Hawaii Five-0 1.24 Season Finale Recap!!

The episode opens with some big changes. Danny is having an affair  with his ex wife and they discuss telling her husband. Chin Ho is at HPD headquarters and they offer him his old job back now that he has been proven innocent of stealing money from the lockup. He turns it down in favor of staying with 5-0. As he is leaving he sees officers carrying bags of burnt money and he knows immediately it is the money that the team stole from lockup to save Chin from Victor Hess. The money was mysteriously accounted for but running the serial numbers on the burnt money could mean that the crime finally comes to light. Steve also gets another mystery envelop with yet another piece of the evidence from his Dad’s Champ box that was stolen early in the season. This time it is the key and Kaye tells him it belongs to an 18th century piece of furniture. McGarrett Sr. didn’t own anything like that so they wonder if it could belong to the person Steve’s Dad was investigating.

Meanwhile the Governor’s aid (Laura Hills) is killed in a car bomb right outside their headquarters. When investigating the car later Kaye and Steve deduce that the same person who bombed this car was the same one who killed Kaye’s Fiancee and Steve’s parents… Wo Fat. A Claymore mine was used to they follow-up to see if any army bases are missing one.

Steve and Danno go to Laura’s house and Steve finds envelopes that match the ones he has been getting. He takes a writing sample from her house and it matches. Laura was the one sending him the Champ Box evidence. Kaye finds the base missing a mine and it was stolen 4 years previous. They suspected a defense contractor named O’Reilly but never convicted so Steve and Danno go and find him. The crazy guy comes at Steve with a Machete and forces Danno to pepper spray him. He tells them that he sold the mine to a guy named.. duh, duh, duh… Steve McGarrett. Only after some pressure does she admit it was Wo Fat. Chin Ho also drops a bomb by telling the team that the crime lab found Steve’s prints all over Laura’s house. Since he had never been there before this day it is obvious some one is trying to frame him for Laura’s death.

Steve and Danno go to the Governor to update her on the case and tell her they suspect Wo Fat. While they are there Steve sees a very old bureau (perhaps from the 1800s?) and it deeply bothers him. He is making plans to break into it later when he hears that O’Reilly (the only witness against Wo Fat) has just been killed in transport to prison. Steve knows the only person who knew the man was connected to Wo Fat was the Governor. Danno tries to keep Steve cool but he has to leave to meet Rachel who tells him she is pregnant with his child and she wants them to leave Hawaii.

Steve breaks into the Governor’s mansion and the key works. He finds evidence that the Governor knew Laura was leaving breadcrumbs for Steve. Steve takes this info to Danny and they contemplate what they need to do know that they know it was likely the Governor that had Laura killed and that Steve’s Dad was investigating the Governor in connection with his wife’s death. The next day they brief the team and just as they decide to silently investigate a warrant is issued for McGarrett for Laura’s death. He escapes their raid though. Kono is arrested almost at the same time for the missing lockup money.

Steve’s first stop is to see one of his pals to get a gun. He gets hooked up and he goes after the Governor. He gets her to admit via recording that she killed Laura for being disloyal and for putting the missing money in lockup to protect the 5-0 team. She claims to have been protecting McGarrett but he knows she was trying to keep him close so she could keep an eye on him if he picked up where his father left off. As they are talking WO Fat enters undetected and tasers Steve, then he shoots the Governor and puts the gun in Steve’s hand.

Chin Ho shows up with an HPD uniform on and he arrests Garrett. Danno attempts to get Chin Ho to let McGarrett loose but he tells Danno that 5-0 is no more and he takes Steve to lockup. Kono gets identified in a line-up and McGarrett gets booked. The end.

OMG what an amazing episode. It was tense and action packed! And what a mess they have to clean up in season two…

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  1. I just knew it. I posted a while ago that I thought the Governor would be kicked off. Of course, I didn’t know she was dirty–very good twist. Have no idea how Steve and Kono are going to get out of their messes. Very disappointed in the Danny/Rachael story line. Couldn’t they have waited until she was divorced? And now, because he didn’t make the plane, is she even going to take him back even if she is pregnant? And yes, let’s get rid of Jenna Kaye–she is very annoying. And I also wonder–where the heck is Catherine in all of this? I think it’s a great idea to speculate during the summer as to where this is all going.

    I just read elsewhere that the cast was in NYC–figures, I’m in Hawaii the last 2 weeks and they are in NYC. I can’t catch a break!

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!, omg! what a finale , so much left hanging. Great job Alex and all the cast, love it, xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I live in Australia and up until this finale I have been able to download every ep, now they are all DUDS! Please someone download a good copy for us who cannot?/??????

  4. I got to give it up to Alex and the cast, the show was awesome :heart: and Alex OMG he had me crying like a baby 🙁 He has got to be the best actor ever and also the sexiest ever :love:
    I am so happy for them that the show will return in the fall 😀 I love the show and I love Alex :love: I wish him a relaxing vacation because he deserves it :heart: :love:

  5. Thanks Tiffany,the final episode was fantastic. So happy Hawaii Five-O will be renewed. :heart:

  6. *************RENEWED!!!!!!!!!!!************


  7. To Deanna from May 13th, Watch as many Alex reruns as you can. Difficult times can get better.
    Work to improve yourself as Alex is always doing for us. Know that people you don’t even know are praying for you. Your stars can change.

