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  1. OMG! I was not expecting anything that happened in this episode! I loved it! But Whyyyyyyyyy did he go to jail? And Kono? I’m so excited for season 2! Mcgarrett is going to get you Wo Fat! Watch out! He’s going to get you! I just know it(: YOU ROCK MCGARRETT! I LOVE YOU! :heart:

  2. What an episode, and we didn;t expect that. Now we have all watched it, we know there will be a season 2, It said to be continued…

  3. No , no word about Season 2 yet, perhaps Wednesday at the upfront. I thought I read somewhere that Amber is in Oz filming, may be wrong. Alex wouldn’t probably mention her anyway. He likes his private life kept private. He could be waiting for the upfronts, maybe he will be there for that, short hair and everything.
    Well it is a lot cooler here in Oz at moment, first month into winter. He will need to wear his beanie to keep his head warm. LOL

    1. SANDRA.. your probley right about his privacy, I checked and did find shes filming in Oz, a thrillr and they are still together. Thanks for the info, a I feel better now…….

  4. Any word if there is a season 2? Am I missing a headline on that?

    1. Several big papers have reported that there will be a season 2 but official word should come from CBS tomorrow… hopefully.

  5. :whistle: Read an interview he made with local newspaper in Hawaii, were he said on the hiatis he would be going back to visit family in Austraila, no mention of coming to California to visit with Amber. What’s the scoope with that? Hoping they haven’t broke up.

  6. Am soooo going to miss H5O over the summer! It has been an amazing season – cast and crew, what a fantastic job you all have done. Looking forward to the the last episode of season 1 and definitely can’t wait for the second season to begin!!!! HAWAII FIVE O IS THE BEST DRAMA ON TV!!! ALEX is a dream and I love the new haircut – reminds me of “Marcus” :heart: in the “Invisible”. Thought he was pretty nice to look at then :love: ……. H5O cast and crew have a restfui hiaitus – we look forward to another exciting season, when “2” arrives in the fall 😀

  7. Thanks Tiffany for the video clip. Yes, it does sound tense. Sure going to miss it this summer. Can’t wait for the DVD :love: :heart:

  8. i would not mind handcuffing alex
    :heart: :angel: :kiss: :love: :

  9. I know, I’m very upset Hawaii Five-O is ending for the season. I want to Thank Tiffany, for the updates. The HFO and updates keep me going, I’m going thru a rough time right now, and I have watching Alex to look forward to. Thanks Deanna

  10. WHATS THE BONE HEADED REASON CBC TOOK THE LAST 5 – LAST SUNDAY OFF THE PUT ON THE DEVIL HUSSAIN SPECIAL???? :bandit: Im in Youngstown Oh AND THEYadvertised it all week and then didnt put it on ,….anyone else miss it???? I gues with rerun time coming up we will see it sooner or later but go on line to get CBS and tell them what jerks they are AND we want to see some more romance and “slowed down story lines where you can actual hear them talk… and Alex darling, love y0u hate short hairl……remember those gorgerous locks in Moonght?? MIss all the romance and crime in that storey; perfect balance. Hope Hawaii 5 0 does the same LOVe You Alex;;;
    suzanne your forever fan

  11. Shoot, I wish I had seen ET last night. I googled it and couldn’t find anything. Anyone else have any info? Thanks.

  12. last nite (5/12) on ET they’d been to set and interview Alex. of what Alex happen to say was several worded words … upset…, w/ twist, and fractured ( believe word version).
    any ideas?


  13. Hi Moonlight lovers, When I saw before that Alex was growing his hair I thought maybe he is getting ready to make the moonlight movie while the TV show was off for the summer. Boy was I wrong he has shaved it all off. I still love him but I liked his beautiful hair. signed hopeful

  14. Tiffany (or anyone else for that matter): Do you know what Alex is doing during hiatus? A whole summer without new “Alex” is hard to take. Get out the DVDs of just about anything he’s been in!

  15. OMG…I am so not ready for the season to be over 🙁 Alex is the most amazing actor ever and the most sexy :love: I swear he gets better looking every episode and his new look is very hot :heart: I think that monday nights episode was one of my favorites, and I know that the finale will not disappoint. Alex is the best :love: and Hawaii Five-O IS THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION :love:

  16. Thanks Tiffany for this update. I sure hope there is a season two, Surely CBS sees this show as a major hit for them?!!

  17. WOW, this one looks awesome. Can’t wait. Definitely Wo-Fat. Sure they will get out of it. But what a surprise. Steve arrested and 5-0 broken up. Will be interesting. Hope they are all getting some good rest , beach and surf time. I know I wish I was but in Wisconsin not possible. Thank you Tiffany.

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    i can’t wait until the finalee, this last mondays was one of the best, and the next one will be even better. i can’t believe steve is being arrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard tnt is going to be airing the hawaii five o shows, one of my favorite stations. numbers 3 is also on tnt. can’t wait until the new season starts, love to all of you, aloha, see you on mondays!!!!! :kiss: :heart: :love:

  19. I sure hope there is a second season for H5O. I will miss seeing Alex for the summer. We have to have the second season so we can find out if it was Wo Fat who framed Steve. I will be praying for the confirmation on the second season. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  20. P.S.

    I still love Alex even he has that shaved head…he is still cute….but he is more handsome and attractive if he has some hair on…Alex pls. grow that hair…okay.. :love: :heart:

  21. I am so so so not ready for the Season Finale either….it should have New Season of Hawaii Five -0 taking place after these finale season! You guys for sure get lots of advertisers on that show so you guys should not loose that chances. Millions of people watching the show and the time is perfect…because that time people are settling down and ready to watch Hawwaii. Do not worry of loosing viewers in this summer season…………people like my family and friends are planning to watch together this summer if show will be still on. It will be a good time watching with family and friends too…… 😀 :heart: :love:

  22. Thanks Tiffany for the preview video. This episode looks great,but I hate to see season one end already. Can’t wait to get the Season one dvd box set. 😀

  23. What a suspenseful first season finale! Alex, congratulations for a TERRIFIC season. Kudos to you and the H50 team!

  24. OH NO!!! This absolutely smacks of Wo Fat! Got to be the guarantee for a second season. How else will we know what happens to McGarrett unless there is another season. Well, done Alex!! :love:

  25. I am sure a second season has still not been officially confirmed. Chin Ho having to arrest Steve. Definately Wo Fat framing Steve. Amazon are alrady taking order for the DVD. But who dies Peter Lenkov said one of the main cast will die?

  26. Wow, that looks like it’s going to be a good one. Steve gets arrested, hmmmm. No Five-0 anymore. ;-( Luckily I know there is going to be a second season, or else I’d be worried…..WHEW. Now I can’t wait until next Monday… 😀

  27. I am so not ready for the season to end!! And yes, looks like alot of twists and turns.. I had heard there was going to be a 5-O break-up, but not like this !!!
    Wo Fat has to be the one framing McGarrett… So season 2 has been confirmed?
    What are we going to do this Summer? I can’t wait for the DVD to come out!!

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