Hawaii Five-0 1.23 Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau Recap

The 5-0 team is operating a sting to catch Wo Fat. Did I miss something? Do they have evidence against him now? Anyway they find Sang Min at his place instead, trying to kill Wo Fat with a front door explosive . They chase him and gunfire ensues. He breaks into a house down the street from the safehouse but he gets away. Danno finds a body in the home when he pursues Sang Min and he touches it to see if there is a pulse. Then he stumbles outside where the rest of the team is with difficulty breathing. Steve and agent Kaye investigate but Kaye thinks it might be some sort of biological agent at work. They go back outside to see Danny crashing. OMFG! That was awful… I was very unhappy to see Danno in such a state.;-(

When they get him to the hospital it is determined that Danno is in very bad shape and agent Kaye calls Steve to tell him he was exposed to a chemical weapon, Sarin. Steve hauls ass to tell the doctors what they are dealing with so they can try to save Danny’s life.

When it is determined that Danny should make a recovery Steve sends the team off to try and find out where the milk spiked with sarin came from and if there could be more. Steve gets a all from Sang Min proposing they work together to take Wo Fat out. Steve then goes to Grace’s school to pick her up and tell her about Danny. Grace visits her dad in the hospital and stays with him while Steve works the case. Steve plans to have Grace stay with him until Grace’s mom can take her.

Kaye and Kono reach the owners of the house. They think the man was squatting there and drank some milk laced with Sarin. The owners claim they had been ready to come home the previous week and had asked their caretaker Gabriel to stock the house with food for their return. they also fired Gabriel for helping himself to their checkbook while they were gone. Kono and Chin Ho track Gabriel down at a local diner. After interrogation he admits to stealing money but is shocked about sarin in milk. He is also shocked to see the victim who is a homeless man that Gabriel knew and told about a spare key that could be used to crash inside the house. On the key they find the fingerprint of the homeowner’s business partner but he was just using the house to cheat on his wife.

Kaye tracks the sarin to a strain used in a prior terror attack and a Russian thug who just happened to arrive in Hawaii a few days previous. They track the guy with his ATM card but he runs… of course, and ends up exposing himself to the sarin he had on him. The 5-0 team finds 36 empty cannisters in his car. The find out the terrorist made calls to the aforementioned business so they are back on the trail of the business man/cheater but his secretary was the one taking the calls. She took 20K to sell the cannisters off the books and asked the man to kill the couple standing in the way of her of her happy life with her boss/lover. The homeless man was killed accidentally when he drank the milk.

At the end Danny and his ex share some touching moments and then he reunites with his team. Their reunion is marred by the entrance of Sang Min who begs to be taken into protective custody and shares that he and Steve have just made Wo Fat’s most wanted list.

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  3. hi thanks i did find where to preoder the hawaii five -0 dvdsont now how long it will take but i did not want to loss out so i preoder mine
    monday show was great one cant wait to next week

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