Alex’s Contract with CBS

Okay, you asked for a separate thread to discuss Alex’s contract with CBS and the direction of his career. Much of this topic got started by the news that CBS has still not decided upon a project for Alex and they currently hold his contract. This initially looked like a good thing to many of us Alex fans because we thought perhaps Nina Tassler and CBS saw the goldmine they had and wanted to “reserve” him for some future project. The future project is not happening though it seems. At least not fast enough for my liking.

The rumor is also going around that perhaps Alex will star in a new NCIS spinoff. This is a rumor with no substance at this time but still I have an opinion if they are heading in that direction.

I will support Alex in whatever he does. If he heads up a new NCIS spinoff…it will become my favorite show. I know he will do a killer job in any role he is in. I want to see his career moving again. I want to see him on prime time again SOON.

BUT I am not very enthusiastic about his next potential role being on an NCIS spinoff. First of all, I don’t really care for NCIS that much. I think the show is overall pretty decent with some good talent but many times it is boring as heck. It strains credulity as well. How many murders can you have on Navy property or involving naval officers in a week? Come on now. Also, CBS only wants to do an NCIS spinoff because they have had one really good season under their belt. Why that makes them think we all need another NCIS is a mystery to me. Spinoffs often times tank after one or two seasons….NCIS is not CSI. It pains me to think that Alex would pour his heart and soul into a spinoff and then see it axed again.

Second, my least favorite Alex role was his role as Kevin in The Shield. He did a great job in the role and his acting was superb as usual but the cop character he played was boring. There was nothing juicy about the role in the least. I just hesitate to see him play law enforcement again. He has the acting chops for something much bigger…something paranormal if you will.

Third, I want to see him in a romantic role and there is nothing romantic about NCIS or most law enforcement shows.

BUT if NCIS is his future then sign me up for a front row seat. My love of Moonlight was not actor centric but it would definitely be if he were to join an NCIS spinoff. If that is the way it goes then I hope they team him up with Michael Weatherly of NCIS for a fresh, hot, and young navy spinoff. That is a duo I wouldn’t mind watching.

My concern is that if Alex signs on to another show that doesn’t get the full support of CBS and Nina Tassler he could be sinking his career…not helping it. Somehow I just don’t see a NCIS spinoff winning people’s choice awards either.

So what say you?

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    Thanks Tiffany for taking the action…How did spam filter into this site and/or thread?

    And Linda, glad to know I wasn’t the only one baffled by that message… Looked more like something from “a supernatural source”…. Eeerie….


  2. Hi Tiffany – thanks for clearing that up, literally. 🙂

  3. Hi Everyone – is anyone else confused by the message from Seenugo or is is just me?????? If not, would someone please translate for those of us who did not get it? Thanks. 🙁

    1. It was Spam Linda…I deleted it.

  4. Good points, Sabi… And what is yerribly weird, also scary, is that I have been voicing just this about keeping Alex out of the public eye for Nina’s demented reasoning…

    You know what? I checked out a site listed on a google link got after reading about it on Spectral Review…But wound up on something that took me to Alex O’Loughlin Blog… not certain if it is the real site or an imatation of the site however… Seems many posts from this site in relation to me and making such observations as yourself were confiscated from here and posted there… Furthermore, a private email between another Moonlight sister & myself on my own personal email site was hacked from there and posted on the Alex blog… I do believe that all that was perpetrated is totally illegal, especially hacking my private email

    Tiffany, if you are reading this, may I say that I think we both know who commited this invasion… We had a difficult time with them earlier & 1 finally apoligized to you after I called her on your position here at AOLO… Please check posts back on that… Now these troublemakers are going by NightAngel and Mick’s baby…

  5. Maybe CBS just wanted Alex out of the way to promote similar dark haired hunks of the same age?

    Or maybe he has such elaborate ideas of an own show, that it takes a long time to pitch it.

    Whst I donot really understand is why he has not been invited to play some guest roles. That´s why I was guessing he should be stored safely in the hiding.

  6. LizKS,

    Exactly, in a nutshell…yet I still feel he is being screwed against…It is already going on 7 months since the contract…Just because we learned of the holding contract’s signing in August, 2008 doe not mean that is when it was actually signed, only that the media got wind of same…

    I do feel, as fans of Alex’s, not even considering how much we all loved Moonlight & Mick St John, why should we, at this late date, not voice how we feel, not just here but to TPTB and above…Afterall, the last I heard, no one repealed the First Amendment and Nina has no say in our defending Alex against CBS/Nina malarchy…

    If Nina retaliates, as I truly feel she has done many times before against ML fans (go back and read the thread from the beginning of the ML campaign and also all of the Hollywood News reports pertaining to ML, fans and same)previously, then I also feel she is subjecting her own self to whatever befalls her… Being a Head of a Department of a TV Network does not give anyone to play the High & Mighty with someone’s career nor does it give them the right to “punish” anyone, not even the fans, for the way they feel about a favorite show’s demise and the fact that the 2 lead stars have had little going on in their careers since; 1 more than the other but with little success unfortunatley…Tinseltown is madeup of phonies and when a honest genuine talent comes along they are either slandered by false gossip or crucified by not getting parts…This is totally unfair to all, most of all Alex…he is far too talented for the likes of that kind…

    Praying he can get away from those that control him and set his own rules soon…

  7. Tiffany,
    Thanks for the report. I agree with what you wrote. I’m so ready to see Alex again doing anything even though I don’t watch NCIS. I used to watch it but got tired of it.
    I was never tired of Moonlight. I too want to see Alex in a romantic role. I hope CBS doesn’t screw him again and if they do, I hope Alex runs as far away from them as he can get. He’s got too much talent to waste it on the whims of CBS.

