Alex Photo – Hawaii Five-O

Just something to jumpstart your Sunday afternoon… this has been out awhile but I hadn’t posted it yet. Enjoy!

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  1. Good Morning to alll Alex’s girls. For us die hard MoonLight fans starting at 8am on SyFy
    MoonLight, will run til 4pm.

    Have a Good One

  2. Sandra,
    From what I understand it’s supposed to be out mid December,Early January. I also put a reminder into Amazon, to let me know when available. 😉

  3. Cozette where you getting Three Rivers from. I have put in a request with Amazon to be notified when it is available. As of yet there isn’t a pre-order date or anything like that? ot even a cover photo. I thought they perhaps needed a certain amount of interest before they make one.

  4. Well this site has been very quiet. So lets start.
    Alex is doing an awsome job as Steve Mc. it gets better every week. Monday to Monday
    is just too long without seeing him, so MoonLight and the Shield, The Back Up Plan,
    are filling up, the week. Just ordered Three Rivers, gotta wait for Christmas, This is my Birthday Present to me. Lets just hope i don’t end up in the hospital again this year Spent
    Christmas( my birthday) in hospital for 4 days last year.I’m so glad we get to see his
    Tats,in this series,I love it when he says Bookem Danno.LOL :love: 😉

  5. TAMMY YETMAN LOVES YOU :heart: :love: 😀 :kiss:

  6. Guess what there are more than one Rosemary. Also I think that Alex O’Loughlin is one hot, sexy, cute, adorable actor that CAN ACT. I know that from watching a lot of actors. He is able
    to make this older woman drool.

  7. I am like most of you, I’ve never responded this way to an actor before. Holy cow. I even bought The Oyster Farmer and Feed on Amazon cause I can’t get enough. There is something very magical about this man.

  8. There are few things for enjoyment and the picture of Alex in the wet black shirt is exceptional.

  9. ”A new ”Hawaii Five-0? Why? The original was and still is a classic. No one could possibly make me forget ”Jack Lord!” Alex did! And ”Scott Caan is great as his partner. He is just like his dad ”James Caan!”

  10. I have watched Alex in Moonlight and bought the DVD of the series and love him in Hawaii 5 0. The
    relation between Danno and Steve is enticing to the show. I watch some of the original 5 but this
    show has more feeling, grit and good looking men. A good actor can show feelings in their faces and all of the stars have that talent. I am so glad to have something GOOD to watch on television and I am excited.

  11. Shucks, we don’t as far as I know have Entertainment weekly magazine, I am sure if we did it would be a different one to you guys can get. Would love to see Alex in his navy blue swim togs. It sucks living in OZ. Oh, but then we do make some hunks of men. Hugh Hackman, Scott Baker (nice if not hunky), one of the Doctors who is in ‘House’, and also can’t remember his real name but Jason Stackhouse (True Blood), and of course the man himself Alex.

  12. 9 days away from today for HW50!!! I’ve gotten my Entrtainment Weekly magazine today & Alex is on page 47 with his navy blue swim trunks on!!! I almost dropped the magazine because it got hot under my hand!!!! The man is a hunky, supersexy, hot….. i can go on

  13. OMG you guys are hilarious…am loving the fact that there’s such a range of ages who love Alex…he is indeed a great actor, fellow Australian and just down to earth good guy. Hope Hawaii 5-0 last longer than Moonlight (love love love!) and Three Rivers!! Best of luck to Alex and the cast….can’t wait to see him back on our screens!

  14. I think I just died .

  15. I just got back from a road trip and there was a huge sign saying new hotel ahead called “Three Rivers Hotel” 50 miles more. I literally had to pull over and contain myself. I almost was going to tell my road tip buddies to smack me. I just had a major laugh attach. Of all the places in the world (Washington State)….too funny!!

  16. ok.. 18 days to go… as to minutes and well the rest of that stuff.. I’ll leave that to someone elses…

    1. um.. of as to back-up plan… um, check w/ u’r local library.. they of possibly or might have a copy u could borrow… and yes it will be just for a few days and yet well.. just a suggestion… and um, I asked and um, a suggestion .. and well..they did,.

