Alex O’Loughlin in August Rush

I finally got see August Rush last week. Alex O’Loughlin plays the older brother of the male lead, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. His character’s name is Marshall Connelly and he and his brother are Irish band mates.

Overall  I did not like this performance so much. Alex did wonderfully but the character was not very like-able in my opinion. It seemed his lines mostly consisted of saying “Baby Bro” alot and his character was incredibly obnoxious and immature….not what you would expect of an “older” brother. But like I said…that is no reflection on Alex because he played obnoxious wonderfully. I just don’t like to see him play an unlike-able character. He did look mighty fine in the role though. He had a grunge look going on.

The movie was AWESOME though. I loved the story and I loved the 3 lead characters. So I still recommend you see it.

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Here is a video with some footage:

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  1. I also thought that it was a very good movie. A sweet story which is unusual anymore. Alex’s part was too small. It makes me wonder if part of it ended up on the cutting room floor, as I had read that he learned to play the guitar for the part and they never really, clearly showed him playing it. I do, however, recommend the film.

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    Elellent clip, but I must admit he suit his Austrailian accent more, but he plays a good part in this film 🙂

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