Sunset On The Beach Premiere 7 Is A GO!

Pretty much since season  seven of Hawaii Five O was announced back in March there has been buzz as to whether another beach premiere, fondly named Sunset on The Beach, would also happen. After all there had always been one in the prior seasons and Alex O’Loughlin himself has said that he hoped these events would continue for as long as the show did or even past, that he once joked.

Back in July, Peter Lenkov, the Executive Producer of the show was asked during the season’s opening blessing whether this fan favorite beach event would occur. At the time he said they were looking for a date as it seemed there was a lot going on in Honolulu in September. Well earlier today, Peter confirmed that there would indeed be a Sunset On The Beach 2016  and it is scheduled for September 23rd on Queens Honolulu.

If this date sounds familiar to you, it should, as it is also the television show’s premiere date. So for the first time, due to time zones, fans that go to the event to share in the fun festivities will see the show after the rest of the nation. .

However, If you can make it to the beach premiere, it is sure to be a fun day, providing you a great opportunity to meet and take pictures with  Alex and the rest of the cast that are able to show up. Most fans will show up really early in the morning and stake their prime spot on the beach enjoying the comaraderie with other fans of the show.

If you can make it, start prepping your travel arrangements now! It is sure to be a blast on the beach with just a little over a month to to go. Now it is known that there is just 32 days left before the long awaited season premiere is shown for all. The only question left is where you will watch it.

In the meantime,  check out the collage of all the seasons before of Alex.

Sunset on the beach collage - alex o'loughlin


Let’s hope the weather cooperates that night as you can also see from the video below that it was quite sketchy last year. (AND VERY HOT).


NOTE: Our site is looking for a few people on the ground that plan on attending that would like to help us share with all our followers as much as we can. Between our many social media outlets we have close to 50k followers that love Alex and Hawaii Five O. Looking for those that can take pictures or videos and also write a decent event write up of the event. Not able to make it this year, so we would appreciate whatever help you can provide. If interested contact us through a Direct Message here or here, on Twitter, or through our site contact form







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  1. Do any of you know if the SOTB will be stream live and where in the internet we can watch it?

    1. Yes it will be live streaming across different channels including Billy V facebook page. WE will get a list of links out as it gets closer so check back.

      1. Thanks very much I be checking here before Friday or evne the same Friday

  2. would love to be there sadly is impossible but my spirit will be there with all ,course i will follow everything on internet 🙂

    1. Do you follow live on the night or is the time frame off for you to be able to? It is always fun to follow live. This year the show and the event is on simultaneously so will be hard to keep up.

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