    If you read this Alex, we really, really, really miss you!

  8. Hi Everyone – I agree with Grace – it is not up to us, it is up to Alex and we should embrace whatever HE chooses to do. If we are true fans, we will support him in whatever it is he may be doing. Any actor looking for work would be glad to have an opportunity offered to them whether it be a “spin-off” or an original project. Regardless of where Alex happend to re-appear, let’s all get behind it and support it. Remember it is about Alex, not us. Until next time friends, stay well.

  9. Thanks for a breath of civility here Hope, Tiffany & Grace…

    May I add that suggestions pertaining to CBS stock is not unheard of…Sorry but that just is business and if we all would just think, instead of ridicule, it would be denoted that a group as a whole entity buying stocks as a large buying unite is not unheard of… Furthermore, opening our minds to the infinite possiblities of such a merger is far more productive than opening our mouths and being insulting…

    As I stated earlier, it would have worked, maybe could even work at another time, when we were campaigning for Moonlight…However, too many were not united enough as appeared to group together for anything so strategic a plan…And now, even I as an investor in the stock market have pulled & sold many of my holdings because the market is so shakey…

    As for backing Alex, that goes without saying as a positive…No one called on Alex’s intelligence; certainly not I…But Alex, as a relatively new face in America, has to do what is asked to get ahead…As I stated earlier, unlike the more established actors who can pick and choose and tell the Nina’s of the world where to stick it, Alex is not yet, but one day will be, in that position yet… I know all too well about having to work and pay bills, especially after retiring from owning my own business 5 years ago…and so must Alex… However, I do honestly feel that to the majority of agents, actors are their bread and butter so the agent must make sure the actor secures a paycheck, that is foremost or else the agent makes no money… And agents are not infallible and can make mistakes and bad calls for their actor clients, too…I feel this holding contract was a mistake and I my gut feeling is not extremely seeing a bright side to this….

    As for Nina & CBS, I am sorry but I see there lineup of TV offerings as long overdo for change & bringing in a NCIS spinoff is NOT change…Alex deserves better in meatier roles, he is far too talented an individual to be played like a pawn in a game of chess…My heartfelt hope is that CBS still fails giving Alex a show and that the holding contract runs out and that Alex’s agents do not venture into another…If they do, it will be time for Alex to seek other agents is all I can say…

  10. Folks…I thought this was a place to share our comments and thoughts regarding Mr. O’Loughlin. Aren’t we suffering enough in his absence without adding what seems to be high drama? Sorry…keeper of the AOL site, but I think we need lots more optimism and less criticism. We (I am, at least) in America where there is free speech…so with that, I would assume that would include Mr. O’Loughlin as well? Can we not agree to disagree that it is up to him and those that he chooses to surround himself with that are the decision-makers. We ARE THE FANS…correct? Those that embrace his art form?

    I enjoy this site and would wish that it continues with all things ALEX in a truly positive light, even if that is bad news that he is still not on my tv screen in some new series!!! Thank you to the creator of alexoloughlineonline for offering a place to commune around Mr. O’Loughlin. signed…very, very, very hopeful to see AOL in 2009!

  11. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Now that everyone has said their minds, I want to know what is going on with Alex. The last report he gave us was that he was working with the new show about redemption with a little twist. The movie Whiteout has not come yet, whats going on? Did Alex go home? If anyone knows whats going on please let me know. I thought the new show was a new show not a remake of NCIS. signed Hopeful

  12. Tiffany, you have totally misunderstood my post and by pulling part of a quote out of context and responding only to that you have changed my meaning entirely.

    I presume that because you run this site you have an idea about what has been going on amongst the Moonlight fandom ever since Alex signed that contract with CBS. There are those of us who are perfectly happy to see Alex there. It seems like a good decision to advance his career. If he goes into a procedural which is CBS’s bread and butter, well then he has a good chance at being in a successful show. I’m not a particular fan of procedurals but I believe he will lift any role into one worth watching.

    There are a lot of fans of ML who were appalled that he would, first off, go back to the network that cancelled ML, and second, be interested in doing anything that wasn’t Moonlight-like.

    I have seen things written along the lines of “he’ll never have another role as good as Mick St John”,”it won’t be the same as Moonlight”, “if there’s no romance I don’t want to watch it” “It won’t be the same if he doesn’t have Mick’s hair” “procedurals are boring and I won’t watch’ or even worse “procedurals are boring and I hate them but I’ll watch anyway because it’s Alex”…and on it goes.

