Alex in Blue Swim Trunks

I found this ET Magazine scan on Facebook yesterday. It is the infamous blue swim trunks we have heard so much about.  Enjoy!

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  1. he looks hot in blue ans other colors hot bod

  2. Well it’s 4pm pacific time and I can’t believe there is no chatter about the premiere of H5O.

    I guess I’ll start it Alex was wonderful.I thought they did a great job, being from the era that Jack Lord was the star. They has Alex on the same roof top as Jack Lord in the opening credits. Good Job Alex can’t wait til next week. Hope CBS knows what a star they have
    in Alex O’Loughlin. Did anyone see him on the Ellen show yesterday?

    1. Hawaii Five-0 did really well in the ratings and beat Castle. With 13.8 million viewers, Hawaii Five-0 easily beat Castle’s 11.2 million viewers. Alex O’Loughlin has a bonafide hit!

    2. yes on the ellen show…his interview required ending my 30 min on the eliptical machine early and moving closer to the tv for better viewing and LISTENING pleasure with that sexy aussie accent…

    3. Here is the link to Ellen Degeneres’ show – interview with Alex on YouTube.

  3. Hope Alex should read this sometimes, so he could be able to understand womens outburst of feelings.

    SORRY,one line got wrong ! Her`s the right one.

    love is real, real is love.
    love is feeling, feeling love.
    love is wanting to be loved.
    love is touch, touch is love.
    love is reaching, reaching love.
    love is asking to be loved.
    love is you, you and me.
    love is knowing we can be.
    love is free, free is love.
    love is living, living love.
    love is weeping to be loved.

    borrowed by John Lennon

  4. Does anyone know when EXTRA is going to show the one with Alex? I thought it was on the 16th but it wasn’t. Not on today either. Maybe next week. I watch it everyday anyway.

  5. Olé, Olé y Olé! Mucha suerte!!

  6. Hey—I just watched a live stream of the H5O premiere!! This show is a HIT–and Alex was gorgeous thru the whoooooole thing!!! Can’t wait for next week when I can tape it for repeated enjoyment. Aloha!

  7. Thanks so much Tiffany por toda la información y las fotos ,gracias de corazon da gusto tener tanta información de Alex.

  8. Tiffany, very sheltered you are D +, I’m completely fascinated by this man, it’s all good, he has a wonderful light, he nesc to stardom, I’m 24 years old and very happily married, thank God that my husband understands platonic love this. lots of kisses Nel.

  9. PLEASE, GIVE THIS GUY A REAL CHANCE…………he has been GREAT in all of his roles and the studios gave him a raw deal….. Give him a role he can excel at…..;We love him in anything he does…. and just when we thought the show was a go – it was dropped!
    Hawaii 50 is a great concept!!!!! PLEASE LET ALEX SHINE!!!!!

  10. You can see Alex O’Loughlin’s blue swimwear picture in Entertainment Weekly Mandi Bierly article. Here is the link:
    Hot, isn’t he.

    1. natalie… thank you for posting the link… for sure what a nice way to start out this day for sure. thanks again.

  11. I wonder if the choice of blue trunks is an “in your face” gesture to Daniel Craig who famously wore blue trunks in his first Bond movie (a role he beat Alex for). Alex, no fears, you WIN!!! You will be a bigger star than Daniel ever was. You’re beautiful inside and out.

    1. I wondered about that too. No worries–Daniel has NOTHING on our Alex!

  12. The new TV Guide has a short write-up about H5O again–with pictures!! Not as good as this one (sigh!) but still our Alex is gorgeous!

  13. To anyone who doesn’t know which copy of Entertainment Weekly- it is the one dated Sept. 17/24, it’s a double issue. I swear, i’ve never never been in love w/ any actor stars ever up until i started watching Moonlight. It’s crazy!!! Alex is my Dream man. Sigh……

    1. Yeah, I’m afraid we’re all lovesick for Alex!! But what can we do? That Moonlight started it all—-and then they had to go and take it away from us. I’m sure hoping Hawaii 5-0 gives us our weekly love fix—and by seeing him in those blue trunks—-I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be happening! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALEX ON SEPT. 20TH!!

    2. thanks for the info… and yet sorry to say that around here… that of trying to find that one is for sure a bit harder to do.. as for the most places around here have sorry to say stopped carring that one… and r/, .. sorry to say is that theses places that always did hadn’t even noticed that their places had stopped carring it. r/ it turns out that in short the ones who’d bring the magazines and well, just simply took it for a sure thing and thats it. no joke.

      and yet of to the places I went to in trying to find it… that many of the people I spoke w/ for sure knew as of Hawaii 5-0 shortly will be on the air , and yup… very much are looking forward to watching it… and um, many of who both watched Moonlight & 3 rivers too. and um, there were several of who did watch Moonlight.. and well of when well u know.. thats what got them into watching the other Vampire series and movies. too.

