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  1. I feel, as Aussie, that he will bounce back, but each blow to a man or woman’s ego hurts like the dickens… Been there, done that… I also feel , in the long run, he will realize it was not a right relationship for him & when he least expects it, or when he is Not looking, Miss Right will appear… Hope she can cook, cause he does need a little bit more weight on…he was fuller of face in Moonlight

  2. I wouldn’t over analyse the photo and read too much into it as we all know how different we can look in a photo depending on the angle, light etc.
    Alex is an extremely good looking guy no matter what the angle and as we have seen the photos of him on the set with JLO look great not to mention the photos of him in Three Rivers.
    Relationships are always hard and more so when you are a celebrity in the lime light. He is young and I’m sure will bounce back especially with all of the adoration he receives from women.
    Adoring Alex Fan

  3. I didn’t realize he looks thinner until I read your guys’ comments. I took a good look at his face and he does look thinner. He looks sleepy to me! I’d love to take him in my arms and just hold him while he sleeps. Physical touch is so important when going through what he did. I do hope he really knows and believes the fact of how much we all truly and honestly love him-as a person and an actor. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will be nothing short of outstanding in Three Rivers. He is a very intuitive actor and has an unbelievably abilty to play anything he sets his mind to ( yes, I have to admit, I’d watch him read the phone book too!)

    I believe Three Rivers is going to give “Grey’s Anatomy” and “House” a run for their money..and I love both of those shows! Now a medical show with ALEX!!!!!!!!! Dream come true for me….hope his dreams for true love comes true soon. He deserves a woman as wonderful and kind as he is. Alex, if you ever read this, just know we are all pulling for you 110%. Your truly loyal fans will follow your career anywhere!

  4. The actor along side Alex in this pic is an actor by the name of Walton Goggins and the character he played was “Det. Shane Vendrell” I have “The Shield – Season 6 on DVD and have practically worn it out because Alex was a part of that cast.

  5. Yes, Sandra Fegan, that is the guy who played the bad cop, the one who killed his fellow cop, in “The SHield”… Off hand I cannot think of both his real name and his character’s name…

    And, in this picture, especially, Alex looks the thinnest I have ever seen him… He is probably working too too hard and not getting enough rest…

    However, like Pat Barone, I think most of this can be attributed to the split of him & Holly. Yet, I cannot agree with Holly having been the Love of Alex’s Life.. If Holly had been she would still be in there saving anything they did have, but she is all for Holly and no one else…Alex, hopefully, will come to realize this, but it may take some time as 4 years is a long time to get your heart shattered; perhaps Alex will learn more on how to mend it being Dr Andy Yablonski…

    Somewhere out there is Alex’s real Love of his Life and he will find her; if he already hasn’t. And right now, we all would love to bring him home for a good homecooked meal after seeing this picture… Oh, recalled from a audio interview he did with Midnight Louie (Pam) that he loves Pea & Ham Soup, which is Split Pea Soup, gals, that his Mom makes for him & also a Roast… Not sure if he means Roast Beef, Roast leg of Lamb (being from AU where they raise sheep for wool), or Pork Roast or Pot Roast with all the veggies cooked witht the Beef… Well, if any of you girls care to send him homemade Split Pea Soup to his Personal Manager’s Office make sure you send it as Perishable & Overnight Express but the soup should be frozen after you cook it… If you do not live in any state near CA, do not send any perishable food like that as it will not make overnight delivery, ir will defrost and ruin before Alex gets it… However, we can bake him cookies, and the like to send to snack on… remember we can all bake something for him & send prior to his birthday, August 24th, & bet it would be appreciated…

    Another thing, too, about this picture… Alex probably is au natural, minus any stage makeup where they can contour your face to make it look fuller or slimmer, so this the real him. Remember also, Alex had spent a few weeks back east in Pittsburgh filming the pilot for 3 Rivers & it was still cold there so not much sun rays to catch in Brrr country…..

  6. This picture of Alex is far from one of his best. My heart aches for him as I think that Holly was the love of his life and to have that relationship go down the tubes after 4 years must be very hard on him. He definitely looks thinner and very tired. He is probably throwing himself into his work to help get thru this hard time. I wish I could do something to help him but don’t know how. I just want to hold him and comfort him. It is very difficult to see him like this. I love this man and will follow whatever show he is in even if it were reading the telephone book. I saw the short little bit they showed of 3 Rivers and it will be different (but not impossible) to get used to him being a doctor. I am so glad he will be back on TV hopefully as a mid season show and not have to wait until the new season starts. Hang in there Alex, things will get better and your fans still love you a lot. There are no words to express how happy we are about your new show and your return to a weekly series. Also lots of luck of “The Backup Plan”. I love JLo and have seen most of her movies. She is so lucky to have you in the movie with her and then finally “Whiteout” is due out in 4 months.

  7. Now you are all saying I had a real close look at ALex. Yep, he’s cetainly lost weight, and looking rather tired. Not sure of the sad bit, his eyes do look like they have lost a little bit of sparkle.
    But not working for 10 months, would sort of do that. He’s got a son to support in Australia after all.. Also the doctor that Doc Andy is based on, well I read apparently Alex followed him around 24 /7, and actaully watched heaps of the transpalant ops. He did this to get into the character, when you give 110% it can sometimes take it’s tole. He worked like 90 hour week when doing Moonlight.

  8. I used to work for the owner of Crustacean so I was flabbergasted to see that he was there, but it’s so great to see that he participated. He does, however, look very thin, tired and pale – even a bit sad. I hope that the brightness in his eyes comes back and that he puts just a little bit of weight back on.

  9. He looks tired and thin.. hope he jumps back to his old self.. and the smile seems to be gone from his eyes.. makes me sad to look at that picture..

  10. Thank you so much!

  11. Love that “Alex”, but he sure has lost some weight. Hope he puts it back on so he looks huggable again. Looking forward to Sunday nites at 9:00.

  12. Gorgeous! Thanks so much!!

  13. Looking good. Isn;t the guy with him off The Shield?

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