Alex Asks for Your Support

Ales recently posted to his MySpace blog and while he doesn’t come right out and say that Moonlight is lost he does thank his fans for everything they have done to try and save it BUT…

He says Moonlight – Mick, Beth, Josef and the gang have been laid to rest. 🙁

We all fought so hard.
We all worked so hard.
I guess some things are simply out of our hands.

I look forward with great anticipation to giving you all the news of the next chapter in this crazy career of mine!!


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  1. hi alex o loughlin

    i love three riverse i cant wait to watch it sunday.

    your a good actor i want to meet you someday

    your fan maria

  2. he is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. miss the shw miss alex sweet face

  4. Hey all,
    I just can’t get over this last bit of bad news. I am just going to keep praying that whatever is suppose to happen happens. I miss A,S,J,& S already. I am hoping we get to see them again in something soon.

    I have been reading TV Guide to see if anything appears about any of them but so far no go. I know Alex likes to keep a low profile. He is scared of losing his private life. I hope that never happens to him. I would hate to live Brad Pitt’s life no matter how glamorous it may seem. I would be so scared to not be able to go to the store, or to dinner. No matter how much money you have – and he has a lot – it’s not worth losing your identity.

    I read that Alex came to the US because “that’s where the work is”. I don’t see him leaving anytime soon. We have the most to offer although I think I would love to be in London if I couldn’t be in the US. Imagine the London theater! How cool would that be! I only hope Sophia would rather be here!

    I am so very tired right now. It was a long day. I just can’t think about it any more right now. I feel like I just have to relax for a while.

    Take care.

  5. Just some info: is owned by CBS & I trust them counting our votes as much I want to struck down by a plague…

    I have been over there and they never seem to recognize me..when i try to reestablish so I can make a comment, I am getting static for this and that, especially if I use a pw pertaining to ML, but they have not balked a my username… Don’t let it be kidded that your pw is private there b/c I kept on getting indications in red to reenter… I do not believe that is a secure and trustworthy site… I do not believe anything to do with CBS or Nina Tassler can be miscontrued as honest and safe…

  6. Oh, I voted for no other show but Moonlight…and can do so every hour…

  7. Hey, don’t forget to get everyone you know to vote at least once…Don’t care if they watched ML or not…if they are friends, they will honor your request…

  8. Is this If not, what is the site?

  9. Hey Everyone on all AOLO threads,

    I should have pointed this out awhile back, but real life, not saying ML is/was not a part of our real life, had other importance to tend to…but it is important for all of us who loved the show to get over to a site commandeered by Rich LaBonte & vote quickly, every hour if can, for Moonlight… It is in the top 40 best shows of all time at this site, but we want to bring it as close to the top as possible…It stands now at 36…Can’t believe a show I never heard of is at the top: Firefly…followed by Xena:Warrior Princess, which I constantly watched…Lucy Lawlwss, star of Xena is from New Zealand, a close neighbor of Australia & I think show was filmed in NZ…

    This voting site will shut down after 10,000,000 votes & it is now at 9,673,072 votes altogether, but if we all pitch in our votes for the rest of the day and noght, every hour allowed, we can get Moonlight closer to the top where ML belongs, better yet, AT THE TOP…

  10. well put.Honestly, I do hope she stays here in the states. She can really go far in her career and most of all be near Alex. haha. OMG I really love all 3 (A, S, J)of them and they should all be in a new show. There was a chemistry with them all. That’s an idea maybe Silver does a new show all together.
    has everyone signed up for the DVD release on Amazon? by doing this, it will increase sales and sometimes it works on bringing back a show.I’m sure we all want the dvd’s.

  11. Hi Donna,

    Well, I’m not going anywhere, car battery dead with our AZ heat… if a battery is sure to die it is in extreme heat & extreme cold weather… Friend will take me into town later to get a new battery for the car… I called the oral surgeon to let them know…

    Yes, I agree, I would love to see Alex & Sophia in a TV project together as a couple, too…They have that certain something not always noticable as this chemistry has been… And as far as real life of them getting together intimately for a long union, just pray, pray, pray… MEN, they just never see beyond their noses at times & they are oblivious to what is actually right for them…such, I believe, is Alex’s case…I second your sentiment… MOVE OVER HOLLY!!!! MORE LIKE GET LOST HOLLY, IT’S TIME TO LET ALEX SEE FOR HIMSELF WHAT IS REAL & IT ISN’T YOU!!!!

