Hawaii Five-0 1.20 Ma Ke Kahakai Recap

This time, Steve and Danno take some time out to go on a hike in scenic Hawaii where Steve’s Dad used to take him. They talk quite a bit about Steve’s Dad, Wo Fat, and the evidence of this bizarre case from the past. While they are there Steve repels down a cliff and finds a dead man, shot through the head and likely dumped there via plane or helicopter. Steve starts to climb back up the cliff but a rock falls loose and clocks him on the head throwing him backwards, breaking his line, and sending him crashing down to hard rock. Steve breaks his arm and cannot climb back up so Danno hikes out to get cell reception and call for a medevac team.

Danno, Chin Ho, and Kono are left to investigate the killing while Steve is getting patched up. The body is that of a local fisherman who had an altercation just a few days prior to his murder. They find the fisherman he had a beef with and find meth on his boat. They guy tells the 5-0 team that he tried to persuade the victim into helping move the drugs but he refused and was left alive. Chin Ho uses the fish scales evidence they found to track down the fish sold by the victim that day. Danno examines the fish and finds one has a bullet hole in it and they recover the bullet.

They also discover that the victim was moonlighting at a jet charter company as a fuel man. Steve puts some details together and suspects that the victim may have seen a man named Rutherford helping his son escape prosecution for strangling his 19 year old girlfriend. To eliminate the only witness he follows the fisherman home and kills him on his boat and then uses a chartered flight to dump the body. The 5-0 team closes in and wraps the case.

In a side story we learn who it was that stole the money Chin Ho was accused of taking and why he is not interested in setting the record straight since he now feels at home with the 5-0 team. Good stuff!

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  1. Yes, his hair is a tad longer, didn’t notice the grey sometimes it is is more noticable than others. I don’t think he would be vain enough to cover it up. Who knows. It was a good ep, and even though if you do cape it is very evident that it was Alex’s stunt double you took the fall. He is too valuable to do all his stunts these days. But as the producer or director said he would do them if they let him, even though he himself plays down the fact that he is not a stunt man, but an actor. But MK with a much tighter budget he did all his stunts himself. Like he said in an interview he;s never been in a show that got a second season, but CBS can’t not renew their latest cash cow of a show H50.

    1. Sandra Fegan, OMG I hope they renew for next season. Is it still up in the air ?? Go Alex and H 5-0 !!!!!

  2. I also thought Alex looked especially good! Maybe it is the hair. I do like it long. And it also seems that some of the gray is gone(?). I hope not. I loved it. Anyway, when he got hit in the face with the rock, I cringed and jumped and could feel his pain. He is such an awesome actor. How can anyone not like him? Just love him!

  3. Oh yay the curls are back!! Thats what I miss most from the Moonlight days the curly hair and his smile hes far too frowney all the time when are they gonna give him something to smile about!!!! 👿

  4. Liked the episode very much,but hated when Steve got hurt. 🙁

  5. It’s is really funny, because I also thought that Alex looked especially fine in this episode. I wonder what the difference is. He always is a hottie as far as I am concerned, but he looked extra hot in this epi. Loved the show Love him.

  6. This was a great episode, one of my favorites 😀 ..I loved the beginning when Steve was getting air lifted and Danny signed I love you 😀 ..I thought that was cute…And how good did Alex look in this episode.. :heart: ..He took my breath away, he is so perfect. :heart: :love:

  7. I loved the beginning of this episode when they were hiking. The dialog between Steve and Danny and the character-driven stuff make the show special and not just some other cop show. Alex looked particularly handsome in these scenes, don’t you think? The story with Chin and Kono was very touching as well.

    But when they found out who did it via fish scales–this doesn’t make any sense at all. The way they explained it: the guy was shot and then the bullet went through the fish–which makes sense since it lodged in the fish. If that’s the case, how did the scales get into the guy? It’s only if the fish was shot first would the bullet even possibly have scales on it that would be lodged in the human (along with the bullet). Once again, CBS hire some decent writers, would ya? These actors deserve it.

    I also liked the end when they were all having a beer. Any time they are laughing and mocking each other is a good time.

    Does anyone know what is written on Steve’s cast? I tried to reach it from a blow up, but it didn’t make much sense to me. Thanks

  8. What a great show. I cringed when that rock hit Alex in the face. Also why Chin Ho was so quiet about the money. It makes sense. Now, is it just me or is Alex just looking better and better with each episode. And that scenery, I so want to be there. Was there years ago and had a terrific time. Thank you Tiffany.

    1. I think Alex is looking better because he’s letting his hair grow a little longer and his natural curl is showing.
      You’re right Laura he is getting hotter looking with every epi. I was there for SOTB last Sept. for the premiere of H5-0 and got up close to him and he is even better looking than his photos, if that is at all possible.

  9. PLEASE……………does anyone know if Alex went back to California to be with Amber since filming is complete, or is he staying in Hawaii? He seems to be having fun from so many pics we see. I hope the pics we seen of him leaving the airport wasn’t him letting her down easy, from the pics you could just feel her pain. Read that puff “diddy” put an answer message on his sell saying “he was out chasing women” , gee I hope that is not true. Why does this bother me so much? :straight:

  10. Can someone tell me what happened to Alex’s arm? Is he really hurt or is it just a prop? I saw the previews and knew it was coming but I still jumped when that rock hit is face! His beautiful face! :heart:

  11. Great episode–but I HATED seeing Steve get hurt ;-( And such beautiful scenery. Hawaii is really like that–so exotic!

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