  17. I can not wait just 2 1/2 weeks left until we can see our beloved Alex. I am counting the day’s.

  18. Wow! That says it all. 🙂

  19. Tiffany, I was very surprised to see how many Arians named Nelia Camara exist in the world, every time I send a comment for Alex will put Nel Love and hope that no other Nelia has had the same idea, hahaha kisses.

  20. Hi Tiffany, Hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you again for keeping us updated with everything new on Alex. I did come across some interesting news on James Marsters who used to play Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slater. He’s filming on either a pilot or new show, so I was wondering if he’s still scheduled to be on Hawaii Five-0? Anyway, just wanted to show my gratitude for all that you do. Have a great week! September can’t come quick enough Hee!! Lisa

  21. Just got my copy of “The Back Up Plan” and absolutely love it – like CK38 said, pause, rewind, play, pause, rewind, play, mostly pause and look in awe at how handsome Alex is – For those who are trying to make Scott Caan the big star of H5-0, forget it, you’re wasting our time – Alex is the star here – most of us have never heard of Scott Caan until now. I want to watch H5-0 because of Alex, the rest of the cast is just that, the rest of the cast. The way CBS is promoting H5-0, it will be the hit of the new season. Hurry Sept. 20th.

    1. Guys, 22 days, counting it down for HW50!!! ; P

  22. Just bought Back Up Plan today, & i’m excited! I can now watch, pause, rewind, pause,pause & pause. Hah….

    1. Isnt it great?.. He is just so scrumdeliumptious.. ;P .. xxoxoxo

  23. A beautiful man.


  25. Happy Birthday my sweet, adorable sexy Alex …….. Love you and will always be with you on your journey thru stardom.. Best wishes and may blessings be with you alwayz!!! XOXOXO

  26. Very Nice, Alex!!!!! Very hot & sexy!!!! I can’t wait for this fall just to see you every Monday night!!! Lots of love!!!! XOXO

  27. May Everything Happy
    And Everything Bright
    Be Yours On Your Birthday
    From Morning Till Night.
    And Then Through The Year
    May The Same Thing Hold True
    So That Each Day Is Filled
    With Life’s Best Things For You!

  28. Happy 34th birthday to the man of my dreams…and waking hours too!! May you continue to have professional success and personal fulfillment.

  29. Wishing Alex a very Happy Birthday tomorrow the 24th of August. May all your birthday wishes
    come true. I’ll be releasing a bright Blue Mylar balloon for you tomorrow. Take care.

    Love & Kisses,


  30. <Alex you are very beautiful and super wonderful, happy birthday and make sure that everything in your life, love

  31. I’ve also checked out ” Beyond”, i didn’t like the way they cut off Alex’s head from the promo HW50 poster!!! : ( But….. when u browse a little lit down, there is an extended clip from HW50 that lasts as long as 6-8 minutes!!! Guys, check it out!!!! This show will be a Success, i can feel it!!!! ; D

  32. Well, I hadn’t heard of Alex being “Chris” either – and their website is pretty BAD!! Since when is Scott Caan and that Tyrean person more popular than Alex!! The credits on the tv show had better list him first since he’s the leading character!!!! Phooey on them!

  33. I checked out Beyond and it is not very Alex friendly. For a starters the black wet t photo chops off Alex’s face (I am sure if you click on it you get to see his face) When listing the cast Alex’s name is fourth, Scott Caaan first and even Daniel whatever, Grace Parks is after Alex. Also have they changed Alex’s character to Steve McGarrett’s son Chris, unless of course I was wrong in thinking he was Steve Mc. I suppose that would make sense because Alex is too young to be Steve, but firtst time I had heard of it.

    1. They can try to make a star out of Scott Caan because his dad has clout, but he’ll never be half the actor Alex is; don’t worry, the cream will always rise to the top!

  34. Hi again – Tiffany may already have this one, but I found a great promo pic of the entire cast
    on “Beyond – it’s in black and white and it’s awesome.

  35. Feliz Cumpleaños, y que todo te vaya tan bien como ahora .Saludos

  36. Hi Ladies – it’s great reading all of your comments and seeing the different age groups of women (I’m 54) with such great taste who know what they like! I agree with Yoli about Alex
    being “People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive” – we should start the campaing now! It’s great
    to see how much promotion is going into Hawaii Five-0 – this is Nina Tassler’s “baby” and it shows. Looks like she’s going to do everything in her power to make this work this time – all we have to do is tune in every week – with Alex looking this hot, especially in those upcomig shirtless scenes, there will be no problem. Looks like the fall season will be hotter than this summer has been.

