Spoilers for Moonlight Episode 1.13


Here is the storyline for the upcoming episode of Moonlight on April 25th.

It is episode 1.13 titled “Fated to Pretend” The picture above is Mick and Beth at the beach! Remember we left off with Mick being temporarily mortal…

When Beth’s boss, Maureen, is killed after telling Beth she had a hot story to pursue, a new ADA named Benjamin Talbot investigates the murder. Naturally Beth and Mick launch their own investigation, which Talbot warns could taint any evidence and let Maureen’s killer walk free.

The investigation leads them to Bonnie, the 15-year-old daughter of a politician, Kent Morton, who is hiding a painful secret for her father who is about to be elected Mayor. The secret is eating her up inside and she attempts suicide, but Mick lends an understanding ear and some very human reflexes.

Mick invites Beth over for dinner. After confirming that the invitation is for like, a date, Beth considers the ramifications of going on a date with Mick, and finally agrees. (We knew she was smart.)

While investigating Maureens death Mick, Beth and Talbot interview Dr. Pierce Anderson, a plastic surgeon who had a patient die shortly after surgery. Anderson swears that she was fine post-op and that his staff will back him up on that, but after Talbot pushes him a little too far, it suddenly becomes clear that Anderson is not what he seems. The doctor kidnaps Beth and Talbot, and its up to Mick and Josef to rescue them.

Woot! Sounds awesome. How are we going to wait the end of April?????

Photo Source:  Moonlight Detective

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  1. Correction for contacting CBS: The person Moonlight fans are to contact is not Stephen McPherson, he’s with another TV station.

    The right person to contact is
    Nina Tassler, President of Entertainment
    4024 Radford Avenue
    Studio City, CA, 91604

    Pile her desk high with protests against even considering canceling Moonlight.

    Sorry for the incorrect post at 1:39am, Mr McPherson from previous post has the same position as Ms Tassler, but at ABC.

    I do love Moonlight on that I am stating myself correctly. As for Alex, if one of my 2 daughters had come walking in the door with him as a date I’d say “Honey, he’s a “keeper”!!!! Sorry Holly Vance, no disrespect meant toward you; you’re a lucky lady.

  2. PS: Moonlight fans contact Stephen McPherson, President of Entertainment, 2300 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA, 91521 and bombard him with mail in favor of keeping Moonlight on the air indefinitely. In all probablity you may also be able to e-mail CBS and put to the attention of this Stephen McPherson in hopes that it catches his eye through every avenue.

    BTW I am 62 and love this show and the chemistry between Beth (Sonya Myles) and Mick (Alex) as well as enjoy the ongoing stories that this show can be capable of presenting in the future. Love that Alex face when he turns vamp, too. Lets face it he’s just sexy with any face.

  3. I am really looking forward to the April 25th show of Moonlight and hopefully many more to follow. I cannot understand why CBS would even consider canceling this show, but its fate seems up in the air at the moment. I think CBS needs to read some of these comments about the show and listen to the fans. I am, myself, in awe of Alex; he actually is what females swoon over, just like Errol Flynn, Tom Selleck and all those sexy men of the movies and TV. Enough of those reality shows like the Amazing Race or silly comedy shows like Two and a Half Men when in actuality the “half” os almost grown and has the same storyline weekly of Charlie Sheen chasing and bedding another female. The magic of Moonlight is something we all anticipate weekly, so please contact CBS in protest if they attempt to cancel something that appeals to their audience, especially since it has been voted upon by the people though the People’s Choice Awards as the Best New TV Drama.

  4. Wow! I’m soooo thrilled, I can’t wait to see this episode. “Like a Date” huh, I wish we could get more info on this hot news, hope Mick will show more of his feelings for Beth now that she’s free.

    Thanks for the update!!

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