The Scoop On Hawaii Five-O

Matt Webb Mitovich brings us the scoop on Hawaii Five-O:

With Alex O’Loughlin starring in the new Hawaii Five-0˜ (premiering Sept. 20, CBS), I would love to see this hottie in an on-screen romance. Any scoop on that? “Amy
Will there be onscreen romance for Alex’s Steve McGarrett? Goodness gracious, yes! a (female) source assures The Big Tease. In fact, just three or four episodes into the season, you can count on some seriously hot an heavy action for Hawaii’s top cop.

On September 13, ˜Hawaii Five-0˜ premieres at Sunset On The Beach in Waikiki. Which actors will attend the premiere? Alex O’Loughlin, perhaps? “ Karen
I am happy to say that the entire Five-0 ensemble “ ALEX included “ will be there. Aloha!

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  1. The powers on high in Hollywood should have cast Asians in the lead roles in the new Hawaii 5-0, instead they casted two white guys. Asians are the majority in Hawaii and this is 2010, not the 1960s. I’m very dissapointed that no Asian or Hawaiian actors were hired for the primary lead roles. As to be expected, the whites give the orders and minorities play the flunkies.

  2. um, if not mistaken… 12 days left to go….

    1. Yea, rosemary we now have 10 days and counting. Thank you Tiffany for all the info about Alex. I hope he did have a nice birthday.

  3. Can’t wait, counting the days. Rented TBUP, watched it 4x’s, then went and bought it
    today. He is so well so, can’t even think of a word that expresses His HOTNESS.

    Tiffany do you have a copy of the Navy Seal suit he has on coming out of surf, that everyone
    keeps talking about. Have the one full dress Navy uniform for my screen saver, and have the one, in wet tee shirt, Just need the surf one. P L E A S E!


  4. I’ve been watching the Hawaii 5-O marathon on Spike TV today. Some of the reviews I’ve read about the new H5O are critical that so few local Hawaiians are used in the series. But as I watch the old 5-O there aren’t many locals in that one either. And, having lived there, it now seems funny to see these guys in suits and ties. Like Alex’s character says, nobody in Hawaii wears a tie. The new 5-O will be more realistic, IMHO. And no “haole’s” with fake Asian eyes (I can’t believe they ever did that!).

    1. As for the suits and ties in the original Five-O series, this was in the 60’s and 70’s. In the 60’s, if you watch any shows back then, men wore suits & ties and women wore mainly nice, chic dresses or pants outfits. So, in a sense it was accurate and I did live in the dresses only for women. Boy! I broke loose in the mid 70’s when the pop culture started and I could wear jeans to school instead of dresses.

      There weren’t many locals in the original Five-O. I think that they had their core actors and they used them exclusively. The first season of the original Five-O was doing something very different – it was not being filmed on a California movie lot so they were opening in a new format for television.

      The new Five-O is a totally different era and not so uptight as to how you had to appear to do your job. I think it is more realistic that you blend in and not wear suits and ties so the bad guys recognize you easily. I know I’m going to enjoy the new Hawaii Five-O, too.

    2. I’ve been watching the original on Spike too. It was funny seeing Ricardo Montalban playing a Japanese baddie. They sure wouldn’t stand for that
      today. A lot of the dialogue seems so clunky too, that you almost wonder
      how it became a hit. The theme music and locale are the best things about
      the original HF-0. I know I’m going to love this new version so much. Go
      Alex !!!

      1. First off, I love this site and talking about the new Hawaii Five-O but I am an original Hawaii Five-O fan and some of the comments on the show is beginning to bother me. If it wasn’t for this series being a success,it was on for 12 years, you wouldn’t be seeing it resurface and others wouldn’t be having the chance to ride on its established popularity right now. (And I’m not knocking the actors who’ll play these roles – I love Alex O’Loughlin and want to see him play McGarrett. I’m looking forward to a better and more involved series on these characters).

        It’s the off-handed comments on the original series which upset me. Hawaii Five-O was one of the few series to make an attempt to film on location and for CBS this was expensive and something the executives didn’t like to do. Hawaii Five-O had to rely on popular actors from Hollywood to play a lot of the roles. CBS preferred that established actors be used over unknown ones for the new series so the parts of even foreigners, i.e., Ricardo Montalban in Japanese makeup (and yes, it is very fake looking and even I knew it didn’t look right when I first saw him) were chosen. This was not the fault of the series. For a long time, CBS didn’t want Five-O filmed in Hawaii but in their movie lots in California. Leonard Freeman, the creator of the series, continually fought to have the show filmed in Hawaii and to eventually use the locals more to make it realistic. This eventually set a precedent for other series which filmed on location in Hawaii. Actors in Hawaii gained more and more respect and had a stepping stone for other series and movies (Magnum, P.I., Lost, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park movies, etc.)

        You are watching the first season of Hawaii Five-O on Spike TV and you really don’t know the history and the fight Five-O went through to get started. You are still trying to compare a series which was on over 42 years (1968) ago to one in 2010. The original Hawaii Five-O had to break a lot of ground in the beginning to gain any respect. I would like to see this site show it some small respect it deserves. I love Alex O’Loughlin and I believe he’s a good choice for McGarrett….but, he did not create the character of McGarrett…that was the work of Leonard Freeman and Jack Lord. I am looking forward to Alex O’Loughlin adding more to the character with the new series.

        I want to see the new Hawaii Five-O a success but not at the expense of knocking the original series down.


  5. I have been watching the reruns of the old series on spike TV. I am on vacation this week otherwise I am at work at this time. They are showing alot of commercials for the new 5-0 and I am getting so excited. It looks awesome.