    1. Hi Jojo! I totally agree w/ you!! This year is Alex’s year!! I truly believe that HW50 will outlast the other oncoming fall season shows!!! I’ve been telling everyone @ my job to watch this show once it comes on Sept. 20th!! Who wouldn’t want to watch a show that has beautiful, talented , & young casts on it ??? I wouldn’t wanna miss it for th world. All for Alex!! C’mon ladies on the house, who could resist how gorgeous Alex’s smile ; P

  37. Feliz Cumpleaños!! Ojala que todo te vaya tan bien como hasta ahora.Saludos…

  38. Alex is simply D +, I pray to God that he blessed and protect, he is recognized worldwide, so that videos of him are the most popular on youtube, it is deliciously tasty and very charismatic. May he be happy in life professionally and personally. I love Alex

  39. Gente que homem maravilhoso, não sei porque demoraram tanto para descobri-lo, ele é simplesmente D+, super talentoso, carismático, inteligente e irresistívelmente lindo.

  40. Yesterday I was on the train going to NY City and at pne of the stops I kooked out the window and there was a huge billboard with Alex and Grace Park. It is this picture with her on the other side. Both blasted with water.

  41. 3 more days before Back Up Plan comes out on dvd!!! Also Alex’s 34th B-day!!!! Anticipating HW50 all @ the same time!!!!! Come On Sept. 20th!!!!!!!!!!

  42. of as to say that I don’t know of how many of you may of seen ET last nite or not.. yet when they did their preview for this MONDAY( aug 23/2010).. they said something like the “anatomy of the Hawaii 5-0 cast” and that of something about the 6 degrees between them… of which they/ET included a quick clip from the movie “gone in 60 seconds”. um, of to say changed the channel to the other channel that carries ET to check and yup same thing too.

    1. um, just checked on et site and this wken (8/21-22-2010) their doing to “Top 10 hottest hunks.. and of what I saw in the clip as to well lets just say Hawaii 5-0 is mentioned.. o’ and it was a very quick clip too.. so well I’ll be watching..

    2. YUP TODAY (8/23/2010).. on ET , – “Anatomy of Hawaii 5-0 Cast”… check it out.!!!

  43. I LOVE this pic!!!!!! He is sooooo stinkin gorgeous!!!! He is now the background on my cell phone!!!!! Thank you Tiffany, your e-mails just make my life better!

  44. Thanks Tiffany for the gorgeous photos! Alex is a wonderful actor and I wish him much success with Hawaii 5-0, he definitely deserves it. I have to say that water never looked so good before….LOL!! He is one fine specimen, that’ s for sure!!!

  45. OMG!!! This picture should be down right illegal…I have never drooled over someone famous before. But Alex is different. I could lick him all over…Ahem…sorry I got a little ahead of myself. DAMN that man is beautiful.

  46. Thank heavens, went to another site….Scott was injured but basicalliy injured his knee which was an agrivated old injury….its gonna be written into the show and I don’t think any surgury required. Scott was quoted as saying Alex was is his ” main injury ” (scarcastically and funny I’m sure”) Love those guys.

    1. Sorry, but I am not a fan of Scott Caan. Alex doesn’t have to do anything to be James’ “main injury” he can do all that by himself.

      1. olivia, um.. of by chance you happen to get to read that of the whole thing.. and that of well too of possible that of you may of noticed as to when it comes to those 2… that in short that of joke around and yup kid too. also of what I’ve read .. that to say if I am not mistaken that its going to be written into an episode. and of with that and too their sense of humors go, too as well we’ve seen that both of theses men have , .that of no harm meant..

      2. suzanne: I did read the whole thing but what I was saying before I was never a fan of James in the past and I would never be. I am not a fan of his fathers’ work as well.

      3. ? Olivia: Scott is the son, James is the father. Your post (below) confused me.

  47. Heard yesterday of Caans accident on the Hawaii 50 set and that he had to be taken to LA for surgery? Any more info?

  48. I can’t even spell because he is so amazing, speechless. SPEECHLESS.


  49. Oh, my GAWD!!


    No green shoes here…….