    1. I second that! Deanna we may not know each other’s faces but you can be assured there are lots of good vibes going out to you from your fellow Alex fans!

  8. What a finale! It was a shock, for sure. Nothing was sacred with the characters in that episode, including Steve McGarrett. I am so looking forward to the second season! Tiffany, thank you very much for all your insights with Alex.
    Alex, my best during the summer interim. I wish you a fabulous vacation. Thank you and your H50 team for an incredible first season.

  9. I think maybe the whole thing was planned out ahead cause Chin said he wanted to stay on 5-0 and not be a Lt., but at the end they call him Lt. and he’s not with 5-0 any more! I’m probably wrong and the governor is really dead, but Wow! How is Steve going to get out of this one? And so much for a happy ending for Danno! How did he expect to make that flight on time anyway?

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    OMG, I am still shaking from the shock of last nite’s episode. I need to keep reminding myself that this is a TV show …it’s not real….but I of course am hopelessly addicted to Alex O , so I am horribly upset by the outcome of this finale…And then there’s the long wait ahead to see how they deal with it. Thanks Tiffany for this great summary of the finale. Now if possible can you come up with some suggestions of how to bide our time til Season 2?????

    1. I am open to suggestions on that myself. What should I do with the site for the summer? Should we do a Moonlight marathon or review his movies one by one..I have no idea what blog about over the summer save any candids that turn up of him while he is on leave.

      1. How about suggesting the fans get their creative juices flowing and give speculations over the summer on how each character will evolve and how H50 will be brought back together. for example, “Chin went back to the police force to have an in on protecting Steve and Kono, but how will he get back on H5O when it comes back together”. You can call it “What do You think will happen to Steve, Danny, Kono and Chin?” It would be fun to see in September who had the same ideas as the writers. Maybe you could gift the winner(s) with an H50 first season DVD. I think the cast would have fun reading ideas from the heart of their fans about themselves, and the fans would have fun too. Maybe silly, but just an idea. Also, I’d be a fan of anything Moonlight. Thanks Tiffany.

      2. Speculation as to the outcome of the finale is a good idea. I also like to daydream about further episodes of ML. There were too many unanswered questions at the end.

      3. Thx Tiffany for all you do. Yes , lets,do a Moonlight marathon and review his movies. Haven’t watched them all yet, but plan too !! Great ending to the show – not sure why they killed off Jean Smart ? Who’s going to replace her ??

  11. Hi Ladies…haven’t joined in for a while, but I love reading your comments and share your love and enthusiasm. Thanks to Tiffany for all your hard work getting us fans (young and old) all this great info and pixs. Thanks to H50 writers for giving us so many great story lines and better dialogue than any show on the air, ever!. Thank you Hawaii for your beauty. Special Thanks to Alex and his great cast (“partners in crime”, LOL) for portraying their characters with such realism, intensity and commoradary. You are truly amazing people and you are welcome in my living room every season. thanks for making us feel like part your family, at least that’s the way it makes me feel. I would love to hang out with you guys, you must be alot of fun. On a final note, relax ladies, I do believe CBS knows that have solid gold on their plates and would be insane to not bring it back to us . Have a wonderful summer everyone, can’t wait to see the continuation of this greatness (better be). :heart: PS. I knew the Govenor was dirty……..

    1. Karen, I didn’t pick up on that about the Govenor. How are they going to replace Jean Smart ?? She had also appeared in the sitcom as William Shatner and wondered why she was on 2 shows.

      1. Hi Pamela….I did but I was hoping not as I like Jean Smart and her character! Maybe it was a set up between her and the Police Dept to catch Wo Fat (like with a bullet proof shield under her blouse. But if she is gone from the show we need someone with a larger than llife persona to “always” protect Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono (maybe Oprah!). got any ideas on who it could be?

  12. What a surprise at the end when Wo Fat killed the governor and put the gun in Steve’s hand. Sure hope CBS brings the show back for a second season. Where they said “to be continued” at the end makes me think so. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  13. Oh my gosh, what an amazing episode! How are we going yo wait for next season to find out what will happen, I already can’t wait, Looking forward to getting my dvd,

  14. It said at the end…..to be continued, so I imagine it’s a definite go!

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    🙁 :ninja: I was sure surprised when Wo Fat killed the Gov. Even more surprised to see Steve framed so well for the crime. I bet Chin is back on the force to help get Steve out of this mess!!
    Can’t wait for September, or October!!


  17. I feel the same way as Rhonda “Holy Crap” They (CBS) better bring H5O back for season 2 so that Steve & Kono can be freed. Know will season 2 begin to plan my life around it?

  18. All I can say is ***SHIT*** it’s gonna be a long, long summer while we wait to untangle this mess!

  19. Last nights finale of H50 was heart wrenching…how can they set up Steve McGarrett like that? I hope it comes to light as to who is the real bad guy here. STEVE is innocent!!

    I guess we as die heart H50 will have to wait for the new season. :heart:

  20. OMG, last night’s episode was definitely surprise packed. It was awesome. Poor Steve. He looked like a deer in the headlights at the end. I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be okay, they will get him out. Kono, too. Alot to straighten out next season. There will be a next season, right? Please reassure me. They’ve been kind of quiet about it. Thanks so much Tiffany.

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