  6. um, yesterday I was flipping thu the channels, and yup on spike there was the re-runs of the original “hawaii 5-0” w/ Jack Lord… and then during the ad breaks.. there was of course that of clips for the “new Hawaii 5-0” … and if I’m not mistaken…i believe i may of seen a new clip by chance… and I think someone mentioned that spike was going to be doing this all wk. i checked & on (under show schedule its got it listed like from 9 am/est to 5pm/est… today thu this friday…

    1. Yes, Spike is showing the first season this week in anticipation of the new series. The episodes are shown at different times during the day and are the repeated episodes from the 9am-12:00noon slot. They show the episodes up through 5:00pm. I think it is a nice tribute to the old series as we prepare for the new series.

      I am very excited about the premiere of the new Five-O. Tomorrow is Sept. 1st and we can start a countdown then!!!

  7. Peter Lenkov is a doll…too bad he can’t be in the who itself….he looks like he’d be a good actor……just so he does his best for our Alex. anyone have any photos of Alex’s birthday?? Or Scott coming home on crutches? I’m sure Alex will be like a big brother to him…the were both born hours apart…and are really good friends. The whole show sounds like one big succes and I’m just thrilled to be a part of it with my fan friends on this site!!! Thankyou Tiffany for all you do….. Suzanne Alex’s Forever fan

  8. cylb ,
    for sure your right..Alex and Taryn Manning/ hustle and flow .. as McGarrett siblings .. for sure just add ed more to the mix and then some..

  9. Peter Lenkov, Hawaii Five-0 Showrunner wrote: @PLenkov McG and Cathering in bed = Fun & Playful. SO GREAT! There’s enough footage to cut an entire show featuring the 2 of them under the sheets.
    12:47 PM Aug 20th via web

    1. Remember that the bed scene is in episode 104 – 4th episode. Peter Lenkov meant the characters name is Catherine (not Cathering) and is played by actress Michelle Borth according to Taryn Manning who plays Alex’s sister on the series. Follow @PLenkov on Twitter at: 🙂

      1. I think it is great that we’re going to see more of McGarrett’s personal life in this new series. They didn’t really do that in the original series.

        You had to sort of piece McGarrett’s personal life by the tidbits given to you in the original series. If you see the original series (first season) being re-run on Spike next week, you’ll see the episode which introduced his sister, Mary Ann. “Once Upon a Time” was a two-parter and dealt with fake healers. Steve’s sister is being hoodwinked by one who claims to be healing her baby son who has terminal cancer. In the original series, McGarrett’s sister was married and lived in California. After this two parter, she was never mentioned or heard from again.

        I am a fan of Taryn Manning and I’m looking forward to seeing the McGarrett siblings interact. Alex O’Loughlin and Taryn Manning should be good as brother and sister.

  10. hi cant wait to see the show iwas on facebook and resd that alex got married i wish him all the luck in the world

  11. tiffany thank you for all theses updates as you do.. means alot. thanks. counting the days.. and I mean that in a nice old fashion way…

  12. I don’t know how much interest this will generate but Spike TV is going to show the first season of the original Hawaii Five-O starting next week. I know it will be cut up but you’ll have the chance to see how it all started for some of us who saw the original Jack Lord/James MacArthur series in the late 60’s & 70’s. (And Kono wasn’t this shapely lass either). LOL

  13. Yes, Adele H50 is coming to Australia. Oct the 20th I think. Channel 10. Unfortuanately where I live (Outback QLD) I can’t get Channel 10.

    1. sandra fegan, hey um,… just wondering of by chance that of well just a suggestion and yet of maybe you could contact them and ask of as to well if by chance that of maybe just a wild maybe.. that they might of possible that of on their website that of after each epsiode airs that well u know they just might air it… you think? just a thought.. and who knows right?

  14. Hi all:-) does anyone know if Alex’s new show will come out in Australia? and when? I am so excited that he has a new show, and he is looking so handsome as usual:-)

  15. Thanks Tiffany for all the wonderful work you do for us crazy Alex fans! TBUP being released on his birthday. Isn’t that something?! Just a few weeks away from the H5O telecast! I’m sooo excited as is everyone else!

  16. Now I know I can’t wait for H5O. Alex in a love scene!!! What a wonderful day two e-mails. Happy Biirthday Alex and the best with H5O. Love ya, you roc.

  17. Where can I get this poster?

    1. It was at Comic Con. Not sure if they are selling them though.

      1. Thanks, I’ll have to see

  18. Thanks for the update Tiffany, this is great two in one day! I am a new Alex fan (can’t believe I am joining the party late but glad to be here!). Very much looking forward to Hawaii 5-0! Back Up Plan tonight (knocked down everyone at the store to get it – LOL!) here I come!!

  19. Que bom Tiffany, que você nos mantêm informadas, vou ter que me contentar com os videos, pois vai demorar a chegar no Brasil. Estou na torcida para que dê certo a negociação que a rede tv esta fazendo com CBS, previsão ainda para este ano.

  20. Happy birthday Alex. Hawaii 5’o starts on english channels in October, really cant wait. There will be a lot of females sitting in my lounge watching those episodes. Happy Birthday again.

  21. Yes, what an awesome day is today. First and foremost; it’s Alex’s Birthday today; the Back Up Plan DVD is released out today. I can never get overdosed with Alex. We love you and may all
    Alex’s birthday wishes come true. I know mine have. Yes of course I’ve picked up my copy of the movie as well.

  22. Wow—e-mail from Tiffany twice in one day! This is a great day for all of Alex’s fans! I am glad to hear there will be some romance for Alex’s Steve McGarrett—and not just action. I ran out first thing to grab my copy of The Back Up Plan today—can’t wait to watch that tonight! I’m still passing along copies of Moonlight to friends so everyone can see what we fans are so crazy about.!!! And Alex—all your fan are wishing you a fabulous birthday ! We love you!!

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