  50. I can`t sleep, I can`t eat ! I`m totally in LOVE with Alex ! We have seen him in Finnish television channels . In The Shield and Chriminal Mind. But MOONLIGHT was the serie I notice his charm, and I have been lost since that time ! ! ! ! Thanks Tiffany for the foto !

    1. I totally agree, my cousin introduced me to Moonlight, and I am in love! I was soooo mad when it got cancelled!

  51. It never fails to make me wonder why Alex has become such a sensation (although we all know the obvious reasons) I think he really has, as some have said “magical” qualities that him that make him stand out as such a special person…The Lord only puts very few on this earth like him, especialliy in the Show Biz World. TV Guide said they have a photo of him coming out of the surf with just his Navy Seal swim suit on…why the black shirt? Guess they are saving that one. Producer said it would probably be one of the most downloaded photos on line when it comes out in the 2nd story line of Hawaii Five O LOVE YOU ALEX!!!! /Suzanne your Forever Fan

    1. Yes, Thanks Tiffany I really love this photo. It makes Alex look very good.

  52. PERFECTION!!! I will be 44 next wk on Aug 24th YES, Alex and I share the same B-Day. I like some of the rest of you have never had a CRUSH on an actor before. I guess there is a first
    time for everything.

    1. I know this is crazy, the last time I had a crush was back in the late 80’s with the Corey’s. I feel like a teenager when it comes to Alex.

  53. This photo of Alex is fabulous. Wow !!! I must admit I wish he was shirtless, but if he had been,
    my printer would have burned up, so it’s just as well. I can’t tell for sure, but it seems we may
    have some newbies posting in this thread. I love to see that. I also have to admit to being in a
    more “mature” age group. No matter – it just shows no matter what age we are, we know who
    is the most perfect man on the planet. Alex !!! I am just counting down the days for HF-0 to
    begin. Go Alex !!!

    1. Linda E., thanks for putting it so perfectly.. of as to mature age goes. of for sure even of no matter how hard one may try…. that of yet the lesson one of learns is its of as to age will for sure change of with each year that comes and of go.. and yet it is of who one is and of who, to of what one does of with each moment of each year, and of to look into the mirror still seeing to that of within that real one who is still there ,and of peace within one’s self… still.

      yet as of to mature to over 25…yup me too! ..

  54. I just have to add my OMG to everyone elses. Awesome pic. Alex looks absolutely gorgeous. He sure looks good slippery and wet. Oh my, I need some of that water to cool off. Just counting down the days til 5-0. Thanks for the great pic Tiffany.

  55. I’m feeling the heat and it’s not from the weather!!! What a stunning photo. I have a new wallpaper for the computer. Very, very, nice!!!!

  56. Well, I have to admit I never thought I would like a character that Alex portrayed better than Mick St. John but he may well have created an unforgettable iconic character on H5O. WOW!
    Cross your fingers Ladies. Nina Tassler is finally putting in the time & effort that is worthy of Alex and his new show. Let’s hope CBS doesn’t drop the ball midstream with lame plots and no character development. If for some unthinkable reason H5O doesn’t make it; it certainly won’t be because of the actors. I like the fact that there are some Jack Bauer qualities to SM. Throw in a little Dark Blue and there will be no stopping this show.

  57. Stunning!!! Thanks Tiffany. OMG he’s so smoking hot!!!

  58. WHOA!! HOT STUFF!! This is a truly awesome breathtaking photo. Thanks a Lot Tiffany!! You made my day!!

  59. 61 (but who’s counting) and love him! He must be an old soul. I can’t explain it otherwise.

  60. um….. all i can say is ladies.. is that we may of just created that of well lets just say new shade of red of well um, that of a certain genltman’s face be… u think? that is if he happens to by chance as to see’s or hears of this right? o’ boy…

    thanks tiffany .. for sure u have made my day and for sure started off my week on a very up note as well.. thanks!

    1. , um on ET today(8/23/2010) Hawaii 5-0 “Anatomy of a cast”. check it out. ., (click Tonight on ET”) to see a quick clip of it.

  61. O.K. lets stop with the “cougar” stories.. We don’t wanna ruin HIS fantasy.. lol

  62. Alex is super fantastic. Thought he was brilliant in Moonlight and wish it could be played again even though I watched all the episodes again this last month on Living Loves. Yes , he seems to have captured the cougars and boy oh boy am I a 54 going on 28 year old cougar.!! Bring back Moonlight and more of Alex. I can beat the lot of you as I have his photo framed next to my bed. My ex husband wants to know who he is and how long have I been seeing him All good fun.!!! Alex is just awesome.

