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  1. You can’t keep a good show down!It’s a show that bites back.LOL

  2. theyd better continue or ill kick some cbs a$$

  3. I sure do hope so, Alexiacia, but if the fans do not make their presence known to the CBS bigwigs, all the hope in the world won’t keep any show on the air, even our favorite, Moonlight. So write to Nina Tassler, the President of Entertainment @ CBS to put the pressure on. I gave the address in another comment after, at first, giving the wrong president of entertainment’s address for another TV station, sorry. So again it is:

    Nina Tassler,
    President of Entertainment
    4024 Radford Avenue
    Studio City, CA, 91604

    Friday’s, April 25th, show was just emotionally the best. I even had a tears in my eyes when Mick asked Josef to turn him back into a vampire, yet Mick loves Beth so very deeply that he gave up his own human desire to save her and baby that is LOVE!!! My heart melted when Mick finally aloud to Josef declared he loves Beth and called her “His Beth!!”, did anyone catch that?? But we also now know, as if we didn’t already, but a little more boldly this episode, that Beth equally loves Mick back and, I surmise, would give up her own mortal being to join Mick as a vampire, if that is what it would take. What Mick fears the most is just that, that his passion during intimacy as a vampire with a mortal may turn him into “the creature” part and he fears salvagely attacking Beth and, more than turning her, fears he could get so wrapped up in their “delight”, so long awaited by us all, that he could actually kill her. Remember back to the episode when Mick almost died due to sun exposure in the desert protecting a pregnant witness and Beth made him take blood from her arm to save him? Remember his words then? They were, “You’re going to have to stop me.” in reference to his sucking blood from her for his survival, he was afraid he’d go too far and Beth would die. In the throes of passion between the 2 now, one mortal & one vamp, it may get a bit too emotional and neither one may have the control to stop if Mick goes uncontrolable vamp on Beth.

    At this point I know their fans really want them together, I, as a fan,second that also

  4. I can’t wait to the end. My view of all this and I have been doing reasearch on Alex O’Loughlin and the series of MOONLIGHT and to my finding that Moonlight will keep going. REASONS!!!! I have sources!!!
    If I am wrong I appolajize. But My intincts say I am not wrong!
    Mick St.John will go on!!!!

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