I have the pleasure to watch him a very good show, it´s true that I miss Moonlight but this new show is perfect for him. Congrats Alex and wish the best for you and the show

  11. um, to say that w/ everything going on … and it is the holiday season now for sure… that how about this… and yes its to let CBS both know that of we do want Hawaii Five-0 to be re-newed for sure… and too.. that of well just too that of thanking them for putting Hawaii Five-0 on the air for us… and yup no vinegar allowed.. ok? yet too not too much sugar either… if u know what i mean… aka from the heart is always best. and just letting CBS for sure know and yup… local CBS stations of whom well… know too that of a simply thank you to them as well… for sure couldn’t hurt…

    r/ i’m bring this up is that it for sure couldn’t hurt and too especially well to say that of a chance too.. it just possibly surprise them that even during this busy time of year that well…of let them know Hawaii Five-0 matters to us and too… well it for sure couldn’t hurt right? :angel:

    and of as to its this time of year we each of busy and all…, and well let CBS & local stations to which carry Hawaii Five-0… ok? yet hey don’t worry of if u’re not able to.. postive thoughts & yup prayers for sure can work too… just a thought.

  12. FYI… I watched a very deep tear jerking love store, MERCY. It was written, produced, and stared SCOTT CAAN. Very very good, but you got to pay attention to get the whole story. Guess who has a bit part towords the end, Holly Valance. So I guess “our” Alex and Scott have more to talk about then we know. I later seen an article which said Alex was also in it, but I think it was a miss print cause I didn’t see him. Will be watching it again. :heart:

    1. What’s the name of the movie ??

      1. PAMELA, the name of the movie is “MERCY” and like I said Scott wrote, produced, and stared in it. You can get it on Netflex.

      2. Sorry annie, wasn’t paying attention. So in to Mick can’t stand it !! Thx ! Watch him on DVD and you tube!! :heart:

    2. annie, Finally watched Mercy from Netflix’s. It was a tear jurker !! Scott is a good actor well…

  13. I can’t believe only one person has commented on the Vampire reference in this week’s show!!! It JUMPED out at me and I noticed they didn’t linger too long on Alex after the reference was made… probably for good reason. It was awesome! I love H50 but I will forever be an Alex and Moonlight fan.

    1. KimS, Go back to Nov 23rd an you’ll see several people have commented about the vampire statement & correct me if I’m wrong Danno was looking right @ Steve when he said it….Fan from ML & miss it very much…

  14. Ella, I agree with you about the Feed movie – a little sick but Alex makes it worth watching. I did not like the blond hair either. I also didn’t like the hairless chest but he’s gorgeous no matter what. He did do a great job acting in this movie and some of those views of Alex made it very enjoyable to watch.

    1. I agree Jeanne–a hairless chest doesn’t do much for me. And yet Alex isn’t a gorilla either–LOL! He’s perfect even with the short hair–I prefer his longer hair like in ML but in Hawaii his curly hair would only frizz xD

  15. What exactly was the vampire reference? I missed it! 🙁

  16. Hi Tiffany and Gang – “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of you – hope you all have a wonderful day
    filled with many blessings. Now back to the good stuff – – I knew from the opening scene with Alex in his muscle T-shirt, this was going to be another good one and it was. Correct me if I’m wrong, Tiffany, but I think this episode did really great in the ratings with a 12. something, right! Great! I love Danno’s ex – you can tell they still have feelings for each other. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of the 2 of them togegher. Also, you can see just how close Alex and Scott have become because their timing is right on – loved the “babe” line and also when Danno said he had an idea and McGarrett told him not to hurt himself. These 2 guys are the hottest team on TV – I also loved how each of the 5-0 team caught the
    4 bad guys in their own way, especially that kick by McGarrett and Danno with the ice chest. Thanks Tiffany for the updates – can’t wait to see what’s next. 😀

    1. JoJo the ratings were quite good Monday! I hope they stay 12 and above.

  17. Jeanne B: Thanks for the info. I had no idea it was a tattoo. I happen to love his back tattoo. I have seen The Oyster Farmer about a million times. It is so good. In the movie Feed you get a real good look at his back tattoo and a few other parts. The movie is a little sicko but with Alex in it, it is worth watching. Although I don’t care for the blond hair. Thanks again and have a good Thanksgiving!


  19. Thanks Tiffany for the recap. Loved the episode. Caught the vampire comment that Dano made. I also miss Moonlight but Hawaii-Five-O is also good. It just keeps getting better and better. Hope they do more with Dano and his ex-wife. Love ya Alex, you Roc.