  12. Yeah, I know Sophia left shortly after the news but I do hope she returns. I did she the interview with Craig and I do admire her for making an important. Now, I really hope she stays. I think she is talented and her career will go further here.
    I do hope the cast all keeps in touch with one another. I’m sure they developed a sense of family with each person.I wish Sophia & Alex do a show together. Maybe a PI and then throw a mix of romance. However,build up the romance slowly like in ML.They really make a good team. It’s very natural. I think they are perfect for eachother in real life. Holly move over!

  13. Elizabeth Hi,

    You got that right, Alex will never be jobless for long, unless he chooses to be so…needing a well earned vacation…

    If Joel put the kabbash on ever resurrecting Moonlight, why the heck doesn’t he do the fans of the show, who still crave it, a favor and sell the rights to Moonlight to someone who can do more for the show to bring it back to life??? Perhaps it would stand a surviving shot in the hands of the Disney Corporation on ABC!!!!

    It is bothering me that Joel Silver would waste this wonderful show and not see fit to keep this endearing cast together… I know his summer flick, the animated film, “Speed Racer” was a flop and cost Silver big time, so maybe he is having some financial woes… I know I saw a real estate site that sells homes of the wealthy & Silver has one of his homes up for sale… Again he may be feeling the dropping economy, but it is so unfair since he is letting Moonlight die… It is not like Silver is at the Door of the Poor House… And why again was anothe film with Alex in it, from Silver’s film stable, pushed back again for premiere??? I am speaking about “Whiteout”, which was made about 2 or more years ago… Originally I read, earlier this year, that “Whiteout” was due to be released in Sepetember, 2008 and now it is pushed abck to April 23, 2009…

    So What Gives,Joel??? is what I would question…

    Elizabeth, I am praying, too, that someone gets smarter in Hollywood about Moonlight again and buys out Silvers rights to it…

    I see Alex as a major draw at the box office in all he appears in… I see Alex becoming a worldwide know star of film, tv & stage… I see & pray for Alex, to take the bull by the horns and start co-producing again like he did with Feed… I see Alex winning many awards incldg Oscars… I PRAY THAT ALEX NEVER GIVES UP LIVING HERE IN THE U.S. FOR THIS IS THE ROAD TO A STAR ON HOLLYWOOD’S WALK OF FAME…

    God, can’t we just adopt him here and now???

    Your Moonlight Sister will chat with you later…need to make the long drive to the oral surgeon’s again today…
    Pat, aka Tish

  14. Hi Girls, & gents, too, of reading this,

    Donna, I have often gone over to Kandye’s moonlightfan site… I like the format… I like her style…one quote that of being unassumming about who she is…just a Moonlight devotee, as we all are, & one who does not think in terms of herself being given adoration…

    I like the fact that she already has multiple videos in place on her news page; quite enjoyable…I love when our Tiffany, here at AOLO, adds viseos to our threads…

    And, Donna, dear, Sophia went back to England months ago, I am sorry to say… I think part of it was a movie project, which, I believe, may have been on her schedule to be filmed even if Moonlight was just in its summer hiatus awaiting to film a swcond season… I do know she probably was so hurt by the turn of events with moonlight, as well… She only moved to the U.S. to take on the role of Beth Turner in Moonlight, as she had stated on the Craig Fergersen Show many months ago…This was in reply to a question Craig asked her if she would move permanently to the U.S…. her finishing was “I guess I will if the show continues on successfully to another season”…This was when moonlight was still holding favor…

    OMG, I really hate to see Shannyn, or any of our stars, work for the CBS network ever again… and of all crappola, sickening shows like “Dexter” about a Serial Killer/Private Investigator…good family entertainment, RIGHT??? why isn’t the parent tv counsel making trouble for that hsow as it did for our Moonlight???? I will always say it was Nina’s doing and no one else’s


  16. First I’d like to direct this to Alex O’Loughlin…

    I know our site does not have anyway of contacting him personally with e-mails directed to him, but I am hoping he will read every message board honoring him…