    Just because I will happily watch anything he’s in does NOT make me a ‘bobble head’. What it makes me is an appreciative fan who believes that anything he does will be worthwhile. If you are happy to see Mick St John in every role Alex does, and if you aren’t interested unless you do, then how does that make that person a better fan than me?

    You go on to make the point that he should strive for the best roles, which is the exact opposite of what some ML fans want. They selfishly want to see Mick St John over and over again. I don’t; I want him to choose what makes him happy.

    You make the point in your post that actors don’t always get the role they want. I made the point that they don’t always take the role that their fans want either. As fans, we can’t dictate to actors what we want from their performances. It’s ludicrous to suggest otherwise and reeks of selfishness.

    I never said you can’t express an opinion about what type of role he chooses. I said we have no right to dictate to him what we want. There is a difference.

    You say we should support him in all that he does. That was my point exactly and yet you choose to think my comments make me a bobble head incapable of deciding the difference between a role I like and one I don’t.

    On the contrary, if he chooses a role I don’t like then I imagine I won’t watch. But what I won’t do is write publicly that his choice stunk because it didn’t make me happy. Well, there are plenty of fans out there who won’t tune into everything he does. I think that’s fair enough. Not everyone can stomach all the roles an actor chooses. I just don’t think telling the actor is necessary. That doesn’t make me a sycophant, happy to kiss his shoes. It makes me a person with the maturity to let the man decide for himself what is in his best interests.

    I have no problem with people disagreeing with my opinions, but if you are going to disagree at least DISAGREE. You said you did, but then went on to pretty much prove my point.

  13. No worries, dissenting opinions are welcome. I just ask that everyone “try” not to make it too personal. 🙂

    I think all ya’ll that visit me here to discuss Alex are great.

  14. Tiffany I too loved Moonlight, am a huge fan of Supernatural, loved Roswell and Jericho, anything unusual is great with me. Think True Blood is too weird tho!!!

  15. Tiffany – i owe you an apology upon reading back what you read it is patricia who wants us to buy CBS stock, get Nina Tassler fired, etc. not you.

  16. Well, SonjaMMK I am not sure where I instructed anyone to be loud and obnoxious but whatever. I am not going to tell anyone how should feel or what they should do. I can only speak for myself. I will continue to support him and be vocal that I want him back on air. I choose not to attack CBS because I used to work in the entertainment industry…I know full well it can turn around to bite Alex in the behind in the end. It is a vindictive business.

    I would be happy to see Alex in NCIS2. It would not be my first choice, or my second, or my third…but I am not the authority on Alex’s career. I hope they get him in something soon…I just hope it is good. Being on too many canceled shows is not good for the image of an actor. In general I am just not a fan of CBS programming with the exception of Ghost Whisperer. I am more a Smallville, Supernatural, Roswell, Moonlight, Big Love, True Blood gal myself. I like unique shows with dynamo plots.

  17. typo in last sentence is not supposed to be wise, should be written as ELSE

  18. SonjaMMK,

    You are overstepping your boundaries here… Be rude all you want, show who you are all you want, but I would be very careful as to whom you also show your arrognace…


    FURTHERMORE, if you do not like our opinions or what is chosen to be accomplished than feel free to go somewhere wlse to post your insults

  19. So, Tiffany and Patricia think only the loud, obnoxious people get what they want – sure they do, just to get rid of them. No one respects a loud mouth lout or one who puts the blame on everyone around them for whatever perceived injustice may have been done to them. Dissing CBS who have some excellent programming and Ms. Tassler for doing her job is just ignorant and serves no purpose. Writing CBS, calling and generally being a good, supporting fan for whomever is more decent and human. It is the animals who make threats to get people fired from their jobs if they don’t do what you want them to or have done something that your believe to be wrong to you or someone you care for, is not being a true fan, but a boor and lout. I believe Alex is a gentleman, has brains and talent and doesn’t need fans who are rude and ignorant to people that he works for and to do it in his name is grossly unfair to him. Do you want to see him back on TV or not? He needs to eat and pay his bills. I am sure his agent is doing what he can and what is best for Alex at this time. Let the agent do his work and see what happens. All this because of speculation that he may be on an NCIS spin-off and it was a fan question not a do or die project – do you want to see Alex in an NCIS spin-off. I for one do, if it is the only project CBS is offering at this time. When his contract expires, Alex can do what he wants,when he wants, with whom he wants. He is after all, a grown man whoI believe has the natural intelligence to manage his own career with the help of his agent. let him do his “thing”. Don’t sabotage his career with threats of evil towards those you perceive to be against him unless you have rock solid, written proof and post it here for all to see. I have not sat back and done nothing. I have e-mailed, written, signed petitions and bent over backwards to do legal, common sense things to help Alex. I would never sabotage his career. He deserves so much better.

