Ready for Hawaii Five-0?

Are you having a premiere party? Will you just snuggle up on the couch and keep Alex all to yourself? How excited are you about Hawaii Five-0?!!

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  1. I was a fan of the original Hawaii 5-0 and have been pleasantly surprised that I love the new series as well as the first.they picked the perfect guy to play Steve McGarrett and I just think Dano is better than the first also.


  3. The new Fall Review TV Guide is out and there is a very nice and long article on the new Hawaii Five-O as well as a pull out photo of the many actors for the new season. Alex O’Loughlin is there in the picture. It’s worth buying! 🙂

  4. Thanks Tiffany, I’m just back from vacation, & happy to get your update, totally excited for this show to begin, and I love reading all comments from my sister Alex watchers. I watched TBUP about 10 times already. I also ordered Three Rivers from amazon before it’s even out. Wishing the Hawaii 5-0 all the best, Love to Alex and all his endeavors.!!

  5. Q/ how do you all think they did on that like pop quiz that ET gave them?

    just wondering?

    1. um, was just checking out anything new on and well came across this just incase as to well who knows …
      look for … and too besides untill well 20th.. this for sure will help right? think about it and yup it does.

      Hawaii Five-0 – Scott Caan & Alex O’Loughlin

      Air Date: 08/20/10

      Clip 1:39
      Hawaii Five-0 stars Scott Caan & Alex O’Loughlin talk about what fans can expect from the all new Hawaii Five-0. Hawaii Five-0 premieres Monday, Sept. 20th at 10/9 c. Only on CBS!

    2. Hi everyone-Been so busy this past year that I haven’t been back to this site since I last posted in January, when all the speculation about whether or not Alex was going to be on Hawaii Five-O was swirling about. Thankfully he is and now the eve of the 5-0 premiere is upon us! I live in Honolulu and I went to Waikiki earlier this evening (it’s late at night on Sunday/early Monday morning here now) to check out the “Sunset-On-The-Beach” Waikiki location where CBS will air a special premiere for Hawaii residents (and visitors who happen to be here) tomorrow (Mon., 9/13th) evening, one week earlier than the U.S. broadcast premiere. The events starts at 5pm tomorrow, with the “stars” showing up at 6pm, and then the airing of the 1 hour pilot episode at 7:30pm. I went there tonight out of curiosity, and sure enough they were setting up lights and doing test runs on the big screen already set-up on the beach. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening, perfect weather, and hopefully the same weather will make a repeat performance tomorrow! I arrived there just before 6pm, about the time that Alex and gang will show up 24 hours later. I sat on a low rock wall at the edge of the sandy beach area, very close to where the screen is set-up, and watched the beautiful purple and blue sunset, along with all the action going on with the setting-up. I struck up a conversation with a fellow observer sitting next to me and she told me she had attended the various “Lost” season premieres at the same location. She was nice and gave me a few pointers on where to sit and the best time to show up, etc. (I never watched “Lost” but know that it was extremely popular with residents here). On the big screen they were doing tests that included showing commercial clips (the kind you’ve been seeing already on t.v.) and they showed part of a scene that CBS posted on their website (the scene where McGarrett and Danno are busting into a Quonset home with guns drawn). And then at 7:30pm, right about when I was thinking about heading home, they started playing the premiere episode! I couldn’t believe it! Those of us who were still in the area all went quiet and stared eagerly at the screen. I though that they were only going to play it for a minute or so, but it went on and on! What we saw was the opening scene, followed by the credits (with the theme song, of course! I noticed that it was a very fast, jazzed up version of the orignal!), and then they continued with what would be the beginning of the episode. I don’t want to “spoil” it for all of you who want to wait until Sept. 20th, but basically that opening scene establishes very quickly why he comes to Hawaii (shall I say a death in the family?) and it includes Alex riding in a Helicopter over “Korea” but what I recognized immediately as the windward side of Oahu! The beginning of the episode (after the credits) has McGarrett in a white Naval Officer’s uniform on a Honolulu wharf talking to Jean Smart, who plays the Governor of Hawaii (and our real Governor also happens to be female, although her two term tenure ends this November). Alex looked really good in that uniform! I believe that wharf scene was filmed in front of the “Mighty Mo” (Battleship Missouri), parked at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. I was so sidetracked staring at Alex in uniform that I wasn’t thinking too much about that! Anyhow, right after McGarrett talks to the Governor and then turns around to walk away, they stopped the tape. Darn it! 🙂 Well, just as well. I’ll be leaving work early tomorrow to make it down there in time to get a good seat. A beach chair, sunscreen, portable cooler, and my Flip videocamera will all be going with me! Thought it’d be nice to share my excitement wiht all of you. I’ll post back tomorrow night after I return home! I think the whole thing ends at around 9 to 10pm Hawaii time. Aloha!