    1. Sheila: You HAVE got us all beat! Your comment is absolutely hilarious!! I wonder what my husband is going to think when I start putting up photos of Alex around my house!

    2. phyllis & sheila .. of anything thqt well other than we all do have top of the line wonderful of well… known that of a handsome gentleman for sure Alex is. plus… that of well…. lets just say that I’ll just put it this way… um, gentle on the eyes.. …

      1. check out on a new clip.. under title of Hawaii Five-0 – Catch The Wave. the air date 08/16/10

        have to run.. catch u all later..

    3. I’m really behind in reading all his fansites,but just wanted to add my story. I am 58 and I act like I’m 13, so so obsessed over him. I fell in love when I was flipping through the stations and seen him in the eposide of moonlight out in the desert with the ball cap on. My heart started beating,and I’m like who is this man, what is this show, I actualy took the following Thursday off work so I could watch again. It was love at first glance. He was sooo hot in that hat I almost stopped breathing. He is younger then my youngest son, and my son is seariously worried about me. He keeps telling me this is not normall. I have pictures blown up and taped in my kitchen, living room and dining room so I can see him constantley. My 6 year old grandaughter tells people he really is my boyfriend. Last year in school they had to write and mail a letter to someone. She wrote ” Alex, my grandma loves you. and drew a heart with our names in.. The teacher contacted her mom for the address and was totally surprised that he was an actor and not my old fart of a boyfriend. LOL

  63. Tiffany, You made my day! Printed the Fantastic Photo!

  64. · Edit

    OK, you gals have said it all. I totally agree about his total package. But I just have to add my two cents. I am 74 and I too have never had an obsssion with a movie actor. But this one has got me real good. and I am amazed at the range of people in age and in nationality who are also taken with this fabulous man. Go Alex. And hurry up September.

  65. I think it’s alright to be head over heels w/ our guy, Alex!! I’m 38 ( gonna be 39 in 2 months ), & i doubt i’ll ever be over w/ my obsession towards Alex!! He’s a Great Actor, he’s a dedicated father tohis 13yr. old son, & he’s living his dreams, his love of acting!! I too have his pics. as a screensaver on my cell, i couldn’t resist!! One Hot Aussie, Indeed!!!! : P

  66. baby got his bod back and he is smokin hot.. yeah baby.. i am so excited! i love the confidence expressed in this photo.. SO when is he doing playgirl? Certainly after Peoples sexiest man alive…;P

  67. Tiffany you have out done yourself again.This is one great pix.
    Gee I felt bad because i’m 60 and in lust with Alex. never been this head over heels, since
    the first time I saw Jon Bon Jovi.Needless to say Alex has replaced Jon on my walls.
    I hope he dosen’t change a thing.He is FINE just the way he is. He doen’t need
    improvment of any kind.. Teeth Hair or nose, the way he is is what we all fell in
    L O V E with. Have a good day, God Bless

  68. What an amazing picture of our gorgeous Alex! Can’t wait for H5O. Thanks Tiffany.

  69. May sound gross, but all that water could be all of us drooling, he’s so yummy…

  70. I too am 60…like it was said before, we older but wiser ladies know a good looking man when we see one, but we also see that Alex has the quality of being a gentleman and that he truly “cares” about people – based on what I have heard about his charitable work. Yes, he is the whole package and I really hope that the girl lucky enough to one day become his mate will realize all of these qualities and know up front what she has. Let’s hope he is not just loved for his looks…there are already enough of us cougers out there doing that…Ha! Ha!

  71. Obrigada Tiffany, ele está ma -ra -vi-lho-so, tenho vontade de fazer um poster e coloca-lo na cabeceira de minha cama, é claro ao lado da foto do meu esposo.

  72. Alex is smokin’ and I’m on fire! He is the epitome of masculine perfection. Like so many others, I’ve never been “obsessed” with an actor before, but I want to see everything he’s ever done. I just watched ‘Feed’ and ‘Oyster Farmer’ and his star quality was apparent from the beginning. He inhabits every role.