  20. TIffany, you go girl…nice to hear you, in some ways, lean toward our rights as fans & our physical support of an actor & feel that we, as fans, can voice what we want because whomever listens to those voiced comments is a smart person…

    I have learned over my life that no one respects a person who sits and does nothing, but if someone shows moxie for a cause, whether right or wrong in opinion, that person is given more respect…However, then there are those in the higher ups that fear that fight and do exactly what goes against the right… But alas, as I know so well with the lower species of animals, you can’t force one to do somethig unless they trust… Unfortunately many here, I am seeing, do not trust…And equally as unfortunate, ignorance and fear go hand in hand, so if this is the bliss needed, so be it…

  21. In response to this:

    “saying publicly, on forums and blogs like this that we want romance, less procedural, long Mick hair…demanding things we have no right to. My only consolation is that the majority of fans will tune in regardless of what is put in front of them, because that is what true fans do. Accept happily anything their object of devotion provides.”

    I completely disagree with that and honestly it almost sounds like a bobble head fan. The kind that just sits and shakes their head in agreement no matter what. That is not being a true fan…that is being a groupie who doesn’t even listen to the music, so to speak. I don’t think genuine actors that care about their craft want mindless fans who think the sun shines out of their arse even if they pick a role as a pooper scooper that lasts 5 second in a feature film.

    Yes, we should tune in and support him in whatever he does but we can and should express our opinions about the type of roles we like.

    Imagine if you were a marketing executive and you had a high power, kick butt job. All your co-workers swoon and rave about how awesome a job you do and you feel like a rock star. Then after a year you get laid off. But you have bills to pay so you accept a job in the mailroom. All your co-workers STILL swoon and rave about you performance saying you sort mail like no one they have ever seen…you were BORN to sort mail!!!! Kiss, kiss, swoon…. Do you appreciate their feedback or do you realize that they are shallow and mindless since you are not doing what you love or what you are particularly good at but they don’t even seem to notice or care?

    See my point? Actors don’t always get the roles they want. Sometimes they take roles that kinda suck so they can pay bills or get more experience under their belts. To have their fans act as though all roles are equal is insulting to their intelligence.

    Some of his fans, me included, will totally support him in whatever he does but as a true fan I will always hope he shoots for the juiciest roles where he can REALLY shine and I will try to help him as much as a fan can and I won’t be a bobble head with no opinion.

  22. The thing that stuns me the most is the viciousness I’ve seen in these last months directed at a woman doing her job, and a network that cares about it’s bottom line.

    ML fans have created this world where decisions made by execs at CBS were nothing but a huge conspiracy to get rid of ML to either, piss off ML fans, or get their hands on Alex for their own devious ends.

    Because Nina Tassler was the public face of these decisions she has become the focus of everyone’s loathing. She has said some disparaging stuff about ML fans, I know. Who wouldn’t want to when they’ve read some of the stuff written about themselves online? I don’t care how rude or objectionable she is (and I’ve never seen anything she said written that was that bad anyway), she was just doing her job. We don’t even know if she wanted to do it. For all we know, she could have fought tooth and nail to keep ML. She didn’t mind admitting she was a fan.

    Besides that, I’ve heard that is was Kelly Kahl who decided to cancel ML. Whoever it was, I bet it was the decision of more than one person, and I’m sure they had good reason to do it.

    But irrespective of these issues, as fans of Alex O’Loughlin we need to step back and accept HIS decisions.
    He decided to re-sign with CBS. He has agents who can advise him of the best things to do for his career. Despite what some people think, we DON’T know anything about the industry, his career or, for that matter, his personal desires for his future as an actor. Just because we haven’t heard what’s happening doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. These things take time. He’s back in the U.S. now after his holiday and no doubt we’ll hear soon enough.

    Whatever happens, it’s nothing to do with us. We should only worry about the end product; everything before it is out of our hands.

    It’s nothing but the most deluded presumption to think any fans have the right to dictate terms to either his employer, which is currently CBS, or to him, by deciding what WE want to see him in on our TV screens. I can’t believe people are saying publicly, on forums and blogs like this that we want romance,less procedural, long Mick hair…demanding things we have no right to.

    My only consolation is that the majority of fans will tune in regardless of what is put in front of them, because that is what true fans do. Accept happily anything their object of devotion provides.

    Telling people they should try a takeover of the company (if the economic timing was better) is just laughable, but encouraging people to do nasty stuff (like get someone sacked) is dangerous. Who knows what whack jobs are out there reading your comments, ready to go off the deep end? They might decide that sacking is too good for her and then what could happen?

    Some people need to take a step back and relax. What will be, will be.

  23. Forgive the typos in the above comments – typing in a hurry. Thanks.

  24. I agree with Tiffany – we cannot go around disisng people in higher up jobs in the entertainment industry and then expect them to listen to the fans of certain people and shows and cowtow to our demands with a smile and say sure why not, even though you are callind me a cow, a B— and worse and accusing me of all kinds of unethical behaviour without strict proof of that behaviour – how do we know what is happenng behind the scenes? Unless we are there or are good buds with Alex and his family, we know nothing. I suspect he will issue a statement when he knows himself what is going on. He always does. He, hopefully,not abandon us loyal fans and will keep us informed like he always has. He acknowledges his fans and wants to keep us advised. Don’t go making accusations against Nina and CBS without strict proof of what you are accusing them of and not just vagueness and innuendos.