  6. WOW!! Alex looked GREAT on ET tonight!! Can’t wait for H5O!

  7. WIll share the info with everyone but I will be in bed with Alex all by ourselves with no interruptions.. what can I say? Im selfish.. >slrp< ;P

  8. as to any partying around here goes… its going to be more like quiet party.. of which is just fine w/ me…

    O and before I forget it. – TODAY …. on “”ET..” tuesday , Sept 7, 2010.. CHECK IT OUT .. ET ..

    1. what I was trying to post .. and hopefully this darn computer is well back from laborday wkend… I hope…
      is this…

      TODAY… ” ET ” (tuesday sept 7, 2010).. from the set of “Hawaii 5-0.”.. no joke!!!! check it out!!!!!!!

  9. I’m so looking forward to the premiere even tho I live in Finland, where we can’t even see the show 😀 so I’m hoping there will be some kind of live streaming somewhere so I cud watch it more or less live 😀 and thanks to the time difference, it wud be very early in the morning, so I’d be in my jammies..alone with Alex 😉

    1. maria… um, not sure and yet of if by chance as to try to see if you are able to get the website and by chance you can… that possibly just of like well.. shortly right after the 1 episode aires… maybe just maybe u could possibly try to see if you can go there and well.. just possibly by chance you of catch it there…? what do you think? just a thought and well.. hope you can.

    2. Hei Maria,
      asun myös Suomessa ja olen Alex O`Loughlinin ikuinen ihailija. Ihastuin tai peräti rakastuin Alexiin “Moonligt”-sarjassa ja olen saanut hankittua muutaman DVD:n jossa Alex esiintyy. On kovasti edistynyt näyttelijänä alkuajoista, vaikkei huono missään nimessä ole koskaan ollut ! Olet jo varmaan tämän viestin luettuasi saanut /löytänyt kaikki sivustot , joista Alexista löytyy !? Mutta jos et ole, niin tiedoksi että Tv4 alkaa lähettämään Hawaii 5-0 keväällä 2011. TO ALEX: THIS IS A PROOF, THAT YOU HAVE REACHED THE LADY`S HEART`S IN WHOLE THE WORLD ! xxxxx KISSIS

  10. I haven’t been this excited about a new TV show since “Miami Vice” in the 80’s! Everything about Hawaii FIve-0 feels right – this is going to be such a great year for Alex and Co. Thanks TIffany for the great pics and info. Looks like you’re going to be a very busy lady keeping us posted on all the good stuff that’s around the corner – Just 2 weeks from tonight and it all begins for real. Counting down!

  11. Cheri, when you scroll down it’s a fair piece down, left side.
    the video is only about 30 sec. long. Right side is slide show of the Many Faces of Alex O


  13. Hello everyone!!!
    My name’ is Elena, and im from Athens.
    Alex i think a cult, is an actress who has a lot to offer,
    wel i hope that better.
    A L E X

  14. I am the proud owner of the DVD The back up plan. I miss Three Rivers and Moonlight. But very much looking forward to Hawaii Five-O. I watched the original Hawaii Five-O and I am sure Alex will be amazing.

  15. Does anyone know when its gonna be shown here in Melbourne, Aust, ive rang channel ten a couple of times and they seem to be holding back on the info, any news would be greatly appreciated, if they dont show it here im gonna explodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… neeeed me some Alex to perve on 😀

  16. Hello to all of Alex’s girls.
    Just checked out Alex O’Loughlin Scroll down to Aloha from Alex,
    Great pix of Alex and a short message, and on the right the many Faces of
    Alex O’loughlin some great photos. and to the Lady that won’t watch H5O, if
    you L O V E ALEX why wouln’t you want to see him.


    1. I’ve been to the website–where is the “Aloha from Alex”? Is it on the right, the left? I scrolled all over and didn’t see it. Thanks.

  17. It is disappointing to me that Alex is in Hawaii Five-O. I really wanted to see the network put on more Moonlight. I didn’t watch his last new TV show, and I don’t plan to watch Five-O. How often the networks find a show that really connects with the public and cancel it. Why should it be the kiss of death when we enjoy something so much that you can’t just leave it alone and go with what we want?

  18. I will DVRing both it and Castle and then most likely be watching Hawaii 5-O. I can’t beieve that two of favorite men have tv shows on the same night and at the same time. Someone mentioned a website called “Alex Rocks”. Does anyone have the address for that one?

    1. Hi Miriam—just type Alex O’Loughlin Rocks (Google or Bing it!) to find the web site. I also looked up the 25 Sexiest Guys for the Fall Season—-(Alex being #2). I’ve never even heard of most of these actors. (has anybody looked at this list?) Of course, Alex should definitely be Numero Uno on there—no doubt about it! I can’t wait for Sept. 20th just like all of you fans on here. I hope this is going to be a super successful series for Alex that continues on tv for many years to come!! (we all need our weekly Alex “fix.”!

