Alex O’Loughlin Wrap Up- Week of August 22

What a busy week this was for Alex and thanks to numerous shared pictures and videos fans got to join in on the fun.

Starting off the week the announcement that Sunset on The Beach was indeed on confirmed by EP, Peter Lenkov excited the fandom. That enthusiasm stood strong taking us up to the big 40th birthday celebration for Alex (and the day before, his buddy and colleague  Scott Caan).

Many other things happened in between too, so here is  the week wrapped up in a bow for you in case anything was missed amidst all the fun.


The Big Event- Alex’ O’Loughlin’s 40th Birthday! 

The Big Kahuna is 40 now so wonder how much longer he can fight crime 🙂  Here are a few things from the celebration:

Thanks to the Hawaii Five O crew and Rosesita Guzman we got to see some cake and candle action.

A video posted by Julie M (@juliehawaii) on

 Source- repost @JulieHawaii


Thanks to Malia’s Instagram wish, also got to see one hot shot of Alex on the beach. (If you missed this one you are probably blind)

alex o'loughlin surfing



The web was lively with fan videos, fan art, many wishes all over the place and so much more on his special day so Alex took to his FB page and thanked everyone the day after. He also reminded the fans that if you can afford it to contribute to the Taylor’s Gift birthday campaign.
If you can not for some reason, just share it to others. You never know who can. You  also can read more about why Taylors Gift here.





A couple of fans got a pic with Alex on the set

alex o'loughlin fan photo

Credit Laurie Wilson on FB



Jesse Billauer of Life Rolls on Foundation visited the set and got some great shots he shared on his IG account. If you do not know what Life Rolls On is, it is a charity that supports the active lifestyle for young spinal chord injury individuals through surfing and skating. Scott volunteers with them and it is a great organization so check it out.

Thanks Jesse for the pics

Jesse Billauer, alex o'loughlin, scott caan Jesse Billauer, alex o'loughlin, scott caan



Peter’s IG also provided us some behind the scenes editing pics and a video – (video contains a spoiler though so BEWARE!)

Steve McGarrett and new lady



A video posted by plenkov (@plenkov) on




And if all that wasn’t enough, a few new old pics showed up from Wes Sakai who ran into Alex in November of last year at a gas station. Even when pumping gas he is gracious to the fans.

alex o'loughlin at gas station

Alex O'loughlin and fan



Oh, and we also celebrated National Dog Day with a special post for Alex and his best four legged friend.


That’s it! let us know if we missed anything and have a great week.


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