  20. I don’t know when the Peoples Choice awards are but H50 is nominated for best new drama. I have been on the website many times. You can vote as often as you like. There are so many categories so I just go to best new drama, vote for H50, forward to the next category and right back to best new drama category to vote again. There are ten shows for best new drama so we need to spread the word about voting for our Alex.

  21. Hello Fellow Alex Fans. This is a great website. Thank-you Tiffany for your weekly updates. They are great. I think Alex is a fabulous and gifted actor. He is by far the most handsome, sexiest man EVER…… My new desktop on my computer is Alex in his blue swim trunks. So gorgeous. Some days I just sit and stare at my computer screen for hours. My husband wonders why nothing gets done.?????

    Ella, if you go on youtube you can find some videos of Alex in his movie Oyster Farmer. There are some very good shots of the tattoo on his lower back. There are also some very sexy scenes with Alex. (big sigh)

    I loved this weeks episode of H50. I love any scene with Alex – most especially the shirtless ones. Bestill my heart !!! All of these actors work so well together. The show keeps getting better and better and Alex keeps getting more gorgeous.

    Here is a fun fact that maybe people already know:
    Alex O’loughlin DOB : August 24, 1976
    Scott Caan DOB : August 23, 1976

    I am anxious to see how the story with Danny and his ex goes. They are very cute. I do hope they do more with that.

    I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

  22. I love love love Hawaii Five 0 but there has been something I’ve wondered about… has anyone noticed the difference between the clarity and closeups of Alex on Moonligth (or practically any other drama he’s been on ) as opposed to 5 – 0? He’s doesn’t get enough closeups and he was MUCH MORE sexy in the photography they used on Moonlilght. I’ve noticed that on other shows -better photography on some shows than others”???
    Last nights show was really Scott’s…not that I’m complaining, but they should start to getting more close up of Alex’s beautiful hazel eyes and his expresive face….come on..he’s the STAR Love from Suzanne
    Alex’s Forever Fan

    1. I’ve been thinking about what you said, Suzanne, and I think it has to do with using natural light vs. studio lighting. In ML, Alex was in the studio a lot–indoors because Mick couldn’t be out in the sun. Alex’s Steve is an outdoors-guy plus it’s in Hawaii–why wouldn’t they shoot outdoors in that gorgeous weather? I agree there aren’t enough close-ups of Alex and I told CBS as much when I have commented on their website. They definitely need more Alex close-ups!! 😉

  23. Thank you for all your hard work, Tiffany. This was a GREAT episode! I worried that Alex did his own stunt when tackling the guy on the bike–that stunt went over a cement retaining wall and rolled onto the sand–OUCH! 😮 Also, that “kung-fu” move where he was on his back, arched and landed on his feet–WOW! I would imagine it’d be very hard to do on sand. Couldn’t tell if Alex actually did the stunts. He’d be hard to replace if he got injured. I’ll have to go back and watch it again for his tramp stamp. And Alex in a muscle shirt??? OH MY!!! Especially on a ladder with a hammer in his hand–my kind of man!! :love:

  24. I also must be being very thick ’cause I have been wondering what you are all talking about “Tramp Stamp”. Could one of you ladies please spill the beans, what is it I missed

    1. A “tramp stamp” is a tattoo in the small of the back. Alex has a huge tribal one. I can see why they don’t show it because there is a lot of controversy about the meaning of one on men. The meanings are usually sexual and highly charged.

      Google the term and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

      Personally, I’d love to hear him tell the stories about each of his tattoos. No one gets one without a story.

    2. When you Google “tramp stamp” most of the info is regarding females with tramp stamps. But when you Google “male tramp stamp” a pix of Alex’s comes up (from Oyster Farmer)!! Apparently Google thinks his tramp stamp is noteworthy.

  25. I forgot to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. Barbara L: At the end of the episode Danno asked Steve “You want to hit Side Street? It’s on me”. Steve answers “Yeah”. Side Street is a local hot spot in Honolulu.

    Annie: Danno called Steve babe when he was emptying the bag out of the vacuum cleaner.
    I had my closed caption on when I rewatched the show so I could be sure of what I heard. I think it is priceless.

    And also, what is the “tramp stamp” that everyone is talking about? I guess I am stupid, but I just don’t know. Can someone inform me?

  27. I watch and enjoyed this episode. :heart: However, no matter how good Hawaii Five-O is, I miss Moonlight. :bandit: I feel CBS robbed their public of a great series. I watch the ratings on H5O because I want it around for awhile. The casting personnel choose well between McGarret and Danno, they really carry the show.