    And, believe me, Alex, we do honor you… We do feel you will have a long successful career & any baggage that has dragged you down or is dragging you down will soon fall by the wayside hopefully…

    The one thing I have learned about life, Alex, has taught me to “do my own legwork”, meaning do what you have to do ALONE so you know the job is done correctly…

    And please remember, Alex, your “best friend” will always be yourself….for most times when life is tough, you are the only one you can rely on…Only ones claiming to be “best friends” are usually scoping you out for whatever they can attain… So to thy known self be true…I know this sounds like I am untrusting, but all I am saying is not to trust too much…

    Alex, I, for one, as us all,am truly sickened by what travesty had befallen Moonlight & hurt you, Sophia, Jason, & Shannyn… But know, dear heart, that is not the end of the road for any of you…you are all too promising as actors & just gwnuinely nice people from what I have seen from all of your interviews…One thing Moonlight did do for all of you, and for us, was to introduce fans to all of you, well at least a different side of Jason compared to Verinica Mars…To your fans, Alex, you, as well as, Sophia, Jason, Shannyn, and the rest of Moonlight’s cast are part of our extended families… In other words, if any of you showed up at our doors for any reason, good or bad, you would be welcomed with open arms… Yes, but not b/c of your celebrity status, but b/c of who you really are and what we have been given the honor to see…I can see honesty & sweetness in all of your eyes… AND PLEASE DO NOT LET FAME CHANGE THAT WONDERFUL QUALITY IN ALL OF YOU, ALEX!!!!

    Alex, I do hope that you are remaining close friends with your castmates…seemingly that appeared to be the case with Jason & yourself…I do hope, however, that you keep in contact with Shannyn & Sophia as well, especially Sophia who you worked the long hours with and probably could not help but bond with, I would think, in such closeness…from what I can see, in all honesty, she looks up to you, Alex…Sophia considers you a good friend, so I feel both of you can benefit from such a strong friendship… I can never see Sophia turning on you or anyone in friendship, Alex…




  17. I really am sad that we know it’s final.It came from Silver as we were waiting for his word and no one else.Basically he mentioned everyone has moved onto other projects. Who knows maybe they will do a straight to DVD or movie in the future but I don’t think anytime soon. I admit I did do my final letter to CBS to rethink about ML future. I figured with the movie and HBO show about vampires maybe they realize they had a goldmine.Do I think it’s going to bring it back, the answer is no. I just felt it was my last try and it is put to rest.It would be wonderful if we had an ending at least on DVD.If you go on the blog below, the author Kandye is great.She reports the news and that’s it. No false anything. I have been on her site for awhile.

    Pat, she has the viedo from the interview with Jason & Alex goofing around. Check her out.There is still alot of campaigns from other sites and they are not giving up.I don’t fault them because they don’t want to believe this. Me, I am going to be realistic at this point.I love all the actors,they are talented and I am defintely going to see their other work on screen.
    I do hope Sophia remains in the states. I really think her career will soar here. Not many people knew who she was prior to ML.Maybe A, S, J will get a next project together. Alex & Shannyn worked together before in a movie.They both had small parts but they were in the same movie. I did read somewhere, honestly I forgot where, that she may be a regular on Dexter.I truely hate that show.It’s disgusting.A man slowly killing people while they are alive.He dissects them.
    Sorry, if typos, there is no spell check and I am trying to answer while I am at work.

  18. Oops! typo! That should say “don’t command the respect that Moonlight does.

  19. Hey,
    I saw Donna’s post and am saddened. I had a small glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe someone would smarten up and grab Moonlight. Guess I was wrong – again!

    I was flipping through the channels last night and couldn’t help but notice all the shows still on the air that do command the respect and excitement that Moonlight did. I just don’t understand.

    I will do my best to say some more prayers that our beloved cast is very successful in their future endeavors. I will be writing to all of them to thank them for entertaining us and wish them success in whatever they do in the future.

    If you think for one minute that our Alex will be jobless, think again! He will be scooped up by some smart producer. He’s great at what he does! I still think that when he’s older – say late 40’s – they will call him again to read for the role of James Bond!