  73. Age is but a number Ladies and Beauty is beauty,! Male or female and Alex is VERY beautiful Can,t wait for Hawaii 5-0 to begin

  74. Well I’m 44 so that’s a pretty good age for him!! LOL…Experienced and “cougarish”…LMAO.. Besides I know a lady who is in LOVE with him and she’s 70!!! (doesn’t look a day over 55 though!! LOVE YOU MaryAnn!!!!!)

  75. Well I’m in my 50’s, so Alex seems to have cornered the market for the older ladies. I’m pretty sure, there are fans out there in their 40’s and 30’s. Hopefuly some younger ones as well for the poor guy, else he will think we all want him for our ‘toy boy’ (we can but dream) LOL

  76. OOOHHH MMMYYYYYY GGGOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!! He really is……literally!!!! YUMMMMY!!!!!

  77. I feel like a cougar! I’m 40 and just LOVE him! I’m happily married but….Alex is Alex! Whew…

    Can’t wait for H5O!!! ; ) You go Alex! We’ll be watching.

  78. Thanks Tiffany for the gorgeous Hawaii 5-0 photo of Alex. That man is so hot!! Just when I think you can’t top it, you send another awesome pic of him. He’s the only actor around who can get the same wow reaction from almost every generation of women. He is so sexy and I can’t keep my mind on anything else today since the pic was sent. I just can’t wait until September..We don’t get tv guide here in Canada anymore, so if you come across any other pics please do not hesitate to send them to us. Thanks alot for all that you do, hope your summer is going well. Have a great week! Lisa

  79. I am totally amazed at how many older women have just gone over the edge with this guy..Maybe he’s an old soul..or maybe it’s just because he’s perfect from the ground up and there just no denying good taste…whatever it is, he’s got it and they see it…You go ladies!!!!!

  80. hi thanks he is so hot and handsome cant wait to see him back on tv

  81. One gorgeous hunk of a man. All you ladies have already said it all.

  82. Thanks so much Tiffany for definitely jumpstarting my week! I just can’t get enough of this guy. Have to watch Moonlight every night for my daily Alex “fix.” This is ONE GORGEOUS SEXY MAN! (and talented too.) This photo would make a wonderful poster.

    Just watched Alex on You Tube video of him on the Rachael Ray show. We love him because he is so sweet and funny too. He’s got a ton of charisma! This guy’s the total package, and you don’t see that very often. (and I’m in my 60’s and never flipped over a movie/tv star before.) He’s got a very special quality that radiates from him. There are a million good looking guys on tv—but Alex stands out from the rest!!

    1. Like you Phyllis, I’m in my 60’s and am completely amazed at how I too have flipped over him. He is literally stunning. There’s one thing can be said for we “more mature” ladies, we know a good looking man when we see one.LOL

      1. AMEN to that! I too am in my 60’s and think Alex is just ADORABLE. Can’t wait to see him in H Five-0.

  83. Thius would be an AWESOME billboard in Times Square. It would literlly stop traffic!!

  84. Thanks Tiffany for this awesome pic of Alex. He is so gorgeous in it. He will be a screen saver for my cellphone.

  85. Just goes to prove no matter how old we get (68) we can appreciate a sexy good looking man and one that can act as well.
    Thanks Tiff

  86. OMG !!!!!!!!!! Thank you Tiffany for my newest screen saver – Is there anyone hotter than Alex!
    Hurry up September 20th!

  87. Oh yes, he is so gorgeous. I love it. It really did make my Sunday afternoon. Thanks Tiffany. I am really waiting for H5O. I can get my weekly fix of Alex. I will have to check again for the TV guide with H5O team on the front. It was not out in my store yet. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  88. Too Hot. This is right up there with the one from “The Back up Plan” where he was shirtless. The man is gorgeous. Definitely makes me wish I was thirty years younger.

  89. OH WOW…I was eating when I looked at this and I think the gorgeousness made me choke haha. What a picture! So awesome.

  90. He looks great! Looking forward to H50!

  91. Awesome pic, he looks fabulous!

  92. Someone that gorgeous makes a girl weak in the knees! (I feel like such a cougar! LOL!)

  93. OMG!!! Counting down the micro seconds. Got my copy of TV Guide yesterday. And now have this pic to look at. I just melt away to nothing…lol


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