  25. I think we need a couple reminders here. First…play nice. You are a guest so treat the other guests with respect. Disagree and show dissent but don’t make it personal. Second, be careful what you say about people. Bloggers are getting sued now for comments their visitors leave that taint public opinion of powerful people. I don’t have any desire to get sued because people want to name call and make statements that cannot be backed up with PROOF. So just be careful what you say. I don’t want to censor people but I don’t want anyone else’s recklessness to get me in trouble k?

    That said, I wanted to add that actors, including Alex are nothing without fans. Fans make or break the actor regardless of talent and actors know this. Most actors prefer fans that are vocal and aggressive in their support. No we don’t want to cause trouble for him which is why we need to be nice to people who he works with but we DO need to be vocal about wanting him back on on-screen and not give up.

    And I am not one of those fans that wants to see him in just any old role. I like his talent…not just his pretty face. No amount of talent can take crap and turn it into gold. Yes, the scenery on The Shield was much improved by his presence but it was a waste of his talent and the lines and story written for him were boring. I am not of the opinion that the sun shines out of his arse. I want a good story and dialogue too. Just saying 😉

  26. Amanda & SonjaMMK,

    First of all you are thinking just as those who sat back and waited that failed fans et al in resurrection of Moonlight…And are voicing in hostility the way was so common on another ML site which also Waited and failed the Moonlight…

    When we fail to get along here at AOLO, which we had always, we are setting our own downfall… This anger against me, I really do not care, however, if any spies for Nina are present on a fan site (I do feel there are including here unfortunately) it adds her to her own fuel…

    We are all entitled to our opinions, & I believe in mine… The venom is not mine but those that ignore all opinions and advise… My late politician father-in-law once clued me in on the way business really works… He said “Never deal with the small fish, go for the big guy if you want to get something accomplised…The same applies here, or anywhere, and the Big Guy is the Shareholdings of Westinghouse…If the market was not so flimsy at the moment I would advise buying into CBS stock as a whole unit of fans and causing a Stock Block which would give all Moonlight & Alex fans both the controlling foot in the door, but the block that controls the works which would give us the majority and the say… But I would not even fathom giving any of us that advise because of the risk with such a poor economy,,, You see folks, it is the stockholders who hold the power, not Nina or any tinpan executive…

    So are we going to be nice here or is this enjoyable site being corrupted by those who cannot be no matter what they post as was on a main ML fansite???

    Yes, we all love Alex, we want what is best for him but that Nathan Morris confirmed he is doing what he can for The Man, but acknowledgment of show business being acut-throat industry says it all.. How can we all just sit idly by and wait while Alex is held on Nina’s shelf? To me that is certain annihilation of the man who lit us up on ML…Sitting back and watching what happens is not being a true fan…getting in there and authoritivly voices our fears, frustrations & desires, our needs is how the battle is won or, if not, TPTB will stomp on you,,, and, in this case, Alex, too…

    I would think that Alex is pretty darn upset about being in limbo like this when so much had been promised him by Nina and CBS, all of which has yet to be honored and is long passed due to be honored… Now are we on the same page??? His holding contract, as I read the news pertaining to same, was to include his OWN PROJECT but also appearances and doing movies for CBS CORP which would be in that area, Paramount…To this date, nothing has been honored… To fight for him is not showing him we do not honor him but that WE DO, and we will stand with him in any career problems he is suffering… standing by him is also fighting for his contract to rightfully honored; sitting and waiting it out IS NOT…

  27. I can’t say that Alex O’Loughlin’s role in the Shield was my least favorite because I honestly LOVE every role he’s ever played. What I can say is Alex’s role as Kevin Hiatt brought BEAUTY to a show that otherwise had one to many unattractive cops in it. As usual he was able to steal every scene he was in although he wasn’t in nearly enough of them. I personally am not at all worried about Alex’s career, even if he takes a role on NCIS for CBS I know he will absolutely shine!!!

  28. I think that Alex was great as Kevin on The Shield – his part was just not big enough. Alex couldn’t do anything that was boring – the man can do no wrong on film! I have everything that Alex ever made on DVD, including The Shield, and he is so amazing that I find everyone and everything else boring now.
    Anyway, as far as as his career is concerned, I truly believe that Alex is a brilliant talent, and no matter what happens with CBS, Alex is going to be a star in the US, and a leading man in movies, just like he was in Australia before he was brave enough to come here. In a perfect world, Alex would be back in Moonlight and doing movies on the side. In the meantime, whatever he does, I will be there, and I know I will love it. I haven’t watched CBS since Sonata, but I will make an exception for Alex, of COURSE. I would prefer to see Alex do something other than an NCIS spinoff – like something that was HIS idea that he was working on when he first got the one year contract with CBS. I am still hoping that “someone” is watching the DVD sales and the viewer #s of Moonlight on Sci-Fi – and that we end up with our beloved Moonlight back for new seasons.