  20. Hi Donna & everyone who posts here at AOLO,

    OMG, no I hadn’t read Joel Silver declaration of sad news about Moonlight…This is heartbreaking…

    I just want to know why he is turning a deaf ear to all of Moonlight’s fans??? This is totally unfair…

    And as for writing CBS again, I think it is a big waste of time… I truly and honestly feel they played Moonlight and its fans dirty once, they will do it again… Say they do resurrect Moonlight…great, but not so great, too…Looks what was done to Jericho!!! It was brought back for a 2nd season, just to be cancelled again and Jericho was not half as good as moonlight…Too much violence & not meant for all to watch, definitely male dominated audiences, not female or youth…

    And, c’mon guys, do we want to put our wonderful actors throught that diappointment and sadness again??? Look how Sophia reacted to the harshness of execs dirty dealing… I can’t bear to do that to her again… And how about Jason, he lost twice so far, 1st Veronica Mars & now Moonlight…And although Shannyn is gorgeous in the commercial with George Clooney, she far more deserves to be doing better roles with her career..hell, she is Coraline; no one again could do that role justice…

    And what about Alex, does he deserve to be hurt again? The cancellation of Moonlight, his 1st TV lead, was a blow to him… I just hope that it wasn’t such a blow that we decides to leave the US for good…

    Also one other statement comes to mind that Silver, or a voice for Silver, said… “Without Alex there will be no Moonlight!!!” Perhaps Alex is already signed to another project and cannot do Moonlight for a very long time, if ever…I am hoping that Alex will shortly grace our TV sets again soon in a lead TV role… If we can’t have Moonlight, I pray Alex will get an acting assignment to bring him in the eyes of his devoted fans…

    Damn producers, don’t any of them know that they have a gold mine waiting to be worked to hit the mother load by placing these fine actors, Alex, Sophia, Jason, Shannyn, together again in this country in another series, if not Moonlight!!!!!

    If you are reading the right boards, Joel Silver, & not the silliness I see at one in particular that is just as poisonous to our cause as was CBS, get working on the right series for these actors together again… And PLEASE, Joel or any other producer wanting to dig to the mother load gold with these four young actors, do not pitch the possible new show to CBS, PLEASE, PLEASE NO No CBS!!!!

  21. I’m posting this article because not sure if everyone knew about Silver’s comments at Comic con

    At Comic-Con, Joel Silver says ‘Moonlight’ is dead
    By Daniel Fienberg
    July 24, 06:15 PM

    I’ve read several messageboards on which dedicated fans of CBS’ cancelled Moonlight have posted that they wouldn’t believe that the vampire drama was truly dead until they heard producer Joel Silver say it. Sadly, a crowd at Comic-Con just heard those words.

    Presenting a diverse slate of film, DVD and comic projects set up through his Dark Castle shingle, Silver got to the frequently delayed Whiteout, a South Pole-set murder mystery that’s been in release limbo for several years. Silver mentioned that the cast of Whiteout includes Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht and Alex O’Loughlin, mentioning that viewers knew him from Moonlight, before saying that sadly that show was dead.

    I guess it’s possible that other people in Silver’s organization might still be shopping the production to any manner of cable networks or service providers. And it’s possible that Silver’s unequivocal pronouncement of the show’s death might have just been a ploy to further mobilize a fanbase that’s probably well-represented at Comic-Con. But Silver didn’t sound like he had an agenda and the crowd in the half-filled Hall H issued almost no vocal protest.

    Silver’s casually made statement came just days after DirecTV bigwig Eric Shanks dismissed the idea that DirecTV had any plans to be part of a Moonlight resurrection.

    “There have been a couple of conversations, but from what I understand, the sets have been dismantled and currently at this time there’s nothing to report about Moonlight and DirecTV,” Shanks said at the Television Critics Association press tour.

    Of course fans of the show have long felt that the dismantling of the set was an irrelevant impediment, but Shanks added, “No, right at this time, yeah. I mean, it’s a no until there’s something else, but I just don’t think — I don’t think that there’s an opportunity anymore, from what I understand.”