  28. for sure this one was even wilder ride sort of speak… and yup that vampire remark perfect timing…

    um, I checked as to next monday’s /nov 29 (tvguide.com) is a repeat (football game one), and then next one, Dec 6, new one.. “Palekaiko” something about a honeymoon couple & something of new husband is of dun-in & his new wife is taken….

    o’ and before I forget.. and yup i may of post this before… to everyone… may you & yours have a wonderful thanksgiving….

  29. Just saw the overnights and Hawaii 5 O is up 14%!!!


  30. Yes, thanks Tiffany. I loved this episode and I do miss Moonlight. There maybe a Moonlight movie.

  31. I think Alex O’Loughlin is beginning to relax with the role of McGarrett. He seemed to be having more fun in this episode. As the leader of Five-O, McGarrett has to be a bit more on the serious side. I’ve been reading where a major storyline is coming up for McGarrett with the kidnapping of his sister. I am looking forward to this storyline as we’ll start seeing the background of McGarrett. It can only get better 😀 (I also liked the vampire remark Danny made to Steve – it was a nice touch).

    1. cyib , you are so right. Danny and Steve work well together…

  32. Loved the vampire reference. Missed the man stamp peek. Will have to watch it again! (and again). This was a great episode. Liked the interaction between Danno and his ex. Scott Caan is sooo good in this role and, of course, AOL is the main man. Did they do something to enhance his tats? The colors are more vivid than I remember seeing before. Either way, as long as he keeps taking his shirt off, I’m happy!

  33. I only wish we could watch it on TV!!!! 🙁
    On line isn’t the same….
    Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts allowing us to keep up with all the buzz.
    *** Flora

  34. Loved the show. Got to see Danny’s wife, a lady with a very English accent. Also Alex being very athletic, he is super fit. I noticed when he took off his shirt a mark near his collar bone at front. It was then covered by his dive mask. Perhaps it was supposed to be from that injury he had his arm in a sling with in one of the first eps. They certainly get better, Mr Salt and Pepper, loving them and the vampire reference, and science thing when Steve got the dust out of the vacumn. Lots of snidey remarks from Danny about Steve’sd things like swimming, elevator climbing and dusting the bags. Just love all the banter between the two.
    Is H50 having a haitus like some of the shows? Because I still van’t watch it, only on internet I don’t get the ads so no idea if a break is due.
    Glad it is getting to other countries Manilla now Peru, but still not Alex’s home country Australia 2011 I think. How can they put out a DVD of the season, when this country will be so far behind?

  35. Tiffany, I appreciate so much you making the time to keep us updated about our beloved Alex. I´ve just started to watch the episodes here in Peru and I am sure this show is the one, Alex owns this role, besides his sexiness, his flawless performance which we are already used to, this character gives him the chance to reveal all his potential; as in Moonlight, there’s chemistry among the cast, the script is great and the beautiful settings are definitely a bonus. I am so so happy for him, and for all of his increasing fan base.

  36. I caught the vampire statement too. I thought it was great. Oh my my! Alex in that white shirt was so sexy! He looked so good. Of course he always looks good, but he looked exceptionally good while working on his house. Hot and sweaty!!!!!!!!!!! Did you all catch where Danno called Steve babe? I thought that was hilarious!

    1. Gee, I missed that too. I’ve already watched it three times. It’s hard to catch everthing they say. When did he say that / 🙁

  37. Thanks so much for the recap Tiffany. Loved the episode. Lots of great banter again between Steve and Danno. And I loved the interaction with Rachel ….hmmm, more to come I’m sure. Had one big query tho’…couldn;t make out Scott’s last words as the epi ended. What exactly did he say to Alex? Played it back several times and could not understand it.. Will look forward to Fri’s chat; maybe someone will know.

  38. very enjoyable episode! Fast paced. Lots of action! Did any catch the “tramp stamp” peek when McGarret tackled the guy on the bike? :love:

    1. OMG…really? I missed that.. cant wait to rewind and watch again. 🙂

  39. The stories just keep getting better and we continue to learn more about our characters. Loved it when Danno made a comment to Steve about a vampire when they were in the chiropractor’s office with the blood. Yeah, I so miss MOONLIGHT!

    1. I agree! I picked up on that right away – CUTE! Love the show and the chemistry of all the characters! Happy that the show is doing so well – GO ALEX! :love:

  40. I must say I think this by far Alex’s best show…I loved Moonlight do not get me wrong, it’s just that this one seems to be doing all the right things and I’m really enjoying it! Thanks Tiffany!

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