  29. I whole heartedly agree with Amanda, Lisaaussie, Tiffany and Grace. We need to just sit back and wait to see what Alex himself says about his new project or if he will be part of an ensemble cast. Even if he were to star in his own show, he would need supporting cast members. He will not be the only one in the show. If he were to be cast as the lead in an NCIS spin-off he would have the Mark Harmon role that is in the original NCIS. Anyway, its just fan speculation that he MAY be cast in the spin-off NOT that he was for sure. Bothering and cursing out Nina Tassler or CBS is not in our best interests or in Alex’s best interests as they may take it out on him. Just sit back and wait. Alex has to be in the public eye to keep his career alive. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing and doesn’t need his “fans” screwing things up for him. Patricia get a new hobby other than screwing Nina and CBS over. Spend a little time outdoors and away from your computer. Trust that Alex and his handlers know the business better than you do. Just be patient, sit back and wait. I have been writing to CBS and politely asking that they bring Alex back to TV and soon and if not in his own project then in a current or soon to be released one. Its better to have him on TV in something than in nothing at all. He is very talented, let him use that talent please.

  30. WHOA!!!!! When did all of this become so nasty??? Let’s remember that these are only opinions, we all have them and are entitled to them, regardless of how others may feel after reading them. Opinions are not wrong or right, they are just opinions and they are not based on anything other than the way the writer feels about that particular subject at that particular time. The bottom line is that we all miss Alex and want to see him back as soon as possible. We have to respect the fact that whatever is going on, if anything, Alex is aware of it and abiding by it so we have to do the same. Yes, it is disgusting and apparent that Nina is still up to her old tricks but whatever she is or is not doing is completely out of our hands. Since we do not know what is going on, our insults, etc. thrown at her may be what is the stumbling block here. We have to trust that Alex and those surrounding him do have a handle on things and somethng will happen soon. Regardless of what brings Alex back to television, we should remember that it is Alex, not necessiarily the show that we will be watching, spin-off or not and if it is a spin-off, then that is what Alex chose to do and we need to support that decision, HIS DECISION. It is out of our hands. Until next time, friends, stay well.

  31. Well written Amanda.
    Patricia, just to clarify some points you brought up that are incorrect. Firstly Nathan Morris is Alex’s AU agent (he also has a US agent). Nathan Morris was an employee of June Cann Management which was owned by John Cann. With the sad death of John Cann, it seems that two of the main agents of that company took over June Cann Management and have since renamed it Linsten Morris Management with Nathan Morris still as Alex’s agent. There does not seem to be any change in Alex’s actual agent for some years. I have been in direct contact with Nathan and I can assure you that, as Alex’s agent, he is doing as much as he can, to represent Alex in this cut-throat industry. I really do not beleive any one person or organisation (Nina, CBS, Silver Productions or Nathan Morris etc) can be dragged over the coals because of ML being cancelled or Alex not getting another show to star in – it is the nature of the industry. You and I are just one single voice that means little to this industry. I want Alex back on the screen as much as the next fan (I think more so lol), but Alex is an intelligent and grown man that has earned the right to run his own life any way he chooses and I would hope that we as is loyal fans can respect that and not feel the need to interfere where we have NOT earned the right to pass judgement – especially openly (what we do amongst ourselves is our own business lol).

  32. Patricia, I don’t care how many years you’ve lived or how much life experience you have. I have a fair bit under my belt myself. You ask why you are the target of my angst? Because you were the one who encouraged a fan to write to people who have nothing to do with you, about matters you (or any of us for that matter) know nothing about, and cause trouble for Alex. And if you think writing to his agent complaining about the way they are handling his career isn’t trouble-making then you are sadly deluded. I won’t even go into the statement about writing to a major CBS shareholder telling them to sack Nina. It’s beyond comprehension how an (apparent) fan can feel so entitled.

    The only person here ‘spewing venom’ is yourself, and it’s not Nina who’s looking like a fool. CBS is the top rating network as far as I can tell, so telling CBS to fire Nina because you don’t like her is kind of ridiculous. As presumptuous as that is, it’s nothing compared to your highly offensive remarks about his agents, who I’m sure are quite capable of looking after their clients. For a start, no one knows what deal Alex is going to have until he comes out and says it. It’s not Nina who’s been tying his name to NCIS, it’s only fan speculation.

    Besides, what makes you think that an NCIS spin-off would be so bad? It may be a big hit and a huge boost to his career.

    Lord, Alex really has his work cut out for him having some Moonlight fans on his side doesn’t he?