    You never know if CBS will bring it back on mid season because the new shows are not doing well. That means don’t watch CBS. I began writing CBS again I figured it can’t hurt. The vampire genre is hot now with Twlight coming out and True Blood on HBO. I am positioning my correspondance to Nina and the others that CBS started the trend and should continue to do so and I’m sure the network’s ratings will be stronger than ever.Maybe CBS will realize vampirism is the “in topic”. This would be the best news if our ML family comes back.
    You never can predict the networks.

  22. Just a correction with the address it is Andrew Freedman Personal Management 20 Ironsides Street

    New word out about Viacom and the writing CBS again for a return of next season. Rather mid season. This is the latest.

  23. Hi ELizabeth,

    I think Alex would not be upset if you brought a touch of youth to your letter since he seems to enjoy hearing from his fans no matter what…He also seems to have a touch of the “mischief” about him, could be from his Scotch/Irish ancestry or the fact, that Australians have a great sense of humor…as least the ones I’ve met have had…They are not at all stuffy…

    And we really don’t want him to think we are ancient old ladies, now do we??? No matter what, he will definitely love opening all of his cards & gifts from his devoted, loving fans…

    I think the next time I send him a gift it will be the Cuban cigars he loves, but will need to put the money aside for them as they are rather expensive… But even though I no longer smoke, I will not condemn or shake a ruling type fingers at someone, like Alex, who does…So does Jason Dohring, both like Cuban cigars…Heck, look at Geaorge Burns, lived to be 100 years old & smoked cigars for most of those years….

    I’ll catch up with you later, need to take a short nap, been up since 4AM & getting to me; went to vet for CB, my hound dog… long story, tell you later…

  24. Hi Pat,
    I sent mine out today! I am very excited. I hope I came across as a mature adult and not a teenie-bopper! It was fun to compose a letter. I never wrote to a celebrity before. Talk to you later!

  25. Hey Everyone who post on this site,

    Alex’s B’day is getting closer, so, if you are going to send him good wishes, now is the time to do so… A reminder, Alex’s b’day is August 24th… so get your cards for him in the mail NOW….This coming friday will be August 1st….



    MARINA DEL REY, CA, 90292

    And if sending a gift, I would certainly send
    Certified Mail with Return Receipt to be assured the package arrived at its destination…

  27. Hi Lori & Neli,

    Welcome aboard to AOLO; my name is Pat… I hope you can find the time to sift through all the many messages left here at this site and on all the recent news threads to catch up a little more about who post here with you…

    And Lori, Neli, too,
    As for sending something to Alex, please scroll up in these posted messages as the address for Alex’s personal manager is listed…

    If mail goes to this address, it is certain to get to Alex personally without being opened by another party… I have spoken with the main secretary at the personal manager’s office in Marina Del Rey, CA, & I have been assured that Alex gets all his mail, but it will take time for him to personally respond to you…

    And this is for all who post here at AOLO, if you want to send cards & gifts to Alex for his Birthday comining up on August 24th, better get such items in the mail very quickly now…

    And if you want to get a reply from Alex personally, I have read on more than one fan posting site that to get a response from actors or actresses it is considered a COURTESY BY YOU, THE FAN, TO INCLUDE A SELF-ADDRESSED, AND ALREADY STAMPED BUSINESS ENVELOPE IN YOUR OUTGOING LETTER TO THE STAR…


  28. Dear Alex (from all the fan-girls in Brazil),

    With all my respect: I wish I could hug you right now (please, feel hugged, anyway). Whatever happens will be for the best (your best)!!!

    Even if it is not really YOUR REPLY here I hope that you get our messages.


  29. Thank you all for allowing me to join, and for your kind interest and support of Alex. I care, too. You all voice some of the same concerns and observations as I, and you had some answers. I wanted to send a supportive memento but was unsure of the address.
    How difficult it is, to be so stunned and to be expected to put himself back out there again after losing a character he cares about so much. I hope he feels our support, now.
    Bless you,

  30. Hi Karen & Everyone,

    I just went back over to Alex’s Blog, which I am trying to play a vampire detective on & try to figure out if something is really awry with this blog…

