Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Day


Just because there is no new Hawaii Five-0 this week does not mean there is not going to be no new anything. Yesterday, there was that great story time video and today there is some great fanart for you. The wall is brimming with some good stuff so start the stroll (or scroll) and check out what there is on the wall this week.




Starting with Monika this week, she was not able to resist taking one of the best moments of episode 7.22 and blending it together. This piece represents Steve’s past and current state in a thought provoking manner. The reflection on his grandfather’s heroism is shown in an actual reflection of the current moment of time as he overlooks where it all went down 75 years ago.

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz





From one reflection shot to another, Gaby provided us with this great Mick moment. In it he is reflecting on life before he became a vampire. It is rather ironic in a way as his reflection is back to the woman that not only gave him that life he still yearns for but also of the same woman that took it away. As he looks back the pain on his face is evident of such mixed emotions.

Credit H50Europe





Next here is a happier one and it comes from Sonja.  She says since Alex just started his hiatus, she pictures him in this happy state of bliss. He has all the time in the world (at least 3 months) to enjoy and smell the flowers which are surrounding him. The color of the flower versus the black and white of the background also symbolizes that available time.

Credit Sonja(Sonni)





One of the admins did this one and it puts him front and center in a more vibrant color than the mountainous background, showing McGarrett will always be in charge of his surroundings. The picture versus the drawing makes that distinction too. 





Bryna came in under the wire and offered up this great  movie poster taken off of the original, Spy Game with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. She even included her own crossover.  We like this version better than the original, How about you? With these guys as the heroes, it is guaranteed to have action, humor, and drama. Sign them up!

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Becoming-Bryna





Keeping with the theme of using color to highlight what is important in the piece, this one comes from Silvia from the gallery. Just looking at it provides the feel of Steve in motion while everything else stands still.. Alex had said in the past he enjoyed doing this stunt and this exemplifies that. It certainly makes the standstill danger of it come to reality.

Credit Silvia from the gallery





Thanks again for visiting the fan artist’s creations. We appreciate all their hard work so hope you do, too.




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