  33. Excuse me but how did I get to be the target of your angst??? For one I am not misjudging Alex, yet there are some things that add up to too much going on that somethings may have just slipped through the cracks…If no one recalls, I do, that at the time of Alex contract meetings the head of the agency that was representing Alex at the time, John Caan of The June Caan Agency in AU, took ill and died…Does one not think that at a time as that when a leader passes on and the very core of the business is shaken that anything could be overlooked, including the fine print in paperwork? Recently it was disclosed that Alex is now under the management of yet another agency, Nathan Morris, who new on the Alex scene may not have had the chance to fully study all of the new in the office…

    Now I will again express myself, even to Amanda… I have not lived over 63 years on this earth to not learn some of the blatant facts of the world…so when I voice to say we must be heard I am not talking from a fanatic’s srdor but that of a woman who has learned that “It is not what you know but who you know that wins in this world”… Furthermore I believe that Nina would look like a fool, not that she doesn’t already in many an eye, if she retaliated against Alex or his fans though she is trying her damndest to do so as this is perfectly clear as day to me…And I have lived long enough to know that the “Squeeky Wheel is the one that can’t help but get heard”…No one is going to just dethrone Nina unless TV viewers voice strongly and in unison their objections to the way Nina rules her roost and is making a laughing stock out of CBS and many fans…
    We can ask nicely TPTB until we are blue in the face, not going to get heard… And Les Moonves, the President of CBS in NYC is not going to listen because he ignored us totally when the campaign for Moonlight was in progress… That is why I say go for the Big Fish over both Les & Nina’s heads…change of guard is needed now…I, for one, do not care if CBS falls flat on its face b/c I have boycotted that network since Moonlight’s Sonata… However, as long as types like Nina are allowed to continue spewing their venom it will spread, until such reaches all networks and TV can no longer be something enjoyable for what the viewer really relaxes with but what is dictated that we should watch…

    We are not downing Alex here, but standing up to people who have kept him in “holding”…

    And, I do not feel a NCIS spinoff will do Alex and his career justice…He is worth far more than that in his acting abilities…

    In my opinion I could care less if Nina gets pissed off…Not standing up to her is saying it is olay for her to piss on us and all who do not kneel before her…

  34. I was never really a fan of NCIS but if Alex is in spin off im right there with everyone in front row, but I have my reservations about CBS and their plans for Alex, I also want to see him in a juicy role that, he can make his own like he did with Mick on Moonlight. No other Actor, could have played Mick as well as Alex, Please Nina give Alex a role that he deserves and not a run of the mill, CSI or Cop show there are far too many and Alex might just get swallowed up in a mediocre show that, does not deserve him.

  35. I want Mr. O’Loughlin back…any screen, small screen, big screen…TV screen. Just join your audience once again…we have been waiting patiently.

    Being that he is a big boy now…his decisions, I would imagine are the best decisions for him. And one can only imagine he might appreciate all the bickering over him and those powers that be…even if TPTB don’t deserve any attention at all. Please share your craft again with us all, Mr. O’Loughlin. We look forward to seeing your brilliant smile, once again!!!

  36. We know relatively little of what is really going in this situation. All we can do is speculate and respond to the rumor mill. I trust that Alex has the right people in charge of his career to the extent he can. I don’t second guess his decisions.

    I do understand the venom for Nina Tassler though. Every time she opens her mouth in regards to Moonlight she says something insulting or blatantly untrue. I think she is out of touch with the type of fans that liked Moonlight. Perhaps she only understands the typical CSI, NCIS crowd…who seem to accept rather boring programming with little character depth. In regards to Moonlight and the fans of the show she showed a lack of respect and understanding. I do not think she has anything against Alex necessarily but that could change if she is constantly attacked and questioned about him. She may have some sour grapes about the way Moonlight fans blew up at her when it was cancelled…I hope not. For all we know she realized her mistake in canceling it but is one of those types that would rather die than admit a mistake. No sense in pissing her off while Alex still has a contract there.

    I would suggest writing to the powers that be at CBS and asking nicely that they bring Alex back pronto and perhaps also entreating them to air more diverse dramatic programming…beyond the forensic, crime stuff they are currently doing.

  37. I agree completely with Amanda. I do believe Alex is a grown man, has his own mother and agent and is doing what’s best for himself. We should not be dictating to him or his agents or Nina Tassler as it really does no good anyway and you just make a fool of yourself. We can hardly demand that Nina be fired – we do not have that power. Let her dig her own hole and fall into it herself. The powers that be will one day realize her mistakes and she will be gone. I say wait and see what happens with Alex and his project. Maybe it will be a good one and Pat, you can then relax and enjoy the ride.

  38. Patricia, I’m appalled that you think you have the right to question Alex’s business decisions and those of his agent. Nobody except the people involved (and that’s not you!) has the knowledge to judge.

    Once again the ‘rabid’ element of the fandom who thinks they know it all wants people to step up publicly and make fools of themselves and other Moonlight/Alex fans.

    Before you go forth spewing outrage and demanding Nina Tassler be fired, why don’t you actually wait to find out if she’s going to be Alex’s boss or not? Or better yet, let him make his own decisions.