    Anyway, there are actually 4 messages at this blog, not 3, my miscount, from Alex… One is quite formal in comparison to the other & that is the one pertaining to the continuing Moonlight Blood Drive posted June 30th at 6:25PM; its signature was a basic business signature, Best Regards etc & no x or o to represent a kiss & a hug…At that particular time, I was under the impression that Alex was abroad, either in Europe doing his small part in Donnie Darko 2(which is called S. Darko here at AOLO) or he’s in Australia visiting his family as I read was his plan… This one for the blood drive I think may have been posted by whomever may assist Alex for such events or does some secretarial work for him…It may also be the person who posted Alex’s lastest message given the week’s time posting in between each… Alex may have dictated something quickly for the person to write, but may not have specified what he wanted for a signature…

    Going back to the original letter on this blog which was posted on March 9th at 6:49AM just as Alex was getting ready to reprise his Mick role after the writer’s strike… It was signed more affectionately and read as All my love and appreciation, Alex xox… At that point in time he was elated and happy about all, the pca award, his fans devoted following, the show coming out of hiatus…

    Then the letter that had us all in tears posted May 14th at 4:47AM… Poor guy he muct have been talking to family & friend all night or something to be up at such an hour… well wouldn’t you be after getting such news; I’m not a hard liquor drinker, but I’d be getting myself plastered with hard drink after such news since only a couple of months prior it all looked like clear sailing… Again he signed off as
    All my love, Alex x (1 for 1 kiss guess even he couldn’t muster more than that after such horrendous news)

    Now this newest post, which Karen feels may not be valid… I am sure Alex’s emotions, being such a genuinely sweet man and a Virgo(going by my own late son as a Virgo also), were going topsy turvy since the hopes had seemed so promising with the ML campaign, the fan following trying to get the Moonlight to rise again… Then, like all of us, he gets word again about his show…again in disbelief as we all were…hurt, saddened, quite miserable, but trying to put on a brave front for us & answer the question we all had been asking, still ourselves in disbelief…afterall folks, in real life Alex is not Mick; in real life Alex is not a vampire, in real life Alex is a mortal, only human, as we all are…

    That is part of the magic of this show, that is part of the magic also of Alex, believing in immortality… He is an actor so brilliant in all of his characters portrayals that it leaves his fans believing that that is the real him…

    However, this last post of 2 days ago, July 8th, was a seemingly signed of a little more formally than those other two… He signed this one at 11:38AM in this fashion
    Warmest regards, Alex O’Loughlin xox

    It seems strange to me now that he signed his full name since he knew we’d be reading same on his blog… The signature was one I use, myself, to be friendly, but not lovey dovey… At least he gave us two kisses and a hug… I think this man, himself, right now needs one more than we do…

    Please do not forget to get your own Birthday cards out to Alex asap as it may take him awhile to get to read all of them… As I have said before, I was informed by his personal manager’s office that they do not open his mail but send same on to him to read himself… With all the hoopla over ML & our love of the man, himself, I am sure he is lucky to find his desk or his office, even living room, for that matter with all the stacks of mail he is getting, so be patient those who have written previously, he may be trying to get through this and may acknowledge some of us personally when time affords him to do so… Hopefully most of his time is being spent reading new scripts for new movie or TV projects, that being done he will be available asap to see when one hits him just right…

    Send Alex’s birthday cards–his birthday is August 24th–to his personal manager’s office asap beginning no later than the beginning of next week…

    Mr. Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freeman,
    personal manager
    20 Ironsides
    Marina Del Rey, CA.,90292

    Oh, maybe we all will get an answer if we all ask Alex this: “Why is your nickname Arod? what does it stand for?”

  31. Karen Hi & welcome back,

    Are you certain that this may not have come from him?

    Could someone else have written this for him upon his request???