  19. Not that I’m not waiting IMPATIENTLY for Hawaii 5-O but I’m returning from vacation that evening. Plus my beloved 49ers are playing Monday Night Football against the Super Bowl winning Saints. But I have a brand new tape for my recorder so I won’t miss a second of Alex in his new role. And that way I can watch it over and over and over…..(sigh!).

  20. OMG Alex just keeps getting hotter and hotter, he looks so totally YUMMY in this shot!!! It makes me that much more anxious to see H5O, thank goodness it’s not too far away now!

  21. Oh how lucky we gonna be in UK H02 is coming to us in October I was recently on holiday in Malta I was talking with new friends about sexy men and when I showed them pix of Alex they were totally smitten and now we have formed an appreciation soc of our own. But Damn it I have to share him with even MORE people!!!!!

  22. And of course, i gotta get buy dvrs so i can record My Alex, my Baby!!! Love him 4ever!!!

  23. Well, let’s see, requested off from my 2nd job so i can watch HW50 Sept. 20th, Monday night, Check! Will order pizza cuz there’ll will be no cooking for me that night, Check!! Will eventually turn off my cell phone, turn the ringer off from my house phone, & will tell my son to go to leave me be until i’m finished watching HW50, Double Check !!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  24. I,m going to SUNSET ON THE BEACH in Hawaii. I am so lucky and blessed but on September the 20th i,ll be snuggled next to my husband watching and taping the pilot

  25. For me it’s a mix of excitement and anxiety because I have to wait until some good-hearted network brings this show to Peru. That’s why I enjoy so much to receive this mails. Thank you, Tiffany!!

  26. Tiffany thank you, you are wonderful, I loved the story about Hawaii 5.0, Alex is very beautiful, I’m sure everything will go well in his life he is stubborn and deserves the affection of all. kisses Nel.

  27. Of course to myself. Got DVR ready to go. So as soon as the kids go to sleep, I’ll have A L E X
    all to myself, no talking or fighting to pull my attention from our ALEX.
    Then it will be sweet dreams for me.


  28. Just saw a list of the 25 sexiest men of the new Fall season and Alex is #2. He should have been #1!

  29. Will be breathlessly watching by myself in my cozy recliner and taping as well so I’ll be able to cue it up all week again and again. Have been watching the old H50 on Spike tv all week…just to get more in the mood. Tonite looking forward to the Oyster Farmer Fri nite chat with all you Alex forever fans…

  30. will definetely be by myself so there aren’t any interuptions…Can’t wait to see my Alex again…he is just SOME package from the ground up…

  31. I was always a fan of the original series so i am pretty sure i am going to watch that as well!It will be around three in the morning or maybe four havent check the time zone convert so for me it will be with a nice cup of tea and then after the show is over it would be sleep time hehe 🙂

  32. hi thanks i cant wait to the 20 i will tape mine so i can watch it over and over it is great that alex is back no tv

  33. I JUST WANT TO SAY HOW GREAT IT IS TO HAVE ALL YOU FANS LIKE ME NUTS ABOUT ALEX ……I’VE SEEN YOURS NAMES MANY TIMES WHEN I WRITE AND IT LIKE ON ONE OF THE MOONLIGT SHOWS..JOSEF’S GIRL SAYS TO BETH :WE ARE A PART OF A SPECIAL GROUP: Aint that the truth…love all you Alex Fanatics out there and especially Tiffany for doing all this work. On other good site for Alex info is “Alex Rocks” ….it has a lot of videos and latest goings on too in case you like to see. Also, his video music is absolutely something you could listen to all night…the music is great and they match the photos of Alex and gang with all they are doing in a scene perfectly. Dial on Google “Alex O’Loughlin Videos: and enjoy…. Lord, I miss Meth, Josef, Gerimo, logan…I’ve seen them in some shows but not Jason?? ‘The were all so perfect in their roles..hope they are doing well. Love from “Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan” to you all!!!@

  34. · Edit

    I’m planning on a bottle of wine and throwing nerf balls at anyone who talks during the show. LOL

  35. I cannot wait!!

    and definitely all to myself 😉

    Great pic!! 🙂

  36. Really forward to buying The Back-Up Plan DVD on 20th Sept in the UK and Hawaii Five-0 starts sometime in October on Bravo.

    I recently wrote to Alex in Hawaii and he autographed a photo for me. It’s the one from Moonlight (Fated to Pretend) where’s Mick’s on the beach with his white shirt open. It’s framed and next to my bed, much to my boyfriend’s annoyance. So happy when the photo turned up and within about 3 weeks of me posting in the UK as well so thanks very much to Alex for doing that for me.