      1. You’re right, Rosemary. I went to several stores before I found the current Entertainment Weekly. Had to go to Borders Bookstore to find it. Didn’t find it in my usual haunts–grocery store, drug store, etc. 😉

    3. Yeas, it has happened to me also ! Its wonderful And in the same time dreadful ! Could never be possible to see him- I live in the other side of the world. And it would be a fool`s errand anyway. Here I have to lend John Lennons words, which I found by accident today;

      love is real, real is love.
      love is feeling, feeling is love.
      love is wanting to be loved.
      love is touch, touch is love.
      love is reaching, reaching love.
      love is asking to be loved.
      love is you, you and me.
      love is knowing we can be.
      love is free, free is love.
      love is living, living love.
      love is weeping to be loved.

  14. WOW!! He is so sexy. Am drowling already. Can’t wait for the 20th. I plan to tape all the episodes. Thanks Tiffany for this. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  15. Can’t even function enough to say two words…just panting, drooling and cheering. Got my EW today and nearly fell off the chair…especially when I turned a page and H50 theme started playing. Am so convinced this show will blow the ratings away. Hope Alex starts to believe that too. Now if the wallpaper guy would get here and start papering my living room with this photo, live will be complete.

  16. Valeu Tiffany, como sempre lindo, me parece que ele está com um astral melhor, vamos formar um corrente de pensamentos positivos.

  17. Great shot. I am a trauma surg. and this guy has broken more hearts than we’ve set broken bones. Would love to have a pic of him for staff lounge!

  18. The brand new entertainment weekly has a huge ad for h5o and when you open the ad it plays the theme music from H5O just like a musical greeting card

  19. Love it! Can’t wait until the 20th.

  20. WOW – this must be the shots that the director had said that Alex walking out of the ocean with wet swim trunks will be the only thing people will ever remember about the show….

  21. WHERE WAS MY MIND!!!! THAT GORGEOUS SWIM SUIT SHOT—no wonder the producer said it would be one of the most down loaded of all the photos…NO KIDDDING!!! YUMMY!!!!!

  22. Have o leave a comment about my gorgeous Alex and crew….they do so much seem to fit together as a working unit…..great. And it definititely looks like at “admiration” society for all four main characters. This just looks soooooo good and I’m sure it will blow the compeition outa the door! About time, Alex deserves it. He’s looked a little reserved lately…hope he’s just tired and hoping a praying the fickel public out here will realize what a prize he is!
    Love for Alex from Suzanne his Forever Fan

  23. Alex is looking better, nice and health.

  24. W O W !!!!! Is it just me or does he get better looking every day.He has his Tats showing,
    wonder if we get to see them alot. They are very sexy. Can’t wait, only 10 more days 11 hours.

  25. Hi Tiffany, Thank you for another great photo of Alex. You keep outdoing yourself with each and every shot you send. I wish Alex all the best for Hawaii Five-0. I realize he’s a litlle hesitant with how the public will respond to it, but it will be successful. After 12 seasons on the original, it has an excellent prognosis, excuse the medical pun there. How can it not succeed? Great cast and luscious locale, it will be fantastic and I am waiting with bated breath for September 20th. Have a great weekend! Lisa Racanelli

  26. Thank you Tiffany. What a gorgeous picture. Alex looks wonderful. I want to go to the beach. I wish him all the luck in the world with this series to ease his mind. He does sound concerned but so far it’s been like theres a black cloud over his head. I wish Alex many sunny days. Since I am in Wisconsin and it’s already September we don’t have many warm days left, it’s already getting cool. I do not care for winter. Thanks again and Love ya Alex.

  27. OMG!!! He is beyond gorgeous! In BUP there was a scene on the farm where I nearly fainted!! This one is just as good!

  28. Thanks so much – I’m loving this show and cast already……..especially Alex! Swimtrunks, OMG!

  29. very handsome indeed… thank you.

  30. He looks so gorgeous and I wish him all the best. I can’t wait for this series to begin because CBS has been teasing us too much! LOL

  31. Wow! He is sooooo sexy. Thanks for sharing =).

  32. Not enough words to describe him – I am concerned though about the doubt that Alex is having for the success of H5-0. He wants this to work so badly that he is doubting himself. He needs to know that we are anxiously waiting to see him every week. Hopefully, CBS will continue to put out the $$$$$ and promote H5-0 so people will want to tune in. Right now, the only “competition” could be “Castle” on ABC but that depends on the ratings for “Dancing with the Stars” and with this years group, looks like most of the viewers of DWTS will be so bored that they will switch to CBS early so they can be settled in to watch Alex and Co. That’s my plan!

  33. Drooling all over my keyboard…….
    Thank YOU Jesus for producing such amazing and beautiful specimen!!!

    Obrigada Tiffany for sharing.

  34. SMILE!.. He duz it every time… xoxo

  35. I got my EW yesterday and was so glad I looked through it as soon as I got it. What a wonderful surprise. I love the group shot too.

    1. Erin, what’s the cover of the EW issue? The newsstand had EW’s Sandra Bullock issue 9-10-2010 but the article is not there.

      Tiffany, thanks or posting!

  36. hi thank you very much he looks so sexty

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