    I’ve gone there to read when it was 1st brought to my attention, but all of his messages were still present, all 3… Last time I was there was when I was directed from here to read the lovely message he sent out after the ML cancellation…

    I honestly do not recall there being a gallery of pictures on his blog previously…Guess because I was, at the time & still, distraught over the ML news…

    I find that site a little confusing, myself, even though I have signed up, it fails to recognize my existence anytime I go back there… Have no idea what gives with that site… And, even before, when I originally signed onto MySpace, I could not leave any messages for Alex… I could read his message board but could not comment then & could not do same now in either case…

    Yet, I can tell you that the Gal Friday in Alex’s personal manager’s office did confirm in these exact words, “We are moving on with Alex’s career… He has to work…” This office seems to be a small firm & manned only by this one woman who is lucky enough to know Alex personally & described him as being “a genuinely sweet guy with a good head on his shoulders…”

    And as for moving on with his career, I have been told by Nancy Reynolds, who at one time was a NY actress, that “if you don’t move along in this business(show), you will be left behind & forgotten”… I would hate to see Alex wait for ML & let the rest of his opportunites run past him… I am certain that, he in knowing our love for his portrayal of Mick, will find a way, no matter what he is involved with at any given time, to return to his role as our beloved vampire if the time comes to resurrect Moonlight again. Whether that that reprised role in ML be on TV in a year or so on any other network than the unmentionable one, or a form of Moonlight on DVDs with the story in continuation, Alex will be there for us, just as we must be strong for him… He was not the reason for ML’s demise, nor were the other actors, just CBS going under financial strain, which I hope they go bellyup, & thinking they can replace quality with crap…

    Other than that, I hope all is well with you & yours Karen… Are the children back from their Church Camp??? How is the youngest doing now??

    Chat with you later, have to go feed my furry crew & it is about to storm…


  32. Pat and all other ladies reading this:

    Sorry I haven’t been on in a while….busy few weeks. Anyhow, that message may not be a vaild one…..sorry to upset any of you. His myspace is no longer “valid”. You can sign on, but all of his pictures,blogs, comments et cetera are all gone. You can’t even click on it.

    Furthermore, all of this previous blog messages ended with some type of “hugs”…Alex

    I don’t want to disappoint any of you, but I am not convinced that it is truly from him.



  33. Hello All of Us at Alex O’Loughlin Online,

    This is both sad & yet happy news… we may not forever lose the Moonlight, but given time even the show biz jerks will come to realize we gave our own heart for the show, not to mention blood in the bood drives for charity… Someday, be it Moonlight movies for DVD, as another fan we know here, Nancy Reynolds, had suggested to me, or the Moonlight series shifted to play out new episodes on DVD instead of the TV… Something like that would mean we could view our favorite characters at our own time, anytime… Of course, such projects would be up to the Papa of Moonlight, Joel Silver, the show’s executive producer & praying Alex would come back as Mick… Remember Joel did state awhile back that “there is no Moonlight without Alex”… Joel has moved some of his movies straight to DVD before ever putting them in the public theater, so he is aware of the impact the sale of DVDs are in being a money making commodity…I am not just speaking of putting only Season One on DVD, we want that for sure but we are not about to settle for just the Moonlight Season One DVD collection which, I read somewhere, is to make its debut on store shelves in September, 2008; same time Alex’s new movie, WhiteOut, comes to the big screen… I am definitely speaking of filming new episodes of Moonlight for DVD sales instead of TV…Sooooo, I feel, it is time to put a bug in Mr. Silver’s ears about this idea, don’t you????

    Mr.Joel Silver
    Silver Pictures
    c/o Warner Bros. Studios
    4000 Warner Blvd.
    Burbank, CA, 91522

    BTW, a reminder, Alex’s Birthday is coming up on August 24th, so don’t forget to acknowledge same by sending him B’day cards… Alex does read his own fan mail, so please continue to encourage this fine young man that we continue to be devoted to his career now & in the future:

    Best Alex mailing address:

    Mr. Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freeman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides
    Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292

    And as per this thread states I am giving the link to Alex’s blog here:

    On this blog you can read all 3 of Alex’s e-mail messages he has written since he joined MySpace…
    Yes, I said only 3, but do we not recall the man worked a 20 hour day, 6 days a week, filming Moonlight,plus traveled worldwide promoting the show, so that didn’t leave much time to be on the computer, unless he could do so in his sleep…

    I, for one, am just thankful that he is not above keeping some sort of personal contact with his fans… He is truly a genuinely sweet person with much emotion…

    And for us who can’t get enough of looking at our favorite vamp & his soulmate, here is a link for a free Moonlight screensaver… It is neat, yep, I downloaded & love it…

    Always a Moonlight Sister, Pat

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