    I happened to notice another Alex film is being shown on Sunday 5th Sept on BBC 1 at 22.55hrs. It’s called The Invisible. Not one I’ve seen, but it’s free to watch, so I”ll checking it out. I believe he shaved off his lovely brown curls for that one.

    Have a great weekend !!

    1. There are two of us Alex watchers in my office and we’re both waiting eagerly for the new show. Something to stay in nights for at least once a week! Elizabeth – we in the UK should maybe make closer ties. What do you think?

    2. Elizabeth, just which address did u write to Alex in Hawaii?

  37. They all look so good, especially Alex. In Australia there are still lots more sleeps for Oct 20. For me no premiere I can’t get channel 10 that it is on.

    I have 3 copies of Moonlight. My very first copy is playing up occasionally now from being played so often.
    BUP DVD is not on sale here yet either 29th Sept.
    Intenet watching 0f H50 for me was with Three Rivers. I have put my name down on Amazon to be notified when DVD is out of 3R’s.

  38. Love the photo. Thanks! Ooohhh, yes, I am so there. Favorite chair. Eyes Glued. No interruptions. I can hardly wait… will be so fine to see Alex again!!

  39. I will watch H50 by mysekf . I will tape and then will sit down with my husbanb to watch it. with him. You see, my husband gave me the Moonlight DVD as a birthday present when it first came out, He saw one episode one day and after that he watched the the whole series. One day he noticed that I watched Moonlight quite often that he brought me a new dvd of the serkies and said it would be my backup.

  40. Hi Tiffany, I have left is to be drooling, and wait until you arrive in Brazil, but thought for sure I’ll be in tune with all vocês.Como says my husband went back to being a teenager, but Alex goes pena.Beijos … .

  41. I will watch it with my family because they know how much I adore him.

  42. I will be keeping “Our” Alex all to myself and dreaming when I watch H50. Can’t wait!

  43. I will be watching by myself so I can drool when I want to. Ha Ha. I love this picture of Alex , he looks so relaxed and happy and soooo sexy. That smile is worth a million bucks. Can’t wait for Sept. 20th

  44. I am going to be in my night clothes, taping Alex and just savoring him. He looks so hot in the picture. Is it my imagination, or does he just kept getting hotter and hotter? Love him! 18 more days!

  45. Hi Tiffany, Thanks for the wonderful group photo. They all look fantastic together. Like everyone I am counting the days, until September, 20th. I will make some popcorn, put on my lounge wear and have my eyes glued to the set for that hour. And the rest of my family knows not to bother me. Hee!! Anyway, thanks again. Have a great weekend. Lisa

  46. I will be relaxing and keeping Alex to myself while taping it. Can’t wait for the 20th. I have already cancelled anything or told everyone I am busy that night. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  47. Of course I am keeping him all to myself. Putting on PJs, recording to DVR so I can enjoy him as often as I want. I have Moonlight on DVD and pray this show will be a big hit for him and his fans that love him can enjoyed this beautiful man. Picture of him in wet black-T on my Iphone and on desk top.WHAT A ON TURN ON. Loved Three Rivers as well, sorry that didn’t work for him. I think CBS is nuts, never should have cancelled Moonlight. Biting themselves in the behind about now with all the vamp hits on TV. My this show be blessed as well as you and your family.

  48. You bet I will be partying like it was 1999 for the premier of H50. I even traded shifts from someone at work so I would not miss this day. Love Alex 4 ever!!!!

  49. Sure will be keepin him all to myself…..can’t wait til the 20th…….good luck Alex!!!!!

  50. No party; going to get comfortable, shut out the rest of the family, watch and record for more watching. IF I were a prankster, and IF I were not afraid I would miss something on the show, I might run to Broadwayfan’s house and bang on the windows. 🙂

  51. I’m going to be in my jammies, all snuggled up on the couch, lights out, TV on and ‘in Alex bliss’!!
    I’ll probably record this so I can watch it several times…or at least the GOOD parts…throughout the week.
    But, it’s nice to know the DVD set will be out at end of season, so we’ll have him forever then.
    Everybody enjoy!!

  52. Dummy me….of course you meant THEY were having the party in Hawaii!! My birthday is next Wednesday and my biggest wish would be to be with them all….aahhh, one can only dream!

  53. Being rather ignorant of some computer “extras” will I receive this without doing anything but dialing it on my TV? WHAT a great picture, what a terrific group….I wish I could go over there
    and hug every one of them (of course Alex especially!!) Can’t tell if Scott’s let is okay..sure hope it is. I told him Alex would take care of him since they are like brothers born a day apart. Love you Tiffany…….Happy Happy Day!

  54. I am planning to kick back, tape, and enjoy the series. One nice thing with Time Warner Cable is I get CBS on Demand and after a day or so, I’ll be able to watch it as much as I want!!! 🙂

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