  39. Tiebaojin, wondefully put, now also take what you just wrote & voice it in a snailmail to Alex’s Booking Managers, believe Nathan Morris Agency ar this time…And while you are at it send to the largest share holder of CBS, which is Westinghouse, and their CEO, eho is Michael Jorden so this corp who invests millions, probably more, to CBS & let them know Nina is doing a p-poor job and ruining careers of excellent actors…

    And please all who read this thread, as well as, dollow this entire site, act upon this and follow suit… Thank you…
    Hoping for Better Alex Days, Tish

  40. I, too, am upset that Alex has not been offered a new show and that he has been off the air for so long. This is too long for an actor of Alex’s caliber and especially after all the buzz he got from Moonlight. I don’t know what CBS and Tassler is trying to pull, but I am not happy about it.

    The NCIS2 thing might be OK, but as has been said, it is really the same old show. I will watch anything he is in, but certainly don’t want him in a spin-off that might fail.

    I don’t like what CBS is doing to him, but his holding contract only has a few more months to go, and he is still considered a Warner Bros actor, and on their website, he is #1 most viewed actor with a five star rating. Maybe after this “holding contract” is over, Alex can get the hell away from CBS and do more movies (for WB) or at best a Moonlight movie.

    I want to think that Alex and his management knows what’s best for him. I just hate to see it take this long. Alex needed to “strike while the iron is hot” as one of his management team said. The longer he waits, the colder that iron gets.

  41. As anxious as I am to see Alex back on the air, I don’t want it to be in just anything. I want to see his career really advance and for him to become a household name. I want him in a very successful show. Will a spin-off of NCIS do that? I don’t know. I’ll be there regardless but I want lots of other people there too who have never heard of him.

  42. Oh, another thought just came to mind…It has been over 6 months since this contract was even on the block and was signed in July, we got news in August…This is too long to leave an actor in limbo like this…CBS has not even offered him a guest spot in any show making this contract sound all the more fishy…He is not being offered a movie role in a Paramount Picture, a sub company of CBS Corp… Are you getting the pix clearly now????

    Hopefully Alex & Alex’s Booking Agents (different from his Personal Manager who has nothing to do with that end of representing him) are getting wise to Queen B’s plot against Alex & his fans… And in doing so had Nina trying to cover her tracks by slipping in a tidbit about an NCIS spinoff… Or perhaps she must put Alex in something quick, no matter how shoddy a show or even if short lived, because, behind the scenes, she may be being threatened with a Breech of Contract Law Suit for not following up true to the contract she offered and had been granted a signature… Anything looks great on paper, but I am a firm believer in show me…and furthermore, if I had been his agents, I would not have had him signed until CBS showed a proof positive show blueprint for Alex to dictate how it was to be improved than have the show filmed no later than 2-3 months after the contract was signed…


  44. Tiffany, first of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing us this thread for us to pour out our thoughts about ALex’s CBS contract…

    As afr as I am concerned I could not have said it any better than you, yourself, in the opening commentary of this thread…I, like Mizzoh, who also expressed self beautifully, feels as I do that Alex will always have our love and support… I would also be willing to write to him in care of the Andrew Freedman Office, which is his personal manager, to tell him just that, but I would also be the Mama-type I am and tell him of my fears for him also in regards to the harm I feel is being perpetrated upon him by Nina, who is definitely, in my eyes, ACTOR-PHOBIC…

    Well, Alex fans, what say you? Forst are we all going to thank Tiffany for hearing our request and giving us her greatly appreciated opinion? And are we going to write to Alex and let him know our hearts and our fears???

    While we have pen in hand, start writing TPTB over CBS & Nina, the largest shareholder of the CBS Corp, Westinghouse & its CEO, Michael Jordan, to say we want him to dethrone Queen B Nina…

  45. I’m torn. On the one hand, Alex O’Loughlin needs to get back on our TV screens and he needs to do it soon. The airing of Moonlight on the Sci-Fi Channel notwithstanding, it has been over 8 months since he was last on TV with a “fresh” episode. That’s long in television terms. Even if he is working out a new show now, it will still be months before the pilot will screen. So on the one hand, I hope there’s some truth in the NCIS spin-off rumors; on the other hand, I’m not totally convinced that it’s the right thing for him. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t lost faith in him. He’ll do a wonderful job, as always, but as you say, I think the market for forensic shows is pretty much saturated. If the spin-off rumors are true, then it’s proof that CBS are not willing to take any chances and are betting on a sure thing.

    I personally would watch Alex in whatever show he’s in, but I don’t see myself getting fired up over NCIS II the way I’m passionate about Moonlight, Alex or no Alex. I think he deserves much more than a clone of an existing show. Alex is unique, therefore his show should be unique.

    To be truthful, I hope he is not involved in the NCIS spin-off and I hope that the idea he pitched in December to the CBS brass has been greenlit and that it’s just too soon for Nina Tassler and Alex O’Loughlin to make any kind of firm announcement yet.

    Meanwhile, Alex needs to know that he has our love and support and that we trust him to make the decision that’s right for him.

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